Ukraine’s Smoke-free Revolution

I was looking at this BBC photo from Ukraine:


And also this (rather heroic) picture:


And I was a bit puzzled about something.

And after a while, I realised that it was that in a country where 60%+ of men smoke, nobody is smoking in these pictures (that I can see).

You’d think that at least one person would be smoking, somewhere, wouldn’t you?

Particularly on momentous days of danger and drama.

Or (perish the thought) do the BBC’s antismoking zealots airbrush out all the tobacco smoke and the attendant cigarettes, to give the impression that this is a smoke-free revolution? Apart from all the burning buildings, that is. But the smoke from burning buildings isn’t anywhere as near as dangerous as cigarette smoke, so it doesn’t count as ‘smoke’, does it?

I’d like to ask people to keep an eye out for photos from Ukraine, and see whether they can spot any smokers in them.

Fantastic, relentless, driving drums.

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33 Responses to Ukraine’s Smoke-free Revolution

  1. wobbler2012 says:

    You’ll find that the mainstream media are notorious for editing images, the BBC even has a penchant for using incorrect images if it suits the agenda. It’s what they do.

  2. smokervoter says:

    Big mouth is baacck. My keyboard has been fighting me again, perhaps I should invest in one of those natural ergonomic MicroSoft models MJM keeps talking about.

    There’s a very interesting piece up currently at titled “Your Zoning Laws Stop at this Border”. Having lived in Mexico before I must say I love the chaos and anarchy of their land planning process (or lack therof). The building color contrasts alone are worth the price of admission.

    One of the reasons that millions of partygoers flocked to Tijuana, Mexico (across the border from San Diego) after California deemed bars and restaurants public spaces and forbade smoking was that Mexico continued to allow the business owners to decide the issue. It was like the Mardi Gras for 52 weekends a year. I know, I was there.

    This also has implications vis-a-vis Agenda 21, which I see sweeping through local planning boards like a nasty virus nowadays. Everyone is Going Green, everyone is on board and we are all doomed.

    I particularly liked this comment:

    “There is a reason why most Americans want a single-family home on a quarter-acre lot. Human beings are happiest when they have a degree of privacy and personal space. A private back yard allows a person some space to pursue personal activities ALONE. Gardening, building things, having private parties with personal friends.

    Progressives would love to force us all into tiny condos and townhomes so that all of our activity is forced out into public where we can all watch each other. People with no personal space are forced to go to “community” facilities for their entertainment. They are forced to “share” public spaces. They have nothing of their own that they are able to keep separate and private. It makes them better human cogs.”

    Exactly, ergo the Beehive Nanny State, Agenda 21 and smoking bans.

    • I no longer give Bill “Agenda 21” Gates any money. I’m on Day 2 of my new Linux PC. Not much difference at all so far, save the price is less not having to pay for the latest pre-installed version of Windows to give more money to him and his eugenicist wife.

      Yes, I’m sure that they want us crowded into towns and cities to keep an eye on us and brainwash us easier and move us into heartless communities. They talk about the UK being overpopulated, yet less than 2% of the land is built on and that includes roads.

      Draconian planning permission regulations introduced since the end of WWII means that, for example, I couldn’t even buy a plot of land and live in a caravan or tent on it for more than 28 days a year – without either breaking the ‘law’ or being very imaginative.

  3. waltc says:

    Well, I don’t know that I’d be smoking behind a barricade during active combat, either. Note the guy at the far left has a gas mask. But then, for all you know, the guy next to him in the orange hat (back to camera) might be smoking. Anyway, you got me playing “Where’s Waldo?” in the crowd scene but, again, packed like sardines and likely yelling “F’k Putin” would likely keep people busy enough.

    However, in the same vein: Late night Sunday, cruising tv, I happened upon a two-shot in the middle of some movie where a good-looking guy who was obviously the hero was contemplatively smoking, and the great-looking girl reached over, took his cigarette, took a drag, handed it back and they continued to talk and smoke like normal people. (Ah, memory lane.) Since neither were ugly, stupid, diseased or, judging from the dialogue, planning any Acts of Extraordinary Evil, this vignette stayed my hand but also made me wonder How old is this movie? To my great surprise, it was made in 2012. American, too. My point is (I guess) that we do tend to find confirmation in images.

  4. nisakiman says:

    Off topic here, but I came across this article in the news this morning about the trial of an ‘animal rights’ activist (who I regard as being pretty much on a par with anti-smoking fanatics), and I was struck by the similarity not only in visage, but also demeanour of this woman to Deborah Arnott. These groups really do seem to attract a certain type of person, and you can usually spot them a mile away.

    On topic – an image:

    I’m not altogether surprised at the lack of images with people smoking, as most of the images coming out of Ukraine are of people on the move. I personally never smoke while I’m walking around, shopping or whatever, only when I stop and relax do I think about rolling myself a ciggy, and I think perhaps many people are the same. Walking around town here in the land of the smoker, it is rare to see someone walking down the street smoking. But then, of course, people here know that they can go to sit down in a café and enjoy a relaxing coffee and cigarette. There’s no need to smoke on the street.

  5. The “air-brushing” out of smokers in the MSM has long annoyed me, so imagine my delight when this photo became pretty much the defining image of the Arab Spring.

    That said, the lack of smokers in the current pictures coming out of Ukraine is so blatant…and I’m betting that buried deep in the ‘conditions’ for the EU’s Marshall Plan there will be anti-smoker provisions.

  6. Cosa Libre says:

    The smokers were frightened of being shot at by Secret Service Anti Tobacco Snipers.
    Dont forget the new Ukrainian Government has been assured of Billions in Aid from the EU
    They implement a FULL BLANKET SMOKING BAN …… “AFTER” the next presidential election
    and must,nt forget ,,PRESCRIPTION ONLY E-CIGS.

    PS Has anyone seen Patricia Hewitt lately?

  7. harleyrider1978 says:

    What’s On Kiev | News | Smoking Ban Turns to Ashes

  8. I talked about this “cleansing of the news” in Brains: (p.179):

    The attempt to create a fantasy world in our writings and films in which smoking does not exist among normal and good people may sound Orwellian, but when the efforts of the Crusaders extend into the worlds of current news and past history the frightening aspect of this effort expands to potentially nightmarish proportions in its implications for the future in other areas.
    According to a personal contact within a major TV news organization, there is actually a directive that has been put out to field reporters and cameramen to “avoid depictions of smoking as a normal or acceptable part of human activity.” This directive went out in the early 1990s, almost a decade before Antismokers publicly admitted their “Denormalization Strategy.”
    Thus, we can have the ridiculous situation of a cameraman in a foxhole insisting that a soldier extinguish his smoke just before filming that soldier being blown to bloody bits.”

    I followed that up with a box quote of Big Brother’s slogan from Orwell:
    “Who controls the past, controls the future. Who controls the present, controls the past.”
    and a discussion of how the airline stewardess who stopped the “shoe bomber” from blowing up a plane got her “15 seconds of fame” drastically cut by every American news network except MSNBC when she was brazen enough to light a cigarette upon stepping out of the ambulance that brought her from the airport after the landing. All the other networks went to a still shot of the scene, while MSNBC, uncharacteristically for that network otherwise, continued the broadcast as she withdrew the hand she’d inserted into her pocketbook, pulled out a cigarette, and lit it to show the shoe bomber hadn’t broken her spirit just by biting her.

    – MJM

    • harleyrider1978 says:

      Mike you remember the battle of Falluja and the Marine in a one shot photo smoking a cig hanging from his lips right before they charged an enemy position………The LA times owns that photo………..Its value was right up their with the raising of the flag at IWO JIMA!

      • harleyrider1978 says:

        The Marlboro Marine | Iconic Photos

        Jul 26, 2011 · … smoking after 12 hours of combat in Fallujah. … who would be quickly dubbed “the Marlboro Man” or “Marlboro Marine”. The photo was taken by …

      • Yepper! And there was another great shot of a soldier lounging and smoking on a surviving “luxury sofa” in Saddam’s bombed out palace!

        – MJM

        • harleyrider1978 says:

          It woulda been me when I was in Uniform……………ahh those days in greens and m-16 grenades across my flak vest my 203 grenade launcher,that m-60 30 cal machine gun I had in my squad and that 50 cal I broke my back toting across anywhere they dropped us in the world……….I had a squad of 16 men Lord the miles we tracked! Then they made me a Platoon leader taking me out of the front line if and when we went into action. Of course we were Seabees construction Battalion and defended our FEBA area but we also had to go on Patrols into no mans land outside our protected zone.

        • harleyrider1978 says:

          We had a Marine combat advisor in my case Gunny Green, He called us Marines on a light duty chit……………He especially liked me since I as a teenager lived near Paris Island and had 2 uncles I lived with her were DI’s at marine boot camp. I ran the marine combat obstacle course with the marines plenty of times……Lord I was in shape then. 40 foot rope I climbed bare handed to the top and back down on the opposing rope!

    • smokervoter says:

      Another example of rewriting history is the mental impression constantly peddled by the MSM and vital organ charity pimps of patrons and bartenders suffering heart attacks at pre-smokefree bars to people who are under 40 years of age.

      We can argue parts per million per square meter until the wee hours of the morning with people but just ask anyone over 40 if they ever, ever, ever remember an ambulance crew taking anyone away from a bar from smoke inhalation (other than an out and out fire) and wait for the pregnant pause that follows.

      That point was mentioned in the fine editorial piece that Harley highlighted a couple of weeks ago. It was one of the best articles I’ve ever read on smoking bans.

      What went through my head after reading it was that this was the Libertarian Party of Kentucky speaking, so in all likelihood presidential contender Rand Paul sees things this way.

      We’ve got from now until November 2016 to get 27 million smokers on the same page (assumes a 60% turnout) and to get him elected. Actually 20 million is doable, but that means that we’d only need 46 million stray cats to put him over the top. Hell, Romney got 61 million votes, lest we forget.

      Let’s get cracking. Where or where is the mega website Smokers for Rand Paul?

      • smokervoter says:

        For that matter where, oh where is Smokers for Nigel Farage or Smokers for UKIP? What, are we such politically tarnished goods that we don’t dare come right out and blatantly lobby for our own interests?

    • The Man With Many Chins says:

      Two shows that seem to be filled with smoking are Boardwalk Empire and Mob City. Based in the 20’s and late 40’s I am quite frankly amazed they show as much smoking as they do. Surprised the Anti’s have not required the usual airbrushing of history to be honest!

  9. harleyrider1978 says:

    It’s On: Putin Deploys Troop Battalion: Russians Raise Flag Over Ukranian Republic of Crimea |…

    Mac Slavo February 24th, 2014 A couple of weeks ago President Barack Obama joined Bob Costas in an interview during the…

    • harleyrider1978 says:

      According to a report from Zero Hedge, though Ukraine proper is currently in the hands of pro-Western allies, Putin has deployed troops to the Ukranian autonomous Republic of Crimea.

      Today at 12:00 from the Russian port of Temryuk should arrive in Sevastopol [Crimea], the large landing ship “Nikolai Fil’chenkov” with 200 soldiers on board. This was reported today by the chairman of the Ukraine “Freedom” faction Oleg Tyagnibok citing sources in the Crimean.
      “I can show you the text message” – said Tyahnibok and read: “Today at 12:00 is expected the arrival from the port of Temryuk in the Russian Federation in the city of Sevastopol large landing ship Nikolai Fil’chenkov from the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation. It will bring about 200 armed soldiers from the 328th Marine battalion, who are based in Temryuk and 10 BTR-80.”

      He also noted that “on February 22-23, … IL-76 flights airlifted from Kubinka (Moscow region) to Anapa, personnel from the 45th Airborne Special Forces unit and additional divisions were relocated via four Il-76 flights from Pskov to Anapa. And from Sochi to Anapa were transported six Mi-8 helicopsters”- said Tyahnibok.

      This appears to not be an isolated move as the naval build up seems to be escalating. In a concurrent release, Izvestia Kiev reported that out of Kubinka, four ships carrying special forces, are being relocated to Anapa. From there, in four hours, they will depart fo Sevastopol at a speed of 10-15 knots, citing “Izvestia in Ukraine” as a source.


      • harleyrider1978 says:

        For right now Im backing the Russians on this one…………..Knowing that the EU and Owebama are bankrolling the protestors and I wouldn’t doubt they are UN soldiers in the mix of protestors too!

  10. Marvin says:

    Maybe they need their hands free to throw Molotov cocktails. Smoking is not an addiction afterall.

  11. harleyrider1978 says:

    Just discovered ciggy butts make great kindling for starting a fire in your wood stove!

    All those cig packs and butts,save em they create heat! Beat the green agenda ”SAVE YOUR BUTTS” Why let all that wood bi-product become fertilizer for the roadside when you can heat your home with it!

    Join the Save your Butts Campaign today!

  12. harleyrider1978 says:

    Hell Im tired getting chect congestion and been fighting Nazis where I can find em…..think I will take the day off and rest!

  13. smokingscot says:

    Maybe they’re like myself, not very keen on smoking or taking hands out of gloves or pockets when it’s staggeringly cold. And Kiev is COLD.

  14. Gotterdammerung des Europaenisches Volkes says:

    I fled from the Bolshy DDR (East Germany) 40 years ago hoping I had left the perverted Lefty
    Marxist/Leninist Mutants behind the wall (Berlin)
    Seems the disease, having failed to contaminate the Eastern European Sphere, must have crawled through the sewers to infest America and Europe.
    Pity the under 60s,if only they could see tomorrow.
    No ,why pity them,the yellow streaked ,chicken livered ,cowards are not worthy of a solitary tear.

  15. harleyrider1978 says:

    Smoking spy the start of tyranny

    OPINION: I was in the Stratford police station at 9am on February 17 when I overheard a woman report to a nice young policeman that she had seen a woman smoking in her car with probably her children.

    Can I say to that woman you are 70-odd years too late.

    Hitler had a regime that made people spy on each other, so you can ask many million dead Jews and anti-Nazi people what they think of a system where people dob in people for doing something that is still legal.

    You probably think you are a hero, but I think you are pathetic.

    Many thousands of young New Zealand men and women died fighting for freedom and against tyranny in World War II.

    Spying and reporting things like this is the start of tyranny.

    I am very sure when we sing our national anthem there is a line that says, ”God defend our free land”.

    Between you, lady, and our politicians you are making a mockery even of our national anthem. A person like you would probably vote for the Green Party.

    They don’t like smokers but want to legalise cannabis. That to me is scraping even further down than the bottom of the barrel.

    When is the Commissioner of Police going to have the guts to tell our politicians that the police are no longer going to enforce absolutely stupid legislation that tramples on our freedoms and rights given to us, the people, under the Magna Carta.



  16. harleyrider1978 says:

    EPIC: President Of The Flat Earth Society Believes In Climate Change

    In a February 16th speech on global warming, Secretary of State John Kerry said climate-change skeptics were members of the “Flat Earth Society.”…

    With this truth in mind shouldn’t the mainstream media call the climate change believers the “Flat Earth Society?”

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