Another Day, Another Ban

Cinnamon rolls, this time.



The season’s festivities in Denmark have been overshadowed by the prospect that it could be the last Danish Christmas before a European Union ban on their beloved kanelsnegler or cinnamon rolls.

The proposed ban followed plans by Denmark’s food safety agency to implement EU regulations aimed at limiting the amount of coumarin, a naturally occurring toxic chemical found in the most commonly used type of cinnamon, cassia.

Under Danish interpretation of the EU legislation the amount of cinnamon in “everyday fine baked goods” will be limited to 15mg per kilo meaning a ban on Kanelsnegler pastries, a winter favourite in all Nordic countries, which take their name from their coiled snail shape.

It doesn’t affect me. I’m not Danish, after all. And I don’t have any particular liking for cinnamon rolls.

But what if you are Danish (as some of my readers are), and you love cinnamon rolls? The ban is going to blow a hole in your life, and in quite a few bakers’ lives.

Where does it end? I don’t think there’s anything that can’t be banned. And each ban does a little bit (or a lot) of cultural damage. Each ban chisels off another piece of someone’s culture, and someone’s pleasure. For no discernible benefit to anyone.

It’s a gradual process of cultural demolition, gradually reducing everyone and everything. It’s cultural vandalism, no different from smashing every single window pane in a house.

Anyway, here’s Helena Bonham Carter.


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100 Responses to Another Day, Another Ban

  1. The Blocked Dwarf says:

    It never ceases to surprise me that I can still legally purchase -from my German Purveyor Of Baked Goods (ie the baker in our village) “Mohnkuchen” (“Poppy Seed Cake” packed full of POPPY SEEDS! EVEN CHILDREN MAY BUY IT!!! I mean, come on, Poppy ?!? That’s Opium right? ADDICTIVE! /sarcasm

    …and it has sugar in too!

    • harleyrider1978 says:

      Michael R. Fox.
      Nuclear scientist and university chemistry professor.
      – Of those chemicals present in ETS (Environmental Tobacco Smoke) only a very few can be classified as toxins or carcinogens. Some basic physics, a bit of chemistry and a series of rather simple mathematical calculations reveal that exposure to ETS is hardly a dangerous event. Indeed, the cancer risk of ETS to a non-smoker appears to be roughly equal to the risk of becoming addicted to heroin from eating poppy seed bagels.

    • I have three of them in my fridge right now. Later I will heat them up, and eat them covered in Vanillesoße (Custard to the Brits, and colonials.).

      Home made. Lots of rum in the recipe as well.

      AND, along these lines I still insist on NEGERKÜSSE.

      • The Blocked Dwarf says:

        “I still insist on NEGERKÜSSE.”

        …why am I not surprised? That said, I can’t get used to calling the bloody things ‘Foam Kisses’ neither. I expect they will regulate curry wurst very soon…all that spice can’t be good for one…I mean…think of the cheeldren…

      • nisakiman says:

        I might have guessed rum would feature heavily, particularly now you’ve discovered that your wife’s family are purveyors of that King of Spirits! :) Although not ‘Stroh’ rum I hope – 80% ABV and tastes like a nasty cough medicine! I think that’s Austrian, not German, though. I’ve got a half bottle of it in the drinks cabinet – a tongue-in-cheek gift from one of my German friends. It’s been on the shelf for ten years, and only a sip gone out of it! And rum is my favourite spirit, too!

        • beobrigitte says:

          Although not ‘Stroh’ rum I hope – 80% ABV and tastes like a nasty cough medicine!

          Here I have to beg to differ! 80% Stroh Rum is priceless!!! You start with pickling first strawberries in an earthen container, then throughout the year you add more different fruits + more Stroh Rum + brown sugar and by Christmas you do have the drink from heaven!!!!

          For sipping Stroh Rum I recommend the 60% one.

        • nisakiman says:

          Ah, now that sounds like it could be good, Brigitte. I can see it working quite well in a concoction like that. I may have found a use for my half-bottle of Stroh at last!

        • XX Although not ‘Stroh’ rum I hope – 80% ABV and tastes like a nasty cough medicine!XX

          Nasty cough medicine? Nae laddie, a rather nasty Yacht varnish would be a better description.

          My Half Sister from Delft, brought me a bottle once.

          “Na ja… rum.” thought I. A half pint glass, half and half with Stroh and cola…..

          30 odd hours later I wake up.

          The WORST hangover I have EVER had in my life, and I was once stuck on the trawler for three months, including Christmas, in Murmansk(!)

          NEVER again, thank you!

          My very best mate here is a retired (Retired on the 24th/12th this year) chemist, working for a large medicine producers. He once annylysed Stroh for a bit of fun (DON’T ask… :-§ )

          Not ONE thing in Stroh, except the water content, is natural! (And even the water is questionable!) EVERYTHING is PURE man made chemical!

        • Reinhold says:

          When I was young I could drink 80% Stroh-Rum neat from the bottle.

        • nisakiman says:

          Ye Gods, Reinhold, you must have had the constitution of an ox! :¬0

        • beobrigitte says:

          When I was young I could drink 80% Stroh-Rum neat from the bottle.

          I remember doing that many years ago. Only once, though.

          What is far worse than Stroh Rum is “Erdaepfler”which is made from sweet potato. Paint stripper ……

        • In Yugoslavia in 1978 I drank something called Lozovaca (sp?). This was 20p per large shot. It came with a glass of water which I supposed was provided to put out the fire.
          It tasted like rocket fuel.

        • Can not beat Lambs Navy or O.V.D!

          I have also seen a Sroh 90% “rum”!!!???

          I surrender!

          The words of “The Irish rover” spring to mimd; “No, no, never, never no never no more!”

        • beobrigitte says:

          Guess what I just received today:

          A bottle of 80% Stroh Rum. It’s time to start collecting some fruit……

  2. Tom says:

    Allegedly, if you eat a poppy seed bagel or muffin for breakfast the morning you are scheduled to take a pre-employment drug screening/test here in the US, then the poppy seed may result in a false positive for opiates and result in your not getting the job. I don’t know if that’s a wife’s tale or established possibility, but it’s a common rumor, prior to a drug screening, to stay away from poppy seed baked goods.

  3. Nightlight says:

    Where does it end? I don’t think there’s anything that can’t be banned.

    It ends where all tyrannies end, on a rope or in front of a firing squad, if they’re lucky. They don’t care any more and are doing as they please, the heck with peasants, their cultures, communities and opinions. Once they got away with walking over the smokers, everyone became a game for these neo-fascists (a corporate-bureaucratic mafia). Which is good in a way, it spreads the burden more fairly and there is less to go before the light at the end of the tunnel.

  4. smokervoter says:

    On topic due to bakery goods and grains, bear with me you’ll see…

    Here’s an outline of what I’d say about Alex Jones’s antismoking tirade the other night if the words would just come together right now.

    1. A study is released saying vitamins and supplements are a waste of money.

    2. Alex, fearing the collapse of his 100% organic snake-oil and ‘liberty movement’ empire, takes massive growling umbrage.

    3. He goes after Enstrom and Big Tobacco with a passion. Claims smoking kills everyone with its cancerous nature and that Enstrom is a bought off industry shill.

    4. He begins to sound exactly like Stanton Glantz and John Banzhaf.

    5. He goes after Dr. Dean Edell, one of the few sane, counter hypochondriacal voices in the medical media establishment. Dr. Dean has always been sceptical of vitamins and organic health food claims. I’m one of his biggest fans. He called the 100% organic health freaks bluff way back in the early 80s.

    6. That does it for me. I’m through with Alex Jones for good. He’s a fraud. He’s a sick joke. He’s Sylvester Graham reincarnated. F-him and the horse he rode in on.

    Does anyone remember when the hipsters were wearing sweatshirts with Karl Marx’s face on them? If you go carrying pictures of Chairman Mao you ain’t gonna’ make it with anyone anyhow.

    I think the antismoking crowd and the healthists should bandy about town wearing Sylvester Graham sweatshirts. After all he’s their natural patron saint. Little do they know but they’re a brand new generation of Grahamites. Perhaps Alex Jones can hawk them at

    Just take a long gander at that anal retentive, control freak, complete wackjob countenance. He’s the original source of the hairy palms fallacy too. What a guy.

    Wikipedia doesn’t mention it but he was, you guessed it, viciously anti-tobacco.

    Make sure and click on the “Popular Health Movement” included in the See also segment at the bottom. And from that one be sure and click on “Clean living movement” link.

    History repeats. History repeats. History repeats. ad nauseam History repeats.

    • I listened to Jones’ show every day then realised a couple of years ago he was probably a double agent. He was always saying, “Don’t smoke. Don’t buy their dirty products” and such like, while regularly telling his audience how he’s back on the cigs and trying to give up again.

      Then there was the story he told of him and his buddy Charlie Sheen having an evening together and Charlie’s apparently on about 60 Marlboro reds a day and Jones ended up the worse for wear trying to keep up with him, so quite the hypocrite as well as being Alex “CIA” Jones.

      You’re in the US, I think, so you may not have seen Jones on the BBC being interviewed by Andrew Neil (I saw it on the internet) and Jones was even more off his head than usual. At the end of the interview, Neil said, “We have a loony on the show today”.

      But that’s his job: to make himself so bizarre that people turn off from seeking the truth – which he does tell the majority of the time, but without giving away who’s really in control and without arming his listeners with the resistance techniques they need to succeed.

      He’s a rotten apple, but the ‘Truth Movement’ is full of them. I’m sure almost all of the main players are agents. Obviously Icke is. He tells the truth about global governance then puts in his reptilians and the moon is a giant spaceship full of aliens controlling us with mind rays and normal people laugh and/or shake their heads and disbelieve the true stuff too.

      Alan Watt is another IMO. He’s the softly-spoken Canadian-Scot who seems level-headed and therefore more believable, but I have seen videos claiming that all his ‘wisdom’ comes from someone else (forget the name) and his work is tantamount to plagiarism. Because he knows a lot about Freemasonry and the ancient mystery schools from which it comes, he relays their lies about Christianity and is virulently anti-Christ due to the nonsense which has come from the people in these ‘schools’ and secret societies whose mission is to destroy all faiths so that their own Luciferian religion takes total control.

      While Alex Jones pretends to be a Christian. It would appear that the Establishment has installed a whack job ‘conspiracy theorist’ to suit everyone’s beliefs in order to discredit the truth, cover up the real culprits (half of them say it’s all the Jews, for example), insert disinfo and fearmongering and discredit our Judeo-Christian culture (Watt, Icke and others) to aid the Masonic/Jesuit (or whatever) one world government and religion.

      The future I envisage for Jones is that as he becomes ever more outrageous and as more people awaken to his treachery that he will meet an unfortunate end to stop him embarrassing his bosses and to make him a martyr to those who still believe.

      • XX But that’s his job: to make himself so bizarre that people turn off from seeking the truth XX

        And, that is why “Governments” just LOVE “Conspiracy theory” web sites. When they are not actualy running/financing them.

        “Confuse the bastards into submission!”

        Göbells did not say it, but I bet he wished he had.

        Oooops… was that a conspiracy theory that slipped my lips?

        • The Blocked Dwarf says:

          “Göbells ”

          2 ‘b’s, 1 ‘l’ and no umlaut I think …if you meant the Reichspropagandaleiter.

        • The Blocked Dwarf says:

          not sure why he dropped the umlaut…as apparently he was born with it. Maybe to make his name easier to print in English language papers?

      • XX “Göbells ”

        2 ‘b’s, 1 ‘l’ and no umlaut I think …if you meant the Reichspropagandaleiter. XX

        Ja. But I am running on an overdose of rum, beer and left over gosse at the moment. Oh! AND around 36 hours without sleep!

        SEE! GOOSE!! NOT gosse…. I need my bed… after another rum.

        • See the differnce in spelling of Heß.

          Rudolf Heß, or Rudolf Hess?

          “Heß” ist richtig. But try and find a book after 1950 that gets it correct. EVEN in German.

        • The Blocked Dwarf says:

          ” ‘Heß’ ist richtig”

          DIdn’t know that…*does his famous Michael Caine impression* “Not alot ov people do”.

      • nisakiman says:

        Talking about conspiracy theories, I came across this the other day, which I found very interesting. Make of it what you will.

    • Tom says:

      I found out a long time ago at his website, Alex Jones hates smokers. I would try posting little, nicely worded, respectful arguments and suggestions why smoking bans were another part of the growing tyranny he allegedly opposes – and he’d delete them off the website, censor them off. Then I started thinking about his being from Austin, Texas – and Austin is one of those liberal patches within the state of Texas and one city that has an outdoor smoking ban EVERYWHERE – I think theirs may be a $25 or $50 fine if caught smoking outdoors – but when I’d post against that as tyrannical, Alex Jones never seemed to think there was anything wrong with their local outdoor bans. So I stopped reading him entirely, stopped wasting my time at his site and figured he is in on the smoking bans, pro smoking bans, and thus a fake and hypocrite like so many others online who are anti AGW but prop smoking ban, anti GMO but pro smoking ban, anti tyranny but pro smoking ban. In fact, smoking bans, yes or no, one’s position – it’s almost like that is a litmus test to see if someone actually is or is not a hypocrite and tool for the same machine they pretend to rally against or if they are genuine or for real. And I also think that is why, psychologically, smoking bans are important, as they cause people to agree with them, thinking it’s “no big deal”, but then be caught up in a “truth trap”, where they are beholding to a major underlying lie/fraud – then their “opposition” to anything else tyrannical, no matter how clever they think they may argue or have found a way to defeat it – are still spell bound by the smoking bans, such that they can never dig themselves out. Smoking bans are almost like a truth quicksand. Once you get sucked in, then no matter how much you try appearing to be against other lies, frauds and deceptions, you will never win your case in public opinion, because you’ve already committed yourself to the same tyrannical machine, vis a vis support of the bans. Thus, if the smoking bans go, then all freedoms and liberties return, truth returns, economies improve, the whole world becomes better, all thanks to a little puff of smoke, here and there, insuring freedom and economic sanity is being observed by obeyance to the truth and not to the underlying fraud, the SHS Fraud and all other anti-smoking frauds being criminally and immorally perpetrated on society. That’s what I think about Alex Jones though and don’t waste my time at his website, thanks to his hypocrisy and past expressions of hatred toward smokers and smoking, no different than the Anti-Tobacco Industry, which is 100x worse than teeny tiny tobacco has ever been accused of doing, in my opinion. I dislike and mistrust him, entirely.

      • smokervoter says:


        The thought that he’s a front has crossed my mind before. And you’re right that much of his impassioned message against tyranny and control freakery is valid. But as you say “he will meet an unfortunate end”. It can’t happen soon enough for me right about now. I just hope he doesn’t take Ron and Rand Paul or Nigel Farage down with him.


        Amen as usual. That minion of his Mike Something?, the Health Ranger of Natural News fame is another one. He lives under the delusion that he’s some kind of comedian. When he guest hosts he always has this annoying, underlying chortlespeak presence. It’s like he’s got an inside joke that only he and all of his listeners share.

        Natural News is very antismoking. Try clicking on their [smoking] tag sometime. It’s one indictment of smoking after another. And he’s a pimp for a cessation program/product called 14daysomething (don’t want to bother looking it up it’s so boring).

  5. Barman says:

    I was fascinated to watch a girl working at Cinnabon in a local shopping mall making these things… I watched for about an hour while the wife was shopping – she was constantly on the go (the girl, not my wife) going round and round an obviously well-rehearsed loop of manufacture and baking…

    There is clearly a large demand for the product here (Cyprus). Personally, I can’t stand the smell or taste of cinnamon…

    But your post led me to wonder how many hundreds of thousands are employed by the EU working on these pointless regulations and directives. We’ve had olive oil recently, Feta cheese, standardised mobile phone chargers and now cinnamon (which is bizarrely a word that my wife finds impossible to pronounce along with linoleum and solemnly – the latter being very embarrassing at our wedding).

    There must surely be thousands of other regulations in the pipeline heading towards us – being worked on and debated in back rooms by people unelected and totally unaccountable.

    I think it is a good thing… When the local Cinnabon closes the general public might finally begin to see what we are up against….

  6. Frank says:

    You’re an idiot and you should think before you post. They didn’t ban cinnamon buns, they banned a certain kind of cinnamon that had a toxin in it, our of many other varieties. They can still make cinnamon buns.

    • harleyrider1978 says:

      Doesn’t see or hear of anyone being sick or dying from eating these rolls with a toxin in them………….Its Nanny Nazi over kill as usual. It is destroying the EU in the eyes of everyone.

      • harleyrider1978 says:

        BTW apples have arsenic in them……………..whats next my frank Nazi friend.

      • Never tied the “Cinnemon and Nutmeg” fag? (Na “Cigarette” to the colonials.)

        SERIOUS SHIT!!!

      • Frank says:

        Yeah, better get rid of all regulation of someone that doesn’t kill you instantly, eh? You’re an intelligent one.

        • harleyrider1978 says:

          All that Apple Juice killing all those babies worldwide….it must be banned!

        • Frank says:

          Who has proposed banning cinnamon or apple juice? No one.

        • beobrigitte says:

          Who has proposed banning cinnamon or apple juice? No one.

          People might find non-approved uses for cinnamon:

          And apple juice?

          Imagine what it does to the poor chiiiiildren!!!!

          Yeah, better get rid of all regulation of someone that doesn’t kill you instantly, eh?

          Life does not kill you instantly, but it has a death rate of 100%. Clearly it does need to be regulated

          You’re an intelligent one.

          Are you in the position to be a judge?

    • smokingscot says:

      He may be a whole bunch of things to many people, however he ain’t no idiot. Looking at his visitor counter, his position on Google and the number of inward links to his blogs I’d hazard a guess that at least one other person agrees with my assessment.

      Nevertheless, it was terribly helpful of you to point out that it is only one type of Cinnamon that’s been banned by the Danes. Meaning this may have some degree of merit following their outright failure on taxing fats. We shall see.

      (Written thus in deference to the sensitivities of a certain SC. A one shot pop on account of the season).

      • Frank says:

        I didn’t realise that having many people agree with you makes it right.

        First, it hasn’t been blanket banned. It’s been limited to one level for regular products, and a much higher one for traditional/seasonal goods. That means that, contrary to what idiot-frank above wrote, it isn’t ‘banning’ traditional Danish pastries, and they will continue to be made regardless, and furthermore that this isn’t some ‘cultural’ war by the EU (which was implied in his post), but overzealous and unthinking Danish bureaucrats who made an error, and corrected it (they previously had not listed the pastries as seasonal/traditional in their national regulatory bodies).

        So his post is bunk, he didn’t fact check, he just found a story that fitted his narrative and ran with it despite how clearly and obviously it was wrong (what kind of fucked up government would do shit like that?), and many other EU-bashers eagerly and ignorantly jumped in.

        • Tom says:

          Some people would simply prefer the EU stay out of the cinnamon bun regulating affair, of any sort, traditional, year-round or seasonal, the less government, the better. Too much government, the worse, which is what, in many peoples’ eyes, the EU has become – a regulatory monster. If a large and growing number of people are viewing it that way, then it is the EU, itself, that is to blame, for rubber stamping mindless petty regulation upon regulation, creating a self-perpetuating bureaucracy that is reminiscent of the Soviet style and not the people who view it as such. Small and minute bits of “toxins” reside in all sorts of everyday substances, including drinking water and mother’s milk. Over-regulating to the point of minutia is evidence of an authoritarian style that has no basis in grass roots, but is being top down, dictatorial. That may be why so many people, jump on the bandwagon, to condemn.

        • Frank says:

          Tom, please, give me a few of these ‘useless’ regulations that the EU have come up with.

        • Frank Davis says:

          (what kind of fucked up government would do shit like that?)

          Why, the fucked up governments that we currently have, of course. They’re doing this kind of shit all the time. The smoking bans being the prime examples.

          Aside from that, I see nothing to correct in my piece. “Ban” is the word used in the Telegraph, and I would place more faith in that newspaper than in you.

        • Frank says:

          And Frank, as has been established, the Telegraph (as it so often is with ‘EU banning’ articles) was wrong. But continue to live in your bubble and not learn anything. You can go through life uneducated and living off populist headlines for the rest of your life if it keeps you happy, but know that you’re one of the moronic few that can’t think for themselves.

        • Tom says:

          This regulation, just for one, is useless. It is virtually – useless. And worse, it is tedious and interfering where no interference is necessary, other than to serve some malevolent desire to be dictatorial. So are many of the EU’s constant parade of bans and prohibitions that decorate the headlines of mainstream media newspapers on a daily basis. Their desire to regulate ecigs, steam sticks, as tobacco products are equally useless, as are their adherence to EU smoking bans that do NOTHING useful – what-so-ever – at all. Period. SHS harm is a fraud and to build regulations based upon a fraud is not only useless to the people who are on the receiving end – of a dictation – a rubber stamping by a virtual Soviet style system of government – but it is outright criminal. If you love the EU and love centralized authoritarian government and love there being no democracy and love their being bullies who bully their subjects into submission, then bravo for you. Others do not feel quite so charmed with EU and see it as otherwise.

        • Rose says:

          Which reminds me.

          EU to set up euro-election ‘troll patrol’ to tackle Eurosceptic surge
          Feb 2013

          “The European Parliament is to spend almost £2 million on press monitoring and trawling Eurosceptic debates on the internet for “trolls” with whom to debate in the run-up and during euro-elections next year amid fears that hostility to the EU is growing.”

        • XX “The European Parliament is to spend almost £2 million on press monitoring and trawling Eurosceptic debates on the internet for “trolls” with whom to debate in the run-up and during euro-elections next year amid fears that hostility to the EU is growing.”XX

          YEEHHAAAA! Here I am arseholes!!!°

          FUCK you E.U, with a bent banana wrapped in NATO wire, sideways, and in the left eye-ball!!

          WHAT you going to do now you E.U Faschist bastards???

        • Tom says:

          “The European Parliament is to spend almost £2 million on press monitoring and trawling Eurosceptic debates on the internet for “trolls” with whom to debate …”

          Yes, this is something else I suspect. EU Loyalists, tools of the dictatorship, are starting to troll the blogs, paid to do so, just like the Anti-Smoking-Industry/Mafia pays people to troll against anyone anti-smoking-ban.

          What kind of “democratic” institution does that make the EU, that they have to hire trolls, to literally savage anyone online who dare speak out against the EU’s Soviet practices and Stasi methodologies. They have to pay traitors against the well being of the people, to defame, mock and decry anyone pointing out that the Emperor wears no clothes.

          I was almost thinking too, someone here, on this blog, today, reminded me a little of Little Dickey, or whatever his name was, infamous troll from a few years back who seemed a hireling of the Anti-Smoking-Industry/Mafia.

        • beobrigitte says:

          You can go through life uneducated and living off populist headlines for the rest of your life if it keeps you happy,…

          It would seem that our scared-to-death-health-fanatics not only live off the most nonsensical populist headlines, they create them, too.

          but know that you’re one of the moronic few that can’t think for themselves.

          Again, this Frank makes it not very clear as to how qualified he/she is to be the judge of this.

  7. harleyrider1978 says:

    Toxicology 101 the dose makes the poison……………Coumarin is Coumadin a blood thinner used in treating bloodclots I know I was on it once. Coumadin counteracts vitamin K the natural blood clotting ingredient for all of us. Guess what is full of vitamin K smoking ie tobacco and all green leafy vegetables. Just how much of this Coumarin is in a few pastries as Coumarin is in all Cinnamon not just the one listed. Weve been eating them how long?

    BTW a typical Nazi Intern told me you have to quit smoking period. I asked why and he wouldn’t say. So I went to see Captain Dr Barbier at the hospital the chief heart surgeon and he offered me a smoke in his office and said go to the Coumadin Clininc at Biloxi Ms AFB and they will tell you what dose of Coumadin to take for what brand you smoke………….Yep sure enough the walls in the clinic were plastered with every type of ciggy made and a dose to weight amounts listed!

    Coumarin is no more a threat to humans in a roll as it is to the rats that might eat it in a dumpster!

  8. harleyrider1978 says:

    Dr. Oz, Apple Juice and Arsenic – Babble

    Dr. Oz, Apple Juice and Arsenic….what do you think? … When you grocery shop do you pay attention to where the food is made? My mom called me last night in a panic …

    Arsenic in Apple Juice | The Dr. Oz Show

    The Dr. Oz Show has been communicating with the FDA since the original broadcast in September. … American apple juice is made from apple concentrate, …

    Dr. Oz, Apple Juice, Arsenic and “Fear-Mongering” | A ……

    Apr 06, 2012 · Before I rant, let me backtrack. First, there was this: When The Dr. Oz Show first heard reports of arsenic in apple juice, we launched an extensive …

    • harleyrider1978 says:

      Give em time Baby give em time……………The nutcases for banning are everywhere!

      Frank says:

      December 27, 2013 at 3:17 pm

      Who has proposed banning cinnamon or apple juice? No one.

  9. Nightlight says:

    Although article doesn’t mention it, I had hunch based on general sense what drives these “health” bureaucrats whenever they are prohibiting substances under the cover of protecting our health (pharma profits). And the hunch turned out correct — like nicotine and other tobacco alkaloids, the so called “toxic” coumarin in that type of cinnamon is a potent medicine (even acknowledged on pro-pharma wikipedia):

    Coumarins have shown some evidence of many biological activities, but they are approved for few medical uses as pharmaceuticals. Reported coumarin activity includes anti-HIV, anti-tumor, anti-hypertension, anti-arrhythmia, anti-inflammatory, anti-osteoporosis, antiseptic, and analgesic. It is also used in the treatment of asthma and lymphedema.

  10. harleyrider1978 says:

    The truer question here is why are the governments forcing bans on things that have toxic things naturally in them yet are so low in toxicity that it doesn’t matter one way or the other yet they are doing it anyway and lowering standards for disease entities right along with to create public health epidemics that never were……………………The simple answer is CONTROL! Because there is absolutely no reason for any of it and they all know it yet do it anyway.

    That in a nutshell is whats going on in the world today!

  11. beobrigitte says:

    The proposed ban followed plans by Denmark’s food safety agency to implement EU regulations aimed at limiting the amount of coumarin, a naturally occurring toxic chemical found in the most commonly used type of cinnamon, cassia.

    I wonder how many Danes have died from cinnamon poisoning…. As far as I know, the Danish government faces the same headache as every other government when it comes to providing the retirement funds their elderly population has worked for!

    Here another delicious cinnamon recipe; hard to make these days, though as the main ingredient is unpasteurized milk.
    You put the milk in a jar covered by a saucer on a window sill and let it go “sour”. When it looks “curdled” you add SUGAR (*shock…. horror*!!!!) and lots of CINNAMON (*shock…. horror*!!!!).

    Ignore the fearful ‘health brigade’ and ENJOY!!!

  12. harleyrider1978 says:

    Wearable Tech Is Getting a Lot More Intimate

    We are going to see more sensors everywhere. It’s only a matter of time before those migrate under our skin into our bodies,” said Peter Eckersley, the lead technologist at the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

    Much like wearable devices, which can capture data about a person’s activity levels, sensors inside the body can be used to collect information about what is going on inside a person’s body.

    Read more:

    Read more:

  13. harleyrider1978 says:

    Here’s a lengthy and detailed sum of the antismoking junk science, for whoever has any brains available to actually READ: “The Plain Truth About Tobacco.” Introduction: Interrupting the Mantras …………… 1 1. Population Statistics ……………………………….. 8 2. Statistics Madness ………………………………… 73 3. Blood Libel ………………………………………… 106 Epilogue: The Provenance of Lifestyle Epidemiology … 151

  14. smokervoter says:

    After they’re done prohibiting tobacco, fatty foods, meat, salt, sugar and demon rum what’s the next stop down on the slippery slope? Lust. Yes, lust, as per old Sylvester Graham.

    Lust creates human beings and 20%-30% of them invariably seem to enjoy smoking tobacco soooo….

    “Grahamites, as Graham’s followers were called, accepted the teaching of their mentor with regard to all aspects of lifestyle. As such, they practiced abstinence from alcohol, frequent bathing, daily brushing of teeth, vegetarianism, and a generally sparse lifestyle. Graham also was an advocate of sexual abstinence, especially from masturbation, which he regarded as an evil that inevitably led to insanity. He felt that all excitement was unhealthful, and spices were among the prohibited ingredients in his diet.

    This is a perfect description of what I experienced first hand in the early 70s in the Hippy Capital of the World (Santa Cruz, CA just south of San Francisco). One day we were all downing Red Mountain Wine, smoking crummy, weak Acapulco Gold and Winston cigarettes and having a blast with all of that Free Love and boom, U-Turn city. Everyone starts dressing and carrying on like Connecticut pilgrims (granny dresses and glasses), women quit shaving their armpits and legs. Health food stores pop up everywhere and I see my first “Thank You for Not Smoking” signs therein. All forms of sex are considered rape. Eating at McDonalds becomes an act of “siding with The Man”. I coin the phrase Liberal Fascism and Nouveau Puritans. By 1983 I’m burned out on living amongst them all and move back down south to fun-loving Normal California. Women wearing dresses and makeup abound once again and I’m back in heaven.

    I should sue Jonathan Goldberg for copyright infringement for swiping the term Liberal Fascism from me but I like the guy and his writing/philosophy too much.

    Continuing on, Reagan and Thatcher take over the reigns of power on an anti-government plank and after a decade of economic growth and the end of the USSR, the asinine, hippy-dippy retro-Grahamites are thankfully a relic of the past.

    Fast forward to the present – every time I turn the TV on, switch the radio on, or go online all I see and hear are endlessly-looping guilt diatribes on obesity, smoking, global warming, bad diets and exhortations to exercise more.

    In short, the retro-Grahamites are baaaaaaccccck and with a vengeance.

  15. nisakiman says:

    Everyone starts dressing and carrying on like Connecticut pilgrims (granny dresses and glasses), women quit shaving their armpits and legs…

    Heh! Yes, I remember it well! That was about the time I became disenchanted with the hippy scene. I never was into hairy women :). I went to Australia in ’71, when Aus was really the land of the free. Lots of cheap wine and ciggys, (non-hirsute) women, rock’n’roll and plenty of good dope. But none of the hippy-dippy shit. And now we’re back to all that puritan garbage, but this time government sanctioned and with a very authoritarian edge to it.

    What is it with people? Whatever happened to the ‘live and let live’ ethos?

    • smokervoter says:

      Australia must have been a total gas back then. Natural blondes and redheads I would suppose. You lucky dog, you!

      You and I have led similar lives obviously and we’re in the same business too, wood butchery.

      What is it with people? Whatever happened to the ‘live and let live’ ethos?

      I wish I had the answer to that. Due to the world I grew up in (pre-hippie era, southern Normal California) I always assumed that people instinctively despised busybodies, picky eaters and preachy goody-goods. Apparently not.

  16. harleyrider1978 says:

    Just heard on the radio the latest cultist eugenics driven vegan study

    Meat eaters,potatoe eaters,fat eaters etc etc have a 21-41% increased risk to suffer from


  17. All greens (except peas) are disgusting (I was referring to the vegetables – but which?).

    Helena Bonham-Carter is wonderful

    • Peas and spinach. I can eat spinach by the ton… and sprouts! LOVE sprouts!

      Sprouts, spinach and peas mashed into mashed potatoe with corned beef and fry the shit out of it until you get burned crispy bits that nearly break you teeth.

      BRILLIANT done on a camp fire.

      (Bubble and squeek I believe it is called?)

    • Hay! You any relation to the General who was a Brother-in-law to Napoleon, and the later General who liberated Paris?

  18. Marie says:

    Ha, ha, I did not see this until now ;) I am Danish and its really true, that “kanelsneglene” are going to be banned. The bakers are now forced to use another sort of cinnamon, alternative less cinnamon, but so far I know they have protested. These “kanelsnegle” are in fact oft part of breakfast, at least on sundays, but its very long time ago, since I had one last time. In connection with the ban, I got a really big need for them and bought the biggest one, I could find. They are really crazy!

  19. Frank Davis says:

    FARAGE ON FRIDAY: Cinnamon challenge and Danish pastries under threat from new EU rules

    I hope you all had an excellent Christmas and had a good few days off to relax and eat plenty of roast potatoes and chocolate. Might I suggest that if you have room you squeeze in a cinnamon danish before the EU bans them?

  20. Frank Davis says:

    I bought two Danish pastries today. And then I ate them.

    I don’t know whether there was any cinnamon in them or not.

  21. Marie says:

    My dictionary tells, that wienerbrød = Danish pastry. Nein, nicht alles Gebäck, nur dieses. Auf Deutsch = Kopenhagener Gebäck. Gebäck = bagværk (im allgemein). Why it is called wienerbrød (bread from Vienna) I don’t know. You can’t make it yourself, it requires a bakers oven.

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