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russianThe Black Lung Lie got nearly 1000 hits today from Russia via An Antismoking Terror by Michael Pozharsky. I’m usually lucky to get just one hit from Russia most days. I suppose it’s because, with a phased smoking ban being introduced, Russians are waking up to what’s happening. Anyway, does a surprisingly readable job on the article.

In other news…


UKIP support soaring

Opinion poll reveals Ukip is second to Tories in key seats

SUPPORT for the UK Independence Party has soared in the Tory heartlands, an opinion poll revealed last night.

Research in four key Conservative constituencies showed that backing for the anti-Brussels party has rocketed to nearly 30 per cent since the last general election.

In three out of four, Ukip is now in second place behind the Tories.

The data, published by polling firm Survation, is likely to further raise concerns among many Tory MPs about the rise of Ukip. In Great Yarmouth, support for the party has risen from five to 30 per cent. In Folkestone and Hythe, the increase was from five to 28 per cent.

Guido Fawkes has more.

Eating Bacon Makes You Live Longer

A study conducted by researchers at ETH Zurich has concluded that the high levels of Vitamin B3 (known as niacin) in this meat could help you live longer.

To test this, Energy Metabolism Professor Michael Ristow fed roundworms a dose of niacin, discovering that they lived one-tenth longer than those who went without. The vitamin is also rich in the likes of Marmite, paprika, peanuts and sun-dried tomatoes. This is surprisingly contrary to what scientiests believed, because the standard assumption has been that niacin promotes the formation of “free radicals,” causing faster ageing.

An antioxidant-rich diet has been contradicted by Ristow’s findings, which shows that niacin “tricks the body into believing that it is exercising,” perfect for any particularly lazy individual.

I love bacon. Never knew there was any niacin in it though. Cigarettes are also a source of niacin, also known as nicotinic acid.

Leg-iron explains how a simple oxidation reaction is all you need to turn nicotine into nicotinic acid.


Coffee and cigarettes may help protect against liver disease, according to a new study. Norwegian researchers at Oslo University have discovered that caffeine and nicotine consumption can delay and prevent the Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis (PSC) — a rare disease of the bile ducts in the liver.

Plain packaging’s failed experiment in Australia

On Monday, the top European economic consultants, London Economics, released the first comprehensive study measuring smoking rates in Australia since plain packaging was introduced. The new data collected by the study’s lead researcher, Gavan Conlon, finds the smoking rate has remained unchanged.

And finally Estas Tonne, virtuoso guitarist:

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12 Responses to Various Headlines

  1. harleyrider1978 says:

    And we keep on pissing off the Nazis……………..If Im on the new Smokefree Santas shit list I hope he brings me a ton of coal Im running low on wood!

  2. Fredrik Eich says:

    Frank, I have finally managed to have a first attempt at a regression analysis for the rainy state side thing. I’m quite pleased so far. The R2 value is 0.40 which I think given the variation of weather and disease it is far from dissapointing. Not completly sure of the numbers just yet but they mostly seem right!

  3. harleyrider1978 says:

    It appears OSHA had it right all those years ago………..and weve had to endure 30 years of second hand B.S.

    As Mike points out here on the Forbes story:

    The only category of exposure that showed a trend
    toward increased risk was living in the same
    house with a smoker for 30 years or more.”

    A Confidence Interval **THAT INCLUDES 1.0** is now being stated, in a scientific journal, to be STATISTICALLY SIGNIFICANT! Oh, yes, they add a weasel-word qualifier of “borderline” but that’s sort of like the Princess Bride guy saying “Well, he’s only MOSTLY dead.” or you trying to tell your girlfriend’s dad that “I only got her a LITTLE BIT pregnant!”

    There’s no such thing as a finding with 1.0 being counted as statistically significant. At least not in any NORMAL science. I don’t think I’ve ever seen it even in the perverted world of antismoking science

    Then we look to OSHA standards

    The proper standard to compare to is the OSHA standard for indoor air quality for respirable particulate (not otherwise specified) for nuisance dusts and smoke. That standard is 5000 ug/m3 on a time-weighted average (8 hours a day, 5 days a week) and is intended to be protective of health over an average working life of 30 years!

    I was thinking about this if exposure is at 30 years and that’s roughly 168 hours per week and OSHA allows 40 hours a week that would tend to put the standard for a bar or waitress or casino staff at roughly 120 years of a safe workplace………Going by OSHA and the 30 year work rule as compared to the study.

  4. harleyrider1978 says:

    Court: Hookah lounge exempt from Va. smoking ban


    A divided Virginia Court of Appeals has ruled that a Blacksburg hookah lounge is exempt from the state’s restaurant smoking ban.

    In a 6-3 ruling Tuesday, the court said the She-Sha Cafe and Hookah Lounge is not subject to the ban because it’s a retail tobacco store as well as a restaurant. She-Sha says most of its revenue comes from customers’ use of hookahs — tall water pipes that are used to smoke flavored tobacco.

    The state law regulating indoor public smoking covers restaurants but specifically exempts tobacco retailers. The court’s majority cited that exemption in ruling in She-Sha’s favor.

    The decision reverses a three-judge panel’s ruling that She-Sha is covered by the ban because it also serves food.

  5. Rose says:

    Good news, lovely day and beautiful music.

    Now I’m going to have a rant.

    Smokers And Coffee Drinkers ‘Protected’ Against Liver Disease, May Have Lower Risk Of Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis

    “The new information will be used by researchers to investigate and isolate the protective properties that caffeine and nicotine may harbor.”
    http: //

    Why do they do this? It’s clear from the study that the participants are drinking whole coffee and real cigarettes, not being fed nicotine and caffeine.

    They are both from plants, if a coffee plant or tobacco plant was solely composed of caffeine or nicotine it would be merely a smear on the floor.

    Why assume it is only the plant chemicals that these plants use as a defence against insects that are responsible for these effects?

    A similarly annoying study but at least they tried.

    Parkinson’s protection without caffeine or nicotine

    “Decaf coffee and nicotine-free tobacco aren’t just for the health-conscious. Giving them to flies with a form of Parkinson’s disease has revealed that although coffee and cigarettes protect the brain, caffeine and nicotine aren’t responsible for the benefit.

    If the compounds that put up this brain defence can be identified, they may offer a preventive Parkinson’s treatment where none currently exists, says Leo Pallanck, a neuroscientist at the University of Washington in Seattle, whose team led the new study.

    We think that there’s something else in coffee and tobacco that’s really important,” he says.”
    http: //


    Nicotinic acid !!!!


    “Basic Chemical Reactions Occurring in the Roasting Process

    Best Reaction Ratio

    “The best cup characteristic are produced when the ratio of the degradation of trigonelline to the derivation of Nicotinic Acid remains linear. The control model of this reaction ratio is a time/temperature/energy relationship. The environment temperature (ET) establishes the pyrolysis region for the desired chemical reactions while the energy value (BTU) and system transfer efficiency (STE) determines the rate of reaction propagation and linearity of Nicotinic Acid derivation to degradation of trigonelline”
    http: //

    There’s at least some excuse for missing this one.

    Nicotinic acid – 1941

    page 2

    “We find that the smoke from ordinary Ripple cigarettes contains the anti-pellagra vitamin or nicotinic acid in fairly substantial amounts. However, the quantity is probably too low for a man to rely upon this source alone for his nicotinic acid requirement.”

    “These conclusions are based on actual analysis of saliva, collected from a smoker while smoking.

    “In other words, we analyzed the saliva, which would have otherwise been swallowed. No Nicotinic Acid occurred in the smoker’s saliva before smoking. We feel that we have made this report sufficiently long to cover the discoveries, which we regard as quite remarkable”

    And since 1942 it’s been confusing scientists, doctors and the public alike.


    “pellagra-preventing vitamin in enriched bread,” 1942, coined from ni(cotinic) ac(id) + -in, chemical suffix; suggested by the American Medical Association as a more commercially viable name than nicotinic acid.
    “The new name was found to be necessary because some anti-tobacco groups warned against enriched bread because it would foster the cigarette habit.” [“Cooperative Consumer,” Feb. 28, 1942]

    Why should the public have to sort out the science for them, they are the ones who get paid.

  6. beobrigitte says:

    Looks like an interesting day today!

    I am glad to see that the Russians are more critical than thought!

    Than the authority of a doctor is different from the authority of the priest ? That scientific facts are verifiable . But to check out all the accumulated knowledge of centuries , is not enough for a lifetime.

    Mikhail Pozharsky makes a very valid point; as soon as “scientists” declare a “new discovery”, the sheep that our politicians are, bow to the lobby demanding a new law. The well documented experience passed down the many generations is regarded as worthless.

    For quite a number of years “scientists” stated that ALL animal fat was “bad” for our precious health and we “need” to have our cholesterol levels regularly checked.
    For people too busy during the week (yet still making their hairdresser appointment!) GPs can now apply and be granted opening their surgeries on SUNDAYS, just in case there is an urgent dose of one of the Statins to be prescribed and patients to be referred to a smoking cessation clinic. The latter offers the workers of this clinic £145/person giving up smoking for 4 weeks.

    I am not surprised that “UKIP support is soaring. The population is fed up with EU regulations and the incompetency of the by every tax payer funded “representatives” having a nice time in Brussels.
    The smokers are even more disgruntled; we have learned that Lib/Lab/Con is far too busy feeding tax payer’s money to the leeches, such as ASH, rather than changing this senseless smoking ban to allow the recovery of pubs, which in turn will end the isolation of our increasing number of older people. (They are here NOW – and these people obviously did not die from “passive smoke” or even actively smoking.)
    Perhaps UKIP is more resilient to the anti-smoker lobby.

    I am not surprised that Plain Packaging is an epic fail in Australia.

    On Monday, the top European economic consultants, London Economics, released the first comprehensive study measuring smoking rates in Australia since plain packaging was introduced. The new data collected by the study’s lead researcher, Gavan Conlon, finds the smoking rate has remained unchanged.

    Quote: Economics report Nov. 2013:
    “Over the timeframe of the analysis, although the noticeability of the new and larger
    health warnings has increased, this has not translated into statistically significant changes
    in smoking prevalence amongst the resident adult population.
    Specifically, the data does not demonstrate that there has been a change in smoking prevalence following the introduction of plain packaging and more prominent health warnings”

    • nisakiman says:

      Ah, but Tobacco Control will now say “PP is not about getting smokers to quit, it’s to stop the cheeeldren from starting…”, and they’ll wheel out loads of junk science showing that ‘according to research’ (surveying half a dozen twelve-year-olds) plain packaging will stop half a million kids a week from taking up smoking thus saving ten million lives every year and saving the NHS at least twenty billion quid a year etc etc ad nauseam. And of course, the politicians will swallow it hook, line and sinker.

      Never fear, Brigitte, TC will have their bases covered. They’ve already decided we will have plain packs and medico-porn, so that’s what we will get. The LE study you quote above will not get a mention; it will be deemed ‘irrelevant’.

      • harleyrider1978 says:

        And if you did get in with it to debate,theyd just be reduced to their normal last defense line! Well it stinks……………….

  7. harleyrider1978 says:

    Total smoking bans work best

    With no place to puff, smokers are more likely to cut back or quit, researchers say

    Completely banning tobacco use inside the home – or more broadly in the whole city – measurably boosts the odds of smokers either cutting back or quitting entirely, report University of California, San Diego School of Medicine researchers in the current online issue of Preventive Medicine.

    “When there’s a total smoking ban in the home, we found that smokers are more likely to reduce tobacco consumption and attempt to quit than when they’re allowed to smoke in some parts of the house,” said Wael K. Al-Delaimy, MD, PhD, professor and chief of the Division of Global Health in the UC San Diego Department of Family and Preventive Medicine.

    “The same held true when smokers report a total smoking ban in their city or town. Having both home and city bans on smoking appears to be even more effective.”

    Al-Delaimy said the findings underscore the public health importance of smoking bans inside and outside the home as a way to change smoking behaviors and reduce tobacco consumption at individual and societal levels.

    “California was the first state in the world to ban smoking in public places in 1994 and we are still finding the positive impact of that ban by changing the social norm and having more homes and cities banning smoking,” he said.

    “These results provide quantitative evidence that smoking bans that are mainly for the protection of nonsmokers from risks of secondhand smoke actually encourage quitting behaviors among smokers in California. They highlight the potential value of increasing city-level smoking bans and creating a win-win outcome.”

    Al-Delaimy and colleagues surveyed 1,718 current smokers identified as a representative sample of the adult population in California. They found that total home smoking bans were significantly associated with reduced consumption and successful quitting, but partial bans were not. Similarly, smokers who report smoking is broadly banned in their city were also more likely to attempt to quit and succeed than in places where smoking is not banned.

    The researchers found that total home bans were more effective in reducing smoking among persons 65 years and older and among females, while city smoking bans were significantly associated with quit attempts in males, but not females. Total home bans were more effective in households without children, possibly reflecting the ultimate goal of cessation rather than primarily reducing children’s secondhand smoke exposure. Neither race nor income significantly modified relations between total home bans and smoking reductions.


    Co-authors are Rong W. Zablocki and David R. Strong, Department of Family and Preventive Medicine, UCSD; Steven D. Edland, departments of Family and Preventive Medicine and Neuroscience, UCSD; Mark G. Myers, VA San Diego Healthcare System and Department of Psychiatry, UCSD; and C. Richard Hofstetter, Graduate School of Public Health, San Diego State University.

    Funding support came, in part, from the California Department of Public Health.–tsb121813.php

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