The Tobacco Control Lie Machine

I haven’t seen much news about the Philippines today. It got pushed off the top spot by the biggest art sale in history. But I mentioned yesterday in passing that the black lung lie was being wheeled out in the Philippines:

Eight provinces across the Philippines launched a new campaign to warn people about the risks posed by smoking and, specifically, the risk caused by the tar delivered by cigarettes, according to a World Lung Foundation (WLF) story published in Asian Scientist.

The campaign, called ‘”Sponge”, has aired in more than 10 countries already. Its Philippines version, which was developed by the Department of Health with support from the University of the Philippines and the WLF, was test marketed among focus groups during 2008.

It is said to graphically depict the tar that collects inside an average smoker’s lungs.

It is being made public on television and radio and at outdoor venues for a minimum of four weeks, with some provinces sustaining the campaign for longer.

Coincidentally, today my Black Lung Lie page got over 3,000 views. I think this happens from time to time, when some new forum discovers it. Today one of the readers left a message:

That’s unbelievable – never realized they done this. That’s pretty interesting about the pigs lungs being dyed to ‘simulate’ the supposed real thing. I wonder how long this will be kept quit for.

And I guess that actually is the key question: how long will this be kept quiet? Because sooner or later it’ll become common knowledge. And when people realise that they’ve been lied to about “black lungs”, the credibility of Tobacco Control will collapse. And when that happens, nobody will believe a word they say, or anything they’ve ever said.

Perhaps the answer is that it won’t become common knowledge until the mass media start reporting it as a Big Lie. But while Tobacco Control is spending zillions on antismoking ads in the mass media, those media outlets will never question any of it. They probably know as well as I do that it’s a fraud. But they’ll only break the story if and when the ad money stops flowing.

I was wondering today whether Tobacco Control is at all bothered about telling lies like the black lung lie. But then, it’s hardly the only lie they’ve told. They tell lies the whole goddamn time (for example). These days they’re telling brand new lies, by the dozen, about e-cigarettes. They have no difficulty whatsoever telling lies: lying has become second nature.

Do they ever worry that one day their credibility is going to collapse? They ought to worry. Because, if their credibility collapses, their War on Smoking is going to end very ignominiously, perhaps even with some long jail sentences.

But maybe they’re in too deep now to climb back out. I read a book about Bernie Madoff a while back which explained how he’d constructed his particular ponzi scheme by accident, rather than intent. He’d started out as a bona fide investment advisor, and converted to a ponzi scheme purely as a temporary expedient during a downturn in business – except that what was supposed to be a temporary expedient became permanent. Bernie Madoff had known for 10 years that the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission would eventually catch up with him before it finally actually did – and put him away for 150 years for his $65 billion swindle. And then his newly-bankrupted investors were shocked and bewildered that they’d been lied to for so long by someone they’d trusted implictly.

Most likely the same will prove to be true of Tobacco Control. They probably started out fairly legitimately, with the best of intentions. But then it became a new kind of ponzi scheme whereby more and more smoking-related health hazards had to be concocted to keep government funding flowing. And to keep government funding flowing, smokers needed to be taxed more and more. So it’s a ponzi scheme that works by screwing smokers en masse. It’s a confidence trick very much like Bernie Madoff’s. But far, far bigger. And perhaps, like Madoff, they also know perfectly well that sooner or later their particular ponzi scheme will collapse, like all ponzi schemes eventually do.

If they’re now diversifying into alcohol and food, it’s probably because they’ve screwed smokers about as much as they possibly can, and the tax revenues from tobacco are falling as smokers turn to bootleg products. And so sugar or salt or alcohol or fat are becoming the “new tobacco”, with health threats constructed around them, following the tobacco playbook.

In many ways the AGW scam is arguably a very early spin-off of the Tobacco scam. Because once the scam was working very nicely, they started looking around for some other trace gas in the atmosphere to construct an imaginary new threat around. And they found it in carbon dioxide, and the associated theory of carbon dioxide-driven  global warming. And, once again, governments poured in money. And the mass media talked up the threat. And more or less everybody believed them, all  over again.

But essentially this kind of scam is nothing other than large-scale robbery. There are zero real benefits, and ever-mounting costs. Looted economies slide into recession, and then depression. And tax revenues start to dry up.

And that’s probably when the whole vast ponzi scheme starts to collapse. Because when the mass media cease to be paid to keep the deception afloat, they’ll be the first to start screaming the truth that they’d been paid for decades to not tell. And when bought politicians no longer get their cut of the action, they’ll suddenly start becoming newly vocal too.

It’ll be the story of the century: how unscrupulous knighted doctors and university researchers and established politicians and large industries colluded for over half a century to construct the most gigantic scam in the entirety of recorded human history. The mass media will be able to live off the shock and horror of it for decades. And politicians will be able to build reputations around bringing the malefactors to justice. And they’ll be asking: How were we all fooled for so long?

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26 Responses to The Tobacco Control Lie Machine

  1. harleyrider1978 says:

    Frank when its all over and it will be sooner rather than later. The money the politicians will be after is BIG TOBACCOS because there the ones that are still making BILLIONS regardless of the FAUX anti-smoking laws……….. The last man standing with a buck in his pocket WINS!

    • harleyrider1978 says:

      How do I know there making Billions;

      World Atlas: More People Smoking Cigarettes than Ever

      There are more people smoking now than ever before, despite health warnings and the rising price of cigarettes. In 1980, 4,453 billion cigarettes went up in smoke, which increased to 6,319 billion in 2010. By 2020, you can expect to find nearly seven billion cigarette ends littering the world.

      Top of the charts in terms of nicotine addiction are Asia and Australia, which is where 57 percent of cigarettes are smoked today.

      These alarming statistics are among many of the intriguing facts laid bare in the ninth edition of Dan Smith’s The State of the World Atlas.

  2. harleyrider1978 says:

    R.J. Reynolds does it. Here’s the list. Now you may want to have some fun and check each ingredient and the permissible safe levels and compare it to the fear mongering anti-smoker industry propaganda.

  3. Marie says:

    And Australia is one of those countries where smokers are most suppressed.

  4. Junican says:

    The Tobacco Control Industry has engineered a situation where it is outside government control. The ‘pigs’ lungs’ trick is only one of many.
    If fact, it is no more than a ‘frightener. What has been really important over the last two or three decades has been the gradual corruption of THE LAW.
    At the:
    I have paid some attention to the way in which it seems that the Zealots have messed about with THE LAW to such an extent that THE LAW contains many quasi-contradictions. For example, a ‘cigarette’ may be:
    1) Tobacco (or a tobacco substitute) wrapped in paper, or
    2) A cylinder of tobacco or substitute which is not wrapped in paper, but is not defined as a cigar.
    3) But NOT a cigarette which is created by a person who rolls cigs using RYO tobacco.
    In Australia, the non-sequiturs are even worse. The Zealots are so much in control that that the Government does not even know that the statistics which seem to indicate that NO ONE SMOKES ANY MORE, as indicated by soaps such as “Home and Away” and “Neighbours”, are contradicted by real life counting of fag packets which have been discarded. In fact, although ‘official’ fags are still far away the best sellers, some 13% of fags are ‘unofficial’. Here is the link to the actual report:

    In Australian soaps, not even the baddies smoke. Smoking has been expunged totally. But these soaps are execrable.
    [I only know about them because herself likes them!]


    But we who enjoy tobacco do not demand that soaps show smoking. We just want the Government to stop persecuting us. I do not give a shit about ASH ET AL. Just stop persecuting us. Leave us alone, and let us grow our own and import leaf, and leave us alone.

  5. Stoneluuvver says:

    Todays Huffingdon Post has a piece by Raj Persaud linking smoking with psychosis!..Backed up by the usual irrefutable evidence from “Experts”.Brilliantly manages to shoehorn a lot of “reefer madness” factoids in too.Thanks for your excellent blog…regular consumption of which has helped to keep me sane.( despite my weekly diet of 2oz of baccy and 1/2 oz of weed…washed down with the West Countries finest Scrumpy).Keep up the good work…

    • Rose says:

      I must admit that did raise a wry smile, but then again I suspect that I have done a lot more research on this subject than Raj Persaud.

      Cigarette Smoking ‘Could Make You Psychotic’

      “Experts at the Institute of Psychiatry in London are publishing research suggesting that smoking cigarettes may be a contributory cause of schizophrenia (a psychotic disorder). This startling finding includes a just published study, plus research to be published in the near future, all of which appears to suggest an association between smoking cigarettes and developing psychosis.”

      Nice try and it was almost inevitable that somebody would eventually.

      But correlation is not causation and it has long been suspected that schizophrenics were self medicating with cigarettes.

      A few snippets

      Nicotine Metabolite May Improve Memory, Protect Against Disease

      “The researchers also studied cotinine’s effect on neuron-like cells in culture. They used a model in which growth factor is taken away from the cells so that they start to die, just as they do in neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s. “We were surprised to find that cotinine was as effective as nicotine at preventing cell death,” says Buccafusco.

      In further studies involving rats, Buccafusco and his colleagues discovered that cotinine was as effective as standard anti-schizophrenic drugs in reducing the startle response — the natural reaction to a loud noise. Normally, rats — and people — are startled by loud noises. If a less intense noise consistently precedes the loud one, however, the startle response tends to weaken — but not in people with schizophrenia or in laboratory animals given schizophrenic-producing drugs.

      “Cotinine was nearly as effective as a standard clinically used anti-schizophrenic drug in reversing this response,” says Buccafusco. “This finding holds tremendous promise for patients suffering from schizophrenia since the drugs currently being used to treat this illness are often associated with severe long-term neurological side effects, such as parkinsonian-like tremors and memory problems.”
      http: //

      Nicotine Helps Schizophrenics With Attention And Memory

      “Participants with and without schizophrenia were then asked to smoke while taking a drug called mecamylamine, which blocks nicotinic acetylcholine receptors in the brain, preventing the nicotine from acting on those receptors. Mecamylamine blocked the ability of smoking to improve cognitive deficits in schizophrenia, but not in persons without mental illness.

      The findings suggest that when people with schizophrenia smoke, they may in part be self–medicating with nicotine to remedy cognitive deficits.”
      http: //

      “In schizophrenic patients, there is a higher than normal prevalence of tobacco smoking (90%). Several studies have since demonstrated that nicotine, administered either through smoking or gum, transiently normalizes some of the symptoms of schizophrenia, including several sensory gating deficits. Conversely, worsening of symptoms occurs following smoking cessation.”

      Nicotine’s Effects Are Receptor Specific
      ScienceDaily (Mar. 4, 2008) —

      “Following chronic nicotine exposure, nicotine receptors increase in number, an upregulation that contributes to nicotine’s addictive properties.

      While a current belief is that this process is independent of the type of nicotine receptor, researchers have now uncovered this is not the case: the transient and prolonged changes in the nicotine levels of smokers each affect a specific receptor subtype.

      The predominant subtype of nicotine receptor in the brain is known as A4B2; these receptors upregulate as nicotine levels gradually rise in the blood”
      http: //

      Nicotinic receptors and schizophrenia.

      “Various studies have demonstrated that the use of tobacco transiently restores the schizophrenic patient’s cognitive and sensory deficits. Smoking cessation also appears to exacerbate the symptoms of the disease. Post-mortem binding studies have revealed a disturbance of nicotinic receptor expression, affecting the alpha(7) and alpha(4)beta(2) subunits, in various cerebral areas.”
      http: //

      It rather reminds me of the huge resistance to Nicotinic Acid as being the cure for the deficiency disease Pellagra as the Eugenecists had already claimed it as a hereditary disease and were busy wiping out families in the South.

      Vol. XVIII No. 1, JULY 1916

      “Early in the spring of 1913 the desirability of the study of pellagra from the viewpoint of heredity as a causative factor was brought to the attention of the Thompson-McFadden Pellagra Commission by Dr. Charles B. Davenport, Eugenics Record Office, Cold Spring Harbor, N. Y.

      Under the joint patronage of the two offices fieldwork was begun in Spartanburg, June 1, 1913, and continued until Oct. 1, 1913. Through the winter the data collected were carefully reviewed, arranged in family groups and charted. It was found that in many instances more details were necessary, and the Thompson Pellagra Commission in 1914 decided that the results obtained were of sufficient merit to warrant another summer’s work.

      Accordingly, fieldwork was begun May 1, 1914, and continued until Sept. 1, 1914.
      This year the association of pellagrins with antecedent cases was also carefully noted for comparison”
      http: //

      • lleweton says:

        This may or may not be relevant, assuming the report’s accuracy. I can’t of course be sure the link refers to the same person (cutting dated 20 June 2008). And people can and do change.

        • smokervoter says:

          Come on and admit it, you head squirming shrinks, you’re all F-ing nuts yourself. That’s what attracted you to the discipline in the first place. My ex-wife was a psychologist and I, Joe Everyday Carpenter, ended up being her personal psychiatrist.

          Here we go again with my pleading of “let’s study the studiers”. Who in their right mind can ignore the mass psychosis that’s swept over the medical establishment over their obsession with tobacco and smoking.

          Oh, how I would love to peer into the strange corners of the minds of all of the authors cited in this article, not to mention the HuffPost editor who ran the story.

          After he’s gone, I say we should preserve Stanton Glantz’s brain to find out what made him so nervous and anxious about the thought of someone, somewhere enjoying a nice, relaxing tasty smoke.

        • Tom says:

          “Come on and admit it, you head squirming shrinks, you’re all F-ing nuts yourself. That’s what attracted you to the discipline in the first place.”

          Oh – is that not SO true – about that profession. Unfortunately, where I live, more and more residences are being purchased by UCSF medical staff, doctors and nurses alike and that includes at least one Psychiatrist, but there may be others, whom are most of my neighbors at this point – I am completely surrounded by that and extremist leftists, global greenists and health fascists of various indoctrinations, all sharing the same walls, floors and ceilings.

          The Psychiatrist though interned at UCSF of course, eventually left and made a practice of his own not far from UCSF campus in time – UCSF being one of the premiere anti-smoking industry funded smoke-hating campuses in the entire country in case anyone is not aware what UCSF represents, Stanton Glantz’s haunt – however he has already voluntarily checked himself in to the psychiatric ward at a local SF hospital for nervous breakdown, on at least one occasion that I am aware, and possibly others, since he seems always on the nervous and also bit arrogant and self-centered side in “normal” everyday life.

          So yes, that profession is a little nuts, to begin with, as well as arrogant, self centered and authoritarian oriented.

          I imagine Nurse Ratchet in the One Flew Over The Cuckoo Nest movie was probably drawn from real life experience and not necessarily an exaggeration of character. Her character would simulate the anti-smoking personality a bit also.

        • smokervoter says:

          By the way, my psychiatric therapy of choice with the ex usually involved a good, vigorous roll in the hay.

        • smokervoter says:

          Followed up with a nice relaxing smoke, of course.

      • smokingscot says:

        Well Rose, if you liked the irony of that then consider the manure being spouted in Saudi to try to scare women from driving!!!

        “A leading Saudi cleric warned women who drive cars could cause damage to their ovaries and pelvises and that they are at risk of having children born with “clinical problems.””

        Talk about brain dead morons!

        • Rose says:

          I enjoyed it hugely, Smokingscot.

        • Rose says:

          “A Saudi doctor has gone on-air to dismiss claims made by a well-known cleric who caused a stir when he said medical studies show driving affects a woman’s ovaries.

          In comments aired over the weekend by the privately owned Rotana channel, gynecologist Mohammed Baknah says scientific studies have not proven that driving has adverse effects on women’s reproductive health.”

          But I’m sure that now someone somewhere is working on producing some studies that do.

        • beobrigitte says:

          If it wasn’t so sad it would be highly amusing!

          “If a woman drives a car,” Al-Loheidan told Saudi news website in an interview, “it could have a negative physiological impact … Medical studies show that it would automatically affect a woman’s ovaries and that it pushes the pelvis upward.”

          I’m sure that this cleric would find another medical study to state that it’s fine to marry and have children with a first degree cousin.
          I wonder when the midwives will cotton on to “it pushes the pelvis upward” and make women in labour drive a car!! (I did – and, no, it was not fun, stopping every 2 minutes to experience “my spine being rammed, then twisted, then slowly untwisted und unrammed” before being able to find out how much further I can get without stopping again.)
          But then, if the cleric was right, it would have shaved maybe another day of my already 4 day labour. Somehow I have doubts…..

          I just wonder how many Saudi people believe this cleric’s (and these “medical studies”) nonsense, seeing how many people HERE believe the “medical studies” nonsense the e.g. BBC pours out on a daily basis.

  6. Tom says:

    On US government funded, fake-charity television this week, on PBS, they are running one of their science or nature shows on the saving of exotic wild parrots, macaws and the like from people who take them in as pets but then can’t take care of them and so they end up in a very few number of bird shelters across the US and it’s a difficult task taking care of them and expensive and so forth – with an emphasis on cuteness of the birds, devotion of the volunteers who attend to them and to cause potential flippant home bird keepers to think twice about various difficulties involved with keeping an exotic large bird, some of which live to 50 to 75 years of age, and require extreme devotion, not a passing fancy, for these pets to receive proper care and a proper home.

    Well – it was only halfway into this one hour documentary that they had to inject the compulsory anti-smoking message du-jour – half way in always a good spot, since anyone tuning in slightly late or having to leave the show slightly before it was over – will have received the government paid propaganda (since PBS is US government funded).

    They showed some large green parrot who had been living happily in someone’s home for well over 25 years – perhaps the person passed away, I forget the reason – but then the bird was brought to the rescue shelter – and yes, for 25 years, that “poor bird” “had to endure” second hand smoke and they had to “scrub away the nicotine stains off his feathers” – and the doctor discovered the bird was “addicted to nicotine” and they had to treat him as an “ex-smoker” – etc. and so forth – you get the picture.

    So that dragged on for a good five, ten minutes, showing someone scrubbing the bird’s feathers because it was “coated with nicotine” and saying “yuck, it was so awful” and so on – the doctor looking sternly at the bird, fearful over its “nicotine addiction” from 25 years of living with “a smoker” so they said.

    I kept thinking, but the bird lived 25 years this way and had no problems and wasn’t wheezing and wasn’t sick and it they had some tobacco aroma to them, that wasn’t “coated with nicotine” nor were they necessarily “addicted” as that made no sense.

    But that is how “the big lie” anti-smoking manufactures, the propaganda, just another example of how in EVERYTHING, EVERYWHERE and ALL THE TIME – MUST be injected as if “normal” and spit out in rote fashion – repeated over and over and over and over and over and over and over again – on any bit of communication into which anti-smoking propaganda can be neatly folded into, so as to become “normalized”.

    It’s just another good example of how inculcated into everyday way of thinking the anti-smoking propaganda machine has penetrated.

    And for them to penetrate that far, then there must be “some other reason” behind the “why” of anti-smoking propaganda – and it would cause me to believe, it’s NOT about health, it’s more about duping people into oh-so-believing that slavery is freedom and totalitarianism is liberty.

    And so they believe. And so they lose everything. And a worse curse on the children, the real children, not some idealized “children” The Anti-Smoking Industry is claiming to “save” – but are really enslaving – and the parents are helping to enslave their kids too, out of blissful ignorance.

  7. garyk30 says:

    TC nannies claim that smoking causes lung cancer and, therefore, children must not be allowed to smoke.

    A smoker’s chances of dying from lung cancer are no greater than an airline pilot’s chances of dying in an airliner crash.

    The 15 Most Dangerous Jobs In America
    3. Aircraft pilots and flight engineers
    70.7 fatalities per 100,000 per year
    That is 7 deaths per 10,000 people
    One does not consider airline pilots to be an overly hazardous job and there are no calls for children not considering such a job.

    CDC says that the 46 million American current smokers have 33,000 lung cancer deaths per year.
    That is a rate of 7 lung cancer deaths per 10,000 smokers.

    • smokervoter says:

      Hey Gary. Thanks for that tidbit of data. Presumably that’s from the 2007 CDC report that both of us use for number crunching. That dataset uses 160,848 for cancer deaths. Soooo, lung cancer (at 33,000) is about 20% of overall cancer deaths.

      I always like to picture a group photo of x-amount of people with the casualty separated out for real world visualization.

      So, for overall death stats (392,684, as per CDC 2007) I would picture a photo of 117 smokers and one separated out as a casualty.

      Therefore, for the lung cancer equivalent, picture 1,393 smokers and one lung cancer casualty.


      • smokervoter says:

        I don’t think CRUK or the American Lung Association wants a photo visualization like that to see the light of day. Can you even fit 1,393 people into a picture that would fill a computer screen? Even 117 would be quite a throng. That’s 30 people abreast and four rows high.

        Incidentally, for comparison sake and by my calcs, there would be an equivalent group photo of 163 Never Smokers and one casualty for heart, cancer and respiratory causes, which make up the three SAMMEC-defined components of the 392,684 figure, if I’m not mistaken.

        Not that much larger than 117.

    • beobrigitte says:

      That is a rate of 7 lung cancer deaths per 10,000 smokers.

      If I’m correct, this is 0.07% of smokers (taken that there are only 10 000 smokers)


      Now, going back quite a few years: the early studies (in the 1990s!!!) about the exceptionally high lung cancer rate amongst workers in the chromium industry were IRRESPECTIVE of smoking status.

      This is something else to spend some thought on. The anti-smokers’ bandwagon was rolling; by then tobacco industry funding was already banned in universities.

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  9. beobrigitte says:

    The campaign, called ‘”Sponge”,

    How apt.
    The campaigners have sponged more than enough money of respective governments.

    And I guess that actually is the key question: how long will this be kept quiet? Because sooner or later it’ll become common knowledge. And when people realise that they’ve been lied to about “black lungs”, the credibility of Tobacco Control will collapse. And when that happens, nobody will believe a word they say, or anything they’ve ever said.

    Tobacco Control has done some basic maths and quickly worked out that not many people know people who actually do remove donor lungs and send them to a medical team which in turn implants them in a recipient. The medical team cannot tell the difference between a smoker’s lung and a non-smokers lung; NONE of the lungs are “brown and full of tar”.

    That way the Tobacco Control lie lives on. And it scares people. And fear switches common sense off.

    A bit off topic, nevertheless amusing. The BBC promotes bicycle riding and has this morning stated that in London 5 “peddlers” lost their lives in the last 9 days. The war against motorists is on. 20mph zones are being called for.

    Ok. ANYBODY riding a bicycle in London must be nuts. I don’t mind the smell of Diesel or petrol burning but I don’t think I’m doing myself any favours trying to peddle my way through heavy traffic with cars not having much space to avoid me. Next, I don’t mind peddling a bike; I have done so many years to get me from A to B. But forcing one of these idiotic helmets on me makes me leave my bike in the shed. I came off my bike many times; my elbows and knees bear some of the scars. (It’s life, deal with it!) I never hit my head……

    • Stoneluuvver says:

      Thanks Rose and TC….this is the first time Ive posted on a blog….I love Frank Banging On…shared the weed sniffing trumpet…..and put it on my xmas list…further madness you might like to explore….Bristol Evening post have a classic today…..For The Children…by the Children…..HaHa… a campaign is being started in Clevedon to ban Smoking on the Childrens walk to School….!?!……Outdoors….they are scared Stiff of Second Hand Smoke…..and the Parents …Teachers and Council seem to be listening to them….even thinking it could/will lead to an Outright Ban on ALL smoking outside….Very Bright Kids in Clevedon…..not sure how to do the links but its classic stuff….Enjoy!

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