E-cig Fashion

I’ve always thought that e-cigs were a wonderfully subversive idea: a cigarette without any smoke. I had to have one. They wind up the antis no end.

But mostly they either look like cigarettes, or like mini Dyson vacuum cleaners. But not this one:

It’s a work of art.

The masterpiece – which took four and a half months to create – is laden with 246 flawless two-carat clear crystal diamonds each worth £1,800.

It hadn’t occurred to me before to think of e-cigs as fashion accessories. What if those 246 diamonds all lit up when the e-cig was inhaled? That would be cool. And what if the back-lit diamonds spelt out a text message? Even cooler. And what if….?

Which reminds me that I came across a vaper who has realised – unlike quite a few other vapers – that vapers and smokers are both in the same boat.

 The mammoth problem with vapers is that we are inextricably linked to smokers. Vaping is banned where smoking is banned. The single most important problem is the smoking ban.  The smoking ban is not logical. The smoking ban is not anything to do with health. The smoking ban is a method of persecution against one quarter of the population of our country.  This law needs to be reassessed. Smoking rooms or protected areas for smokers should be enforced. Smoking in open places cannot be banned for any reason, especially if the motive is persecution against one quarter of the population that sets people one against the other, that causes deep social division, loneliness and suffering. This cannot be legal.

Until the anti smoking industry is put in its place, there will be the same persecution against vapers.

The smoking ban is the beginning and the end of it.

Every vapour that trashes smoking is shooting themselves in the foot Every vaper that supports the anti smoking industry is shooting themselves in the foot.  Smoking or vaping is a personal choice under threat from tyrannical legislation.

It could also be said that anyone who smokes anything at all is shooting themselves in the foot if they trash smoking tobacco. Many cannabis ‘joints’ are rolled using a) tobacco, b) cigarette papers, and lit using c) cigarette lighters. They’re basically cigarettes with an extra added ingredient. If and when tobacco becomes illegal, all those items are going to vanish. And anyone who smokes anything is going to find life has just got much harder. And also that their preferred smokes will stand out like sore thumbs, in ways they never used to when they could hide among smokers.

Anyway, thinking some more about e-cigs as fashion accessories which just look super-cool, what would they do about something that looked a bit like the diamond e-cig above, and had a multi-LED tip which lit up like a christmas tree when dragged on, but which had no nicotine in it at all,  so that all a user breathed in was air?

Would they ban that too?

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24 Responses to E-cig Fashion

  1. harleyrider1978 says:

    When one understands the atmosphere is everything that was ever burned,we start to understand everything…………

  2. harleyrider1978 says:

    Leyonhjelm comes out swinging on property rights

    By Simon Breheny on October 21, 2013 in Property rights


    NSW senator-elect David Leyonhjelm is a big believer in the power of property rights. Today he has written about the most concerning recent attacks on this human right in The Land:

    Another private property issue attracting little attention is the ever-expanding range of rules governing what is and is not permitted on certain property.

    An excellent example is smoking. Clubs, pubs and restaurants, all privately owned property, are denied the right to allow smoking on their premises. A property owner who decided it might be commercially attractive to allow smoking and was happy to erect signs warning patrons so they could choose whether to enter, would be prosecuted.

    A similar tendency is now being seen with alcohol. Governments are increasingly dictating when privately owned premises may serve alcohol, to whom, and how much.

    • Junican says:

      And about time! Australians are getting a reputation for being sissies, and it shows. They are no longer feared at cricket, or in swimming, or in golf, or in anything else. They believe HOME AND AWAY and NEIGHBOURS. What arseholes! Touchy-Feely, girly-boy, emotional claptrap RULES in Australia.
      Well…. If that is what the electorate want, good luck to them.

      • beobrigitte says:

        Junican, what I saw yesterday in BBC 24 news made me cough and almost spit my coffee across the floor!!!
        Unfortunately the clip is gone, I can’t find it anywhere. Whilst the ?BBC reporter praised the efforts of the many volunteer fire fighters, one of them, in the background, too a cigarette out of his top pocket, joked with a colleague and turned around to light up.
        “smokers save people” – I am still waiting for this headline!!!

  3. west2 says:

    Zero nic. If an e-cig contains zero nic is it covered by the Tobacco Control Directive? They (EU etc) keep referring to NCPs (Nicotine containing products) so if there is zero nic they are not NCPs. If they are not NCPs surely they are not covered by the TCP?

    Will you still be able to advertise an ‘e-cig’ that contains zero nic?


  4. Steve Kelly says:

    From the e-cig fear article Frank links to: “One of the great public health victories of the 20th century was the way groups from all aspects of society co-operated to marginalize smoking.”

    Well, one of the great Nazi victories of the 20th century was the way groups from all aspects of formerly civilized German society co-operated to marginalize anybody and anything Hitler and his “progressive” gang told them to hate.

    But Nazism was not victorious in the end, thank God, and today’s “public health” fanaticism will one day be seen universally for the mad and evil thing it is, pray God.

  5. Jonathan Bagley says:

    The Celtic and Rangers supporters puff on E-Lites and in the players’ lounge the WAGs try out their new bling presents.

  6. harleyrider1978 says:

    Ex-prisoners speak out on smoking ban

    But following that statement a number of former inmates have contacted the paper to dispute this.

    ‘The lads make up their own cigarettes which is obviously 10 times more harmful – so it’s obviously not working,’ said Aaron Roberts from Anagh Coar who served a couple of weeks two years ago.

    He said cigarettes were often fashioned using Bible pages as cigarette papers stuck together using wood glue.

    ‘That’s using pages with ink on and glue so there are chemicals in there.’

    All former prisoners who contacted Isle of Man Newspapers said prisoners were using nicotine patches, issued to them to help them stop smoking, to make cigarettes. This was done by boiling them in water to extract the nicotine then soaking anything from tea bags to dried fruit peel or even fluff from the tumble drier – whatever was available – in the fluid. The substances were then dried out, shredded and used in place of tobacco.

    If the ban was ignored, he said, it helped to keep the peace: ‘It makes the job easier for the screws. It means less hassle on the wing.

    ‘I smoked all the time I was in there and I still smoke now,’ he added



    • beobrigitte says:

      The prison’s deputy governor Nigel Fisher said criticisms about the ban contained in the report were exaggerated and the benefits far outweighed any difficulties and it also saved prison staff, visitors and other prisoners from suffering the effects of passive smoking.

      LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL; the old, way overused PASSIVE SMOKE DAMAGE argument. Funnily enough, the old ACTIVE smokers give any government a massive headache; they want their pension NOW!! And the baby-boomers are getting ready to claim their due pension.

      We’re still happily alive!!! And we paid in to get our PENSION!!! It is not our fault that so many youngsters suffer from depression and overmedication, thus being a long term recipient of sickness benefit. It also is not our fault that people DIE running a MARATHON. We worked for our pension and in order to give youngsters work experience, we need to DRAW OUR PENSION. And then, we have done our bit; we also DEMAND to design our last few years according to our wishes. Don’t give me this bullsh*t about living longer and healthier. WHO in their right mind wants to live 10 years longer in a society whose structure is being dictated? Death comes to us all, – it is better than living 10 lonely years, being kicked out the door like a dog. (Except, try and kick a dog out the door and the RSPCA will ensure you pay!)

  7. margo says:

    The all-singing diamond e-cig with no nicotine – ‘would they ban it too?’ Yes, I suppose they would, if vapour comes out of them. They’re trying to ban e-cigs regardless of whether they contain nicotine (or have diamonds on them) on the grounds that they may ‘normalise’ smoking. (Surely the e-cig manufacturers should have foreseen this? I certainly did.)
    People who use e-cigs have no business whatever trashing smokers – they are themselves smokers, albeit smokers who have transferred from tobacco, for whatever reason. Nobody starts smoking with an e-cig – do they? All e-ciggers started with tobacco, surely. Or am I wrong? Are some never-smokers buying e-cigs these days? Why would they do that? To look cool?

  8. harleyrider1978 says:

    Asia Slides As China Overnight Repo Soars On Fears Of Another Domestic “Tapering” Episode, Preparations For Bank Loan Defaults


  9. beobrigitte says:

    Are some never-smokers buying e-cigs these days? Why would they do that? To look cool?

    Good point! Non-smokers bought lighters in 2007 to mingle with the smokers outside……..
    Nowadays it is a case of every home having a “smoking-room”; no (well, almost!) host wants to kick people out the front door as tobacco control demands.

    ASH, start whining. The exiles are invited back in. Never mind how many lies you lot use.

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  12. e cigarette says:

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  13. Best e Cig says:

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  15. Its becoming a real fashion accessories. Either disposable like Blu are easy to carry, I like also leather vaporizer like Ophis

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