The Cultural Liquidation of Europe

Richard North of EUreferendum recently described the EU ‘project’ as a ‘slow motion coup d’etat.’

It certainly is that, but it may well be much more than a simple coup d’etat. Because one of the biggest problems that the EU faces is that most Europeans think of themselves first and foremost as French or German or Italian or Spanish or whatever, and only secondly (if at all) as ‘Europeans’. This isn’t enough for the eurocrat elite, because they want to completely replace these nation states with a single European state in which everyone thinks of themselves as ‘Europeans’. The nation state must completely vanish. And the people inside the new superstate must lose their national identities, and be re-made into euro-citizens. In fact, they must be completely re-made in every respect.

To a very great extent this liquidation of national identity is already well under way, with the EU flag (on which there is no trace of any nation at all) gradually replacing national flags, and the EU anthem replacing national anthems, and – above all – the EU parliament and commission replacing sovereign national parliaments.

Another problem that the EU faces is that of its multiple languages. And in this respect, the policy seems to be to gradually replace them with one language – English -, which seems to have become the lingua franca of the world over the past century. But the choice of English also conveniently serves to marginalise all those people in Europe who can’t speak English (although not in Britain, where the chosen method has been to simply fill the country with people who can’t speak English). And in the long run, this is probably bad news for the English language, which will – like Latin – come to be seen as the elitist language of cultural imperialism.

Immigration is yet another method for undermining cultural identity. The more black, brown, foreign, Muslim (or at least non-Christian) aliens that can be imported into a country, the more its identity becomes diluted and perhaps even entirely supplanted.

Churches – and in particular national churches like the Church of England – must also be gradually marginalised. And this has been happening too. The Archbishop of Canterbury said a few years ago that Christianity was being ‘denormalised’.

The replacement of national currencies by euros also entails a loss of cultural identity. And so this is another way in which identity is erased. The euro is as much a political project as it is an economic project.

This is much, much more than a mere coup d’etat: this is the liquidation of the entirety of European culture. It’s the liquidation of nation states, national languages, national currencies, a Christian heritage, and everything else that serves to distinguish peoples from each other. It is a colossal piece of social engineering which has been under way for the past 50 years or more, and which has been gathering increasing pace in recent years.

Because only when people have become atomised, and completely stripped of their former identity, can they be re-made into homogeneous euro-citizens, and equipped with the ersatz EU flag and the EU anthem and the Euro currency to replace their potent lost symbols.

In this process, smoking bans are just one small element in the liquidation of cultural identity. Smoking bans are primarily intended to suppress the culture of common people (and not, of course, to ‘improve health’) and produce an atomised society. The growing number of restrictions on alcohol are also an assault on convivial culture. The same applies with food. Because smoking and drinking and eating are as much primary elements of cultural identity as nation or language or religion.

Cars and motorbikes are also tokens of cultural identity, and by demonising carbon dioxide or ‘carbon’, and hedging them around with innumerable regulations, they are being gradually restricted.

Science (and reason) is also being subverted. Anti-smoking ‘science’ isn’t really any sort of science at all. And global warming ‘science’  isn’t much better. The primary task of ‘science’ is now to provide support and justification for political programmes.

The people who are engaged upon this monumental piece of social engineering are the European political elite, all of whom are well-paid members of the Eurocracy. They no longer owe their allegiance to their own countries (which elected them), but instead to the EU. And it is their task in their home countries to preside over the liquidation of their native cultural identity. And in this they can rely upon the complete co-operation of the mass media and the civil services and professional classes of their home countries.

And the people upon whom this monstrous construction is being imposed are all the peoples of Europe, none of whom want to lose their national identity or their languages or any other element of their cultural identity.

And so the eurocrat elite is now coming into collision with the peoples whose culture it has set out to destroy. And this is a comprehensive collision which will grow out of multiple cultural flashpoints, where people’s identities have come under attack. It will be the clash everywhere of the people with the state.

Smoking bans are just one of these flashpoints. As the EU project proceeds on its course, there are bound to be more and more nationalist protests (because the EU is has set out to suppress nation states), and religious protests, and every manner of other protest.

Europe is set to become an arena of wall-to-wall protest and riot and revolt, as more and more ordinary people find the symbols of their identity being taken away from them. And this will give rise to nationalist guerrilla movements in every country in Europe, much like the IRA or ETA before them (both of which were primarily fighting for national identity), but on a far larger scale. It won’t be just nationalistic: it will be a comprehensive cultural revolt against all kinds of imposed new norms and values.

The best thing that could happen would be for all these various protesting peoples to unite in one single task: the overthrow of the European political class who have so comprehensively duped and misled and betrayed their own peoples.

And if this is not done, a de-cultured Europe will become a sort of grim, faceless, and poverty-stricken new Soviet Union that stretches from Lisbon to Helsinki.

And to the extent that the rest of the world adopts similar cultural measures, to that extent they face the same future too.

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25 Responses to The Cultural Liquidation of Europe

  1. jaxthefirst says:

    I had an interesting insight into the view of the EU from Eastern Europe a couple of weeks ago. A friend of mine has a new Polish girlfriend and we got talking about politics. I asked her what the general feeling in Poland was about the EU and her answer surprised me (because, like most people, I thought that the Eastern Europeans were happy as Larry with the EU because they were getting all the cheap subsidies). She said: “For the people it’s very bad and they don’t want it; but the politicians like it very much.” She also said: “I know that people in this country (meaning the UK) are worried about Polish people coming here, but we come here because there are now no jobs in Poland. Previously, we used to sell everything we produced to Russia. Russia is a huge market and it produces very little itself, so it was a market that was always there and always wanted more and more and more things for its people. But when we joined the EU, that market went away and we had to start trading with the rest of Europe instead. So the companies died and the jobs went and many of us just had to leave to find work. So no, the people are very unhappy about being in the EU.”

    Which, to me, was just further proof that everything the EU touches – any country, any society, any enterprise, any system, any industry – inevitably turns to dust. The EU, in essence, is a triumph of idealism over realism. It’s a good idea ruined by incompetent, self-serving idiots who know nothing about the way the world works, but who think they know everything about it. And the sooner it all falls apart, the better. It’s become so dangerous to millions of European people that I’d even actually place its collapse as even better news that the repeal of the smoking ban. That’s how ghastly I think it is. So, bring on the referendum and let’s get out. If we can assist in the demise of this evil empire then I think it would be the best thing that this country has done since WWII.

  2. Marie says:

    “It’s a good idea ruined by incompetent, self-serving idiots who know nothing about the way the world works, but who think they know everything about it.”
    It all started as a grass root movement, then it became mainstream, and now it is dead. A new phoenix will rise from the ashes. :)

  3. Steve Kelly says:

    Similar things are happening in the US though not always in exactly the same way. Christianity, the prominent religion, is certainly being “denormalized” in the US. For instance, religiously-oriented Christmas displays are being banned all over the place, while other religions are permitted to erect displays. The ordinary American Christmas greeting has long been “Merry Christmas”. Government publications would never include that phrase today. This has spread to corporate entities such as chain stores. The new politically correct greeting is “Season’s Greetings”. It’s Newspeak.

    America is also becoming officially ashamed of its predominant language. In the past immigrants were expected — indeed generally required — to learn English. Today official correspondence goes out in both English and in Spanish and again corporations are following suit. If you go to a bank machine, for instance, you have to choose between English and Spanish.

    It was said in the past that the USA was as much symbolized by the Camel cigarette pack and the Coke bottle as by the stars and stripes. Anti tried to ban the Camel pack altogether about twenty years ago. Anti said kids love animals so they found the Camel irresistible. They didn’t get away with that, but now they’re trying the same thing by another tack, as they press on in the courts for “plain” packaging. In the meantime, of course, the Antis are marching toward outright tobacco prohibition.

    Coca-Cola these days is running TV ads in the US apologizing for its contribution to obesity, promising as a penance to make its Coke bottles smaller, and to push the public toward sugarless versions of its products. In other words the Coke makers are following the example of the cigarette makers in adopting a policy of appeasement. If things keep up as they’ve been going for decades now, expect never again to see a Camel pack, or a Coke bottle anywhere in the world.

    Expect to see Christmas banned outright too. Expect to see the phrase “In God We Trust” removed from all US currency as well. That’s been in the air for a long time, too, and it’s starting to look likely. Once all this happens I suppose the stars and stripes will also be banned. Americans will be told they must become as ashamed of their nationality as they are of their language and their religion. Perhaps they’ll be told they must reunite with their cousins across the sea, that they are no longer Americans, but merely transplanted Europeans. Then we can all sieg heil to the EU flag.

    • Frank Davis says:

      “Merry Christmas” is also being denormalised in the UK.

      English isn’t under too much threat in England (it seems), but I can well see how historical US language zones (East coast English,, Midwest French, and West Coast Spanish) could be used to divisive effect.

      Camels and Coca Cola are of course iconic US products. As such they are bound to be attacked more in the USA than in Britain or Europe. I didn’t know that Coca Cola was running apologies.

      Perhaps they’ll be told they must reunite with their cousins across the sea, that they are no longer Americans, but merely transplanted Europeans.

      Or told that they have to go back home to Europe?

      In Britain, we’re supposed to be thoroughly ashamed of the British Empire, and all things British. More or less everything that is uniquely British has come under sustained assault for the past 50 years.

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  5. Walt says:

    Brilliant, all-encompassing analysis of the whole f’ing mess, Frank. The essay belongs in the wider sphere of political commentary and might find a home in the right magazine.(But careful lest you then be drafted to run for parliament,)

    Much of the same stuff happens here in the US in the battle for states rights v federal impositions which try to impose a heavy-handed unwanted uniformity (of Liberal ideas) from sea to shining sea (tho it has to be said that corporate giants do the same in less intrusive ways, as the Main Streets of towns from New Hampshire to California become an interchangeable row of McDonald’s, The Gap, Taco Bell, Radio Shack, all of them packaged in the same interchangeably boring architecture).

    And yes it’s the same gaggle of New Classmen who work their way into power everywhere in the West with their demagogic chatter about “fighting for the little guy” and then turn around and bite the little guy in the ass in their efforts to “improve” him.

    Oddly, though, in America — at least till about now– we’ve thought of ourselves first, not as Iowans or Kentuckyans (not even when the states had distinctive personalities) but always as Americans– based, I suppose, on a love of the constitution and the promises it made (though didn’t always keep). But now that that’s being shattered I can’t say I love America as I did or not America, the Real though I still have a craving for America, the Ideal– or the ideals of what once upon a time was America.

    • Frank Davis says:

      Well, I can’t speak on matters of US identity, of course, but what you’re saying seems to square with what I have (distantly) observed. Americans do seem to put America before their home State (which is the opposite way to Europeans). On the other hand, events like the Civil War seem to have left a faint residual bitterness/sorrow. And there do seem to be differing characters from East Coast to West Coast, or from North to South.

  6. Vapingpoint Liz says:

    Oh – what a wonderful posting! Thank you Frank. I don’t know about “Europe is set to become an arena of wall-to-wall protest and riot and revolt, as more and more ordinary people find the symbols of their identity being taken away from them.” I wish! But I fear ordinary people are being led like lambs to the slaughter. But thank you for being optimistic. Loved the pictures at the end!

    • Frank Davis says:

      I don’t know about “Europe is set to become an arena of wall-to-wall protest and riot and revolt

      I think it’s inevitable. People don’t want to lose their identities in such a comprehensive manner. And some of them will resist.

  7. Dirk Vleugels says:

    Look here how MEPs are pampered
    and how they collect money without working

  8. Steve Kelly says:

    Found a link for the US Coca-Cola obesity apology TV ad. This is running incessantly on most US TV stations these days. Pathetic.

    • Frank Davis says:

      It is rather nauseating.

      I particularly dislike the implication that ‘calories’ are just things that add weight. We actually need that energy to keep our bodies working:

      The U.S. Department of Agriculture recommends men consume 2,000 to 2,600 calories if they’re sedentary, 2,200 to 2,800 calories if they’re moderately active and 2,400 to 3,000 calories per day if they are active.

      It’s just like with carbon dioxide, which is presented in similar wholly negative terms, when in fact plants need it for photosynthesis, and the more of it the better.

      Whenever I buy food, I want to get the most calories I can get, and the biggest bang for my buck.

      • Ben_P says:

        Yep. I feel the same way. Having spent some time studying diets, I realized the science on the dangers of saturated fat is as bad as the science on smoking. Here in the states, we have a lot of Subways, a sub sandwich shop. They charge the same price for their high calorie, high fat sandwiches as they do for their low calorie, low fat sandwiches. I think I’ll get the sandwich with the most calories and get more bang for my buck.

        • harleyrider1978 says:

          WASHINGTON (AP) — The Justice Department was in a new dispute Friday with the tobacco industry over the government’s landmark lawsuit against the companies.

          The government has prepared corrective statements it wants the companies to be forced to make about the health hazards from smoking. But the tobacco companies don’t want those proposed statements put in the public record before they get a chance to review them.

          FORCED TO MAKE…….SOUNDS like somebodys not playing fair doesnt it.So if the tobacco companies make statements then the nazi anti-smokers get to say see even the tobacco companies admit this!!!!!

          7 October, the COT meeting on 26 October and the COC meeting on 18
          November 2004.

          “5. The Committees commented that tobacco smoke was a highly complex chemical mixture and that the causative agents for smoke induced diseases (such as cardiovascular disease, cancer, effects on reproduction and on offspring) was unknown. The mechanisms by which tobacco induced adverse effects were not established. The best information related to tobacco smoke – induced lung cancer, but even in this instance a detailed mechanism was not available.

          So how the hell do they get a court to say you are guilty when they never had any proof to start with! The same way they get fast food or soda makers too admit shit! BY FORCE OR THREAT OF GOVERNMENT ACTION AGAINST THEM!

          Bring in the precautionary principle yet again……….lies lies and more lies built to perpetuate the lying propaganda machine as Frank points out in this essay!

  9. harleyrider1978 says:

    Frank I love it you hit the nail on the head and your getting more Redneck than me about doing something about it………….We need a fuck em attitude that leads the people into the streets right up to Frankensteins castle\ EU headquarters in Brussels then burn it and hang a few Nazis and their collaborators in the mele that follows………….We the people of the world have HAD ENUF!

    • harleyrider1978 says:

      We are independent individuals owners of our own bodies and childrens. We have no need of government any longer it thinks it has become the master of our souls and our bodies along with our choises and desires. We cannot stand by while slavery,serfdom and Plebian status is fostered upon us any longer. It is time we the people stood and fought to kill the Master as no man is a master of anyone but his own self and his children until the age of adulthood.

  10. garyk30 says:

    They tried that ‘brave new world’ thing with the USSR and it did not last.

  11. nisakiman says:

    As I’ve mentioned before, I spent most of the 70s living and working in Australia. In those days it was a freedom-loving, can-do country (unlike today). Life was good. But I decided to return to Europe (not UK) because I became weary of the cultural isolation. You could get in a car and drive for a week, and where you ended up was essentially the same as where you started off. Same shops, same food, same people, same language, same architecture, same attitudes.

    I found myself hungering, pining for the cultural diversity of Europe, where in a day I could experience (if I so desired) five or more totally different ambiances. Language, cuisine, booze, architecture, approach to life; all completely different and all with their own particular merits.

    I love the diversity of Europe.

    And I hate with a passion the attempts to turn it into one amorphous mess, like so many pieces of Plasticine used to end up when we were kids; a big, useless lump of shitty brown coloured guk instead of the bright reds and yellows and greens they started out as.

    You are the eternal optimist, Frank, and I dearly hope you are right in your predictions of revolution. Because I think it’s going to take a bloody revolution to bring these bastards down now. They are very well entrenched, and they will take a lot of shifting.

    • harleyrider1978 says:

      Thats been my attitude too If I wanted diversity I simply went where it was diferent than where I was. But then when I visited those foriegn and diverse countries I expected it to be diferent and I never wanted to change it from what it always was. To do so would be to destroy a part of civilization. But when they come to america to stay I expect them not to want to change my country but to learn to live as we do not as they do! Mutual respect is the answer,forced compliance to a world mandate via the UN or its satelite depts is the same as a master race destroying the world in which WE ALL LIVE!

  12. harleyrider1978 says:


    @JohnDavidson BS 20 minutes in your double wide trailer you live in will cause death within 2 years to anyone other then an alligator.


    @Openminded1 @JohnDavidson

    Amazing just amazing… showed your face again after getting your a.s.s. handed to you!

  13. harleyrider1978 says:

    Menthol bans…………….LMAO……………….

    How to Make Your Own Menthol Tobacco
    I am a menthol smoker and have been for some 35 years. I am currently shredding my own tobacco and unfortunately, tobacco leaves don’t come mentholated so I had to mentholate my own tobacco. Here is a great recipe to mentholate tobacco:

    • 2 Teaspoons of menthol crystals
    • ½ Cup of Everclear or any high proof alcohol
    • ¼ teaspoon of USP (food grade) Glycerin- This is the adhesive.
    • Spray bottle

    Mix the menthol crystals into the Everclear. Stir the mixture until the crystals are completely dissolved. Add the glycerin and mix. Place the mixture into the spray bottle. Place tobacco in a tub and spray a few times. Mix the tobacco around and spray again. Repeat the process until the mixture has completely covered the tobacco. You will not necessarily use the whole mixture up completely. Allow the tobacco to dry overnight until the alcohol has evaporated. The object is to get as much menthol on the tobacco with the least amount of liquid. The recipe is designed for you to make a menthol tobacco to your liking.

    Menthol Crystals can be found online (I buy mine from an e-cig supplier.)
    Everclear or any high proof alcohol. You need 151 proof or higher, me I prefer 151 Rum to Everclear as I do not care for the way Everclear smells. The rum smells and tastes better.
    USP (food grade) Glycerin, I found mine at Walmart next to the band-aids. It is called Humco Skin Protectant


  14. harleyrider1978 says:

    80% Of US Adults Are Near Poverty, Rely On Welfare, Or Are Unemployed
    Tyler Durden’s picture
    Submitted by Tyler Durden on 07/28/2013 16:47 -0400

  15. harleyrider1978 says:

    Europe Passes The Inflection Point (Or Why LTRO3 Is Inevitable)
    One year on from the “whatever it takes” speech and all appearances suggest Draghi’s all-in move with the imaginary OMT ‘worked. European sovereign spreads have compressed dramatically, European stock indices are near their highs, European financials are doing great. Of course, record unemployment rates, record loan delinquencies, record drops in house prices, and record deposit outflows can all be ignored because no matter what, Draghi will do “whatever it takes.” Except, as JPMorgan notes, the excess cash in the Euro area banking system continues to decline reaching EUR230bn, closer to the so-called inflection point at which money market rates, i.e. EONIA and repo rates, are responding more pronouncedly to changes in the excess cash. Bank funding is becoming increasingly volatile since the 2nd LTRO repayment and the trend shows no sign of abating. We suggest Mrs. Merkel will be on the phone telling Mr. Draghi to “get back to work,” – at least until September 23rd anyway.

    Via JPMorgan,

    Approaching the inflection point in Euro area money markets

    The excess cash in the Euro area banking system continues to decline reaching €230bn, closer to the so called inflection point at which money market rates, i.e. EONIA and repo rates, are responding more pronouncedly to changes in the excess cash.

  16. harleyrider1978 says:

    Frank did they write this to us…………….

    Opponents of Europe will need more than conspiracy theories
    Eurosceptics see all support for Britain’s membership of the EU as evidence of a dark plot. But the truth is far simpler

  17. Philip Neal says:

    I have just read an internet report of an FDA proposal to ban the sale of menthol cigarettes. By a strange coincidence, the European Parliament is set to vote yea or nay on a proposal of the European Commission to ban the sale of menthol cigarettes and various other goods. Is this a conspiracy? No it is not. It is a symbiosis. Bureaucracies dedicated to their own perpetuation are natural allies and have more incentive to agree than to disagree about the policies they pursue while the people nominally in charge of them are busy with other matters.

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