Harry Beckhough

Strange things I come across some days.

A trackback link to one of my posts today took me to the oldest living member of the UK Conservative party, 98-year-old Harry Beckhough, who was lauded by David Cameron in 2010.

David Cameron’s speech had some glowing words for Harry Beckhough, saying:

“Harry joined our party in 1929 to fight Stafford Cripps.

Since then, across 81 years and 21 elections, Harry has been with us. When Churchill warned of an iron curtain, Harry was with us. When this country had never had it so good, Harry was with us. When a lady refused to turn, Harry was with us.

This year, when we fought the general election, Harry – aged 96 – was there, manning the loudhailer on the battle bus.”

I’d never heard of Beckhough, but he seems to have been an interesting character, who worked as a code-breaker at Bletchley Park in WW2. Even more interestingly:

He is the author of several books including an autobiography Thinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy and books about Germany’s Fourth Reich as he believes the Nazis continued their evil work after the end of the second world war, abandoning the swastika in public and laundering the money they looted from Europe to create a secret financial and industrial empire. No longer using panzer tanks but finance capital to ‘buy up’ their enemies and take them over that way instead. He is a staunch anti EU campaigner as he believes an undemocratic EU promotes this Nazi power today.

This is something I can almost believe these days, given that much of what is happening these days (e.g. smoking bans) has always struck me as thoroughly Nazi in character, even if it isn’t being forced on us by stormtroopers. And I say as much quite frequently.

A bit of poking around on the web turned up Harry Beckhough speaking.

Well, quite a lot of it was about the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers and the Iluminati, which is the sort of thing that instantly turns me off. But much of what he said made perfect sense. Britain’s political class have been betraying their country. Beckhough reckoned they’d all been bought. “All of our leaders [since Edward Heath] have betrayed us.”

Which would, of course, include the same David Cameron who was lauding Beckhough in 2010. And whom Beckhough was out campaigning for.

Anyway, I watched the video with interest, because here was someone from WW2 British intelligence with a very long view of events, and not to be dismissed lightly as some Tory backwoodsman. I may not have believed everything he said, but I agreed with the broad thrust of most of it.

Ten years ago, I wouldn’t have agreed with any of it. But now…

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13 Responses to Harry Beckhough

  1. Frank Davis says:

    O.T. A message to Lou. I got your missive and will act on it.

  2. margo says:

    Very interesting, Frank. A lot I didn’t agree with, some I did. I wish Beckhough hadn’t referred to Cicero (twice) as being an ‘ancient Greek’. That mistake diminishes my faith in him somewhat.

  3. “US Military Intelligence report EW-Pa 128 was written in November 1944 and describes top German industrialists meeting to decide the future of their country when it looked like they would lose the War, and that the “Fourth German Reich, unlike its predecessor, would be an economic rather than a military empire – but not just German”.”


    • harleyrider1978 says:

      The great thing here is nobody needs more than what the Union is doing to its people right now and its economic ruin of the economies of europe. I dont think it will stand more than another year unless they start pumping massive amounts of mouse clicked euro’s to save themselves for a tad longer. The latest anti-tobacco measure just pissed off 10s of millions of europeans who smoke menthols………….ie SPAIN,ITALY,GREECE who have already made the threat of pulling out. But I think they will hang on just as long as theirs another EU national welfare check comming to them after that its curtains and back to the Lira,Drachma and whatever Portugal uses!

  4. garyk30 says:

    98 years old?
    He must be one of those nasty smokers!!! :)

  5. smokervoter says:

    This is my delayed comment to the link Magnetic shared with us yesterday concerning outdoor smoking bans in Los Angeles.

    Once again my inborn “bitch-on-wheels” radar has proven worthy. I know who this author, Pat Morrison, is from years of having to sit through her longwinded ivy league opinions on every possible aspect of life in L.A.

    Her trademark is a pink, pillbox lady hat and a ubiquitous “Gee, aren’t I quirky!” demeanor. She’s the daughter of an old L.A. Times editor if I recall right. I’m not going to bother to Wikipedia her she’s so pathetic and I don’t want to give her entry any hits.

    I’ve always disliked her immensely. She’s one of those people Leg Iron calls the Professionally Offended. She breaks life down into infinitesimal bits of minutiae and has a weighty opinion to offer to anyone bored enough to be listening on all of it.

    Don’t worry about her rantings on outdoor smoking affecting the discussion. When most people see her, with that trademark hat and her permanent pained expression of liberal disdain, they switch the channel. Or in this case, they skip reading the editorial.

    Pat Morrison is a Los Angeles institution in her own gentrified mind only. Nobody gives a crap what she thinks about anything.

    She’s the emblematic antismoker personified.

    And she talks about cigarette butts stinking; you can take one look at her and know that she probably stinks of godawful patchoolie oil.

  6. garyk30 says:

    “godawful patchoolie oil.”?????
    Now, that goes back a ways. :)

    Patchouli Oil = Hippie perfume.

    An oil worn as perfume by dirty hippies in lieu of showering or bathing in any way. Used to mask the scent of marijuana and week old body odor, but usually it merely mixes with the scent to form a new, BO/Patchouli combo that can repulse even those who are olfactorally challenged, except for hippies, who love it.

    • nisakiman says:

      I’ll have you know, Gary, that I bedded a good number of Patchouli Pretties in my youth, and most of them were quite clean. I have to admit, though, that the patchouli oil could be a tad overpowering sometimes. Not that overpowering, but I could happily have forgone the olfactory Arabian Nights subtext.

      • smokervoter says:

        “Patchouli Pretties” indeed, and Yoga Gurlz and Earth Mama’s. The sacrifices we make to the godess Cytherea. Oh, the horror that some of my one-nighters would express when they discovered they’d just made mad passionate love with a Neanderthal Republican.

        Trying to hold your breath (to limit the patchoulie uptake) while in the super-exertive throes of passion ain’t easy, it’s learned behavior.

        Oh, and one more thing about Pat Morrison and cigarette butts at the beach. Along with her pink hats and her quirky demeanor is her gossamer skin tone, one shade lighter than her hat. I somehow doubt that she spends much time at the beach in L.A.

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  8. I think the electorate would respect him more than today’s Parliament full if career politicians, Tom. And rightly so, however ‘eccentric’ his views.

  9. I think the electorate would respect him more than today’s Parliament full if career politicians, Tom. And rightly so, however ‘eccentric’ his views.

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