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Leggy’s got an interesting idea. Make up a book of blog posts:

Here’s my thoughts. We smoky bloggers can put out our own blog books and do with them what we will….

Copyright to anything in this freebie stays with the original authors, Nobody signs away anything. You want to re-use the article in another book, it’s still yours to do with as you will. The only things I’ll have copyright for are the articles I put in and (maybe) the cover image – unless someone else has a better one, in which case copyright to that image will be theirs.

I’m thinking one or two articles per blogger, but I am not running an editorial dictatorship. Everything is open to discussion. My initial thoughts are that we could each put in up to five links to posts, let the readers vote for the best two and put those two into the book. Each post would be marked as copyright of the originator and each will have a link to the writer’s blog.

The posts should avoid being too time-sensitive, perhaps more along the ‘thoughts’ or ‘instructional’ line than the ‘current affairs’ line so that the work doesn’t become out of date. But the final decision is flexible.

Financial requirements – zero. This costs nothing but time and not too much of that since the posts are mostly already written. I will change nothing unless I spot a typo.

I know that some of my readers have favourite posts of mine. Some have even printed one or two to hand out to people. So now’s your chance to suggest a post of mine that should go into Leggy’s Blog Book.

My runaway most-read post is The Black Lung Lie, which still gets 100 views a day. One day it had about 6,000 views. Nothing time-sensitive about that. That could go in.

Maybe the recent ISIS survey report could go in too.

Still smoking-related, I always rather liked the tongue-in-cheek More Smokers To Die Outside Pubs This Winter.

I’ll have to think about it. Meanwhile, any suggestions are welcome.

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16 Responses to Blog Books

  1. Junican says:

    It isn’t as easy as one might think (as I am sure that you are aware). It would be interesting to see a chapter devoted to ASH ET AL promises (“This is all we want – no slippery slope”). Another chapter could be devoted to Tobacco Control connections with the UN, the WHO, the EU, etc, but more especially with the financing – if anyone can figure it out! Another could be about studies which Tobacco Control have ignored, such as the Enstrom and Kabatt study, which was actually published by the BMJ (presumably before the Zealots gained total control of the BMJ). Another could examine the flagrant politicisation of Universities, via the pronouncements of Pell and co.

    All these things would be awfully difficult to put together since these people have gone to some trouble to hide the evidence.


    What is proposed would take an awful lot of work – probably to no avail. Better perhaps to keep on undermining the Zealots? Certainly, there are a lot of faults in the Doll ‘Doctors Study’ – if you look for them. For example, why is that people can smoke for 20 years before any problems arise, and, even then, why is it that SO FEW people suffer problems after 20 years? Why is there a gradual escalation of problems? Why do so many people, who have smoked substantially all their lives, suffer no effects?


    The REAL problem is political. It really is, It is about Hospital Boards agreeing to put up expensive notice boards saying, “This is a smokefree site” when they have an incinerator pouring out smoke from diseased body parts.

    Stuff like that…..

    • roobeedoo2 says:

      Re: ASH’s ‘not a slippery slope’, Dick Puddlecote writes great stuff about that.

    • Rose says:

      All these things would be awfully difficult to put together since these people have gone to some trouble to hide the evidence

      But everyone knows different bits,if someone writing about the subjects you suggest could then run it by us, as everyone seems to approach these subjects from a different angle, further information that connects to the narrative could then be added before a final draft for maximum coverage in a short space.

      For instance, I have found a considerable amount of things about the beginnings of denormalisation as a public health stratagem.

      The Denormalization Campaign

      But further research found one item incorrect.

      “In 1975, British delegate Sir George Godber informed the World Health Organization how to get smokers to quit: foster an atmosphere where it was perceived that active smokers would injure those around them, especially their family and infants or young children who would be exposed involuntarily to the smoke in the air.”

      That is a summary not a quote.

      The real quote may be –

      “The 3rd World Conference on Smoking and Health, June 2-5, 1975.”

      The Worldwide Campaign Against Smoking” Sir George E. Godber Chairman, Expert Committee on Smoking and Health World Health Organization Text of speech includes at the end of page 6 (7 on the pdf) –

      “The fact that smoking by the mother during pregnancy is a material danger to the fetus. The knowledge that exposure to involuntary secondary smoking may cause an increase in carbon monoxide and even nicotine content of the blood of non-smokers or that the incidence of respiratory infection in the first year of life is increased in the infants whose parents smoke is probably not understood. The message that the penalty for cigarette smoking begins to be paid from the very earliest stage of life and is not something postponed until old age is certainly not well appreciated. The finding, most recently reported by Russell, that non-smokers in rooms have demonstrable increases in the circulating nicotine in their blood reinforces the importance of avoiding exposure of non-smokers to secondary smoking. The full story is set out in the report of WHO’s Expert Committee which is available to you here and nothing will be gained by my attempting to summarise it to you now.”

      But that was given at the Waldorf Astoria, not Geneva

      And was previously summarised as –

      “The generation, interpretation, and use of scientific and medical information about ETS has been influenced, and probably distorted, by a “social movement” to shift the emphasis on the adverse health effects of smoking in the active smoker to an implied health risk for the nonsmoker. The focus of this movement, initiated by Sir George Godber of the World Health Organization 15 years ago, was and is to emphasize that active cigarette smokers injure those around them, including their families and, especially, any infants that might be exposed involuntarily to ETS. By fostering the perception that secondhand smoke is unhealthy for nonsmokers, active smoking has become an undesirable and an antisocial behavior.”

      From Passive Smoking How Great A Hazard

      World Health Organization

      “Report of a WHO Expert Committee on Smoking and its Effects on Health met in Geneva from 9 to 14 December 1974″

      Includes Sir George Godber, Cambridge, England (Chairman)

      Unfortunately page 16 “Involuntary Exposure to Smoke” is missing along with several others.

      The discussion, links and further information.

      Now you may think that I am being picky, but to my mind there has been quite enough disinformation already from Anti-tobacco and so there shouldn’t be any accidental misinformation from us.

  2. Walt says:

    I recall something you wrote about an old guy, (a sailor?) that was touching and I’d think, among all the likely science articles, it would be smart to include a little “human interest .” Other stuff about old folks in isolation, too. (The flesh on the bones of the ISIS survey.) On the other end of things, the article (was it a translation?) of the huge US govt study on the positive mental effects of smoking. And the one about what smokers and nonsmokers exhale and how fast it goes ffftt.

    OTOH, I’ve always thought you should collect a Best Of selection of your own blogs on a wide range of subjects into your own book, not instead of but in addition to offering material for this proposed anthology.

  3. Walt says:

    So it’s a few hours later and I come upon this article, “The Lethality of Loneliness,” in which, among other things, it says that “emotional isolation is as high a risk factor for mortality as smoking” and goes on to relate loneliness, which it says is experienced in its most lethal form by people who feel discriminated against, snubbed or bullied, to a number of physiological changes and physical ailments from lowered immune responses to heart failure.

    Yet ironically (but obviously) smokers are being isolated (and discriminated against, snubbed and bullied) as an instrument to promote…Health, Just as ironically, but perhaps less obviously, a lot of the diseases and physical changes attributed to smoking could well be traced instead to Anti-Smoking and the misery it imposes.

  4. Rose says:

    Sometimes I’m glad I’m not American, at least in Britain they have the decency to pretend that tobacco taxes are all for our own good in the long run.

    This is just blatant.

    Smokers will help pay for funding gap in Vikings stadium

    “As it turns out, folks who puff on Marlboros will help pay for the next place where Ragnar will be blowing his horn.

    With electronic pulltab and bingo games, the original funding mechanism for the state’s portion of the new Vikings stadium, falling far short of projections, Minnesota needs a new way to come up with the money.

    Enter the smokers.

    Via Jim Ragsdale of the Minneapolis Star Tribune, Governor Mark Dayton has proposed increasing the state cigarette tax from $1.23 per pack to a whopping $2.83 per pack to help bridge the gap. Dayton also proposed the closure of a corporate “tax avoidance loophole,” which would generate $20 million per year.

    The cigarette tax would cure the short-term gap in revenue, with the corporate tax vehicle providing an ongoing safety net, in the event the electronic games continue to fall short of the necessary revenue goals.”

    Holler: Smokers getting burned again

  5. gimper30 says:

    Dear Gov. Drayton…..I assume this means that smoking will be allowed anywhere in the new Stadium and that a special Smoking Section on the 50 yard line will be reserved for smokers on a first come, first serve basis. Right?

  6. harleyrider1978 says:
    • nisakiman says:

      Ye gods Harley, reading that article makes you realise just what a bunch of nasty bastards the zealots are. They have no empathy, no pity, no understanding. Only a pathological hatred of smokers.

  7. jaxthefirst says:

    I’m not sure I could narrow down a choice to just five of your posts, because I’ve been reading you from the start and you really have written a few real blinders. But a few that spring to mind immediately are:

    (1) Smoking is good for you” (17 July 2009)

    (2) “End of the MSM” 30 September 2009

    (3) The one (it was a while ago) where you gave a quick run-through of history and indicated how the major periods of creativity, innovation, imagination, discovery and invention were closely linked to times of high tobacco usage; and conversely, times of low tobacco consumption were linked to periods of contraction, introspection, small-thinking and lack of progressive thought.

    (4) Various articles on the economic effects of smoking bans in the run-up to the ISIS survey, not just about the closure of pubs etc but also about how, if you make pretty much everywhere unwelcoming to 25% of the population and you make most experiences unpleasant for them, then there are going to be ramifications which stretch beyond even the hospitality industry.

  8. Rose says:

    Frank, having given it some thought, I would choose

    It’s like opening the curtains and letting in the light on a very dark subject. I will bet that most people have never even heard of the FCTC and are unaware how deeply it has affected everyone’s lives and that these changes were planned years ago, rather than a series of unrelated events.

  9. Marie says:

    I will suggest this:
    Edward Bernays – Antismoker
    Posted on August 22, 2012

    It was an eye opener to me to get some insight in Bernays’ propaganda.

  10. Rose says:

    The Black Lung Lie, definitely.

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