The Real Government

I thought Junican made a good point is the comments:

“The politicians change and play musical chairs, but the medical ‘experts’ continue in office. They are the real government.”

It’s not just that politicians come and go, but even when they’re in office, they don’t call the shots – as was highlighted in Chris Snowdon’s current post, in which Anna Soubry, the public health minister, is heard to say, in answer to a question about e-cigarettes:

“I could not say that I do or do not because I do not have the requisite
knowledge, skill and expertise to say so.”

Clearly this minister has no views of her own, and will take advice from the relevant ‘experts’, and so will act as a mere rubber stamp for whatever they decide.

And this no doubt applies in most/all fields of government. The experts have taken over. They are indeed the real government, because MPs and ministers have effectively ceded governmental powers to unelected experts. The same applieswith the EU, which is forever acquiring new ‘competences’ from elected governments.

In addition, I read a while back that most MPs lack any science qualifications, and this will mean that MPs will have no way of knowing whether the advice they’re being given by the experts is honest, genuine science. Most of them are lawyers, I gather.

Furthermore, they will probably be utterly baffled by the statistical sleight-of-hand regularly employed by Tobacco Control to ‘prove’ whatever they want to prove, and by the IPCC’s computer climate simulation models, and by NASA’s orbital simulation models, and by more or less anything else that uses numbers or mathematics. Unable to think for themselves or judge for themselves, they place blind trust in ‘experts’ of every kind.

For the trusted ‘experts’, the temptation appears to have been too great to ‘blind everyone with science’, and advance their own agendas. And since there do not appear to be any qualifications needed to become one of these ‘experts’, apart from knowing the right people, and having the right set of opinions, becoming an ‘expert’ is the high road to power and influence (and most likely wealth too).

It’s not just the MPs. Everyone seems to trust experts. Quite how they judge them trustworthy, I don’t know. Perhaps it’s the cut of their suits or the colour of their ties that sends the message of re-assurance.

It’s a situation not essentially different from Christianity prior to the Reformation, when only the educated clergy could read and write Latin, and so only they could interpret the Bible.

It’s all the worse because most of the scientists and mathematicians who would be able to call these self-styled ‘experts’ to account have university jobs that they are likely to lose if they blow the whistle, with the result that it’s only after they have retired that they can speak out. By which time, one may suppose that quite a few of them are either dead or disabled.

Furthermore, the universities look after their own, as could be witnessed during the Climategate scandal, when the universities conducted a number of enquiries, all of which whitewashed the participants of all blame.

It is a perfect circumstance for corrupt science or politicised science to multiply unchecked. And the result will inevitably be worse and worse science, and worse and worse policies being adopted. This will continue until the ‘experts’ make a hideous mess of everything, and are completely discredited. Unfortunately, this will not be before considerable sufferings have been endured.



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17 Responses to The Real Government

  1. Furor Teutonicus says:

    Nothing new. And it is the same logic that means a “right wing” Government, even IF they won an election, would never be able to govern.

    Your “Yes ministers” would just not co-operate.

    That is why the whole shebanigans has gone too far.

    the ONLY answer is a TOTAL clean out, and you do not get that from being a pussy “voter”……

  2. c777 says:

    They already have I think.
    It is looking like a distinct possibility that due to the closing of five coal and oil fired power plants last month due to the crazy EU large combustion plants directive they are going to struggle to keep the lights on next winter.
    The idiots only replaced them with one gas fired plant.
    No new nuclear plant onstream till 2019 at the earliest.
    The 4000 wind turbines very often do not produce, for example this morning they are generating a mere 0.09GW for a demand of 33.24 GW.
    On a cold winters day that can get up to nearly 50GW demand.

    It will be interesting to see the backlash they get from that.
    I think it will bring down the government.
    I think a small generator and a log burner are going to be a must next winter.
    So yes, I think they are far more than ill advised, I think they are genuinely thick.

    • Furor Teutonicus says:

      XX It will be interesting to see the backlash they get from that.
      I think it will bring down the government.XX

      We can only hope. But WHAT is the alternative?

      There is no party with a cats chance in Hel that would “do it” any differently.

      Berlin 1848 and Moscow 1917 spring to mind…..

      • Furor Teutonicus says:

        “Cats chance in Hel of winning”…. DAMN, memo to self “Do not type after night shift!”

    • jaxthefirst says:

      Tempting though it is to write off politicians’ ineptness as mere stupidity, I think this lets them off the hook. I think the opposite – I think they are both clever and cunning, and that there is very little that they do which doesn’t have an ulterior motive. They just don’t tell us what it is.

      It’s perfectly plausible that they are in fact quietly “letting” this happen deliberately. After all, the supply/demand levels of electricity are pretty simple mathematics – if I can understand it, anyone can! So they must be aware of the consequences of wilfully adopting policies (e.g. windfarms) which don’t have a hope in hell of being able to cope with demand. Then, when it reaches crisis point, there’s a perfect opportunity for them to say to everyone (as they did during the Winter of Discontent): “Sorry folks, we just aren’t able to supply you with electricity after (say) 9.00 pm.” So that would be it – just enough time in the evening to come home, eat something, lap up some propaganda TV, bath the kids, walk the dog and then get off to bed early before the lights go out and the heating switches off – just getting up the next morning when the lights are all working again just in time to – you guessed it – get off to do a day’s lovely, tax-producing work. Because you can bet your bottom dollar that they’d make damned sure that none of us had any excuse for not keeping our noses to the grindstone all day every day.

      One of the victims of this strategy would, of course, be the Internet – probably the biggest concern around right now for control-freaks the world over, whether that’s Western democracies, middle-east dictators, communist leaders, or power-mad lobby and special-interest groups like Tobacco Control and the climate change adherents, all of whom have at some stage in the past referred to people’s access to information which contradicts their own “gospel truth” with no small degree of concern. Perhaps, in view of people’s increasing awareness of the nature of the freedom-restricting mission-creep, they’ve abandoned plans to gradually censor the Internet out of all meaning and have decided instead that it’s simply easier to switch the whole thing off, under the auspices of “energy saving.”

      • melinoerealm says:

        Βut it is. Sheer stupidity. These little-minded people, the political prostitutes, are no leaders. They are not shrewd, practical, effective and competent. They keep messing up things and don’t have a clue.
        In addition they take ‘advice’ from equally stupid ‘experts’, who are funded by spoiled brats that pretend to be businessmen. Only they aren’t cause they can’t do business, and rely on lobbying for hybristic “legislation” that clears out every other competitor and gives them all the favourable conditions.

        Made a bad investment in GMO’s? No prob, lobby and demand from your political whores to enforce everyone to buy that crap.
        Invested in microchips that no one wants. No prob, the political whores made it obligatory to chip your pet, for absolutely no reason at all other than enforce sales of a useless product.
        Put your money in pharmaceuticals and they are crap? Why don’t you put the political whores to enforce junk drugs?
        And so on…
        Can’t run a big bank, bet and lost? Hey, the political whores can be called to bail out everyone. Just give them many loans (which won’t be returned) for their parties and election campaigns.

        These people are REALLY incompetent. Seriously their only use is their dead bodies used as field fertilizer! LOL

  3. Sheila says:

    Off topic Frank but this article in the Daily Mail relating to the problems in the Pub trade, could do with some comments

  4. This is the gig as far as I can make out. Elites rule the world and always have, whether the Roman emperors and their rich buddies or the Politburo and their rich buddies (funny how everyone was equal in the USSR, yet within a very short time a handful of billionaire oligarchs owned all the country’s natural resources). In the West, we have the Rothschilds and steering committees, like the Bilderbergers (and some say the Jesuits are really in control) guiding us towards global governance (one of the main purposes of the manmade climate scam).

    The elites want to make changes (smoking bans, ideological subversion (feminism, “gay rights”, etc.), climate regulations and “green” taxes, etc.) and they get their people in place (our recent PMs and Chancellors are all Bilderberg appointees and Common Purpose are running many other institutions and the elites control the mass media) and they have created 27,000, or so (in the UK alone), made-up, government-funded, fake “charities” to act as astroturfing outfits and offer “expert” advice, which simply tells the government what they want to hear (of course, as they pay their salaries) and the world is changed this way to suit the elites.

    They just don’t need to use conventional weapons against us these days, just weapons of mass distraction, like the telly and pretend newspapers and get unstoppable bandwagons rolling, like “save the planet by doing X,Y and Z” or “equality” at the expense of fairness, justice, common sense and national security. People just see the word “equality” now, and no matter how ridiculous, it is like a bell to one of Pavlov’s hounds. Anyone who is against it is a “bigot” and full of “hate”, etc. (you know the game).

    And hey presto! Global socialist governance. I.e. socialism (poverty and tight controls for the masses) and mega riches for the elites. Then Agenda 21 comes into play and reduces the global population by billions.

  5. prog says:

    Interesting piece here (with some relevance to this topic)

    (via F2C)

    • margo says:

      That’s a good link, prog – the ‘smokescreen’ idea. I’ve been saying it for years. I wish everyone would check out what’s really going on in Fukushima and the Pacific Ocean – we won’t see it on the news and we won’t hear it from the Japanese government or the nuclear industry. But it’s there on the Internet. Google Arnie Gunderson as a starting point.

    • beobrigitte says:

      A very interesting article! Well worth reading!

      “Tobacco is the single largest preventable cause of cancer in the world today.”(4)
      ONE question not asked in the article: WHICH cancer is caused ALONE by the use of tobacco?

  6. beobrigitte says:

    It is a perfect circumstance for corrupt science or politicised science to multiply unchecked.

    It most certainly does! The scientists to whom scientific integrity means something and who can see that the sciences are losing their reputable status by these “experts” blurting out political agenda driven nonsense.
    These days when the BBC proudly announces yet another health “warning”, I hear: “Experts are war..” That’s how long it takes me to switch channel!

    As for science; last night I was surprised by two (!) raving asthmatics whom I hadn’t seen for a long time. Naturally I pointed to my full ash tray and the closed windows. (My gas boiler keeps bringing up error 133 = gas supply problem; I guess this government has bigger things to deal with than the depleted gas reserves)
    Both asthmatics just looked at me and said: “so what? C’mon!!! When have we moaned about you filling an ashtray whilst we are here?”
    Next thing, the one I know to suffer from allergic asthmatic gets out some “Cutters Choice”, rolls a cigarette and lights it.
    This gave me the idea to ask if smoking does not worsen his asthma. After all, anti-smoking science keeps vaccinating us with “smoking worsens asthma attacks”, so it was an opportunity to collect first hand experiences.
    The stern reply: “You KNOW that I react to furry animals!!!!!!!!!! You have a few of them and smoking “numbs” my lungs; I get away with a much milder reaction than I do if I don’t smoke”!!!.
    Ironically, then he became quite defensive about his smoking, stating that he normally smokes only 1 to 5 cigarettes/day; some days not at all, but if he encounters dogs/cats on those days, he gets a bad reaction.
    So I did tell him to RELAX – I wasn’t criticizing!!! I was just curious. It reminded me of the anti-inflammatory properties of nicotine and I am wondering if this is what he meant by “numbing” the lungs.
    The other asthmatic, too, admitted to smoking. He is not allergic to furry animals; he just gets every now and then an asthma attack. He stated that smoking neither helped NOR worsened his condition.
    Both are very active with respect to various, some competitive, sports. Both did say, however, that a busy town center roads can induce an asthma attack.

    Am I the only one who thinks, every piece of “research” that has been financed by tobacco control needs to be thrown away and we need to start INDEPENDENTLY from scratch again?

    • margo says:

      And what would be the topic you’d like to research? The original one (that led to the Doll study that started it all off in the ’50s) was: what is the cause of the ‘phenomenal increase’ in lung cancer? It was not to do with smoking until they decided to turn the question into: let’s prove that smoking is the cause of lung cancer. That is ‘upside-down science’, where you start with the result you want and then make the data fit it. All the tobacco control research ever since has been ‘upside-down science’.

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