Something That Won’t Happen.

I couldn’t help thinking today, given reports of some Cypriots taking 80% ‘haircuts’ on their savings, that the least that the well-paid eurocrats in Brussels could do would be pitch in to help Cyprus by taking a haircut on their own salaries. After all, it’s their fault, this latest fiasco.

I don’t know what the likes of Rompuy and Barroso earn per annum, but I’d expect it was €350,000/year, if not more.

From the Telegraph:

A study released by the Open Europe think tank, which wants to control the influence and scale of the EU, has found that 170,000 people now work for EU institutions.

For instance, Christine Lagarde (not really EU, but part of the eurocracy):

As head of the IMF she is paid a salary of £350,000 which — wait for it — is tax-free. Some Greeks do not pay tax. Neither does she.

Nigel Farage:

For example, an EU civil servant with a few years experience and two children (at level AD 10) has a net take home pay of 8,810 per month. Out of his gross pay, he has only had to pay 570 euro in tax and to compound the insult, he does not have to pay VAT on a car or household goods. For a fantastic health insurance scheme, the EU bureaucrat has only to pay only 1.7 % of his salary, a measly 134 euro. No wonder many of these people are screaming for “more Europe”. What they really want is “more money” for themselves.

I make that over €100,000/year!

So how about they dig in their own pockets, and pull out €100,000 here, and €100,000 there? And given there are thousands of bureaucrats working in Brussels on bloated salaries, how about they all take a €10,000 haircut?

There are are 170,000 of these rich bureaucrats, and most of them seem to be earning enough (tax-free) to be able to easily afford to cough up €10,000 each, which would come to €1.7 billion. With the big fish adding in €100,000 each, they could easily push it up to €2 billion. Maybe more.

And then Barroso or Rompuy could fly to Cyprus with a big sack of euros, and stand on the airport tarmac and say something like, “It was us berks in Brussels who bankrupted your banks, and made beggars of thousands of you Cypriots. It was our incompetence that led to that. And so the very least we could do was to have a whip-around from everyone who works in the EU, including me. Because we were all guilty, me particularly. And so here it is – $3 billion out of our own pockets – just to show solidarity with the Cypriot people, and a helping European hand in this big family of ours. Now, don’t all rush at once…”

I wonder if something like that would ever happen? It would be rather heart-warming if it did.

But you sort of know that it’s not going to happen. And instead they’ll be asking for another pay rise in a few months. There’s no ‘solidarity’ at all. It’s everyone for himself. Which is another reason why it’s the end of the EU.

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25 Responses to Something That Won’t Happen.

  1. harleyrider1978 says:

    170,000 EURO-CRAT UNEMPLOYED! Now thats a headline we all want to see!

  2. Junican says:

    Everything…. everything can only occur because Captain Cameron is a buffoon. And so is Captain Clegg and so is Captain Milliband. All of them are as to intellect as maggots are to rotting flesh.
    This country needs a STATEMAN. Where is he?

    • harleyrider1978 says:

      Funny thing is thru out history a leader emerges during crisis………He or she is already here,they just havent emerged yet to save the day!

  3. margo says:

    ‘So how about they dig in their own pockets …’
    Very good point indeed.
    £350,000? That’s worth knowing.
    (Gissa job!)

    • beobrigitte says:

      Me, too!!!! I do remember an undercover video which shows the MEPs turning up on a Friday morning with their bags to collect their plane ticket and immediately leaving to catch their plane home.

      Looks like office is closed Friday to Monday lunchtime, when the MEPs return to first settle in to read their emails….

      For 350 000 p.a. I can do that much better!!!!

  4. Lou says:

    Well, to an extent, your wish has been granted.

    The President of Cyprus has announced he’ll take a 25% pay cut and his Ministers have agreed a 20% cut.

    And (dripping with deep sarcasm) the large depositors have not really been taxed. For every Euro they contribute they will be issued with shares in the good bank. Now ain’t that a truely fantastic deal. If you don’t mind hanging around for your 50% or so payout that’ll take at least 5 years in little dribs and drabs.

    However it had a remarkable effect on the share price of Laiki. Up almost 5%, to 0.045 cents!

  5. Rose says:

    One in three of UK’s 10 million smokers has mental disorder says RCP – Taking Liberties
    http: //

    A major new report from the Royal College of Physicians (RCP) and Royal College of Psychiatrists (RCPsych) says that smoking in people with mental health conditions is neglected by the NHS. Smoking and mental health says that much of the substantially lower life expectancy of people with mental disorders relates to smoking, which is often overlooked during the management and treatment of their mental health condition.

    Which has now been translated as –

    Smoking may be a sign of psychiatric illness, says report, after a third of smokers are found to have a mental disorder

    “Smoking may be a sign of psychiatric illness, experts say. Doctors should routinely consider referring people who smoke to mental health services, in case they need treatment, they add”.

    “Professor Stephen Spiro, deputy chair of the British Lung Foundation, said persuading people with mental disorders to give up smoking was a major challenge. But so was identifying smokers who might need psychiatric treatment.”

    Words fail me.

    • harleyrider1978 says:

      Rose with the new DSM-5 manual everyone is now a nutcase literally!

      • harleyrider1978 says:

        DSM-5 Field Trials Discredit the American Psychiatric Association

        The $3 million DSM-5 Field Trials have been a pure disaster from start to finish. First, there was the poor choice of design. The study restricted itself to reliability — the measurement of diagnostic agreement among different raters. Unaccountably, it failed to address two much more crucial questions — DSM-5’s potential impact on who would be diagnosed and on how much its dramatic lowering of diagnostic thresholds would increase the rates of mental disorder in the general population. There was no possible excuse for not asking these simple-to-answer and vitally important questions. We have a right to know how much DSM-5 will contribute to the already rampant diagnostic inflation in psychiatry, especially since this risks even greater overuse of psychotropic drugs.

        Second problem — the design of the DSM-5 field trial had a byzantine complexity that could be dreamed up only by people with no experience in real-life field testing. One look made clear that there would be serious implementation problems and that it would be impossible to complete within the time allotted. The first stage of the field trial limped in eighteen months late, having taken twice as long as was scheduled. APA then had to choose between delaying the publication of DSM-5 or canceling its planned second stage of field testing that was meant to provide for desperately needed quality control. APA decided to cancel the trial and instead is rushing ahead with the premature publication of DSM-5 next May — publishing profits clearly trumped concern for the quality and integrity of the product. Fiduciary responsibility was thrown out the window.

        Now, we have strike three. The DSM-5 leadership has reported the results of its field trial in a distressingly misleading paper.

        According to the authors, 14 of the 23 disorders had “very good” or “good” reliability; six had questionable, but “acceptable” levels; and just three had “unacceptable” rates. Sounds okay until you look at the actual data and discover that the cheerful words used by the DSM-5 leaders simply don’t fit their extremely disappointing results. The paper is a classic example of Orwellian “newspeak.” When DSM-5 failed to achieve acceptable reliability by historical standards, the DSM-5 leadership arbitrarily decided to move the goal posts in and lower the bar in defining what is “acceptable.” In fact, only the five of the 23 DSM-5 diagnoses that achieved kappa levels of agreement between 0.60-0.79 would have been considered “good” in the past. DSM-5 cheapens the coinage of reliability by hyping these merely okay levels as “very good.” Then it gets much worse. The nine DSM-5 disorders in the kappa range of 0.40-0.59 previously would have been considered just plain poor, but DSM-5 puffs these up as “good.” Then DSM-5 has the chutzpah to call acceptable the six disorders that achieved lousy, absolutely unacceptable reliabilities with kappas of 0.20-0.39. DSM-5 finally finds unacceptable the three diagnoses that were below <0.20 (which is barely better than chance).

        Major Depressive Disorder and Generalized Anxiety Disorder were among those that achieved the unacceptable kappas in 0.20-0.39 range. This makes sense for GAD because its DSM-5 definition was so very poorly done. But how to explain the ridiculously low levels of agreement for MDD. DSM-5 had made no changes from the MDD definition whose reliability has been studied hundreds of times in the past 30 years and has always achieved rates about twice as high. The only possible explanation for the egregiously poor MDD result is amateur incompetence in how the DSM-5 field trials were conducted — and this throws in doubt all of the other results (and all of DSM-5).

        It is sad that the American Journal of Psychiatry agreed to publish this sleight of hand interpretation of the remarkably poor DSM-5 field trial results. Clearly, AJP has been forced into the role of a cheerleading house organ, not an independent scientific journal. AJP is promoting APA product instead of critically evaluating it. Scientific journals all have some inherent conflicts of interest — but this is ridiculous.

        The DSM-5 field trial fiasco and its attempted cover-up is more proof (if any were needed) that APA has lost its competence and credibility as custodian for DSM. A diagnostic system that affects so many crucial decisions in our society cannot be left to a small professional association whose work is profit driven, lacking in scientific integrity, and insensitive to public weal.

        Allen Frances is a professor emeritus at Duke University and was the chairman of the DSM-IV task force.

        • harleyrider1978 says:

          To add to the confusion and misrepresenting all medical science is the epidemiologists who voted 2-1 to continue doing JUNK SCIENCE back in 1997 at their annual meeting.

    • nisakiman says:

      They really are grasping at straws now, Rose.

      And I suppose it rather depends how one defines ‘mental disorder’. If a person doesn’t follow the orthodoxy, is that a ‘mental disorder’? If so, then I’ve been a nutter all my life.

      Actually, thinking about it, I’ve never followed the ‘normal’ path, and I’m also an unrepentant smoker, so I guess, by their definition, I probably do suffer a ‘mental disorder’. But that’s ok. I can live with it. :)

  6. mikef317 says:

    Another of my days for off topic comments.

    You have to scroll down for two links to the New England Journal of Medicine.

  7. harleyrider1978 says:

    What are the russians doing with their money they took out of Cyprus:

    How They Teach Oral Sex in Moscow

    You just cant make this shit up!

  8. Frank Davis says:

    Two days, and they’re already asking for more money.

    “It is extraordinary that the Commission should demand an increase in the EU budget that is bigger than the rescue package that was agreed for Cyprus earlier this week.”.

    • harleyrider1978 says:

      Britain’s Financial Secretary to the Treasury, Greg Clark, has nevertheless described the Commission’s proposal as totally unacceptable. “It is extraordinary that the Commission should demand an increase in the EU budget that is bigger than the rescue package that was agreed for Cyprus earlier this week,” he says.

      And the point made is a good one. Considering all the hullabaloo there has been about €10 billion to the Cypriots, for the Commission to dump another €11.2 billion on the tab is more than a bit tiresome.

  9. harleyrider1978 says:

    You guys hit it I cant get in
    ‘Ban smoking in cars for children’s sake’

    Published on Friday 29 March 2013 00:00

    THE Scottish Parliament is being urged to bring in a law to ban people from smoking in their cars when children are on board.

    Liberal Democrat MSP Jim Hume wants parliament to hold a public consultation and hopes he will get enough support to introduce a private member’s bill. Australia, Canada and South Africa have already passed laws to ban people smoking in their cars when children are present.

    Mr Hume said “Scotland faces an enormous challenge in changing our relationship with tobacco.

    “By banning adults from smoking in their cars whilst children are present, we can build a fairer society which gives every child the best start in life.”

    He said the British Heart Foundation, British Medical Association, Cancer Research UK and anti-smoking campaig Ash Scotland back such a move

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