Going Viral

Much brighter today.

And with a few late thoughts about last night’s post.

One story was about keeping smoking off television. But I was thinking that these days, “television” must surely include me and Gary and Nisakiman sitting around smoking and drinking on Skype. And I’m sure more people will be joining us. So that will mean more people sitting around smoking and drinking on television.

So as smoking is banned in the official mainstream media, it’s in the process of simply re-emerging in the unofficial, not-so-mainstream media. After all, Skype is tele-vision, long-distance vision. Gary was thousands of miles away. And I could see him. And his dog.

And also we were all sitting. We weren’t all walking around, or doing press-ups or knee-bends.

I don’t want to walk around or run around. It’s tiring.

I just want to sit quietly, with a beer and cigarette, and talk about this and that.

And neither does the natural world of animals spend its time running around. My cat used to sleep more or less all day. And he never did any press-ups or knee-bends. I’ve never seen any cows in fields ever doing keep-fit exercises. Nor lions and tigers, for that matter. The natural world doesn’t do ‘exercise’. It does as little as it possibly can. Much like me. ‘Exercise’ is completely unnatural. One might say that it’s ‘against nature’.

Rose turned up a new post today in the Fenland Citizen

“The downward trend in smoking rates has plateaued in recent years, proving we need to renew our efforts to help our ‘final fifth’ quit. Often these are long-term smokers, or people surrounded by family, friends and colleagues who smoke. They’re harder to reach, and they’ll probably find it hard to quit.

I’m one of them. And I’m impossible to reach. And I don’t want any fucking ‘help’ quitting smoking, because, y’know, I have no wish to quit smoking, and in fact I’m utterly determined to carry on smoking until the day I die. And perhaps for a while afterwards as well, as my last cigarette burns slowly down to my cold dead fingers.

Anyway, I’ve mentioned in the past that the Black Lung Lie has become my most-read post. It fairly regularly gets hundreds of hits per day. The hit count usually peaks during the working week, and drops off at weekends, much like this blog does.

Anyway, today it got 6,080 hits.

Yes, you read that right. Six thousand and eighty hits. It was getting 600 hits an hour at one point. It’s been going viral!

And the hits came from about 6000 different people, so it wasn’t the same person looking 6000 times.

I suppose that most people believe that smokers’ lungs are full of black tar. I was told that when I was a teenager at school, and I half believed it. So it must be a shock for people to discover that the whole thing is one big lie. Because, after all, that’s what it is. Like almost everything else Tobacco Control puts about.

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46 Responses to Going Viral

  1. Margo says:

    Congratulations re the Black Lung! My cat used to do exercises – he had a special stretch he did, sitting bolt upright with his chest stuck out, his eyes shut and his ears pinned back, as of one who was facing a hurricane. Other than that, and climbing 40ft trees to take baby birds from their nests, he did very little and slept for about 20 hours a day.
    Perhaps we should call our club: The Final Fifth. (Good book title?)

  2. harleyrider1978 says:

    Frank as Ive said in the past………….your edumicating the public all over again where anti-smoking propaganda and who know’s Trillions of dollars in junk science over decades is being destroyed via your posts! A fighter for freedom you are much to the dismay of TC-NAZIS!

  3. harleyrider1978 says:

    This deserves a repeat post: Deception/Propaganda/Myth Building

    Only $152.00 American
    Smokefree and Smoker’s Lung
    Product size: 61 x 48.5 cm Order code: M159

    Simple but effective way of showing how smoking damages the lungs. Comparing the air sacs of the lungs to bubble wrap, this 3D model of 2 lungs shows the bronchial air passages into two bubble wrap lungs. The smokefree lung is pink and healthy with all the air sacs intact. The smoker lung is black from tar, has holes burned into the air sacs to represent emphysema and has cancerous growths and a pool of phlegm. The background chart explains the differences between the smokefree and smoker lungs and this is explored further with a handout called Love your lungs. The box is covered with an acrylic cover and ready to hang.

  4. cherie79 says:

    Reminds me of my friend Jeannie who was dying and said her last words would be, ” have I time for another cigarette” and she did too, a very courageous lady, she hated to be called brave, said she didn’t have much choice, she lived and died on her own terms but resented the pallitive nurses who insisted she didn’t smoke an hour before they were due. This was in Australia.

  5. harleyrider1978 says:


    Further evidence of waste and failed policies from the Federal Government comes with news that $100 million of taxpayer funds were spent on an indigenous “anti-smoking” program that… failed to have any effect whatsoever:

    According to an Australian Institute of Health and Welfare report released today, the proportion of Indigenous women who smoked during their third trimester of pregnancy was 53.4% in 2008 and 52.4% in 2011.

    Firstly, $100 million is an absolutely staggering amount of money in the first place.

    Secondly, the fact that it was going mainly to fund “co-ordinators” , “action workers” and … wait for it “ambassadors” (cronyism? Nah, surely not!) is a joke in and of itself.

    But more importantly, if $100 million couldn’t even lead to any statistically significant decrease in the most sensitive area – third trimester pregnancy – then WHAT ON EARTH WAS THE POINT OF THE PROGRAM IN THE FIRST PLACE?

    This is an utter disgrace, and it’s shameful that our media hasn’t picked up on this in the slightest.

  6. harleyrider1978 says:

    Ive a feeling the 100 million didnt go for the program,it was a program likely created to LAUNDER Grant money to other groups!

    • DP says:

      Dear Harley Rider

      Government has become the largest organised criminal syndicate and the only legal one. It’s major function now is to launder monies stolen from the public via the legal process called taxation and distribute as ‘clean’ funds to its favoured clients, including its own employees.

      The process may be legal, but it isn’t lawful.


  7. smokervoter says:

    I come before you today to praise Frank’s song Dogs and to encourage you to take 5:26 of your time to give it a listen.

    Every internet junction worth it’s salt seems to include a counter of some sort and I see that Dogs has only 5 Listens and 4 Downloads. C’mon people we can do better than that.

    ‘Twas a fine spring day in the midst of our annual winter thaw here in SoCal that Just for the Halibut (seafood industry joke) I emailed Frank a song I’d produced using the Audacity program and my trusty Ibanez Blazer guitar.

    I figured he’d get a kick out of hearing the schmaltzy, MUZAKy “Theme to A Summer Place” performed on an electric guitar. American film makers like to weave that tune into their movies to evoke warm vernal memories of a better time when America was a happier place and 42% of the population smoked. As a pre-pubescent kid I fell in love with the blondie named Sandra Dee in the film “A Summer Place” while subliminally absorbing that soundtrack. Above all that, the melody is just plain superb.

    He’d never heard of the song. He told me about a musical piece he’d performed and I said send it to me and I’ll throw some guitar into it and send it back to ya’. I was immediately intrigued by Dogs, it sounded Pink Floydish. I wanted to add some David Gilmourish leads. It was a challenging rhythmic backdrop to work with but after three or four stabs at it (and two actual tracks), we had Dogs, the 10,000 roundtrip mile collaboration. Call it smokerdavisvoter. It’s an amazing world we live in.

    To my ears anyway, Gilmour turned into Beck. He’s always there lurking over my right shoulder and he won out – as usual.

    Anyway, if anyone cares to have a listen to an electric rendition of Theme to A Summer Place, mosey back over to Frank’s Musical Thoughts post. It was big hit 4 years before the 1964 Surgeon General’s report that set this whole antismoking mess into motion.

  8. smokervoter says:

    My attempt at getting our musical potpourri to go viral seems to have been remanded to the dungeons of moderation.

  9. Junican says:

    First, I am very much looking forward to the ‘smoky-drinky’ – once I have worked out how to work Skype (do not rush me!).
    Secondly, the ‘black lung’ views of some 6,000 is astronomical. I do not like using words like ‘astronomical’, but it seems to be appropriate. It is doubtful that the ASH blog gets one hit per day. Do you have any idea at all WHY people are accessing that particular post? Have you asked them? You must have their email addresses. Oopst! No you do not. You only have the addresses of people who comment.
    I must admit that I find it difficult to understand why people particularly want to see black lungs. I can understand why people might want to grow their own tobacco, but I cannot understand the wish to see entrails.
    But the really important thing is THE NUMBERS. Six thousand!

    You frighten me, Frank. A few hundreds of people were responsible for the demise of Thatcher. This needs more thought.

    • Frank Davis says:

      6000 isn’t that much in internet terms. I’m sure that some places get hundreds of thousands of hits per day. It’s just rather a lot for my blog, which gets about 1000 a day on a good day.

  10. beobrigitte says:

    There is a time and a place for people to move around and there is a time for people to SIT.
    I’ll be very irritated if we meet at “Gary’s Place” and I have to watch you all performing weird, health enforcing, exercises!!!
    Why do we HAVE to do specially constructed and carefully monitored “exercises”, anyway? Why can’t we all do what we like? Do I really need to do “tummy-flattening” sit ups when I feel like trying to climb a wall? I thought sports are about enjoying what you do………..
    My cats sleep most of the day, then have some sort of house-running attacks, before filling their faces again. All is followed by more sleep. I certainly have not designed an exercise regime for them!

    I am not surprised that “the black lung lie” has gone viral. People begin to see that this anti-smoking lark is based on lies. Wasn’t a while ago a surgeon under attack for a smoker’s lung transplant, and did not the same surgeon state that there IS NO SUCH THING AS A TAR STAINED LUNG?

    Another thing. As we all know, we Christians have a new pope. By the sounds of it he is much of a “common-sense” guy.
    I had to smile, though, when I came across this:
    Vatican City – The cardinals locked inside the Sistine Chapel for deep meditation and reflection until they choose a new pope can break off for a smoke or enjoy a glass of wine, the Vatican spokesperson said on Wednesday.

    I doubt any of the cardinals was kicked out the door to light up.

    What a step! But then, the cardinals are RIGHT; after all:


    Have they recognized that “HEALTH” has been elevated to a god? I don’t want that “health-god”!!!
    I’d much rather live by the option of CHOICE being given; this choice enables me to think independently about myself and my actions.

    Today the BBC is reeling; looks like the alcohol minimum pricing is not going too well. They cite over and over again that the Scottish already have this minimum pricing. (The Scottish jump off a cliff – do we have to follow?)
    Perhaps there is a tiny bit of common sense left in our government.

  11. Frank Davis says:

    I did a screen capture to record the hourly hit count that WordPress displays on the top of the screen.

    It started late on Tuesday night, and built up to a crescendo with 644 hits/hour, and then switched off about 10 – 12 hours later. Very strange.

    • nisakiman says:

      Do you know in which time-zone it was evening when those hits occurred? USA? It does seem rather odd, doesn’t it? Maybe there was a TV programme about smoker’s lungs somewhere and people Googled it and followed a link to your piece. Whatever, it’s good to have the truth exposed to the light of day. It doesn’t happen often.

      Has anyone sent you their Skype usernames yet Frank? Gary hasn’t added any more yet as he doesn’t have them. I passed on Lysistrata’s to him, and that’s all he’s got apart from you and me. Anyone who wants can send their Skype ID to me at zoho.com if they like and I’ll pass them on to Gary.

      • Frank Davis says:

        I’ll have to check again, but – while quite a few people have threatened to do so – I think that only Lysistrata has emailed me about it.

        The rush of hits started at about 10 pm or 11 pm GMT, and continued for the next 10 hours or so.

        • nisakiman says:

          The rush of hits started at about 10 pm or 11 pm GMT, and continued for the next 10 hours or so.

          That would equate to six or seven pm on the East Coast of America, so perhaps the hits were coming from central and east US.

      • garyk30 says:

        It would be convenient if you also included the e-mail addresses of folks so that I could inform them of hours.

        • beobrigitte says:

          Good idea! Frank, would you please pass my email address to Gary? *Thanks*

        • lysistratatheoriginal says:

          I joined the international smoky-drinky last night! It was great. Gary (the wonderfully amiable host) hadn’t got my skype details via Frank, it was thanks to nisakiman that it eventually happened. So, try sending all your details (email, skype username) again. Try nisakiman as well as Frank: prob nisakiman at zoho dot com. I guess. This is particularly aimed at Rose and beobrigitte.

        • Frank Davis says:

          Sorry. When you said you’d contacted Nisakiman, I assumed he’d handle everything.

          I’ve not been 100% the past few days.

        • beobrigitte says:

          Lysistratatheoriginal, Frank will pass on my email to Gary – I will be visiting “Gary’s Place” over the weekend!!

    • beobrigitte says:

      Frank, isn’t that the “climate science” one? If it is, that gets quite a number of hits, too..

  12. Rose says:

    I think that Black Lung Lie is the one people wonder about most when they start to question what they have been taught.

    I never believed that the manufacturers put Road Tar in cigarettes, no matter how often I was told it, what possible benefit could there be in in doing that? Logic dictates that it can’t be in a green plant already, nor can road tar be made from one whatever you do.

    A passage from the original.

    “Surely Smoke becomes a kitchin far better then a Dining chamber, and yet it makes a kitchin also oftentimes in the inward parts of men, soiling and infecting them, with an unctuous and oily kinde of Soote, as hath bene found in some great Tobacco takers, that after their death were opened.”

    All credit to James Ist of England, 6th of Scotland for creating the longest running old wives tale in the world.

  13. timbone says:

    Yes, I remember back in 1960, there was an advert down the bottom of my road, think it was attached to the bus stop. It was a picture of a test tube full of black tar being poured into a container. It said, “You can clean your teeth, but you cannot clean your lungs”

    By the way Frank, I think that your cold went viral as well, I have got it now.

  14. Rose says:

    An earlier work of James 6th of Scotland

    Perhaps people who admire his Counterblaste may wish to study this one too.

    “Daemonologie (full name “Daemonologie, In Forme of a Dialogie, Divided into three Bookes. By James Rx”) is the book written and published in 1597 by King James VI of Scotland (later also James I of England).

    In the book he approves and supports the practice of witch hunting. He starts the book: “The fearefull aboundinge at this time in this countrie, of these detestable slaves of the Devil, the Witches or enchaunters, hath moved me (beloved reader) to dispatch in post, this following treatise of mine (…) to resolve the doubting (…) both that such assaults of Satan are most certainly practised, and that the instrument thereof merits most severely to be punished.”
    “He was influenced by his personal involvement in the North Berwick witch trials.”
    http: //en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Daemonologie

    From his later work Counterblaste –

    “And now good Countrey men let us (I pray you) consider, what honour or policie can moove us to imitate the barbarous and beastly maners of the wilde, godlesse, and slavish Indians, especially in so vile and stinking a custome?”

    “shall we, I say, without blushing, abase our selves so farre, as to imitate these beastly Indians, slaves to the Spaniards, refuse to the world, and as yet aliens from the holy Covenant of God? Why doe we not as well imitate them in walking naked as they doe? in preferring glasses, feathers, and such toyes, to golde and precious stones, as they do? yea why do we not denie God and adore the Devill, as they doe? ”

    Religious purity appears to have been his major concern, but in a tradition practiced up to this very day, he tries to back his argument up with science, in his case the medical science of the day, based on the concept of The Humours.

    I’m sure that the medical people here will enjoy his explanation of why you should not smoke.

    “First, it is thought by you a sure Aphorisme in the Physickes, That the braines of all men, beeing naturally colde and wet, all dry and hote things should be good for them; of which nature this stinking suffumigation is, and therefore of good use to them. Of this Argument, both the Proposition and Assumption are false, and so the Conclusion cannot but be voyd of it selfe. For as to the Proposition, That because the braines are colde and moist, therefore things that are hote and drie are best for them, it is an inept consequence:”

    “The application then of a thing of a contrary nature, to any of these parts, is to interrupt them of their due function, and by consequence hurtfull to the health of the whole body. As if a man, because the Liver is hote (as the fountaine of blood) and as it were an oven to the stomacke, would therfore apply and weare close upon his Liver and stomacke a cake of lead; he might within a very short time (I hope) be susteined very good cheape at an Ordinarie, beside the cleering of his conscience from that deadly sinne of gluttonie.”

    “And that the suffumigation thereof cannot have a drying qualitie, it needes no further probation, then that it is a smoake, all smoake and vapour, being of it selfe humide, as drawing neere to the nature of the ayre, and easie to be resolved againe into water, whereof there needes no other proofe but the Meteors, which being bred of nothing else but of the vapours and exhalations sucked up by the Sunne out of the earth, the Sea, and waters yet are the sarne smoakie vapours turned, and transformed into Raynes, Snowes, Deawes, hoare Frostes, and such like waterie Meteors, as by the contrarie the raynie cloudes are often transformed and evaporated in blustering winds.”

    Medieval medicine of Western Europe
    “The underlying principle of medieval medicine was the theory of humours. This was derived from the ancient medical works, and dominated all western medicine until the 19th century. The theory stated that within every individual there were four humours, or principal fluids – black bile, yellow bile, phlegm, and blood, these were produced by various organs in the body, and they had to be in balance for a person to remain healthy. Too much phlegm in the body, for example, caused lung problems; and the body tried to cough up the phlegm to restore a balance. The balance of humours in humans could be achieved by diet, medicines, and by blood-letting, using leeches. The four humours were also associated with the four seasons, black bile-autumn, yellow bile-summer, phlegm-winter and blood-spring.”
    http: //en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Medieval_medicine_of_Western_Europe

    • nisakiman says:

      Our Jimmy was a barrel of laughs, wasn’t he? Chock full of fun factoids upon which he based his decrees.

      “…that such assaults of Satan are most certainly practised, and that the instrument thereof merits most severely to be punished.”


      • Rose says:

        He was indeed.

        James I and Witchcraft

        “James I considered himself to be an intellect. In particular James saw himself as an expert on witchcraft, which was still an issue in Stuart England in so far as many did not share the same views as James.”

        “The wholesale persecution of witches started in Scotland in 1590 when James VI was king – the future James I of England. Witchcraft had been a criminal offence in Scotland prior to 1590 but action against suspected witches was limited. However after 1590 and in the last thirteen years of the reign of James, Scotland fully accepted the Christian witch theory so that when one witch was found, others were hunted out. Prior to 1590, it seems that witchcraft was seen as a minor issue by those in power.”

        “The issue may well have been James himself.

        James was well known to adopt a topical issue of the time and to develop an ‘expert’ knowledge of it.

        Prior to 1590 no Scottish theologian, philosopher or lawyer had shown any real interest in the whole idea of witchcraft and therefore to James it was not a fashionable topic.”

        North Berwick witch trials

        “This was the first major witchcraft persecution in Scotland, and began with a sensational case involving the royal houses of Denmark and Scotland. King James VI sailed to Copenhagen to marry Princess Anne, sister of Christian IV, King of Denmark.

        During their return to Scotland they experienced terrible storms and had to shelter in Norway for several weeks before continuing. The admiral of the escorting Danish fleet blamed the storm on the wife of a high official in Copenhagen whom he had insulted.
        Several nobles of the Scottish court were implicated, and witchcraft trials were held in both countries.”

        Very soon more than a hundred suspected witches in North Berwick were arrested, and many confessed under torture to having met with the Devil in the church at night, and devoted themselves to doing evil, including poisoning the King and other members of his household, and attempting to sink the King’s ship.

        One of the accused in particular, Agnes Sampson was examined by James VI at his palace of Holyrood House. She was fastened to the wall of her cell by a witch’s bridle, an iron instrument with 4 sharp prongs forced into the mouth, so that two prongs pressed against the tongue, and the two others against the cheeks.
        She was kept without sleep, thrown with a rope around her head, and only after these ordeals did Agnes Sampson confess to the fifty-three indictments against her. She was finally strangled and burned as a witch.

        Nearly 2,000 witchcraft trials survive in the Scottish archives, the vast majority from the period 1620-1680″

  15. Rose says:

    MEPs vote to subsidise tobacco growing

    “Coverage of the European Parliament this week has focused on its predictable, but non-binding, rejection of the budget cuts agreed by the 27 governments a few months ago.

    Far less attention has been devoted to its decision to subsidise the growing of tobacco in the EU – a decision which, unlike the declaratory budget vote, has hard consequences.

    With its right hand, the EU harasses and penalises smokers. Not content with draconian rules on cigarette advertising and smoking in public places, MEPs are seriously considering a proposal to ban smoking in cars, lest they be bought second-hand and so constitute a passive smoking threat.

    Meanwhile, with its left, the EU hands taxpayers’ money to tobacco growers in Greece and elsewhere, and helps them sell their product to developing countries.

    So which is it? Is Brussels pro- or anti-smoking? The truth is that this isn’t really about tobacco. It is, as always in the EU, about power. Just as the tightening of regulations make more people reliant on EU rules, and oblige both tobacco companies and anti-smoking lobbyists to invest heavily in a presence in Brussels, so the grants draw another set of people into economic dependency on the EU.”

    You shouldn’t have to subsidise tobacco, if it’s good quality tobacco it should sell itself, if it’s not good tobacco then how about letting the pharmaceutical companies pay for the crop, instead of being subsidised by taxpayers?

    Optimisation of contained Nicotiana tabacum cultivation for the production of recombinant protein pharmaceuticals – 2010


    “Nicotiana tabacum is emerging as a crop of choice for production of recombinant protein pharmaceuticals.

    Although there is significant commercial expertise in tobacco farming, different cultivation practices are likely to be needed when the objective is to optimise protein expression, yield and extraction, rather than the traditional focus on biomass and alkaloid production.

    Moreover, pharmaceutical transgenic tobacco plants are likely to be grown initially within a controlled environment, the parameters for which have yet to be established.”
    http: //www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/19588264

    Tobacco may also save lives – 2006

    “The process is called pharming, and to many it is both the future of GM crops, and the future of the drugs industry. If the tobacco plants in Kent are a success, each one will provide 20 doses of an anti-HIV drug – enough to protect a woman from infection for up to three months.

    Pharming is a marriage of high and low technology that capitalises on the advantages of both. Instead of needing a $500m drug manufacturing facility that takes five years to pass regulatory approval, pharming uses simple crop-growing practices that have been honed over centuries”.
    http: //www.guardian.co.uk/science/2006/jul/14/drugs.infectiousdiseases

    “Atkinson said: “Tobacco is an ideal non-food crop for this research thanks to the speed it grows and matures and our deep knowledge of its physiology and transformability, which has been the focus of scientific attention for more than 20 years.”
    http: //www.hortweek.com/news/1109903/

  16. garyk30 says:

    Congratulations on your growing, world-wide legions of fans!!!!!

    For those of you that, like me, welcome any reason to hoist a glass and light a smoke:

    Today- 3.14- is America’s National Pi Day.

    Here’s to Pi !!!!

    • Frank Davis says:

      The 6000 people who looked in yesterday don’t seem to have come back.

      It may well have been a school thing.

      “Now, kids, I want you to take a look at this Frank Davis blog. He’s a very, very bad man, and you mustn’t read anything he writes. I’m only pointing it out, so that you’ll know, and disregard everything he says. Believe me, smokers’ lungs really are full of tar and soot. If they bend over too far, it all comes trickling out. I’ve seen it myself. Now, another very bad man is called Leg-iron…..”

      And I’ll drink to Pi. I use it all the time.

      • nisakiman says:

        Yes, even I have to resort to Pi sometimes when I’m dealing with jobs involving circles or parts thereof. Amazing how the old schoolboy stuff comes back when you really need it.


    • garyk30 says:

      Albert Einstein’s birthday.
      I’ll hoist a glass to him.

  17. harleyrider1978 says:

    Well Ive been sick as a dog for the last 2 days cold chills fever 101.6 ,body aches and hardly any sleep. Sinuses pouring from the upper nose and eyes watering constantly…….Stomach even feels yucky. I keep drinking water but 2 days on I feel even worse than the first nite!

    • nisakiman says:

      I’d avoid water if I were you, mate. Fish fuck in it. Stick to JD.

    • Frank Davis says:

      I hope you didn’t catch mine.

      Actually, mine only lasted a couple of days.

      Get well soon.

    • beobrigitte says:

      Harley, hope you get better, soon!

      A lot of people around me are down with a flu-like oddity; fever, aches and a bit of D&V.

      It started promising with me, too. But then I poured a good swig of whiskey, added loads of lemon and hot water and smoked a few cigarettes. Next morning it was gone and I could not phone in sick for work. (Damn!!!)
      What also might help is a bouillon; a spoon of that stuff into a cup, add hot water and a raw egg. (optional, but makes the stuff palatable). It replaces electrolytes lost when when sweating and is easily digestible. Instead of water drink camomile tea.
      As a child I was down with flu quite regularly – the above is what my mum used to give to me.

      • Frank Davis says:

        I love bouillon. Reminds me to get some.

        • harleyrider1978 says:

          Its the Flu and the fever finally broke lastnite. Its a nasty flu too and very virulent. I find out my moms got it right now too along with my sister inlaw and 3 friends from Bingo. Its lasting about 2 weeks and a whole range of symptons. I hate folks that are sick and don’t say anything at all about it then spread it to everyone else!

  18. Junican says:

    You mentioned that lots of sites probably get much more attention than your post about the black lung fraud. I am sure that they do, but the important point about your post is that the number of views of that single post is almost certainly cumulative. A few make come back and read it again, but most will only read it once. The probability is that the total number of views actually represents the total number of new people who know the truth.
    I’m going to put a link to your post re ‘smokers black lung’ in the sticky post which heads up the Bolton Smokers Club blog.

  19. beobrigitte says:

    I have just stumbled on something that raises a question or two.

    The BBC lamented about the growing age of the population and looked at the prospects of the generations “living sooooo much longer without cigarette smoke”.


    Well, Sir, I have a question. I find myself being told over and over and over again – even on cigarette packets and on the tobacco packet I buy – that “SMOKING KILLS”.

    Surely, I can’t double the risk of developing Alzheimers by smoking, can I? “Smoking kills”!!!

    We all know that at this point in time the rate of Alzheimers has increased by 137%. Well, it can’t be the smokers then, can it?

    • beobrigitte says:

      I really wish the “god-of-health” would make up it’s mind!!! Or at least check with other “gods-of-health” what other nonsense these experts are churning out in the media?

  20. smokingscot says:

    Be very helpful if you had some way of knowing how much time the 6,000 spent reading your post.

    If they came by way of a search engine, then spent several minutes reading, the Google et al would know your post is highly relevant – that will have the effect of pushing you further up their page rankings.

    If they didn’t, then of course it would have the opposite effect.

    However, from what little I can gleam from your page capture, it rather seems that it was not via a search engine, rather they were all directed to that specific post.

    Several months ago Anonymous produced a download that anyone could copy. It logs on then immediately logs off the target. Furthermore they used a version of anonymous browsing to make it seem that they were coming from different locations. The idea – and it works – is to bring down virtually any web site simply by getting enough people to fire up at the same time.

    Anyone in possession of that little utilty can run it themselves on any site they wish. This may be little more than a thoroughly pissed off Troll. Although we don’t see many, I assume you still get hassled by them.

    There are two points to this.

    No search engine was used, therefore it will not affect you page rank.

    6,000 hits over 10 hours is peanuts to WordPress, however it will have severely dented his/her bandwidth allowance!

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