The Usual Barking Madness

I’ve spent the last three days lying half asleep in front of a TV set. It hasn’t given me any wish to own another one, though.

Today’s comments were food for thought. From Magnetic:

“For the next few months, strive to ensure there are positive media stories, letters to the editor, etc., that tout how well the bylaw changes are working. There will no doubt be a backlash from smokers in the beginning until they get used to the changes.

It shows well how they work, creating ‘positive’ stories about ‘how well’ the bans are working.

But they’re mistaken about smokers getting used to the bans. They don’t.

Your job is to make politicians continue to believe that they did the right thing.”

Because one day they’re going to start to believe that they didn’t.

And this one from Harley on Flatulence Control:

the reprimand said he offered no evidence of uncontrollable flatulence.

“It is my belief that you can control this condition,” management concluded in the reprimand.

Dunno about anyone else, but I’ve never been able to control ’em. The best I’ve managed is to delay ’em about 30 seconds.

Correction. Make that 10 seconds.

From Rose, unforeseen consequences:

Tomato and potato cultivation could be banned in the Maldives under requirements outlined under the new Tobacco Control Act, local media has reported today.

From Nisakiman:

A study recently published in Multiple Sclerosis suggests that tobacco smoking may increase risk of multiple sclerosis in young people.

All in all, just another day of the usual barking madness.

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43 Responses to The Usual Barking Madness

  1. harleyrider1978 says:

    Frank if we got use to it,why 6 years on are we growing in numbers daily fighting all over the world against these Nazis! Any group that wont quit isnt going to lose! I fully plan on outlasting the BASTARDS! While having fun at their expense!

  2. legiron says:

    Politicians might believe the ASH nonsense but if they come canvassing here, they will hear “I am a smoker. Your party hates me and has persecuted me for years. I am banned from everywhere because of you, on the basis of lies. Why would I vote for you?” A line I have been training others to parrot. Oh it’s not just ASH who can train the drones. They made them pliable and they can be re-moulded. Those politicians can believe whatever anti-everything lies they want because many of them won’t be politicians for long. And it’s not just smoking either.

    The Maldives can do whatever they want. I’m never going to any place that can be wiped out by a ten-foot wave. If they want to starve themselves to death on the basis of pseudoscience and outright lies, we won’t have to worry about saving them from global warming. Their choice.

    As for MS, if tobacco causes it, why does cannabis ease it? They are both smoke and differ only in that a vitamin B precursor is replaced by a hallucinogen.

    Flatulence should not be controlled. People who have tried that have spontaneously combusted. Studies have shown and experts have said, so it must be true.

    • beobrigitte says:

      “I am a smoker. Your party hates me and has persecuted me for years. I am banned from everywhere because of you, on the basis of lies. Why would I vote for you?”

      EXACTLY! I couldn’t agree more!!

  3. jaxthefirst says:

    Weren’t there some stories around some while ago about how smokers are less likely to contract MS, not more? I have a feeling, too, that some while ago, Alzheimer’s disease – long recognised as largely a non-smokers’ ailment – suddenly became magically “linked” to smoking. It seems that now that TC’s old “traditional” scare stories (cancer, heart disease etc) are starting to sound hollow in the light of cold, harsh reality proving them wrong with every passing day and with each uncomfortable statistic which emerges; they’re trying a new tack – instead of blaming smoking for every disease for which a known cause is uncertain (and are thus easily blamed on smoking), they are now attacking diseases for which there are indications that smoking has a preventative effect, and “getting in quickly” with their own version before the protective effect of smoking becomes too well established in the public’s psyche. Good. The more antis and their drone-followers lose either their marbles or their faculties, the better it’ll be for the rest of us.

    And I’ll leave the shortcomings of the study itself – which are glaringly clear even to a non-scientist like myself – to the likes of Leggy, whose knowledge of proper scientific practice and results analysis is much more sophisticated than my own, and his ability to articulate exactly how flawed this study is and why is also far superior. Over to you, Leggy.

  4. junican says:

    The idea that MS is connected to smoking is silly. For a start, Doll PROVED that smoking only causes problems after decades. How can smoking cause MS in ‘Young People’?
    Why is it that so many people are unable to understand that anti-smoking propaganda is NOT science. At best, it is just mathematics in the form of statistics. Given the statistical numbers, eating jelly and blancmange can be related to stomach cancer.

    • XX Why is it that so many people are unable to understand that anti-smoking propaganda is NOT science.XX

      Because the dictatorship(s) are talking to “Sun” reading Kyle watching imbicilicaly dumm bastards that believe Brookside is real life, and Hilda Ogden was some sort of ancient Godess.

      Your talking about twats that STILL believe Hitler got down on all fours and chewed the hearth rug FFS!

      And the dictatorship KNOW that, and make FULL use of the fact.

    • harleyrider1978 says:

      Mercury News editorial: Young people are smoking more

      Mercury News Editorial
      Posted: 12/27/2012 12:26:00 PM PST
      Updated: 12/27/2012 06:16:08 PM PST

      California has made major progress curbing tobacco use since voters increased the tax on cigarettes in 1988 by 25 cents a pack and dedicated the money to smoking prevention programs.

      Smoking rates have been cut from 23 percent of the adult population back then to 12 percent in 2011. That means half as many people endangering their lives, driving up health care costs and wasting precious income on an addictive habit.

      But a report this month by the state Department of Public Health provides troubling data on youth smoking that suggests nearly a quarter-century of reduction in tobacco usage might be ending — that smoking rates might have bottomed out.

      • harleyrider1978 says:

        California has more than 4 million smokers if we go by CDC data. Its more smokers than any single state in America!

        • smokervoter says:

          That’s music to my Cali-for-ni-a ears. The more smokers the better. And I absolutely despise the guy they quoted in the article. He’s the head of the California Dept of Health services, who sponsor the ubiquitous hate-filled propaganda TobaccoFreeCA spews out constantly.

          That Mercury News editorial came out of San Jose, in the heart of the Silicon Valley. Like I said the other day, I’m hoping that North Korea has that area targeted with their nukes. There are other search engines other than Google. Facebook would be no great loss in my opinion. They’d be putting Yahoo out of their misery anyway. And Apple can eat my shorts.

          Bombs away!

        • smokervoter says:

          I quote from that article (and I’m highly skeptical of their numbers):

          And then there’s the cost: Adult tobacco-related health care expenditures in California are estimated to reach $6.5 billion this year, or about $400 per taxpayer.

          Each and every California smoker payed $226 in state tobacco taxes last year. Then there’s their share of the annual MSA payout, which was intended to cover state Medicaid in the first place. And, of course, by way of SCHIP taxes they’re covering everyone making under $55K’s poor kids, smoker or not.

          Cry me a river, California Dept of Health Services, you are the living, breathing scum of the earth.

  5. nisakiman says:

    They’re not silly, those politicians…

    “A half-dozen senators who have been among the most vocal advocates for federal funding for smoking cessation — including Majority Leader Harry Reid, Nevada Democrat, and Majority Whip Richard J. Durbin of Illinois — have direct or indirect investments in companies that make anti-tobacco products.”

    It’s no wonder they seem so keen on the smoking bans.

    • Our politicians are banned from “having interests” in companys/firms. I believe also thier close relatives are equaly restricted for their term of office (Wife, Mother/Father, son/Daughter, Brother/Sister, although don’t quote me on the close family)

    • harleyrider1978 says:

      It says they invested,I bet they were given stock!

  6. nisakiman says:

    Good heavens, it just keeps coming! Smoking alters your genes now…

    Their inventiveness knows no bounds!

    • DAMN!!!! I was working on something for Leg Iron, so he could further scare the plebs. Regarding the “fact” (WIDELY interpreted! :-) ) that if your GREAT GREAT Grandfather smoked, it is “in your genes and you will therefor die any way. Seventh hand smoke, it is called! Don’t believe me? Just ask your doctor for an MRT/C.T/K.G.B/B.B.C examination. THAT will show you!”

      (Aye I know, but will THEY spot the crap in that list….? :-) :-) :-))

      NOW the bastards have beaten me to it!!!

  7. Rose says:

    And they are off ….

    Government release new graphic anti-smoking advert

    Shocking Anti-Smoking Advert Shows Cancerous Tumour On Cigarette Airs On TV
    ‘They are the first shock anti-smoking adverts since the fatty cigarette ad eight years ago.
    According to the Department of Health (DoH), just 15 cigarettes can cause a mutation than can lead to cancerous tumours.’

    • Messalina says:

      Ahh yes, I remember the fatty cigarettes! And now,amazingly, they grow tumours. Amazing what you can do with photoshop, but these are examples of badly done photoshop experiments. All those adverts prove is what ugly and twisted minds these folks at TC have.

  8. 5734 says:

    The smoking ban is so popular that Liverpool Royal Hospital has had to employ “smoking cessation officers” (Here’s a picture I took of one ) to bully people outside the hospital. His entire job was just to tell people ANYWHERE near the entrance at all to shuffle out of sight. Oh also the “smoking shelter” is down a hugely steep slope and the shelter itself is on a really steep decline so er… not great for elderly/frail/disabled people eg the people who need it. Repulsive. How the fuck does that man sleep at night?

    • harleyrider1978 says:

      lotsa booze Im sure! Or Pharma drugs at the back door of the hospital.

    • Ripper says:

      But there’s no need to use the shelter, because an outside smoking ban is unlawful and cannot be enforced. That guy has no authority to move anyone anywhere.

      If I were faced by this little shit, the first thing he’d get from me would be a warning not to touch me, otherwise I would regard that as assault and knock him out – in self defence of course. Coupled with a refusal to move anywhere.

      I smoke wherever I like outdoors. As yet no one has ever challenged me. I also had CRUK at my door not long ago and they were told to get lost as well, much to the amazement of my next door neighbour who heard the conversation.

      • XX But there’s no need to use the shelter, because an outside smoking ban is unlawful and cannot be enforced. That guy has no authority to move anyone anywhere.XX

        Yes he has, actualy. It is on private grounds, and on private grounds the OWNER decides what you can and can not do.

        I thought you would have realised that from the discussions here, regarding the rights of a pub landlord to decide if his pub was smoking or not.

        OR, have you not bothered to read the posts for the last three years?

  9. harleyrider1978 says:

    Health board lay down law on smoking
    Dec 27 2012 by John Rowbotham, Hamilton Advertiser

    A fed-up MSP said people visiting Lanarkshire’s three acute hospitals were having to walk through clouds of cigarette smoke.

    The fug is caused by patients and visitors lighting up at hospital entrances in defiance of the ban on smoking in all NHS Lanarkshire’s grounds and vehicles.

    Central Scotland MSP Siobhan McMahon called on the public to respect the ‘no smoking’ policy and leave the hospital grounds if they wish to have a cigarette.

    NHS Lanarkshire banned smoking from their grounds in 2008 in an attempt to reduce patients’ and visitors’ exposure to second-hand smoke.

    The board were also keen to set an example in a county in which a quarter of deaths are attributable to smoking according to anti-smoking group ASH.

    However, the board’s interim director for acute services, Alan Lawrie, said some smokers continued to flout the ban they introduced despite the inconvenience caused to the majority of others.

    “People are aware that the smoke at entrances is harmful to their health and find it unpleasant when using our services, he added.

    “A survey we undertook among staff, patients and the public in which we received over 3600 responses, showed that over 90 per cent of respondents agreed that hospital entrances should be smoke-free which shows we have strong support for the policy from the community.”

    Ms McMahon said the level of complaince with the NHS Lanarkshire ban was poor.

    Security staff faced “challenging behaviour” from smokers asked not to light up at hospital entrances, she added. And Ms McMahon felt that the presence of smokers around high profile entrances and exits sent out “completely the wrong message”.

    If you would like to give up smoking call 08452 177 707 or text 8106 or visit

    The most unused phone number in the UK!

  10. 5734 says:

    “Central Scotland MSP Siobhan McMahon called on the public to respect the ‘no smoking’ policy and leave the hospital grounds if they wish to have a cigarette.” – I imagine this “Siobhan McMahon” has no clue what it’s like to be elderly, in a wheelchair, very ill, in a wheelchair, with a drip etc and that the fact a large proportion of people in hospitals fit one or more of these criteria don’t find it as simple as “leaving the hospital grounds to have a cigarette”.

    It’s also very telling that the article leaps from talking about a “fug” of smoke (speaking of which, are the car parks a “fug” of polluting smoke?) at the hospital entrance to leaving the hospital grounds altogether. Hospital grounds are often huge mazes where it can take 10-15 minutes (as a young, able bodied person as I am) to walk off the hospital grounds from a building.

    • smokingscot says:

      You’ve guessed it 5734.

      28 years old. Got elected via the “regional list” after Daddy hauled several ropes. Nepotism doesn’t do this one justice.

      The regional list means she owes naff all to the electorate, just needs to be a good Party flunkie.

      But she’s not… she got hoofed from a very minor position because of her “aggressive and abrupt” manner.

      Yup, total arse wipe with attitude.

  11. nisakiman says:

    Well here’s one whining hand-waver who got short-shrift from his bosses when he wrote to a paper complaining that smokers were allowed 25% of outside restaurant patios.

    ” Gallegos’ letter to the editor, published on Oct. 6 this year, said: “The health of the citizens of Glendale has been sold out to private retail tobacco interests and the business owners who are eager to profit at the expense of our children, families and senior citizens who are susceptible to the toxins and poisons in secondhand tobacco smoke.”

    You only have to read a small part of what he’s written to know what a rabid anti-smoking tosser he is. Why don’t these people get a life?

  12. Messalina says:

    “more than a third of smokers still think the health risks associated with smoking are greatly exaggerated”

    That’s because they ARE greatly exaggerated.

    • smokingscot says:

      They’re usually very good indeed at specifics. So we can safely assume that when they say “more than one third”, what they really mean is closer to 75%.

      What they really needed was a plausible excuse to pump £2.5 million into ITV, SKY as well as all print media. Not been doing enough of that lately and a couple even had the temerity to question things like plain packaging, their claimed results and – wowza – the smoking ban.

      Manna from heaven until the end of Feb for that lot. And – of course – back to the repeat after me toe the line stuff. Until April perhaps.

      Hope you guys noted the 250 grand who quit on account of the october doohickey. More funding will of course be forthcoming for what’s guaranteed to be an annual event.

    • Reinhold says:

      In other words:
      “nearly two thirds of smokers ceased to think the health risks associated with smoking are greatly exaggerated”

      Hahaha! That’s what I really don’t believe.

  13. 5734 says:

    So I’ve just seen the ludicrous new anti smoking advert, the “15 cigarettes is all it takes…” with a tumour growing out of a cigarette, and honestly… children these days seem to believe all of this stuff and god I’m glad I’m not the parent of a child. “Public health” people/influence in schools have led children to believe that as much as a cigarette is going to kill the smoker (and them), led children to scream about salt and sugar, thinking it’s going to kill them, led them to cry and beg their parents not to drink a glass of wine with dinner because of how terribly dangerous alcohol is. When I have children one day, I am increasingly realising I’m going to have to be in a position to homeschool them, as it seems more and more like schools in this country are fascist training camps.

    • Judy says:

      I am fortunate to count among my friends a highly gifted and thoughtful 9-year-old girl. One day, during a social gathering, I went outside to smoke. (I was the only smoker there). The little girl came out to talk to me, and I waited for her to do what all children seem to do these days – wave hand in front of face, fake-cough, fake-choke, and say, “EWWW! YOU’RE KILLING EVERYBODY!” Well, I was about to put out my cigarette, and she said, “I used to think that being anywhere near someone smoking would kill me immediately. If I saw someone smoking, I’d run as far away from them as I could get. Well, I thought about it, and realized that someone smoking couldn’t kill me. Don’t put your cigarette out.”
      I love this child.

  14. beobrigitte says:

    What a great collection of tobacco control cr*p no-one believes, anyway!!! I’m getting the feeling tobacco control is getting desperate!

    To: Shocking Anti-Smoking Advert Shows Cancerous Tumour On Cigarette
    This “tumour” looks like fat globules on a little red painted section on a cigarette. I really like the joke!!!

    To: Mercury News editorial: Young people are smoking more
    Of course they do. It’s expensive and “forbidden” and with that a must do!!!!!!

    To: Hidden dangers highlighted in new smoking campaign

    Smokers will be told that just 15 cigarettes cause a mutation that can lead to cancerous tumours in a return to hard-hitting health campaigns, the Department of Health announced today (Friday 28 December).

    Firstly, people are fed up with “hard-hitting” campaigns full of lies. What a waste of money, considering the austerity measures hitting the public at large.
    Must vote next time for another party; Labour did the damage and the coalition we have now is too cowardly, although one or 2 politicians e.g. Brian Binley support the amendment of the smoking ban.
    Unfortunately he is being ignored, too.

    Secondly, just 15 cigarettes cause a mutation? REALLY????? In which case I must ask: WHAT on earth has kept me alive and healthy for 43 years of smoking >20/day???????

    Gallegos seeks punitive damages for conspiracy, constitutional violations, wrongful termination and for the “humiliation, embarrassment, and mental anguish” of it.

    Interesting. This Gallego guy objected to allowing smoking in designated OUTDOOR areas, reciting the tobacco control “bible” and claims he has been fired unfairly because of the letter he wrote to a local news agency.
    Mr. Gallego, I must say I agree with those who voted FOR the designated smoking areas. Incidentally, isn’t “humiliation, embarrassment, and mental anguish” in your opinion the way smokers should be treated? How about a dose of your own medicine?

    And finally:
    “more than a third of smokers still think the health risks associated with smoking are greatly exaggerated”
    Greatly exaggerated is an understatement. And I would make it two thirds who know the “health risks” that tobacco control likes to associate with smoking are more than just exaggerated.

    • XX WHAT on earth has kept me alive and healthy for 43 years of smoking >20/day??????? XX

      Aye! And both my great Grandfather and Grandfather, who somked 80 Capstain fulls per day from the age of 12 or 13, yet STILL lived to be 83 and 93 (respectively), without EVEN A COUGH!! (HEL neither of them even took a day of sick, their ENTIRE life!!)

      My Granny who smoked unfilltered Players from 16, and lived till 97 years old… or….or….

  15. harleyrider1978 says:

    Somebody should do the UK governments budget now. Thebelow is off of facebook but damn accurate.

    Fiscal Cliff put in perspective

    Lesson 1;

    US TAX REVENUE $2,170,000,000,000

    FEDDERAL BUDGET 3,820,000,000,000

    NEW DEBT 1,650,000,000,000

    NATIONAL DEBT 16,500,000,000,000

    RECENT BUDGET CUTS 38,500,000,000

    Lets now remove 8 zeros and pretend its a household budget;

    annual family income 21,700

    money the family spent 38,200

    New debt on credit card 16,500

    Outstanding balance on the credit card 165,000

    total budget cuts so far 38.50 cents

    Got it, Ok now

    Lesson 2

    Heres another way to look at the debt ceiling

    Lets say,you come home from work and find your sewer backed up and your home has sewage all the way to the ceiling.

    What do you do….

    Raise the ceiling or shovel out the shit!

    • harleyrider1978 says:

      The most important point here is once the magic 20 trillion debt limit is hit. The interest alone will be 2 trillion a year! You know what happens next right……… and every government in the world is in the same boat especially the EU now!

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