Rose Is Back!

Great news! Rose has got herself a new computer, given to her as a Christmas present (I think). Her last one died three or four months ago, and there had been silence ever since.

We were all getting very worried. Junican feared the worst. Harley reckoned that she’d got married. Everyone was missing her (including my ex-smoking brother, who was asking about her a week back).

I didn’t say as much, so as not to raise undue alarm, but I thought she’d maybe been ‘terminated’ by Tobacco Control, after being hunted across Yorkshire by one of their aerial drones, firing Nicotine Replacement Patches.

Anyway, maybe she’ll be able to tell me whether I’ve grown myself some hot chilli peppers or some sweet red peppers. I’m sure she’ll know.

Normal service has resumed.

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26 Responses to Rose Is Back!

  1. harleyrider1978 says:

    Miss Rose how we missed you several fortnites ago
    For a special xmas present you have returned
    A special present we all do cheer
    Welcome back to the fight Miss Rose
    Our favorite lady has returned

  2. junican says:

    A singular lesson that we do and must learn is how much we value each other. Our Rose is an integral member of our group, no matter how distantly we may be separated physically.

    Welcome back, Rose! How much have you been missed!

  3. mactheknife says:

    Tell that loopy woman that I’d have put her back on line immediately… :)

  4. magnetic01 says:

    Here’s an excerpt from an antismoking “advocacy toolkit” (from a Canadian toolkit, but will be the same around the world, and relevant to bans of any sort, indoor and out). It highlights the tricks/tactics used to contrive appearances – from flooding comments boards with inflammatory rhetoric, to conducting their own “polls”, to giving the appearance of wholesale public support for smoking bans – to manipulate the public and politicians/law-makers:

    “For the next few months, strive to ensure there are positive media stories, letters to the editor, etc., that tout how well the bylaw changes are working. There will no doubt be a backlash from smokers in the beginning until they get used to the changes.

    In the meantime, you have to counter their negative comments in the media, in comment sections of online news pieces and blogs, on radio call-in shows, etc.

    Your job is to make politicians continue to believe that they did the right thing.”

    It is not unheard of for councillors to backtrack on their decision and water down legislation.” (p. 48)


    Click to access Smoke-free%20outdoor%20spaces%20advocacy%20-sept2010.pdf

    Here’s a good recent example of how the unquestioned blather-fest works following an indoor smoking ban in the Ukraine.

    The bulk of the article is standard antismoking propaganda. There’s the requisite anecdote (most probably a lie) concerning a smoker friend who thinks the ban is just wonderful. There is nothing in the article, i.e., facts, that actually addresses the circumstance post-ban. Yet the title of the article is “Ukraine’s smoke-free law is working!”

    The author of the article has a Facebook page where it appears she has had connections with Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids, a Pharma front group. The author is also “Co funder of Regional Advocacy Center “Life”, chief of social-ecological Dept. of NGO “Movement of volunteers “Space of Freedom”, Соfunder of NGO Bureau of Environmental Investigations, participant of New citizens Partnership”.

    God help us!

    It doesn’t matter if, after a ban, business is deteriorating, smokers feel more ostracized, and nonsmokers become more neurotic and bigoted. It wouldn’t matter if the whole place is crashing down. The role of the antismoking activist is to try to convince particularly law-makers that everyone just loves the ban; that even smokers are ecstatic about being shoved out of their usual socializing. This concerns an indoor ban, but it won’t stop there. While they now say that they are only after indoor bans, they’re already working on the brainwashing required to push for outdoor bans.

    Beware of antismoking activists. They live in a deranged fantasy world. They are pathological liars, amongst other dysfunction. They’ll say and do anything to get bans passed and maintained.

  5. magnetic01 says:

    Mother shot dead outside HOSPITAL by mystery gunman as her daughter was treated for asthma inside

    The woman had stepped outside at 3.00am for a cigarette.

  6. magnetic01 says:

    Frank, I have a comment awaiting moderation (CAM).

  7. magnetic01 says:

    Smoking out lawmakers on conflicts of interest?
    Anti-tobacco funding typical of phenomenon

  8. Rose says:

    You are all very kind, I would have thought you would have enjoyed the peace – no random interruptions with obscure facts and long strings of information you have already read a dozen times before, to illustrate connections quite unrelated to the original post.

    Talking of which –

    Thank you very much for the piece on the Maldives, Magnetic, it did make me laugh and I think I much prefer the expression ‘Tobacco family’ to the ‘Nightshades.’

    The link refuses to work for me but this one did.

    By the way Harley, my husband would have been very annoyed if I had remarried, as he had secretly bought me the computer as a Christmas present, in part I suspect, to regain control over the TV.
    You know, it’s hard trying to work out what’s really going on when you have to get all your news from the BBC.

    I’m very glad to be back, I missed you all too.

    • magnetic01 says:

      There are some photos on Siegel’s blog re: Maldives story.

    • harleyrider1978 says:

      I never knew you were already married Rose until one of us said you were already married……………Lucky man.

    • smokingscot says:

      If you’ve been stuck with ONLY the BBC, you have my sympathies.

    • legiron says:

      Thanks for the seeds and the card. You didn’t include a return address so I couldn’t reply but the seeds are much appreciated. My crop was dismal this year, the tallest plant only exceeded 4 feet and I didn’t get much in the way of seed. That might have something to do with me smoking all the flowers though…

      Thanks again. I have enough to distribute and to keep trying to get it to establish in the wild. If only global warming was true.

      • Rose says:

        You are very welcome and I hope that they grow very strongly for you.
        There are whispers that the coming year will be somewhat better than this one has been, let’s hope so.

  9. nisakiman says:

    Christ on a bike, smoking is now blamed for causing multiple sclerosis!

    They just don’t give up, do they? What next? Athletes foot? Tennis elbow? Warts?

    • smokervoter says:

      Can you imagine for just one minute living in one of these folks’ scrambled egg brains? Look at the categories along the bottom of the page from left to right.


      They fit the old stereotype of the two old gits comparing the severity of their operations or of the gravity of their illnesses. They play one-upmanship games as to who is taking more meds and vitamins than the other. Except these are younger people than you might expect. They’re young gits.

      And then take a gander at the articles over at the right margin. All the same boogeymen out to get them – gluten, obesity, fluoridation – lurking in their cupboards just waiting to shorten their miserable lives. And the white knights to the rescue are the usual, hippy-dippy, circa 1967 summer of love saviors – Yoga, organic vegetables, extreme paranoia and the eastern religion-of-the-month. It’s hard to believe that some people continue to be stuck in the worn out mantras of an era that’s 45 years distant in the rear view mirror.

      Thank your lucky stars that you adopted smoking, as it seems to protect the mind from this sort of psychosis.

  10. Messalina says:

    Welcome back, Rose. I’ve always enjoyed your comments and your well-researched links to very interesting and informative articles. A very happy Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and yours.

  11. 5734 says:

    This reminds me, does anyone know where NannyingTyrants gone? I’d been a bit worried and then saw

    • nisakiman says:

      Yes, it’s a little concerning.about Jay at Nannying Tyrants. I emailed him a couple of weeks ago, but have had no reply.

      Interesting that Simon Chapman has noted Jay’s absence, and even remarked upon it. He obviously keeps a close eye on these blogs, and particularly on his nemesis Nannying Tyrants.

      • 5734 says:

        I found it really creepy, yeah. His facebook’s also not had any activity on it since then :/.
        What nonsense though of Chapman to say “with his risk profile” – it almost suggests to me these people like Chapman have actually managed to convince themselves of their own bullshit. Like, NannyingTyrants is in his 30s I think, and… what sudden death can smoking cause in that age range? I genuinely think Chapman and chums have started subconsciously believing their own bullshit and thinking you can drop dead from a cigarette (as in, with no illnesses beforehand).
        Besides that though, I thought it was massively unprofessional of a “health professional”, or whatever the fuck he/Sydney/moron Australian health nazis think he is, to almost react with glee to the idea that someone’s died/disappeared because of tobacco/some other “unhealthy” life choice. Like Chapman’s tweet mocking George Harrison for having talked about how he smoked Marlboros, before gleefully reminding us that Harrison died from lung cancer.

        When Chapman was tweeting “RIP”s about his friends, a couple who were bludgeoned to death in Tasmania, one a “public health” professor and the other some sort of climate change alarmist, I couldn’t help but think…
        Well, I’ll let people figure out the rest.

  12. margo says:

    Oh, how lovely to have you back, Rose. Love and peace!

  13. harleyrider1978 says:
    • GaryK30 says:

      When you thought you had seen it all.

      The owners of an old-fashioned soda shop in St. Paul, Minn. were threatened with fines and a misdemeanor citation unless they stopped selling novelty candy cigarettes.

      City inspectors said Lynden’s Soda Fountain violated an ordinance barring the sale of candy cigarettes and cartoon character lighters. The ban also applies to items like Big League Chew chewing gum.(NOTE: That is chewing tobacco look-alike.-GK)

      A city spokesperson told The Star Tribune that the business was given a warning – but if they break the law – they could face a citation along with a $500 fine.

      The ordinance was enacted to discourage youngsters from eventually using real cigarettes.

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