Certainty and Uncertainty

We seem to be living in a new age of conformity. Everyone must conform. Plurality of opinion is increasingly disallowed. The mass media plug one particular orthodoxy, and nothing else. Everyone is being ‘nudged’  or bullied into conformity.

Three particular conformities spring to mind. Firstly, all must believe that smoking causes lung cancer, and quite possibly every other disease known to man, and so all smokers must be made to quit smoking. Secondly, all must believe that carbon dioxide emissions from human industry are causing the planet to warm, and so humans must be made to reduce their carbon emissions, and industrial civilisation closed down. Thirdly, all must believe that the future of Europe lies in a European Union which replaces its unstable, fractious states with a single central authority, and we must all be Europeans before we are French or German or Spanish.

These are all new conformities. They didn’t exist 50 years ago, or in some cases 10 years ago. Not long ago it was possible to dissent from all these views. But no longer. If you disagree you are in league with evil Tobacco Companies, or in denial, or you are a petty nationalist of some sort.

Where does such an urge to conformity arise? What is it that makes plurality of opinion normal and acceptable at one time (as it was not 20 years ago), and intolerable and unacceptable a few years later?

I’d like to suggest that plurality of opinion on any matter grows out ignorance or uncertainty about it. The less that we know about, say, the planet Mars, the greater the plurality of opinions about what it might be like. Some might believe that it is uninhabited, others that it is inhabited. Some might believe it is warm, and some that it is cold. Some might believe it is criss-crossed by numerous canals, some that it is a waterless desert. It’s only as we have learned more about Mars that this plurality of opinion has dwindled: it’s begun to be clear to almost everyone that Mars is cold, dry, and uninhabited (although some may disagree). So when we move from ignorance to knowledge, we move from uncertainty to certainty, and from plurality of opinion to uniformity of opinion.

And we much prefer knowledge to ignorance, and serene certainty to gnawing uncertainty, and so we also prefer uniformity of opinion to plurality of opinion. And so in a time of great ignorance and uncertainty, powerful attempts are made to restore a uniformity of opinion (and therefore a sense of certainty) in the face of mounting plurality. Ignorance and uncertainty become intolerable, and an attempt is made to restore an orderly uniformity.

And it might be said that, with all the examples of new conformism just listed, all are the subject of profound ignorance and uncertainty.

Nobody knows, for example, what causes cancer or lung cancer (or even heart disease and countless other maladies). But uncertainty about such matters of life and death is intolerable – particularly when we think we know the causes of diseases like malaria and typhoid -. And so rather than endure the intolerable uncertainty of not knowing, some of us replace that uncertainty with a new certainty: cancer (and most other disease) is caused by smoking cigarettes. And this new certainty restores our sense of serene certainty and perfect knowledge.

The same also applies with the Earth’s climate. Fifty years ago we had the certainty of the cycles of summer and autumn and winter and spring. But, with new computer models of climate, those old certainties have been swept away, and we now find ourselves in a dynamic, unstable terrestrial atmosphere which might suddenly overheat (or freeze). We have entered a terrifying new world of uncertainty where uncertainty never existed before.  And, as ever, we set out to restore the loss sense of certainty and the uniformity of opinion that goes with it. All must conform to a new doctrine of global warming, even if this happens to be a worst-case scenario. It’s a matter of life and death.

And also Europe. After a century in which the whole of Europe was torn apart by not just one, but two, wars which encompassed the whole world, and during which the power of weaponry to inflict injury multiplied enormously, we find ourselves living in a profoundly unstable and uncertain world. And this is why we have the EU, which is intended to replace awful uncertainty and instability with certainty and stability. And it’s also why all must conform to this new political doctrine. Because, as with the others, this also is a matter of life and death.

And in every case, these new certainties to which all must subscribe, and all conform, don’t actually provide any certainty at all. They provide the appearance of certainty and order. We haven’t actually learned anything which justifies such certainty. We don’t know what causes cancer. We don’t know how the climate works. And we don’t understand political society either. With our new conformity, we are simply papering over the cracks, and pretending to know what we actually don’t know. But for many of us, it seems, even the appearance of certainty and knowledge, the pretence of certainty, is better than the awful and unendurable abyss of uncertainty and ignorance.

And we might say, in advance of anything, that all these false new certainties, created simply to restore our sense of well-being, will inevitably all be swept away. Because they’re all wrong. They’re all mistaken. And this truth will emerge sooner or later.

It may of course be that we will actually acquire genuine new knowledge. We may (and indeed probably will) understand the true causes of cancer, and become able to cure it or prevent it. And we may also gain a deeper understanding of the terrestrial climate, and be able to judge much more accurately whether we are in real danger of warming or cooling. And we may also learn a bit more about political societies and how they work. And in this way ignorance will be replaced by knowledge, uncertainty by certainty, and plurality of opinion by a true conformity of opinion rather than a false and fabricated uniformity.

But most likely, no sooner than we have learned about cancer and climate and community, we will find ourselves overtaken by new uncertainties, new bottomless pits of terrifying ignorance.

In fact, it might even be suggested that, the more we learn about anything, the more we learn how little we actually know about anything. If the world seems a terrifying place right now, it might be far more terrifyingly uncertain in 100 years time, when many more old certainties have been swept away.

We need to learn to live with uncertainty and ignorance and plurality. We need to be able to say, “We don’t know, and we don’t understand, and it’s anybody’s guess how it all works, but that’s no reason to be terrified of everything, and still less of a reason to try to replace real uncertainty with false certainty.”

But for most people right now, that seems to be an intolerable option. They can’t bear uncertainty. It scares the wits out of them. And they’ll do anything to replace nagging, gnawing, uncomfortable uncertainty with soothing, warm certainty, even if the certainty is illusory.

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  1. harleyrider1978 says:

    Its the ”Created Knowledge” that perpetuates ignorant conformity. Those so called believers arent really just believers but worshipers of the state and its socialist policies of control. They bleed control and await the masters of fanatisms next claims. Decent will not be tolerated,differing opinions will be silenced,legal traditional liberties will be outlawed and criminalized. Schools and Colleges will mandate Government Dogma,Advocacy will be the rule. You will belong to a common cause defined by the government and you shall work as volunteers within that government created group. To belong to any group that denies the government protocol and plan will be shunned,outcast,watched,defiled and imprisoned. You are no longer and individual you are the state!

  2. margo says:

    Strange you should write of this, as I too have lately been thinking about conformity – but on a more individual level, having a spate of observing acquaintances turn from free-thinking smokers into non-smoking conformists. Very depressing. OK, they give up fags. But why do they have to give up thinking at the same time, lose their passion and become so boring, smug and generally conformist?
    I think it does apply in the wider sense you’re writing about, too. But is society at large more conformist than it was in the past, or is it just that these new topics (smoking, the climate and so on) have become the focus?
    I think conformism must be about fear – fear of aloneness and death. Conformity of thinking serves the same purposes as religion, gives a sense of virtuous belonging within the group, a sense of having got the uncertainties of life ‘sorted’, of being right and therefore safe.
    Meanwhile, of course, the world goes on being as dangerous as it ever was. They just don’t have to worry about it any more. It seems to me like a kind of infantilism, a refusal to grow up and face reality (as T S Eliot said, humankind cannot bear too much of that).
    As for the ones I’ve lately been observing, I think they grew up to a certain extent, couldn’t take it and have now gone back to some cosy child-like state of having everything taken care of. It’s just like finding religion – God in his heaven and all well in the world.

  3. I may have mentioned on another thread that a telephone appointment with the doctor a couple of days ago about an ailment of no particular interest to anyone, I’m sure, included the doctor telling me of the best way I was to be “managed”. “Managed,” I said, “I don’t want to be managed. You really are control freaks, aren’t you,” I said.

    He says, “Sorry, you don’t like the word, “managed”.”

    I went to the surgery a few hours later to collect a prescription and asked the receptionist if it was okay to take some photos of the posters “for a project”. She agreed. The project being exposing the NHS for the way they brainwash people into conforming with the social engineering: a poster of two homosexuals, and reminders that children can sneak off for treatment behind their parents’ backs (i.e. get their free johnnies, treatment for STDs and abortions), contraceptive implants to help reduce the fertility rate to an even more dangerous level, and so on.

    Social engineering is another biggie, up there with manmade climate change, smoking and the EU.

    Here are the actual reasons (that I have come to believe) for the conformity, or desperate attempts at imposing conformity through mind control and legislation…

    The EU – producing a socialist empire by stealth. Some of the early ‘pioneers’ are quoted as saying that they would use salami-slice tactics to chop away national sovereignty until there was none remaining. A former big banker involved with the EU recently confirmed the agenda of exterminating national identities. I read a news report yesterday from 2010 that the EU wanted to stop British shops from selling eggs by the dozen and impose similar bans on national food trends in other countries. This is how far they are prepared to go to create total uniformity. (It was on the BBC website, not in the Mail!)

    But of course, from the start, the politicians couldn’t tell the people the truth, or it would be traitors hanging from lampposts time. It had to be about trade first, to get things started, then one treaty after another until we’re no longer a country. The propaganda clearly works. The EU itself is only 20 years old, yet has been awarded the Nobel Peace prize (a joke in itself) for bringing peace and ‘democracy’ for the past 60 years. So, hundreds of thousands of allied troops stationed in Germany to prevent them from having a third go had nothing to do with it. Typical dictators: rewriting history to suit themselves.

    And of course, if we left the EU, nobody in the EU would trade with us anymore. The German government would rather Mercedes and BMW shed thousands of jobs than build cars for the British market. Ditto in thousands of companies in all the other 26 countries, and as our balance of trade is £ billions a month in their favour, what a crazy myth.

    Even if it wasn’t in their favour, who, but the totally naive, could believe that the EU would stop trading with us? Even if they did cut off their stuck-up noses to spite their ugly faces, so what? Freedom never gets a mention, does it? We aren’t supposed to consider that, only about how the EU allegedly brings jobs and peace. Light another joss stick and chant “Om” and believe the calming lies.

    Just checked on the spelling of joss sticks there, as I don’t think I’ve ever had to type the words before, and I see that the Daily Wail has reported Joss sticks to be ‘as damaging to health as passive smoking’.

    So not much, if at all, then?

    I understand that in order to create global governance, it was decided in the 70s to use the climate to create scary future scenarios in order to frighten people into accepting global laws and taxes. Who, but a madman, wouldn’t want to save the planet they lived on if it were in danger? In those days, you’ll remember Frank, we were on the verge of a new Ice Age, but then it got warmer, so we would all die from global warming if we didn’t fill our homes with mercury-filled light bulbs that can give you headaches. Then it stopped getting warmer, so they thought, “Gosh darn it, we’ll just call it ‘climate change’ so we won’t have to keep changing our propaganda material”.

    I still haven’t worked out the main reason for the antagonism towards smokers. It could be a purely control thing, or like I proposed a year or two ago, smoking seems to stimulate the thinking process and that’s the last thing our governments want. Considering that global depopulation is the aim, if smoking really kills millions of people every year, they would surely not be discouraging it.

    I would add the Theory of Evolution as something else we are all being compelled to believe in, because if we believe we are descended from pond life we will more readily accept our own impoverishment, if it ‘saves’ the earth, and with no God, we will obey the government instead, no matter how crazed their ideas become. And Christianity has always been a barrier to evil government, so has to be tamed – as if most churches aren’t doing a good enough job themselves!

    Social engineering enables the government to divide and rule us as well as create dysfunction in society to destroy the family, which the early Fabians recognised was the only way to achieve total socialism. Modern sex “education” also aids in depopulation, as we see that Western societies are now in decline as the fertility rate has dropped to below the replacement value of 2.1 children per woman. Japan is in particularly dire straits and projected to lose a quarter of its population in the next few decades.

    Our modern society was founded by racist eugenicists, like Marie Stopes and Margaret Sanger; the former was so mad on creating the ‘perfect’ race that she cut out her own son from her will because he married a woman who was short-sighted and the latter wanted the blacks sterilised/aborted into extinction. That’s why they concentrated their clinics in poor areas. In the USA far more blacks are aborted pro rata than anyone else.

    With over 20,000 fake, government-funded charities in the UK alone, it’s easy to see how major changes in attitude have occurred and the BBC is there to do the same job: create consensus of opinion. The “charities” create fake grass roots support (astroturfing) and then advise the government. Even the government’s own “advisory” panels are filled with the “right” people, for example, the teenage pregnancy advisory panel consists of such people as directors of abortion providers, Marie Stopes and the BPA, and an assortment of right-on liberal socialists – “experts” in the field of dishing out contraceptives. Now, I wonder what “advice” these people are going to give the government? Surprise, surprise, always more of the same tactics that are proven not to work, but supply these fake charities with more and more dysfunctional clients for their “services” and aid in the depopulation process.

    And the consensus, after thousands of years of organised societies, is that homosexual acts are now completely natural and good for society. If you don’t let out a double bed in your B&B to a pair of gays, you’re up in court and fined thousands of pounds. Property rights go out the window (as we have seen with the smoking ban) and all our other ancient rights are disappearing too, particularly freedom of speech, if you refuse to go along with the imposed new consensus on everything.

    Some ‘experts’ now want “climate change denial” to be considered a mental illness.

    When the people *are* actually asked what they want, like the SNP’s fake “consultation” on “gay marriage” where two out of three people rejected the idea, this was ignored. The consensus must be imposed by ignoring the people and increasing the propaganda and making the laws more draconian until everyone but the stout-hearted remain faithful to their beliefs.

    It is all about the creation of global governance, with China as the model, and if you don’t consent to being ruled with an iron rod, you’ll either be imprisoned or be forced to live in a ghetto with like-minded dissenters.

    Then, one day, everyone will be living with the certainty that they have been duped, as they live like slaves and in poverty. True consensus will finally have been reached!

    • harleyrider1978 says:

      So called experts are created in short 2 week courses at least thats the way it is for a Tobacco Control advocate that these idiots hire in hospitals and health depts around the globe!

    • Frank Davis says:

      the doctor telling me of the best way I was to be “managed”.

      They regard people as a herd of animals, don’t they?

      I still haven’t worked out the main reason for the antagonism towards smokers.

      Neither have I. It’s certainly got nothing to do with health though. And I don’t think there is a reason.

      • smokervoter says:

        I still haven’t worked out the main reason for the antagonism towards smokers.

        Let me take a stab at that one if I may.

        Institutionalized hatred towards a perceived enemy is unfortunately part of mankinds collective psyche.

        After the horrors of the Holocaust, institutionalized hatred towards religion became unacceptable with the possible exception of the muslim world.

        After the ascent of civil rights movements in the US and South Africa (among many others), institutionalized hatred based on ethnicity became unacceptable.

        After the rise of women rights movements (ongoing and with many miles still to go – see India and Pakistan, etc, etc) institutionalized hatred based on gender became unacceptable.

        So, what’s there left to acceptably hate? The catch all division of human behavior, that’s what. And the smoking of tobacco fits the bill quite nicely. Smokers are made up of all the various religions, races and genders.

        I dare say that the antagonism towards smokers is the largest and most universally acceptable institutionalized hatred movement in the history of the world.

        Hatred is an itch that has to be scratched in the human psyche

    • smokingscot says:

      I did not know that about Marie Stopes.

      Thank you for the info.

    • XX I read a news report yesterday from 2010 that the EU wanted to stop British shops from selling eggs by the dozen XX


      Considerin theU.K is probably the only country in Europe, where you can not just buy ONE egg, if thats what you want. Three, six, twelve, a hundred and thirty seven?

      NO problem.

  4. harleyrider1978 says:

    Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the bar,

    Not a creature was stirring, no tips in the jar.

    The customers who once frolicked, filled with good cheer,

    Now sit home alone with a solitary beer.

    Empty stockings were hung

    With a sense of despair.

    St Nicholas won’t come when

    Your pockets are bare.

    The spinsters across town

    All smug in their beds

    With visions of grant money

    Filling their heads.

    When up on the roof there arose

    Such a clatter

    I sprang up to see

    Just what was the matter.

    I ran to the window and

    Threw out the stash and

    Made sure the rest of my cigs were

    Packed for a dash.

    When what to my wondering eyes should appear

    But a freaky looking dude

    With eight tiny reindeer.

    He looked all disheveled

    And covered in dirt

    I could tell by the grin

    He wasn’t hurt.

    The stump of a pipe he held in his teeth

    And the smoke it encircled his head like a wreath

    I knew it was trouble, that pipe that he had

    Those nosey old witches would say he was bad.

    He spoke not a word but got to his work

    He filled up the stockings and turned with a jerk

    And putting his mid finger in the vertical pose

    He gave one good laugh and up the chimney he rose.

    Then I heard him exclaim as he drove out of sight

    “fight those ban bitches with all of your might!”

  5. harleyrider1978 says:

    Smoking Found to Affect Your Genes
    It just keeps on piling up in the biggest shitpile ever seen!

    DNA isn’t destiny. Chemical compounds that affect the functioning of genes can bind to our genetic material, turning certain genes on or off. These so-called epigenetic modifications can influence a variety of traits, such as obesity and sexual preference. Scientists have even identified specific epigenetic patterns on the genes of people who smoke. None of the modified genes has a direct link to cancer, however, making it unclear whether these chemical alterations increase the risk of developing the disease.

    n the new study, published in Human Molecular Genetics, researchers analyzed epigenetic signatures in blood cells from 374 individuals enrolled in the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition. EPIC, as it’s known, is a massive study aimed at linking diet, lifestyle, and environmental factors to the incidence of cancer and other chronic diseases. Half of the group consisted of people who went on to develop colon or breast cancer 5 to 7 years after first joining the study, whereas the other half remained healthy.

    The team, led by James Flanagan, a human geneticist at Imperial College London, discovered a distinct “epigenetic footprint” in study subjects who were smokers. Compared with people who had never smoked, these individuals had fewer chemical tags known as methyl groups—a common type of epigenetic change—on 20 different regions of their DNA. When the researchers extended the analysis to a separate group of patients and mice that had been exposed to tobacco smoke, they narrowed down the epigenetic modifications to several sites located in four genes that have been weakly linked to cancer before. All of these changes should increase the activity of these genes, Flanagan says. It’s unclear why increasing the activity of the genes would cause cancer, he says, but individuals who don’t have cancer tend not to have these modifications.


  6. harleyrider1978 says:

    Frank you must be Psychic with your choise of topics:
    It is Dangerous to be Right When the Government is Wrong!


    Don Boys, Ph.D.

    Few statements by Bible hater Voltaire are worth repeating but this one is worthwhile: “It is dangerous to be right when the government is wrong!” People have lost their jobs, been fined, and placed in prison because they dared to tell the truth about their government. There is a big difference in your country and the ruling party. However, principled people have no choice but to tell the truth and accept the consequences.

    It is the responsibility of all thinking, honest people to stand against those who want to do them harm or imprison them! Or simply to steal some of their freedom “for their own sake” of course. I am not blaming Obama and his czars for seeking to rule since that is what wicked men have always tried to do to lazy, listless, and languid people. I am blaming those who so quickly submitted to his rule with very little or no protest. There are still Christians who defend voting for Obama!

    I resist, I reject, and I refuse to keep quiet. I will not whimper my objections lying in a fetal position in a semi-dark bedroom but will scream them, almost incoherently, from a mountain top or more precisely from my computer, radio and television, church pulpit, magazines, and street corner if necessary. Obviously, I’m a little appalled, agitated, and angry.

    George Orwell said, “In times of universal deceit, telling the truth will be a revolutionary act.” George was right!
    America has been stolen from us by the public school system, the media, Hollywood lowlifes, academia, and Liberal politicians. Because lies have been told so often, for so long, and in such enormity, our enemy is perceived as correct and exemplary while common, calm, and cautious people are thought to be corrupt and extremists!

    It is shocking that so many people think it is wrong to speak out against their government when that is exactly what all patriots should be doing. It is not disloyal to criticize your president. An informed, indignant, and impatient patriot must always be ready to defend his country against his government. Theodore Roosevelt said, “That we are to stand by the president, right or wrong is not only unpatriotic and servile, but is morally treasonable to the American public.” That’s one Roosevelt who was right.
    Go to the link for the rest

  7. GaryK30 says:

    “we much prefer knowledge to ignorance, and serene certainty to gnawing uncertainty.”

    I blame this on the fact that almost everybody lives in cities,rather than the country.

    City slickers expect stuff to be managed for them. They do not expect to have to do stuff for themselves.

    On the farm,we took care of our garbage.
    In the city, it is expected that the govt will take care of it.

    On the farm; if a tree fell on the henhouse and killed chickens, it was “Shit happens, get over it and get on with life.”

    City slickers want govt disaster relief to pay for their problems.

    On the farm, uncertainty was a fact of life.
    Shit happens!!

    Knowledge was suspect. My Grandfather used to say:
    1.) “It’s not what you don’t know that will get you in trouble. It’s what you do know that isn’t so!!!”

    2.) “Anyone that has all of the answers, doesn’t know what they are talking about!!”

    3.) “The only certainty is that what you don’t expect is what is likely to happen. Keep your options open.”

    4.) “Never expect others to do for you. They are too busy taking care of the shit that happens to them,”

    5.) Always take care of today’s shit today; otherwise, tomorrow you are going to have to take care of twice as much shit and it may be too much to take care of.”

    Grandpa wasn’t talking crude. That was just the quickest way to describe life and what would likely happen.

    When ‘uncertainties’ are expected; then, they are not ‘uncertain’!

    • harleyrider1978 says:

      S.H.I.T. Acronym for Stack High In Transit!
      SHIT a descriptive term describing anything in a bad way.
      Ahh Shit,that damn Murphys got my ticket again………………
      Murphy an imaginary name for bad luck! Mostly used as military slang

    • smokervoter says:

      I so wish I had snapped a photograph of that huge (had to have been at least 4 feet by 16 feet wide) sign behind the bar at JJ’s Cantina in Puerto Penasco, Mexico that reads simply: NO SNIVELING — SHIT HAPPENS. It was purposely made to look like a freeway sign – dark olive-drab green background with white lettering.

      The owners got sick and tired of dealing with city slicker college students from Phoenix, Arizona who flocked there in droves to get drunk, away from suburban certainty of their overprotective proctors and the po-lice, and then wound up in a zillion little mini-dramas (of their own making) that the owners then had to sort out.

      This place was literally out at the intersection of nowhere and absolute nowhere in the surreal Sonoran desert. Our astronauts practiced driving the moon rovermobiles not far away from JJ’s Cantina.

      I commented on it back at Frank’s The Worried and the Unworried posting. The formatting got screwed up, I had an unclosed italic tag in there somewhere.

    • smokervoter says:

      I so wish I had snapped a photograph of that huge (had to have been at least 4 feet by 16 feet wide) sign behind the bar at JJ’s Cantina in Puerto Penasco, Mexico that reads simply: NO SNIVELING — SHIT HAPPENS. It was purposely made to look like a freeway sign – dark olive-drab green background with white lettering.

      The owners got sick and tired of dealing with city slicker college students from Phoenix, Arizona who flocked there in droves to get drunk, away from suburban certainty of their overprotective proctors and the po-lice, and then wound up in a zillion little mini-dramas (of their own making) that the owners then had to sort out.

      This place was literally out at the intersection of nowhere and absolute nowhere in the surreal Sonoran desert. Our astronauts practiced driving the moon rovermobiles not far away from JJ’s Cantina.

      I commented on it back at Frank’s The Worried and the Unworried posting. The formatting got screwed up, I had an unclosed italic tag in there somewhere.

      PS: If this ends up as a double comment – something malfunctioned on the first go round. Sorry about that.

  8. GaryK30 says:

    Funny thing about dispelling ‘uncertainty’ with medical preventions.

    Every medical break thru is a medical disaster.

    Preventing cancers would lead to a stupendous increase in deaths from heart disease,Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s diseases.

    If you don’t die from one thing, you WILL die from something else.

    As for big govt, I would rather put my trust in a God.

    A God might listen to me when I talk to It.
    A Gd is not going to take most of my stuff and throw me in jail for nor giving my 10% or whatever I can give.
    A God might give me hope for the future. Govts’ future for us is not pleasant to think about.

  9. Paul Austin says:

    Mr. Davis, I’m with Margo in that it is strange that you’d choose now to bring up the certainity/uncertainity factor that the scientific priesthood spews forth and how it influences public policy and perceptions. It wasn’t so long ago that the oils in mixed nuts and the simple egg were risk factors in the human diet, while today you see Rod Blagojevich (former Illinois Governor now convicted of corruption) hawking pistachios on television and billboard ads for the ‘The incredible edible Egg’.
    Just recently a minor target of our esteemed mayor of New York city, salt, has had a reexamination:
    that blasts what was the basis for enacting regulations that, even if found groundless, will stay in place afterwards.
    The scientific priesthood? Well, they remain blameless and will defend their assertions along with the laws that they lobbied to be put in place.
    In years passed, the public would see these ‘tin hatters’ for what they were, cranks and charlatans. Today, you stick a Phd behind their names, give them grant money to examine the most abstract subject with a political agenda, and assemble a team of well compensate grad students Then, in the end, the lay press, is more than willing to publish a synopsis of their conclusions, without critique, as the gospel.
    Is it any wonder why these experts find that their myopic research is being rejected by the average citizen with guarded skepticism?

  10. Rose says:


    Hi Frank,
    Happy Boxing Day,
    Guess what I got for Christmas : )

    • Frank Davis says:


      We were talking about you a few days ago, and all very, very worried.

      I’d guess that you got a nice little laptop computer.

      And that will be a Christmas present for everyone reading this blog too.

    • GaryK30 says:

      Glad to see you back!!!

      Happy Holidays

    • magnetic01 says:

      “Guess what I got for Christmas”

      Umm…… a hand-held angle-grinder?…….. ummm….. jingle-playing socks?…… ummmmm….

      an automated nasal (and ear) hair plucker?……. Am I close? No. You’ll have to tell me, then :)

      Welcome back, Rose (Harley thought you may have re-married).

      Rose, just in time; this story might interest you.

      The nitwits from the Maldives Gov were probably not aware that nicotine is not peculiar to tobacco. They banned the cultivation of tobacco……. and everything else in the Solanaceae family as well – tomatoes, potatoes, etc. It seems as though the law will require “revision”.

      The new tobacco control Act would ban cultivation of potato and tomato in the Maldives as cultivating any species of the tobacco family is prohibited under the Act.

      The Article on cultivating and producing tobacco prohibits cultivation of any species of the tobacco family in the Maldives. There are about 90 genera and about 2,600 species in the tobacco family known as ‘Solanaceae’ which includes important vegetables such as potato, brinjal, tomato and peppers.

      Assistant Director of the Agricultural Ministry Mohamed Naseem said on Monday that the new Act would prohibit cultivation of potato and tomato in the Maldives. While stressing that the issue must be revised, he added that it had now been brought to the attention of the Health Ministry.

      Agriculture Ministry had met the Centre for Community Health and Disease Control (CCHDC) over the matter.

      Haveeru has been unable to obtain a comment from CCHDC thus far.


      • harleyrider1978 says:

        One really passing thought,bootleg potatoes grown in Ireland of all places can anyone even imagine!

      • nisakiman says:

        Heh! Why am I not surprised? Idiots.

        They are just so desperate to discommode smokers that they can’t even wait long enough to get it right.

        Pathetic, really.

        Welcome back Rose. We’ve missed your scholarly forays on this board. No doubt you’ve been putting your new toy through its paces for our future delectation!

      • smokervoter says:

        Archimedes used to say: “Give me a place to stand and with a lever I will move the whole world.”

        I say: Give me a 4 inch hand-held angle-grinder and a Milwaukee Sawz-all and I will remodel the world!

        And a big Jagger-esque ‘Oh, Yaay’ to Rose’s return to the fold.

    • beobrigitte says:

      Rose!!! Welcome back!!!!!!!!

  11. GaryK30 says:

    The Healthist Gospel

    20 minutes of exercise will add 1 minute to your life.

    Sooo, instead of spending 20 minutes doing something that I enjoy, like smoking or drinking or annoying antis, I excercise.

    What do I get, an extra minute of life at a time when I need help getting from a bed to the bathroom.
    That is not a smart trade-off.

    Each cigarette takes 1 minute off of your life,

    Smoke a pack per day for 55 years and you have ‘lost’ 10 months of being helped from your bed to the bathroom.

    But, by smoking a pack per day you have spent 5 years smoking and drinking and annoying the antis.

    Sounds good to me!

  12. harleyrider1978 says:

    H/T Paul Austin at the club

    Baltimore worker Reprimanded for Flatulence
    11:35 a.m. EST, December 23, 2012
    By Erin Cox

    From the folks who brought you the best celebrity mugshots now comes a case of extreme Baltimore flatulence.
    The Smoking Gun has posted the formal reprimand of a Social Security Administration worker who apparently stunk up his cubicle so often and so severely that his colleagues refused to work with him and management issued a sanction this month for “releasing the awful and unpleasant odor.”
    The five-page reprimand documents the smelly conduct and unsuccessful attempts by management to resolve it, including the man’s offer to purchase Gas X or turn on a fan when it happened. (Management declined, saying, “I explained to you that turning on the fan would cause the smell to spread and worsen the air quality in the module.)
    The formal reprimand, which The Smoking Gun said was circulated among union leaders, includes a log of each gassy offense from Sept. 7- Nov. 29, detailing to the minute every time his cubicle was fouled. On Sept. 21, for example, the man passed gas at 10:38 a.m., and 1:27 p.m., 1:35 p.m. and 1:49 p.m. On another day, eight offenses were recorded in a five hour period.
    Managers began discussing the flatulence as early as May, and though the man offered evidence of a medical condition that affected his work, the reprimand said he offered no evidence of uncontrollable flatulence.
    “It is my belief that you can control this condition,” management concluded in the reprimand.

    http://www.baltimoresun.com/features/ba … 2751.story

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  14. harleyrider1978 says:

    BTW Miss Rose we all love ya even if ya did get remarried! LOL

  15. junican says:

    Great to have you back, Rose!

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  17. RdM says:

    You’re aware (now!?) that there’s a site called http://www.tobaccoinduceddiseases.com/

    I subscribed to email alerts to see what the enemy was up to… ineffectually or not.

    Look for instance (it’s on the main page too so far) at this “study” (10 people!)
    Why do smokers diagnosed with COPD not quit smoking? – a qualitative study

    Yet whats reported is quite understandable:
    Demands to quit smoking from other people could lead to continued smoking or get them started again after cessation as they did not want to be patronized. They wanted to receive support from relatives and care providers but they wanted to make the decision to quit on their own

    Gravy train… ignorance … greed… government money?

    An old Soviet KGB influence campaign successful beyond dreams?

    “We even had a team in the WHO” – ex-KGB agent –

    Certainly the results in the West, not only the USA separately from the WHO, but the UK and all the Commonwealth countries, especially seem to have been propagandised & influenced hard; the destruction of pub culture, atomisation of individual tobacco enjoyers, – and thinkers – and generation of anti stories in the press, the MSM, with the third party commercial bankroll of Big Pgharma, (sorry;- something stuck in my throat!) – and consideration that back in the days – not only from the 30s to the 50s when spies like Philby & etc. were recruited and active, but even to the 70’s where Volkoff recounts tales of influence agents in Paris, earlier, British doctors were making trips to Russia, I note: the phrase “I admired the Soviet health system” seems to me common to both Philby & Godber… for the former, just before he defected, the only possibly pro-soviet phrase close friends could recall Philby uttering: – for the latter, I thought it used to be on the rampart anti smoking site – has it been excised – from Godber?

    Nevertheless, there were a train of UK doctors to Soviet Russia, recorded in archives.

    Another angle of influence? Oxford > MI5 one thing, the medical system another?

    Societal influence orchestrations was another department of the KGB, and far more subtle and separate from infiltration espionage or counter-espionage, as Volkoff points out.

    The West is surely self-destructing with these dictums … imposed from without, but unexamined, thoughtlessly & uncritically subscribed to by Ministries Of Health worldwide, fed by “advisors” …

    And pushed through legislation by “feel good – do good” ignorant lazy politicians…

    But if this is so, despite many or most of the TC herd being useful gravy-train brainwashed idiots, carrying out the program(me)(s), some of the “old hats” at the top, and or their suborned subordinates, might still yet be able to be exposed…

    In 2013, Tobacco Control must be shown up for the trojan horse it is, its house of cards blown away, the lies and destructive evil propaganda exposed and accused and vanquished…

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