Destroying A Culture

A bit puzzled today. I’m getting a row of adverts down the right hand side of my browser screen. At first I thought it was WordPress, and they’d introduced advertising. But it happens quite often when I look at non-WordPress sites too (e.g. Dick Puddlecote).

I generally use Google Chrome as a browser, but the same thing happened with Firefox, and also an ancient version of Internet Explorer. Someone suggested looking in my cookies, but didn’t say what for. But I thought cookies were browser-specific anyway.

All the adverts are for things like Dell Computers. And they can be closed by hitting the x marked on them. But they’re back again if I go to a new page.

Anyone got any suggestions?

Back to DP. I’ve got no children, and I’m not a church-goer. And he has a recent post that’s about both:

I asked a very simple question, you would think, of a 13 and nearly 12 year old in Britain. Do they know the words of the Lord’s Prayer which was said during last Sunday’s ceremony?

Blank looks.

I even gave them the first three lines.

Blank looks.

They not only didn’t know the words, they had never even heard of it.

But they are both intimately knowledgeable about some guy who lived two and a half thousand years ago and is followed by just about no-one in this country.

Listen, I’m not religious in the slightest, despite Irish ancestry, but surely the Lord’s Prayer should be at the forefront of religious education in a state which is supposed to be a little bit CofE? You know, having a Queen which is the head of state and the church, and all? How in buggery have they not been taught of the Lord’s Prayer’s existence after 8 or 9 years of state education, yet they know all about Sikhism, Hinduism, Islam and even the primary Buddha as if they’re chums?

Along similar lines was some other news today:

David Cameron today threatened to give the Church of England “a sharp prod” to make it allow women to become bishops.

The Prime Minister said he would look carefully at what Parliament could do to force the Church to change its mind, as MPs condemned the ruling Synod for rejecting the idea.

Bearing in mind that the Queen is the head of the Church of England, what business is it of David Cameron what the church synod decides? Isn’t a synod the body that decides these sorts of things?

He told MPs: “I’m very clear the time is right for women bishops – it was right many years ago.”

“They need to get on with it, as it were, and get with the programme.”

It’s the same overbearing attitude that’s applied to everyone else as well. “I know better than you do what’s good for you, and you must do what I tell you, because if you don’t I’ll force you to do so anyway.” Smokers, of course must also “get with the programme”, and quit smoking. But where did this “programme” come from? Whose programme is it? Not mine. Not the church synod’s. Nor the British people’s.

I can’t help but think that the real purpose of all this is to destroy a culture. The smoking ban and the denormalisation of smokers is an attack on an ancient, convivial culture. But the same is true of attacks on the churches, by either teaching nothing about them, or forcing them to change their ways (and by extension their beliefs as well). And then, when everything has been broken into little pieces, the idea is probably to “re-educate” everybody in a new set of beliefs and doctrines, as set out in “the programme”.

It’s the sort of thing that used to happen in the Soviet Union. And yet, amazingly, the Russian (Eastern) Orthodox church survived 70 years of Soviet persecution.

It’s very difficult to destroy a culture and re-make it. And these bossy, arrogant people are going to find this out pretty soon.

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24 Responses to Destroying A Culture

  1. beobrigitte says:

    I do agree about the Lord’s prayer; this is a Christian Country whose population can live with people of other faiths, so it would be natural to think that the emphasis on teaching religion in school would be Christianity.
    The Lord’s prayer can come in handy at times; for instance when you are dealing with a highly stressful situation. Perhaps not quite in the mind of my Church last weekend I put out the message that for 10 minutes I will be found on the bench with a cup of coffee, a cigarette and mumbling the lord’s prayer in order to come up with a plan that has a chance of working. There is one person grateful for that!!! (Against all odds it did work; even I thought it wouldn’t but it did!)

    My Church and it’s people are a different thing. My Church will not allow women priests, so the question whether women could be ordained as bishops is not relevant to them.

    Quite frankly, why could women NOT become priests or bishops?
    He told MPs: “I’m very clear the time is right for women bishops – it was right many years ago.”

    “They need to get on with it, as it were, and get with the programme.”

    Since when is my equality “a programme”?

  2. harleyrider1978 says:

    Multiculturalism is the root of the evil you speak of Frank…………..I am politically Incorrect and Proud….Its a survival technique. Deny them your mind as you did by tossing out the tele. What they truly cant stand is our culture saying no and we do it in the most disgusting ways that truly pisses the nazi controllers off. We buy blackmarket ciggys, We run counter information to the state propaganda and junk science. Your Blog,we spank our kids for doing wrong and mostly we maintain our cultural values and traditions. The latter is the most effective weapon against multiculturalism and political correctness. Deny them at every turn and in fact lets increase the push against the government mandated counter culture.

  3. Reader says:

    You have picked up some malware which is showing those ads.
    I have taken the malware called coupon dropdown off a friends PC recently. It might have installed itself as a browser plugin or extension ,or as program or it may be a different variant.
    Check your browser plugins and installed programmes run a malware scan
    Uninstall CouponDropDown – If installed, uninstall CouponDropDown.
    Remove CouponDropDown – Remove CouponDropDown add-on/extension.
    Clear Cache And Cookies – Delete browser data and tracking cookies.
    Anti-Malware Software – If necessary, scan, detect, and remove malware.
    System Restore – Restore system to a date and time before issues.

  4. junican says:

    Whether or not the Christian Church in England decides to have or not have female bishops is none of Cameron’s business. He is only Prime Minister. He is not God. It is none of his business, and he should say so.
    But he is terrified. He is terrified of the feminists in his own party and in Parliament. He is a fool, since he betrays only weakness.
    And isn’t weakness in politicians the reason that we have smoking bans?

    I am not sufficiently knowledgeable about these things, but there must be many who read this blog who are. The Civil Service used to be strictly politically neutral, but it seems to have been invaded by politically motivate ‘experts’. Are Cameron and Clegg capable of cleaning the augean stables? Judging from their public statements, they give no signs of even knowing that there is a problem! And yet this matter is of the greatest importance, and is one of the reasons that our political system stinks.

    we can only hope that, one day, a ‘Churchill’ will emerge who will sat, “Up with this I will not put!”

    • beobrigitte says:

      He is terrified of the feminists in his own party and in Parliament. He is a fool, since he betrays only weakness.
      And isn’t weakness in politicians the reason that we have smoking bans?

      Women who wish to be to be treated as a REAL equal aren’t necessarily FEMINISTS.

      Smoking bans are being introduced usually with whimpering, helpless females as their flagship. Tobacco Control preys on maternal instinct attributed to women (what about men, the FATHERS?) and plays this card to overkill or for as long as they get away with it.

      Sometimes I think politician have got to be stupid.

  5. lysistratatheoriginal says:

    1. Adverts. Can’t help there I’m afraid. I occasionally get irrelevant ones (but not on your or DP’s sites) urging me to meet other Christian singles. Which is strange as I’m neither Christian nor single, and Mr L might have something to say about it anyway if in a fit of madness I did follow the advert up.
    2. Although I’m not Christian, I did feel a personal sadness at the Synod vote against having women bishops. To be fair, the majority voted for and the result was more to do with their esoteric voting systems that allowed a fundamentalist minority to win.
    Anglicanism is still the state religion in the UK. Bishops have protected rights to sit in the House of Lords. HM The Queen is the Head of the Church of England. Parish priests still have a duty of care and protection and the offering of succour to all who live within their parish, whether Christian or not. This is not irrrelevant. It matters.
    In my previous work, I have known many devout women in the Anglican church who were delighted to be able to be ordained at last as priests, and who felt it was their calling. I found them to be both sane and important contributors to local communities. Very few were Dawn French types!
    DP makes an important point. The cadences and references in the english language owe much to the King James Bible and to long cultural traditions (well, since the 17C) of being able to recite The Lords Prayer from memory. I do differ from DP in that the National Anthem – like all national anthems – is pretty crap and that no-one should need to know all the words. Let’s mumble together with embarrassment.
    And as for those who regret the fact that we have people of different cultures and faiths in the uk and quote the example of the way that Muslims (not Islam) are supposed to treat women as lesser beings – well, what does the Synod vote say about our own state religion? Exactly the same.
    What the vote says to me is that women are still regarded as somehow not quite human. They’re just about ok, but they’re not really normal. Not like men are. They can be tolerated, but they can’t really be allowed to join society fully.
    We women are a bit like smokers, really. We’re ok in our place, but they’d quite like us not to think of ourselves as proper people like men are, and we shouldn’t be seen in public.
    Angry? Damned right I am.

    • Budvar says:

      So, let me get this straight, You’re not Christian, so have no inclination to be ordained a female Bishop, yet you’re livid about not being allowed, is that about the size of it? pretty much sums up this line of thinking.

      Why should institutions, tradititions etc that are traditionally a male preserve be opened up to women? I feel the same regarding tradititionally women oriented groups too, why should they be opened up to men?

      The use of force to impose your view on someone is fundementally wrong. Will Cameron be forcing muslims to ordain (or whatever they do) women imams? Good luck with that!!

      • lysistratatheoriginal says:

        Budvar, may I refer you to Marie’s post below, which has answered you far more eloquently, and in a more timely manner, than me.
        I said that I felt a personal sadness at the vote.
        What I am damned angry about is the denormalisation of women and of smokers.

  6. junican says:

    Correct me if I am wrong. I have no personal interest.

    In the Christian Church, women, as the female of the species, have particular roles. It is true that males cannot concieve and cannot bear children. It is undeniable, therefore, that men and women are not interchangeable.

    It may well be that this debate is being directed into directions which are unsuitable. For example, why should atheists have any say at all in what the Anglican Church does? That is the crux. Cameron is, for all intents, an atheist, as far as we know. Certainly, his pronoucements have no moral integrity – they are opportunistic.

    Why do the Camerons of this world have to pronounce on every single little bit of everything? Why don’t they stick to their business and leave the religions alone?

    • Marie says:

      The church can make up any rules it likes as far as I am concerned, membership, at least in these modern times, is voluntary. However, the C of E is the established church in the UK, so it forms part of the state, has representatives in parliament as a matter of course and so on. If they cannot obey the laws of an establishment of which they are a part then they should bugger off out of that establishment. The choice is simple, make your own rules and stop being the established church or toe the line and retain your position of unelected, undeserved and unjustifiable privilege within the state machine.

  7. mikef317 says:

    I’ve never seen an ad on your blog or DP’s. I run Internet Explorer on Windows 7.

    If you get these ads on multiple sites I’d suspect that your PC is infected.

    Assume you have an anti-virus program. Most have “quick” and “full” scans, with the latter running once a week. I’d do a full scan and see if it finds / removes anything.

    Also, from the Windows Start button, search for “Windows Defender.” See if it’s running and if you have a recent definition file.

    One commenter suggested a system restore. I’d call that a last resort.

    • nisakiman says:

      Yes, I wouldn’t have thought a system restore was necessary, but I’d recommend using his link to Malwarebytes. It’s a free download and is very efficient. I’ve used it for years. In fact I’ve got the Pro version with realtime protection. Works a treat. But the free version is excellent too.

  8. smokervoter says:

    Get with the program. Straighten up and fly right. Join the human race. Get your head out of the past. Times have changed. Gee whiz, nobody smokes cigarettes anymore.

    Words always spoken by the latest drill masters of The Newly Enlightened.

    Great Britain has such a matchless culture to my minds eye. How greedy and low down it was for Blair & company to purposely open up the floodgates solely to guarantee political power for themselves. Cameron and Obama are both too young to be lecturing their citizens on life.

    I’m wise enough to know better than to stick my nose into another countries business so I’ll just say that although I think women should be able to be bishops, what I think isn’t material.

    I’m a blonde-haired, blue-eyed, white male but this wholesale societal status downgrade I’ve experienced because I like to smoke has opened my eyes to what women have gone through as chattel and second-class nationals all these years.

  9. Bucko says:

    Re: The adverts. Sounds like you may have downloaded something (an update maybe) that came with some ‘free’ junk. Go to your control panel and open Add/Remove Programs. (Uninstall a program in Win7). Look through the list and see if you can spot anything that shouldn’t be there.
    Make sure you have the right program before you remove it though.

  10. c777 says:

    Best malware trojan remover there is.
    You have to disable your anti virus first before running the package.
    Works every time.

  11. forcesnl says:

    Run Spybot ( to find and remove all the adware from your machine. You will be amazed how much this program will find!!

    • margo says:

      I’m really grateful for this. I’ve been getting a load of ads, too, every time I go on the Internet – but not on this blog.

  12. Mike_Iver_Village says:

    I agree with forcesnl – Spybot is the best – I agree you will be amazed at what it finds

  13. Ta for the link, Frank, and great observations.

    It does seem to be that we are living in an age where left of centre political correctness has bypassed debate and installed itself straight into consensus. Meanwhile, those beneath the elite are mostly living their lives as they have for decades quite happily. So, as you say, this is obviously going to cause tension, but the response from Cameron and the rest of the clique in power is to just ridicule, shame, harass and bully until everyone falls into line.

    And yet none of us had any say in the matter at all. It has all been decided for us.

  14. margo says:

    I agree with you and DP, Frank. Cameron should keep his nose out of what isn’t his business. It’s entirely up to the church whether they have women bishops, or not – and entirely up to the populace whether they choose to go to church or not. And whether you’re a believer or an atheist, surely you want your kids to have a basic knowledge of the culture and its traditions, and that includes knowing that there’s something called the Lord’s Prayer (and someone called Shakespeare who wrote plays, and a few other things too).
    Cameron is simply too young and foolish for the job. He hasn’t done or said a single sensible thing, yet. God help us if anything truly life-threatening happens. He’s going to screw up.

  15. Frank Davis says:

    I took Wiel and Mike’s advice, and downloaded and installed SpyBot. It got 535 results at level 5. I wasn’t quite sure what it meant by this, but it seems this was probably an intermediate level. I then asked it to fix them all. And it seemed like maybe it did. But then after clicking on some other option (to prevent it from scanning on start-up), it hung up, and I had a non-responding programme message from Windows.

    So I re-booted the machine, and started the Chrome browser. And no adverts appeared in the margin. Instead a small ad appeared under my latest post. And this one really was a WordPress ad. In which case everyone should be seeing them.

    We run these types of ads sparingly in an attempt to interfere as little as possible with the experience of reading a site and for logged in users we don’t show ads at all.

    And indeed, the small ads under the post disappeared once I’d logged in.

    • forcesnl says:

      Frank, also update the signature file and then immunize your machine so the bots won’t be installed. That’s why Spybot needs to be started during startup: to prevent new infections. It sits in the tray as a watchdog.

  16. johnnyrvf says:

    @ Marie, Whilst I understand your point of view, as someone who was brought up under the auspecies of the Russian Orthodox Church and knew people that had directly suffered under Lenin, Stalin and Hitlers SS regiments, I was taught the meaning of humility, part of which comes from being well versed in a subject but also being certain that there is much more to learn. To be blunt, from my interpretation of what you write you know absolutely nothing about the CofE, its history, traditions or even reason for being yet alone anything about why the Christian Church was adopted as the state religion by so many countries and how its theology formed the laws and moral attitudes of their peoples, therefore who are you to tell millions of people what to do?

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