Tobacco Update 2

After my plants had grown the whole height of the window, I took the suggested advice of putting them on the floor by the window. And replaced the ones removed from the window sill with smaller ones from elsewhere.

A couple of them have flowered at last. Both plants have just one white flower with a purple fringe.

But given the time of year, I’m wondering whether it’s time to harvest them.

So I suppose I ought to think about drying them and curing them. Pat Nurse has a long photo essay on how to do it, and a link to Junican’s page on it all. I must say it all seems rather arduous, wrapping things in string, and unwrapping them every day. And also I don’t have a warm airing cupboard or radiator in my flat (it’s quite warm anyway).

I may follow Harley’s suggestion of hanging them upside down. I’m sure that in the USA, tobacco isn’t wrapped and unwrapped the whole time. Maybe it’s a climate thing.

But I seem to be collecting brown dried lower leaves at quite a rate already. They dry fairly quickly, and I’ve broken them up into fragments in an airtight jar. It’s rapidly filling up. I weighed it last week and it had 2-3 gms of tobacco in it. It’s probably twice that now.

I’ve been mixing it in with manufactured tobacco, just to make it go further. But because it’s rather dry, it makes for a hotter smoke.

My green pepper plants all flowered months ago, and a couple of them are sporting small peppers, about 2 inches long. I still don’t know whether they’re chilli peppers or sweet red peppers. If they’re the former, they need to get twice as big. And if the latter, four or five times as big. I’m hoping they’re chilli peppers.


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24 Responses to Tobacco Update 2

  1. Tom says:

    I wonder if a dehydration oven might work. I think they make them out of plastic parts, not terribly expensive, used for drying out fruits and veggies into dehydrated state for adding water back later on when time to use. Or else maybe a fireproof box of some sort and a politically incorrect old fashioned light bulb left a day or two with some leaves would dry them out. I’m just guessing I mean, what comes to mind when you talk about what you are doing.

    • Frank Davis says:

      I’ve got a large cupboard with just a few clothes in it. Maybe if I put a 40 watt light bulb in it, and slide the doors shut, it’ll do the job. I could easily get all my plants inside.

      Somewhere or other, I’ve got a thermostatic switch which could regulate it. What’s the ideal temperature?

      • Tom says:

        I have no idea on temperature but a medium watt bulb generating slow constant heat should be enough to dry leaves out, if drying things out at a slow consistency is what part of the curing process curtails. I have no practical experience but am only guessing such a set-up would work. I know to dry out film after developing for example, one way is hanging it in a small enclosed area with a light bulb to generate slow constant heat and that dries things out. So for tobacco leaves it seems it would do the same.

  2. smokervoter says:

    I smoke about 6,700 grams a year.

    Roughly three years ago I wrote a little blurb over at Livejournal Pro Smokers. In the last two paragraphs, by my calcs, I figured I needed to grow 150 plants. No, I don’t remember how I arrived at the figure. Probably extracted it from the right honorable Dan Di Francesco of Tobacco Talk fame. I just love everything about his website, it reminds me of my kitschy GeoCities-like website.

    Dan Di Francesco’s Tobacco Talk

    He’s got a great forum, too.

    Not sure if anyone is familiar with this guy or not. He’s been around forever and a day.

    Regarding dry, hot-burning/smoking tobacco, I use a plastic spray bottle and squirt my bulk rolling tobacco (buy it in one pound packages) with a fine mist. Smokes smoother and each cig lasts longer.

    It’s absolutey essential to making my Democrat-downgraded ‘Pipe Tobacco’ (thanks Obama, F-U Obama) palatable and pleasurable.

  3. smokervoter says:

    Here’s the article I wrote for Livejournal’s Pro Smokers.
    The worlds best cigarettes

  4. waltc says:

    I can’t seem to master the RYO thing. A few yrs ago, I bought a small 40 buck machine that kept constantly jamming. Any one got any recommendations?

    OT. San Rafael (CA– where else?) just banned smoking in all apartments, rented or owned, and even in attached housing with only two units. It also banned smoking on all downtown streets unless you “keep moving, Bud.” The article in the local paper (link 1) quotes Robert Proctor (he of “the Nazis had the right idea” fame) as hoping this spreads throughout the country. Interesting, too, is that Siegel has a blog on this (link 2) that’s almost a philosophical exercise, but (ha!) he only covers the street-ban part, not the apartment ban which he’s elsewhere been known to favor. The creep.

    • harleyrider1978 says:

      Its unconstitutional and will likely soon be in federal courts.

    • Frank Davis says:

      Any one got any recommendations?

      Hand roll them.

      That’s what I’ve been doing for the last 40 years. It’s quite easy. If it wasn’t easy, I wouldn’t be able to do it.

      The thing that it’s most comparable to doing is tying shoelaces. If you can tie your own shoelaces, then you can hand roll your own cigarettes. The two tasks are the same magnitude of difficulty, more or less.

      It took me a couple of weeks to get the hang of it. I was sharing a flat with someone who showed me how to do it. But when I tried the first time, I just couldn’t do it. It took me a couple of weeks of trying, to finally get the hang of it. I seem to remember that it was about that to learn to tie my shoelaces.

      I once tried to explain to someone online how to do it in a comment like this one. But I think it needs pictures. So I think I need to draw some pictures of how I do it, with the positions of the hands and fingers and paper and tobacco.

      Trouble is, it’s a hard thing to draw when both hands are fully engaged in rolling a cigarette. I’d photograph it if it was easier. But there’s the same problem there, unless my camera has a video facility.

      Wonderful things, fingers.

      P.S. I read The Big Sleep yesterday. I liked it a lot.

    • Messalina says:

      Hi Walt, I use those small hand rolling machines. They’re very cheap, about £1 (or 2 euros approximately) Rizla makes them, so does Gizeh. They also make the papers and filters.
      God, must be hell on earth in California! Who would have ever imagined it – these nazis invading peoples personal space. I haven’t read the article yet, I’m afraid I’ll be boiling mad once I’ve read it!

      • margo says:

        I like the Rizla rolling machines, too.

        • beobrigitte says:

          God, must be hell on earth in California!

          That’s why I avoid it like the bubonic plague. Massachusetts is pretty cr*p, too. Not going there until I have been given space and comfort to enjoy my CIGARETTEs!!! End of – no discussion. If they don’t want me as a smoker, they don’t want the cash I would spend there.

    • Lars Folmann says:

      I know the small machines, they are ok when you buy them, but when they get worn, they make the ciggies thinner and thinner, and thighter and thighter. I use a rolling matt, it look like one of them you make sushi with, just in half size. Start with some fresh tobacco, and fill out the ciggy with some chaf tobacco. You can make them as thick as the paper allow, like senior service in old days. Thats a good ciggy.

  5. Pat Nurse says:

    It is a bit of hassle Frank but for me it’s a labour of ,love and has become quite a hobby. However, it is just one method and the only reason I use it is because it’s supposed to be the quickest.

    Other people do just hang leaves. You might find this useful

  6. Jack Bash says:

    Most of our customers simply hang their plants in an airy place to dry over a period of 6 weeks (be these flue,air or sun cured varieities). Its no good if they dry sooner; any later and the chances are the leaves are going moldy. To remoisten very dry tobacco, simply place something wet inside for a couple of hours until the dry leaves absorb sufficient water.

    Making tobacco is like anything else in life……its what you make it. Keeping it simple to start with is the best policy.

    • Frank Davis says:

      to dry over a period of 6 weeks (be these flue,air or sun cured varieities). Its no good if they dry sooner

      Why does it matter that it should be 6 weeks, no more, no less?

  7. harleyrider1978 says:

    World’s oldest new dad is 96
    Indian man met his 52-year-old wife 10 years ago

    90 year man: My 18 year wife is pregnant, your opinion doctor?

    Dr: Let me tell you a story..
    A hunter in a hurry, grabs an umbrella instead of gun.
    He moves in to the jungle, sees a lion, lifts the umbrella, pulls the handle & BANG.. the lion drops dead.!
    Old man: That’s impossible, someone else must have shot the lion.

  8. harleyrider1978 says:

    WHEREAS, in 1993 the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) found
    secondhand smoke to be a risk to public health, and classified secondhand smoke as a Group A
    carcinogen, the most dangerous class of carcinogen; and
    WHEREAS, in 2009 the World Health Organization (WHO) estimated that without
    regulation, by 2030 tobacco will account for 8 million deaths per year, making it the greatest
    cause of death worldwide; and
    WHEREAS, in 2010, there were an estimated 7,600 smoking-related fires in residential
    buildings in the United States resulting in an estimated 350 civilian deaths, 950 civilian injuries
    and $286 million in direct property damage according to the United States Fire Administration;
    WHEREAS, smoke-free regulations in multi-unit residential buildings could save
    property owners up to $18 million a year statewide on the cost of cleaning apartments vacated by
    tenants who smoke, according to a 2011 UCLA study; and
    WHEREAS, most cigarette filters are made of cellulose acetate and do not biodegrade,
    and in 2012 the San Rafael “Butts for Bounty” program collected 230,000 discarded cigarette
    butts within two months time; and
    WHEREAS, the Council of the City of San Rafael directed staff to pursue amendments to
    strengthen regulations concerning secondhand smoke and smoking as part of the priority and
    goal setting in January 2012; and
    WHEREAS, on April 16, 2012, the Council of the City of San Rafael heard an
    informational presentation from the City Manager’s Office recommending the preparation of a
    draft ordinance to amend the San Rafael Municipal Code to include the prohibition of smoking
    in outdoor dining areas, recreation areas, service areas, entryways, worksites and multi-family
    properties; and
    WHEREAS, on August 23,2012, a town-hall meeting was held in the City Hall Council
    Chambers to receive public comments on the proposed Ordinance; and
    WHEREAS, at the town-hall meeting on the matter of smoking in public places and
    multi-family properties, numerous attendees, including residents, property managers and owners,
    and a representative from the American Lung Association, spoke regarding the harmful effects
    of secondhand smoke and smoking in public places and multi-family properties;

    • Tom says:

      San Rafael is in Marin County north of SF on the other side of the GG Bridge. Marin County is a tony land of millionaires, akin to a Beverly Hills would be to LA, and a lot of doctors live there, presumably many from UCSF who commute the bridge daily in their Mercedes and Jaguars. (There is on public record a certain Glantz Family Trust Fund non-profit set-up in Marin County that lists San Rafael as the address for its official contact person.)

      So that gives you some hints and clues about why they chose San Rafael as location for testing this thing out and declaring it “normal”, then hastening it everywhere else. (And should SHS ever be declared a non-pollutant by the Federal EPA, or the Federal EPA ever shut down or limited, the CA State EPA has unfortunately declared SHS Fraud the biggest harm of the millenia, so the CA State EPA would undoubtedly still be called upon to keep the CA bans going for decades to centuries into the future.)

      Interestingly there is the San Rafael (Marin County) to Richmond (Contra Costa County) toll bridge that travels across San Pablo Bay in an East/West direction. There is no toll traveling west-bound from Richmond into San Rafael. But to escape San Rafael to the Richmond direction will cost you $5 for anyone wishing to flee.

  9. harleyrider1978 says:

    Report: Dalli middleman asked for €60mn
    Today @ 12:58

    .Mouth-tobacco producer Swedish Match has told Swedish paper Aftonbladet that a middleman for former EU commissioner John Dalli asked for €10 million immediately and a further €50 million later on to lift an EU ban on export of the product. Dalli has accused the firm of entrapment.

    Only one thing this could have meant,the bribe was so big every underling at the EU COMISSION was going to get a piece of the action!

    • beobrigitte says:

      Harley, do you mean the Dalli, a rabid anti-smoker, who rather “dalli-dalli” resigned from his post as European Commissioner for Health and Consumer Policy after

      Commissioner John Dalli has today announced his resignation as a member of the Commission, with immediate effect.

      Mr Dalli informed the President of the European Commission Jose Manuel Barroso of his decision following an investigation by OLAF, the EU’s antifraud office, into a complaint made in May 2012 by the tobacco producer, Swedish Match. The company alleged that a Maltese entrepreneur had used his contacts with Mr Dalli to try to gain financial advantages from the company in return for seeking to influence a possible future legislative proposal on tobacco products, in particular on the EU export ban on snus . ?

      • Messalina says:

        Thank God he’s out! His Tobacco Directive plans were an atrocious assault on personal freedom. See Nannying Tyrants blog, there’s a video there. My God, what an arrogant piece of work.

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