ISIS Survey Clarification

I had an email from one of the ISIS pollsters yesterday saying that it was a pity that I had announced the end of the ISIS Social Impact Survey on 1 October, because this weekend he was going to some sort of meeting where there would be lots of smokers.

I wrote back to say that of course it would be okay to survey the people at the meeting. So I hope he goes ahead and does so.

When I announced the end of the survey a few days back, I simply meant that it was time for people to get their results either entered at the ISIS website or physically sent to me to enter the data for them (as a couple of people are opting to do). There’s no rush about getting these results in. It’s probably going to be the end of the October before I’ll be able to start looking at them. So if people can gather more completed questionnaires by then, they’ll all be counted. And they may even get counted after the end of October, when I hope the analysis gets under way. It’s not as if only questionnaires completed before the end of September are valid, and all questionnaires completed thereafter are invalid: it is that all questionnaires submitted after the survey analysis is completed won’t count, because they can’t count.

So I probably should have said that it wasn’t so much the end of the survey, but the beginning of the end of the survey. And maybe even the beginning of the beginning of the end of the survey.

I entered another 20 or so of my own completed questionnaires on the ISIS website tonight. They each took about 3 minutes to do, after I’d filled them in and checked them and checked that they had actually been recorded.

I did this by selecting the ‘new’ option under the drop-down menu at the top, and by clicking  the ‘submit’ button at the bottom when I’d filled them in. The most difficult field to fill in is the date and time, which has to have dashes and colons in it (but is useful all the same). The second most difficult was the email address option, trying to decipher near-illegible handwriting. Apart from that it was a doddle. I chose to mark the entered questionnaires on the back with their ID on the website, which I found when I checked that they had gone in. After I’d pressed ‘submit’, I went back to see whether they’d been added to the drop-down menu (because it’s possible to go back and edit them).

And yes, if pollsters want to, they can fill in the questionnaire themselves. But only just the once, obviously. And if they’ve already done the public online survey (in right margin), then they shouldn’t do the paper survey. Or if they’ve done the paper survey, they shouldn’t do the online survey. If you see what I mean.

Tonight I’ve re-sent the emails I sent a month back, giving pollsters the website address and their personal username and password for the online ISIS data entry. And as I’ve said, if people are having trouble entering data, or are too busy, they can email me transcribed results or scanned images of their completed questionnaires, or they can post them to me. Either drop in a comment below, or send me an email.

If Wiel is reading this, I will be asking him soon for a download facility so that I (and anyone else in the survey) can download all the survey results, in some simple text format, and take a look at them on their computers at home. Wiel has kindly offered to do any statistical analysis needed.

And here’s the Most Natural Beauty in Britain. And I must say she is very pretty. And she works in a fish-and-chip shop. “It was settled with science,” the accompanying video burbled. I don’t see what ‘science’ has got to do with it at all. It’s all subjective. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.


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7 Responses to ISIS Survey Clarification

  1. harleyrider1978 says:


    The Dark Roots of the “Brussels EU”
    This article highlights the birth place of the “Brussels EU” on the drawing boards of the Nazi/IG Farben-coalition for a post-war Europe under their control. It is an excerpt of the speech by Dr. Rath on the occasion of receiving the “Relay of Life” award from survivors of the Auschwitz concentration camp.

    The corporate preparations for World War II started as early as 1925, when Bayer, BASF, Hoechst and other German multinationals formed a cartel called “IG Farben Industry”. The declared goal of this cartel was to obtain control of the global markets in the key industrial sectors of chemistry, pharmaceuticals and petrochemicals. Already in 1925, when this cartel was founded, its corporate value surpassed 11 billion Reichsmark and it employed more than 80,000 people.

    • margo says:

      Very interesting, harleyrider – thanks.

      • harleyrider1978 says:

        The Ugly Truth Behind Those Unemployment Numbers
        7.8% unemployment my arse!
        One of the main reasons the rate dropped, in fact, is because the BLS stopped counting nearly 1.2 million people as part of the labor force.

        That’s a record. It puts the labor force participation rate at a 30-year low of 63.7%, significantly below the long-term average of 65.8%.

        While it’s true the official number of unemployed fell from 13.1 million in December to 12.8 million, it helps when you simply don’t include 1.2 million in the equation.

        The number of long-term unemployed – those who have been without work for 27 weeks or more – remained stuck at about 5.5 million. That’s 42.3% of all unemployed.

        A few more sobering statistics: America has 5.6 million fewer jobs than it did in 2008. And there are 462,000 fewer people working now than three years ago, despite a steadily increasing population.

        When you add it all up, the prospects for jobs in America don’t look quite so rosy.

        And pollster Gallup Inc., which does its own tracking of the unemployment rate, reported that the general unemployment rate rose from 8.5% to 8.6%. And Gallup said the rate for the underemployed jumped to 18.7% from 18.3%.

        “Regardless of what the government reports, Gallup’s unemployment and underemployment measures show deterioration since mid-January,” a report on Gallup’s Web site says.

        So while Democrats running for re-election – including President Barack Obama – now have some pretty statistics supporting their claim for more jobs in America, the crisis is not over.

  2. Wiel Maessen says:

    Download facility is available in the results page (bottom of page).

    It allows someone to download the data either in comma- or semicolon-delimited format. What you need depends on the settings in Excel. For English language versions the first (comma) version will be ok for Excel to load it correctly.

    The file can also be opened in a normal text editor, but that doesn’t have a very practical usage apart from getting an raw impression of what was entered.

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