Call to ISIS Pollsters

I’ve been running the International Social Impact Survey (ISIS) for the last few months, and a week or two back I emailed all the pollsters to tell them that their own personal online data entry form was now ready to accept data. This is quite separate from the public online survey open to everyone, and requires a unique username and password.

I’ve had responses from over half of them, but no response from the others. And yet several of them are regular readers and commenters. So this is a call to truckerlyn, garyk30, messalina, lysistrata, rotherwise, diesel/ratinthecorner, and ladyraj to check their email. Would they please either email me (at cfrankdavis at or leave a comment either here or on the ISIS discussion forum, so that I can get an idea what their status is.

In addition, there’s a possibility that Furor Teutonicus and Thomas Bell (who both have copies of the survey) may have managed to collect some data. I haven’t emailed these two yet, but if they’re reading this, I’d like to hear from them.

After being enthusiastic for a week or two at the outset, Ladyraj seemed to go missing very early on. I’ve emailed her several times over the past few months, and got no reply. She’s also a Facebook friend, and has been posting up photos of herself. I’ve tried sending messages to her there, but got no response. If she reads this, I’m still hoping to hear from her. If anyone else is in contact with her, perhaps they can find out what happened.

The survey is due to carry on running for the rest of September, and so there’s no hurry to enter questionnaire results right now. But at least one person has been experiencing problems with data entry, so I’d like to hear that people have at least tried it out successfully. I’m a bit concerned that I seem to be (almost) the only person who has managed to enter any data so far.

Anyway, here’s Lana Del Rey’s latest (and greatest) single:


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33 Responses to Call to ISIS Pollsters

  1. Hi Frank. Aye, I tried many times to collect anything, but as I pointed out earlier, Berlin is the wrong place to start. (I also tried Sachsen Hamburg and Braunschweig, with the same/similar responses, and for the same reasons)

    No one says they are effected by “the ban” because here, there is not one.

    What has been said in 99% of occassions, to give you an idea of the “problem”;

    “Never effected me. my pub is smoking any way”, or “Na, I just changed to going to the pub over the road. No problems, beer is cheaper/better/etc”.

    The only pub I know of that went “non smoking” closed down less than 12 months later. Then re-opened with a new owner, and is back to smoking.

    The only other places I can find where there is a ban are “pubs with food”. Which I do not class as “pubs” any way, and even most of them have “half and half”. You can still smoke in the “non eating area”.

    The survey would be more telling with Reinhold in Bayern. Where the ban is similar to the U.K. I.e EVERYWHERE.

    Sorry it did not go better. But when people do not see themselves as effected, then the whole questionnaire is null and void, because people could ONLY answer “no”, and that would only serve to sway it in the direction “SEE!! the smoking ban has not destroyed their social life!” Because we know damn well, that the ash nazis would ignore the part about their BEING practcally no ban.

    • A litle something I forgot. Every one I asked, I also asked if they could tell me where there was a “non smoking pub”. Although they all “knew someone who knows of one”, NONE of them could actually tell me the name, or where, there was such a thing. And I have looked at every pub I go past (yes it DOES happen that I sometimes go PAST a pub :-) ), with the same result. They were ALL smoking, or had 50/50.

    • Frank Davis says:

      Well, clearly where there is no ban, nobody will be affected. In that sense, this poll is only for people who are subject to such bans.

  2. mtoal52601 says:

    glad to see things moving!

  3. Hello Frank. I entered data and had no problem. Hope I did it right. I will enter some more in the days ahead.

  4. Rose says:

    QC Donald Findlay ‘will decline’ request to stop smoking outside court

    “Scotland’s best-known defence lawyer has said he is going to ignore new rules which say he cannot smoke outside a court building.

    An email was sent out to the Faculty of Advocates saying smokers should use a smoking shelter at Parliament House in Edinburgh where the Court of Session is instead of standing under the colonnades or in the car park.

    But Donald Findlay QC says he will continue to light up his pipe where he wants as long he is not breaking the law.

    Mr Findlay told the Herald: “I am resigned to being a member of the underclass of Scotland – the smokers who make up a quarter of the population. I won’t smoke in the colonnades just to make a point.

    But until somebody shows me a law which I am breaking, I will adopt my usually policy on these things and do what I like within the law.”

  5. smokingscot says:

    Re your post of yesterday.

    Lansley’s been hoofed.

    Britton backed a Jack Ass…. this time round.

  6. nisakiman. says:

    The opportunity arose for a few days break, so I’m on the mainland until Friday (bit of a busman’s holiday, I know, but it’s a change of scenery :) ). Obviously I’ve only got the laptop (which doesn’t have my passwords stored) and of course I don’t have the Qs with me to enter the info anyway, but I’ll make a start when I get back. Haven’t tried entering any data yet, so I’ve no idea if I’ll encounter any problems, but if I do, I’ll be in touch.

    • Frank Davis says:

      Sounds nice. My history of Rome is now all about Greece, so I’ve been using google maps to find places like the Acrocorinth, Demetrias, Chalcis, Arcadia, Aetolia, Epirus, Apollonia. I’ve been finding out all sorts of things about Greece over the past few weeks. I guess I’m a slow reader.

  7. harleyrider1978 says:

    Environment secretary Caroline Spelman sacked in reshuffle
    Josh Brooks September 4, 2012 No Comments »
    Two key Goverment ministers for packaging – Environment Secretary Caroline Spelman and Health Secretary Andrew Lansley – have lost their jobs in David Cameron’s first Cabinet reshuffle

  8. Margo says:

    Thanks to all for hopeful news.

  9. harleyrider1978 says:

    Panicking Spaniards Pull Out Cash, Leave Country…
    Depression, Suicides Rise as Euro Debt Crisis Intensifies…
    MOODY’S Changes Rating Outlook to ‘Negative’…


  10. Messalina says:

    Hello Frank,

    I did a handful of surveys in the UK back in late May/early June, then suddenly packed up and moved to Malta. So the past couple of months have been taken up with packing, moving, setting up house, sorting out bureaucratic obstacles, all those sorts of things – too boring to go into detail! I started entering data – I hope I did it right. I also appear to have lost my WordPress account, as it was linked to my old email address.

    In Malta, as in all EU countries, there’s a smoking ban in indoor public places including bars, but being one of those countries with 300 days of sunshine per year, most people eat and drink outdoors anyway. Perfect climate for growing tobacco plants – must try it out!

    Interestingly a friend took me to this bar (not in a touristy area) and everyone was smoking inside, so it appears there are some places where it’s flouted. We went to a restaurant once and late at night after most of the customers left, the staff and the few of us remaining started lighting up indoors. You also don’t see buildings defaced with those horrible swastikas everywhere.
    On the other hand, we’ve got John Dalli here, he reminds me of Andrew Lansley, even looks a bit like him.

    Now that I’m a bit more settled in, I hope to do some more surveys in the coming weeks. Back in the UK when the survey started, it really hit home that alas, I’m one of those poor sods who, since the smoking ban, doesn’t go out much anymore! I really miss sitting in cafes (indoors in inclement weather), having a coffee and a smoke and watching the world go by. I find that most Brits, long-suffering souls, God bless them, have become resigned to the smoking ban and have become accustomed to going outside for a smoke now. Well, the ones who still go to pubs, that is. Maybe it’s a ‘pub loyalty’ thing, I don’t know. But then there are so many who don’t go out much anymore and I think they’re the ones who are really suffering. Hopefully they’re reading pro-choice websites and blogs and connecting with other like-minded people.

  11. Messalina says:

    Just read the good news about Andrew Lansley getting sacked!
    Something I’ve noticed: all those anti-smoking campaigners look like crazed hellfire preachers. They look so angry and stressed out all the time – bad for your health you know! Maybe a nice relaxing smoke would help!

  12. Frank, I tried to log in to ISIS again to reply, but couldn’t. Maybe I’ve forgotten my username and password for there? But always worked before. Had a difficult time in UK – family death, I’m executor. Death was of 94 year old stepmother who drank and smoked, so funeral was strangely cheery. Am still on case and have completed questionnaires to add; will worry about method in due course. If needs be I’ll scan and email. But not forgotten or dropped out.

  13. Winstonsmith says:

    Since it’s been a week, I assume you’ve already seen this, Frank, but I know you often don’t keep up on media stuff. Forgive me if someone already pointed it out in the comments.

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