Santa Monica Climbs Down

H/T Rose for this. Just two weeks after voting through a law requiring smokers’ homes to be identified ( a story I covered here), Santa Monica town council has climbed down.

The City Council failed to put on the books Tuesday night new regulations that would have snuffed out smoking—medical marijuana included—in all newly-constructed apartments and condos in Santa Monica. The rules, which would have also required tenants in existing units to tell their landlords if they smoke, were approved two weeks ago on a 4-2 vote.

But the ordinance required a second vote before becoming law, and in what Mayor Richard Bloom called a “very unusual move,” the ordinance failed on its second pass.

“What we’re simply doing is giving more thought to this,” said City Councilwoman Gleam Davis, who was absent from the previous meeting.

Bloom and City Councilman Terry O’Day supported the rules July 10, but changed course Tuesday, saying they now believe the council needs to better assess how the smoking ordinance would affect medicinal marijuana users and landlords.

Sounds like they’re just worried that pot smokers might get the Big Yellow S painted on their doors too.

Councilman Bob Holbrook said he would not be deterred in his support for the regulations after receiving emails from longtime residents referring to him as a “Nazi” and “Hitler.”

No, of course not. But this story has gone round the world, and it looks like Santa Monica council has noticed, and beaten a temporary retreat.

Still in California, there doesn’t seem to be any news of the partial recount of Proposition 29 announced 10 days ago. Prop 29 remains a divisive issue in California’s Bay Area.

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39 Responses to Santa Monica Climbs Down

  1. Tom says:

    “No, of course not. But this story has gone round the world, and it looks like Santa Monica council has noticed, and beaten a temporary retreat.”

    Part of me is thinking this is what is happening at this point too. The CA leadership can’t keep hiding away on the other side of a few mountain ranges from the rest of the country, nor from the world with an ocean to the west acting as moat – and like with SF, surrounded on three sides by water, mythically impenetrable – that as the truth of what they are doing begins circulating, worldwide, then eventually it just goes back to the perpetrators – amazingly, them probably hearing it from it already passed around the world two or three times already by the time they discover – their secrets are no longer so secret and their immoral, hateful, unconstitutional, deceit based, SHS Fraud ideology, discriminating ways of thinking start becoming apparent to others outside their little island of protection.

    As for Santa Monica, if they claim they are worried about protecting marijuana smokers, that much I believe. Almost every liberal/progressive in SF, if they are pro marijuana, they are usually nastily anti-tobacco smoker, politicians and citizens alike, and vice-versa. I think they think they are being fair and open minded in that regard too. It’s just the nature of their “logic” and reasons that anti-tobacco-smoker discrimination is somehow morally upright, in their minds, since they all do it, at least once or twice throughout the way, to someone they don’t like (i.e., “a smoker”) and they require constant moral justification, so they feel no guilt and no shame.

    • Margo says:

      Can someone enlighten me about this ‘marijuana tolerance’/’tobacco intolerance’ thing? You see, all the marijuana smokers I know (who of course all smoke it purely for medicinal reasons) make their spliffs by lacing it along tobacco. I don’t know anyone who regularly smokes only tobacco-free marijuana joints. Is it usual?
      The other thing that puzzles me is why smoke-haters might be OK with lovely fragrant second-hand marijuana smoke but not OK with lovely second-hand tobacco smoke.
      I’m probably just being thick, but what am I missing here?
      Is their position even remotely logical – even to them? If they think there is some logic to it, could someone point it out to me?

      • Frank Davis says:

        Back in the 1960s, I well remember the pot smokers complaining how tobacco that caused lung cancer was legal, and cannabis that didn’t cause it was illegal, and it should be the other way round. Quite clearly, some people never changed their minds from that day to this.

        I agree about the uses of tobacco in spliffs, but it’s possible to smoke cannabis in various ways. Tobacco was really only used with cannabis resin, to provide something that would readily burn..

        As for the smoke produced, well, pot smokers believed everything they read about tobacco smoke, and nothing they read about cannabis smoke. The former, in their view, is wholly Evil, and causes all diseases. But the latter is wholly Good, and actually cures all diseases – even though the constituents of cannabis smoke and tobacco smoke are more or less identical.

        Funnily enough, I no longer smoke cannabis, not because I have gained any aversion to it, but because I find it much too hard on my lungs these days, and start coughing furiously with the first puff.

        • Margo says:

          Me too – I used to like a spliff at parties, in the 70s and 80s, but became unable to take it. I didn’t miss it when I stopped. Tobacco works well enough for me as a medicinal aid for the stresses and anxieties of life, or did before they banned it. Anyway, thanks for that: no logic whatsoever, then!

        • I saw a documentary about this. Apparently the medicinal m is not burned, but heated, as in shisha smoking, therefore is deemed less harmful than cigarettes. Makes a mockery of the claim that shisha smoking for an hour is equivalent to 100 cigs.

      • XX I don’t know anyone who regularly smokes only tobacco-free marijuana joints. Is it usual? XX

        On the rare occassion (NOW, it was not always “rare” :-)) ), I bother, I use a pipe, which is “tobacco free”. (Not because of the tobacco, I smoke that in a pipe, or in cigar form as well.) OR I mix it in something like yoghurt, or one of those “tubbed” chocolate bar things. Bit like Milky bar in “yoghurt form”, if you know the things I mean. OR, again rare, in buscuits/cakes.

        It means you are not restricted to “shop hours” if you run out of baccy at three in the morning.

        Pipes, bongs, chillums, and the youghurt method, are (were?) all extremely popular in the places I lived in the U.K. Here it is mostly 50/50 between pipes and the “baccy”.

  2. I believe marijuana in pure form is mainly smoked in the US — possibly because it was cheaper here since a lot of it used to come in from Mexico? I’d never heard of the “mixing with tobacco” style until I began reading stuff from Europe.

    Yes, the recount is quiet, and I’m still thinking they may be running a scam based on recounting a selection of historically high fraud districts so they can try to invalidate the entire vote and have it done over. I’ve tried to make clear on any message boards I can reach that California smokers are NOT going to accept this sort of jerry-rigging of a primary in a presidential election year, and that aside from smokers refusing to buy California-taxed cigarettes in the future they may well stir up some serious repercussions in November if the vote is a close one again.

    – MJM

    • harleyrider1978 says:

      Michael back in the 70s a friend of mine in Nashville use to sell a pot mix of herbs and tobacco to mix with pot and it was legal to sale. His name was Tom Petty not the tom petty but another.

      He was a hippy from the 60s and kool as hell!

  3. smokervoter says:

    I must admit after getting so emotionally and mathematically involved in Prop 29 I’ve been in decompression mode since July 6 and completely missed the 1 million missing votes in L.A. part. This is patently absurd. According to my carefully tabulated spreadsheet the grand total of votes cast in L.A. was 882,334 and they’re now claiming one million? This is getting seriously serious now. The anti-smokers in the Bay Area have gone off the deep end. The time has come to cut them off from the rest of the state, their hatred is consuming them like 1930’s you-know-where (there I avoided Godwin).

    We need a Proposition 14 (in honor of the fourteen counties that will comprise the newly formed state) to cut these nutcases loose from the rest of us here in California. They’ve made a national laughingstock out of us for long enough. I am very concerned however with what would become of the 36% of sane folks (2.3 million adults and their families) who would be left to suffer at the hands of the leftwing rulers who would no doubt turn the heat up to unimaginable levels on the smokers, stout people and libertarians that they so despise there.

    I haven’t been up there since 1995 (a one week visit to my brothers house) but from the sound of things it’s gotten much worse than it was when I left in 1983. I know this much, some of these people are flat out crazy about their left wing politics and utopian ideals.

    It was my understanding that the recount involved 48,000 votes in North Hollywood (an area jredheadgirl knows much more about than I) and Sherman Oaks (that nondescript city that is just there when you get off the dreaded 405 freeway). I know very little about the politics of either place other than North Hollywood has a large Latino population and Sherman Oaks is a porn valley company town. Seeing as a cigarette is a nice thing to have after a roll in the hay, I can’t see Sherman Oaks being too anti-smoking nor wanting to pay an extra $10/carton for their post-coital pleasure.

    How they expected to net 29,000 votes out of 48,000 cast is beyond me. I certainly wouldn’t want Dr. Maa working on me with faulty logic circuits like that connected to his surgical hands.

    I’m glad to see MJM over there getting them to look in the mirror at themselves because they’re in need of some sane introspection. I wonder what their circulation numbers are. For absorbing Michael’s reasonable message, the bigger the better. It says 11.4K followers, is that a lot?

  4. harleyrider1978 says:

    State grant funds to encourage landlords to go smoke-free
    Public health officials plan to use part of a $450,000 state grant to persuade more landlords to ban smoking in their buildings.
    It won’t be a difficult task, said Pamela Strittmater, president of the Apartment Association of the La Crosse Area.

    “It’s a safety issue, but it’s also for the health of our tenants,” she said. “Most of the property owners in our association are already going smoke-free.”

    It’s a trend that started four or five years ago as landlords began to more seriously consider the public health consequences. But the bottom line, Strittmater said, is that smoking causes cleanliness problems and makes it difficult to rent apartments that smell like smoke.

    Connie Cox is a landlord in Tomah. She smokes, but the practice has been banned in her 10 units for years. She got tired of having to repaint the units every time a smoker moved out.

    So far, she said, none of her tenants have had a problem. They simply go outside to light up.

    The far-reaching grant will also help fund a program that puts farm-fresh vegetables in schools and another that encourages schools, governments and community groups to share spaces that could increase physical activity for kids.

    By the end of the year, residents could also see debit-card access at farmers markets and a garden in each county school district.

    “This takes us to the next level,” said Linda Lee, a nutrition manager in the county health department. “This will have a huge impact on the community.”

    Lee is also a member of the Healthy Living Collaboration, a coalition of government and community groups that works to improve public health and is a partner in the grant.

    The grant announcements couldn’t come at a better time for La Crosse County, officials said. A $2.2 million grant it received three years ago to start the healthy initiatives efforts runs out in October.

    The new money will be divided up evenly between each of the focuses.

    “Prevention efforts are the key to improving the overall health of La Crosse County citizens,” said Doug Mormann, La Crosse County Health Department director. “Not only will people lead healthier lives, we’ll save millions of dollars in health care costs to treat preventable diseases like cancer and heart disease.”

    Over the next 26 months, $6.6 million will be handed out statewide through the Transform Wisconsin project. It will directly reach about half the state’s population, said Allison Miller, government relations director with the American Cancer Society.

    “Something needs to be done,” she said. “When we get kids healthy, it’s an investment down the line.”

    Strittmater, the apartment association director, wants to meet soon with public health officials to discuss how the association can be helpful in fulfilling the grant’s mission to curb smoking in apartments.

    “This is something extremely positive and not controversial,” she said. “We’re ready to work with the health department.”

    • harleyrider1978 says:

      Has comments and I already nailed it with the Santa Monica vote down on what this grant is for!

      • smokervoter says:

        It’s always the same story with these smoke-free dweebs. A half-million dollar grant, a maudlin smoke-free world combined with healthful fruits and vegetables and everyone lives happily ever after.

        In other words; ‘sunshine, lollipops and rainbows everywhere’

        Get a rope!

        • Margo says:

          sunshine, lollipops, rainbows – and lots of radioactive poisons flying across from Fukushima (but don’t mention that, for God’s sake – it’s Top Secret).

  5. Barry Homan says:

    err, a little question: is prop 29 in CA still dead? Did we win, or did they recount votes and finally pass it? Sorry, just want to know

    • smokervoter says:

      Barry, to the best of my knowledge Prop 29 is deader than a door nail. We won, they lost.
      Now Dr. Glantz, there’s a bridge on the north side of town painted a rusty golden red. Do what Van Halen told ya’: Go ahead and Jump.

  6. Rose says:

    Further information on Mr Birke.

    Woodland Hills anti-smoking activist declared a nuisance, being evicted

    “WOODLAND HILLS – A man who fought against secondhand smoke by spraying smokers with water as they lounged by a pool is being evicted from an apartment complex in Woodland Hills.

    A Van Nuys Superior Court jury agreed on Tuesday that John Birke, who has lived with his wife and daughter at the Oakwood Apartments for nearly 20 years, caused a nuisance when he wet smokers with water two years ago using a spray bottle.

    In 2011, Birke also took pictures of teenagers smoking by the pool, in an effort to force Oakwood Worldwide to establish rules for smokers in a common area of the complex. His daughter, 11, and wife both suffer from asthma, he said.

    “I was stunned and then as I thought about it, I thought it was an absolute obscenity,” Birke said Wednesday of the verdict.

    “This is is the culmination of Oakwood’s efforts for the last 10 years to harass and intimidate us with their lawyers all because we had the audacity to ask repeatedly for them to make some area of their 20 acre property nonsmoking so my asthmatic daughter can use the pool.”

    Birke, an attorney, said he will move from the complex, but he plans to appeal the decision.

    In a statement, Oakwood Worldwide officials said they are pleased with the outcome.”

    If a grown man has been going around photographing teenagers and squirting random strangers with an impromptu water pistol for the last two years,rather than a court case,he has been very lucky not to have been dragged away by the men in white coats.

    • harleyrider1978 says:

      from the comments

      Chuck Benesch · Top Commenter · Pico Tech
      Public nusence? you are on private property…. public is at the side walk…………jury showed good sense….. you don’t like something then move……if that chump sprayed me I would have put him on his backside……….I am allergic to spray bottles

    • highstump says:

      Looking at the photo of the family in the article, mom and daughter look like they would rather be anywhere but there. Dad on the other hand, has a smirk on his face that makes you want to grab him by that ugly tie and slap the snot out of him.

  7. Tom says:

    Below is a typical swimming pool rules for condos and apartment buildings in SF, CA, which by law has banned outdoor smoking in outdoor seating areas, such as bars and restaurants. Around pools, it’s not so clear, but by homeowner/rental-management rules, it is already banned. CA state law bans all indoor smoking in “common areas” of multi-unit housing, so far not individual units, but they are pushing for it.

    This is a very common announcement that gets posted and mailed to all residents throughout the summer months.

    PLEASE NOTE: Everything below is in small-same-size-font. But the very last part is in BOLD-FACED-FONT-AND-UNDERLINED, the part about No Smoking Outdoors In The Pool Area (even though SHS is literally harmless).

    However, the part about broken glass, which is IMMEDIATELY HARMFUL, is in small faced font, as is everything else.

    So – in SF at least, broken glass around swimming pools is not considered as hazardous as is a puff of smoke floating upwards on the breeze and out into the greater atmosphere.

    —— E.g.:

    Pool Area Rules Reminder
    As the weather improves, residents will be asking friends to join them at the pool. The Homeowners Association has “Rules of Conduct” and has adopted the following guidelines for the pool area. Please read them carefully and remember that all persons using these facilities are legally responsible to the Homeowners Association for their conduct. Enjoy yourself, have fun, and please obey the rules.
    1. Children under the age of 14 shall not use the pool, spa, sauna, or weight room unless accompanied at all times by a resident over the age of 14 years.
    2. Cut-offs may not be worn in the pool. Persons using the recreational facilities shall be appropriately attired at all times. No nudity is allowed.
    3. No glass of any kind is allowed in the pool area.
    4. No running, pushing, excessive splashing, jumping close to others, playing on pool railings or other “horseplay” is permitted.
    5. No more than two (2) guests are allowed per UNIT.
    6. Guests may use the pool only when accompanied by a resident over the age of 14.
    7. No pets, bikes, skateboards, etc. are allowed in the pool area.
    8. Infants must wear rubber or plastic pants while in the pool.
    9. All trash must be placed in garbage cans. No smoking in the pool area.

    • harleyrider1978 says:

      Our pool at a camp ground down in Biloxi Mississippi back in the 80s was attacked using motor oil dumped in it! Whoever did it knew just how to shutdown a pool for a complete clean out.

  8. james higham says:

    Real bugger the way the world watches and some tinpot town needs to climb down. Like it a lot.

  9. Rose says:

    Following the University of Bath –
    – Tobacco Control paranoia seems to have spread to India

    Anti-tobacco expert attacked in heart of Bangalore, robbed

    “Three unidentified persons on Tuesday attacked the director of the Cancer Prevention Project-Institute of Public Health, Dr Vishal Rao, near Silk Board Junction just hours after the Karnataka government released an anti-tobacco survey, of which he was a part.
    The attack has led the police to suspect a few who have opposed the ban on tobacco products, fearing their livelihood would be affected.

    However, what is puzzling the police is this: the three assailants, during the attack on Dr Rao, snatched his `40,000-worth i-Phone before melting into the curious crowd that gathered around them when they began beating him up.

    The police are also investigating if the motive behind the attack on Dr Rao was plain robbery.”

    • harleyrider1978 says:

      Poetic Justice!

      • Rose says:

        Shows you what the state of their nerves must be like after all that “denormalising” of other people and deliberate destroying of lives and livelihoods.

        Anyone else would think it bad enough that they had been assaulted and robbed.

    • beobrigitte says:

      Rose, how do you find these ????

      to this:
      Clark said that since UK-wide bans on smoking in public places many smokers felt disenfranchised. “It is hardly surprising if their frustration occasionally bubbles over and is expressed in colourful or sometimes inappropriate language.”

      As for comparisons to Nazis, “As I have said many times, repeated references to a totalitarian regime that slaughtered six million Jews is inappropriate and embarrassing in relation to tobacco control.

      I beg to differ.
      Like I have inherited the impact of what my parent’s generation did, so will the children of anti-smokers inherit.
      Fact is, WE, this time the smokers, will be firstly discriminated against and smoking is being “denormalised”, meaning the rest of the population of any country is being set against smoking and smokers; then there is banishing us from public places, withholding medical treatment, (“they just have to die” ,to quote a nurse on Youtube) …………

      Is there more to come for us smokers?

  10. magnetic01 says:

    There’s a lot not to like about the modern Olympics – the unbridled Narcissism/self-promotion, the promise of big bucks, and all sorts of pompous activist groups attempting to contrive the event/athletes as a “role model” for the world from their brand of deranged ideology. But somewhere in the mind-numbing din that is the modern Olympics, there is a glimmer of light, a hint of quasi-sanity:

    Smoking Olympic athletes get village pass
    Designated smoking areas have been set up in the Olympic village.

    New Zealand athletes will be able to settle their nerves by puffing on a cigarette without feeling like complete outcasts at the London Games.

    Designated smoking areas have been set up in the Olympic village and while it might not embody the Games’ creed of faster, higher, stronger, organizers cannot be accused of discrimination.

    New Zealand chef de mission Dave Currie said: “I was surprised [they’re doing it] but the pragmatist in me prevailed. I was going to raise it at the chefs meeting and rant and rave but my experience is that in a village some people smoke and you usually find piles of cigarette butts in furtive corners.

    So, there are elite athletes that smoke. They’re sort of like other people. Who would have guessed. :)

  11. Mr A says:

    Glad to see that even in super-lefty anti-smoker dystopias, lunatics like the water-spraying guy are still recognised as such. Still, surprised that nothing more was made of the fact that someone was taking surreptitious photographs of bikini-clad/trunk-wearing teenagers next to a pool without their consent, however. Especially if the pretext was concern about something that is unproven indoors, let alone outdoors. I wonder what else this weirdo has on his hard drive?

    I’ve always suspected that these people’s obsession with the cheeldren was a little suspect.

  12. smockr says:

    “Do what Van Halen told ya’: Go ahead and Jump”

    I saw what you did there.

    • smokervoter says:

      Oh my gosh, I forgot about that album cover with the angelic kid smoking a cigarette, and an old-fashioned Pall Mall red pack at that. You never know what kind of odd twists and turns will happen on the web.

      Actually, I was encouraging the distraught professor Glantz to end it all by jumping off the infamous Golden Gate bridge as thousands before him have. It’s quite popular for that kind of thing. After all, he’s just gone through the harrowing loss of an anticipated $800 million/year bonanza.

      The Van Halen encyclopedia informs me that “The album 1984 was banned from some U.K. stores because the artwork depicted a baby smoking.”

      More weird twists and turns. The single “Jump” was certified gold on 04/03/84. Orwell’s book begins on 04/04/84 as “the clocks were striking thirteen”.

      Furthermore, one month and 17 days later surgeon general C. Everett Koop gave his famous address to the American Lung Association in Miami calling for a smoke-free society by the year 2000 – apparently by all means necessary, including the production and dissemination of real life Two Minute Hates.

  13. smokervoter says:

    Since I’m on a roll here, and as the late Steve Jobs might say “just one more thing”…

    And just 23 short years later you can now conveniently watch these Two Minute Hates (courtesy of on your spiffy Apple Corp (headquartered in Santa Clara county, which voted 65%-35% in favor of Prop 29) mini-telescreens.

    Coming soon, an Apple store app that cotinine-tests prospective Prole apartment tenants with a simple touch of the telescreen, thus ensuring Inner Party Silicon Valley landlords guaranteed tobacco-free premises.

    • Tom says:

      Sometimes on the news, I don’t know which county disgusts me more, what UCSF has managed to do to SF or what Silicon Valley (Santa Clara County and environs) is doing to South Bay. Sometimes there are worse anti-smoking hate propaganda stories coming out of South Bay and said with more pride and gusto than the stuff coming out of SF and Santa Cruz combined. I think SJ has outdoor smoking just about totally banned now too – and you figure, that is where all the big name computer and internet companies are HQ’d, from Apple to Google to eBay to Yahoo to Adobe to Intel to HP to you-name-it, just about all have either their world HQs, place of origin or else strong presence there, so what happens in Silicon Valley (SF South Bay, Santa Clara Count) is also going to end up as a “good thing” all over the internet (since in effect, computers and internet are the economic mainstay there and they have lots of influence over the internet communities and thanks to Google, Yahoo, eBay, in particular, almost “own the web” and are to the internet what the lying filthy MSM is to other communication and propaganda devices).

      • smokervoter says:

        Hey there Tom. I never liked Silicon Valley much when I lived in Santa Cruz but strangely enough, because I’m a died-in-the-wool Adam Smither, I used to defend the “Val’s” right to surf in our waters and spend money at our businesses from local territorial jerk surfers and no-growthers.

        That being said, practically everyone I got to really know from the Santa Clara valley turned out to be either a two-faced scum or a snot-nosed academic who knew what’s best for all of us Proles.

        It’s a funny thing but I was totally unaware of the tech revolution unfolding right over Highway 17 from me. My best friend and I used to remark that 1976 was the year that, when the summer tourist season ended, nobody went home. Little did I know that they were all buying homes in the hills or at the beach with all of the bucou [sp.?] bucks they were making.

        Something tells me that none of these high tech companies hire nor accommodate smokers these days. This would seem like a blind spot that’s probably hurting them. I don’t write code, but if I did I would most certainly smoke like a chimney.

        I left the area before it got so intensely ant-smoking. When I lived there everyone smoked at the Catalyst or at Crows Nest and especially at Brady’s Yacht Club at the end of Seabright Ave.

        I personally boycott Apple and Google (SmartPage search is out of Maryland if I’m not mistaken) and all of them simply by keeping my old computers (4) running and not updating much equipment/software. When you boil it all down to basics it’s still all just text and pictures and sounds on a screen – same as it ever was.

        Take care buddy.

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