Perfect Storm

Following on from last night’s remarks about how the culture of government and of citizenry diverged during periods when most people felt sufficiently contented to not bother taking an active interest in political events, clearly at some point discontent starts mounting again, and people become re-engaged in political life.

The process might be seen as a cycle which starts with discontented political engagement, passes through contented disengagement, before returning to discontented engagement.

And it looks as if the cycle time is quite long, given that I’ve been politically disengaged for most of my life (until recently).

For the most part, it would seem that in different countries the cycle is in a different phase. But what’s novel about the current cycle is that it seems to now be in phase across the whole of the Western world (and perhaps beyond it). People are becoming discontented everywhere, all at the same time. And this makes for a perfect global political storm brewing.

And we still haven’t arrived at the global bankruptcy that’s been impending for the past few years. Just like in California, it seems that 10 Italian cities are on the brink of bankruptcy. There are plenty of others around, I’ll bet.

In the case of Europe, a fork in the road has now been reached. Either the dysfunctional eurozone breaks up, with Greece and a few other countries leaving, or else the EU becomes a fiscal union with a central bank and central financial administration. The markets are convinced that the former will happen, but the EU aristocracy doesn’t see it that way:

…over the weekend we have ECB president Mario Draghi telling the French newspaper Le Monde that the EU “was inevitably marching towards closer union among its members”. And, by the way, the euro was not in danger.

Analysts do not recognise “the political capital that our leaders have invested in this union and Europeans’ support”, he adds, thus informing us that: “The euro is irreversible”. Then says the great man, the euro will need to rest on a foundation of greater integration among eurozone countries.

“All movement towards financial, budgetary and political union is for me inevitable and will lead to the creation of new supranational bodies,” he says.

Nowhere though do we see in any of the media reports a small but important detail. Draghi is one of the four, with Barroso, Rumpoy and Juncker, the “quartet” of EU presidents charged with working up the “master plan” for further integration.

As one of the men whose job is to make it happen, Draghi is bound to push for more integration. His statement, in this context, is not remarkable. The real interest is in how there seems to be a concerted effort to stress how important the planned treaty is.

With the Spanish stock market at one point today having fallen 12%, and Spanish bond yields having jumped to 7.5%, it will be interesting to see whether a fiscal union can be put together in time to prevent the disintegration of the eurozone. Perhaps the EU aristocracy have something up their sleeves that nobody knows about?

Maybe the creation of the new EU Fiscal Union will be announced at the opening ceremony of the Nazi Games in London later this week, and that’s why there are anti-aircraft guns all over London (to prevent a counter-coup, not deter terrorists who haven’t got any warplanes anyway, silly)?

I’m hoping that the games will be a complete wash-out. And that Britain wins no medals at all. And that all the events are won by a one-legged man smoking a pipe. It’s all set to be complete chaos anyway, by all accounts. And it appears that renegade meteorologist Piers Corbyn is predicting a thunderstorm during the opening ceremony. So at least that’s something to look forward to. That would be another perfect storm.

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16 Responses to Perfect Storm

  1. magnetic01 says:

    Check the video at:

    It’s worth a listen to the [straight-faced] Tobacco Control nitwit/liar.

    • Marvin says:

      I really do hope the anti-smokers will bring that “argument” over to the UK.
      It will be the death of them!!!

      What better way to test their claim than to lock them in a sealed garage for an hour.
      One with 3 cigarettes smouldering in an ashtray (although they would have to be replaced every 5 minutes if they’re FSCs).
      So that’s 36 cigarettes smouldering away for an hour, and one with a 2 litre diesel engine running.
      Ask them to choose which one they want to occupy and I bet they don’t choose the diesel one!!! – but we can always hope.

  2. Junican says:

    Erm….. You’ve been at the whisky again, have you not, Frank?

    Let’s face it – the olympic games are just that – games. In themselves, they are of no importance whatsoever. They are indeed just games. Persons A,B,C,D, E, etc run as fast as they can from x to y. The winner is the winner. The Games are a bit of fun. They have no other purpose. What is important is that the taxpayer should not be out of pocket when these fun activities are concluded. Indeed, it is the taxpayer who should benefit from the Games – the rate of income tax ought to be reduced by 1% or more, as a result of the Games.

    What chance is there that even one single MP will propose that THE PEOPLE should benefit from The Games by a reduction of income tax of 1%? We know the answer. It is ‘none’.

    Our political system stinks, stinks, stinks. Consider this. There are 650 MPs. About half of that number will belong to the majority party – equals some 325 MPs. The Gov needs about 100 ministers (senior and junior) and so 100 majority party MPs are de facto committed to Gov strategies. That leaves only 250 disappointed MPs. But the opposition party still has some 325 ish MPs, which means that Gov initiatives can be voted down. There is no leeway here at all, which is why we have the total smoking ban and the lousy external provisions.

    Erm….Why is it the Health Dept which is persecuting smokers? Surely it ought to be the Justice Dept which should be introducing these laws? If it is not, then it ought to be the Health and Safety Dept which introduces these laws. The Health Dept has a blinkered view – it has ceased to be a ‘grown up’ institution but has become a ‘childlike’ institution.

    • Frank Davis says:

      Erm….. You’ve been at the whisky again, have you not, Frank?


      When I wrote all that, I hadn’t touched a single drop. I only hit the bottle once I’d posted it – and even then in no big way (which is perhaps why I’m capable of replying).

      I agree that our political system stinks. This is probably why it it will soon come to an end, quite naturally.

      • harleyrider1978 says:

        Frank I hit the bottle at 12:01 yesterday. My wife suggested we wait til afternoon!

        Jack Black…….

    • Margo says:

      The Games aren’t ‘a bit of fun’ to everyone – not to the people displaced when the site was excavated (some of whom still haven’t been adequately re-settled, I believe), or the wildlife that was slaughtered in the process, or the people having to bear with ‘security’ missiles on their roofs, or the taxi drivers, or the businesses who can’t advertise because they’re not ‘sponsors’. And there seems to be no evidence that any country benefits financially in the long-term from hosting them, so there’s no pot for a tax reduction (ha ha) to come from. The people pay for them and have no say in the matter. All for three weeks of sports.
      I love the image of the one-legged pipe-smoking man winning everything, and if it rains I’ll probably chuckle. I’ve noted the BBC pushing it for all its worth, and the hypocrisy of the coca-cola/macdonalds sponsorship (fine sporting businesses or ‘the new Big Tobacco’, depending on which leg of the Govt is talking?) And Dow Chemical (another sporting firm -didn’t they poison all those Bhopal people, who are still waiting for some kind of justice?)
      That telly programme, 2012, has got it about right: ridiculous nonsense, the whole damned thing.

      • Frank Davis says:

        Andrew Gilligan

        As the great London 2012 festival of policing and burgers looms,it has been fascinating to watch some people’s generally lukewarm attitude harden into active antagonism. I found one of my local shopkeepers in Blackheath, previously a fan, puffing furiously on a cigarette and cursing the five-ring circus outside his business at 12.45am yesterday, almost two hours after he normally closes. One of the lesser Olympic venues is down the road, so his deliveries have been rescheduled for between midnight and 6am and he was forced to wait up all night – even though the thing doesn’t even start in our area until next week. I expect the motorists caught in two-hour delays this morning feel the same way.

  3. Rose says:

    Jack the Ripper to light Olympic flame

    “The Olympic opening ceremony will culminate with Jack brutally eviscerating mascots Mandeville and Wenlock on a special platform painted with weird Masonic symbols.”

  4. harleyrider1978 says:

    U.N. Commission Calls for Legalizing Prostitution Worldwide
    By Amanda Swysgood
    July 23, 2012
    A report issued by the United Nations-backed Global Commission on HIV and the Law; recommends that nations around the world get rid of “punitive” laws against prostitution – or what it calls “consensual sex work” — and decriminalize the voluntary use of illegal injection drugs in order to combat the HIV epidemic.
    The commission, which is made up of 15 former heads of state, legal scholars and HIV/AIDS activists, was convened in 2010 by U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon and is jointly backed by the United Nations Development Programme and UNAIDS – the Joint U.N. Programme on AIDS/HIV.


    How about pushing to repeal the UN/WHO FCTC treaty that imposed all these dam smoking bans around the world based on junk science. Id like to have a smoke at the whorehouse as I make my legal selection!

  5. Smoking Scot says:

    There was an inevitabilty. No way Germany can possibly support the Euro.

    They can try to bluster their way out of this, but the markets just don’t give a toss. (Note this is dated 24/7/12).

    Re Draghi; perhaps you may recall a certain Lamont & Major saying Sterling was rock solid, while the hedge fund managers made about £5.5 billion betting they were talking utter rot as well.

    They’re doing exactly the same again, except it’s the Euro and the amounts amplified by a factor of 60. Now they’re called “Vulture Funds”!

  6. harleyrider1978 says:

    Growing support for smoking ban in cars

    Plans to ban smoking in cars when children are present have won support in the House of Lords, but the measure would need support of MPs to become law.

    The private member’s bill proposed by Lord Ribeiro to make offenders liable for a £60 fine or attendance at a smoke awareness course was approved by peers, reported BBC News.
    The measure would need government support and David Cameron has questioned whether it is a justified move, suggesting it has severe implications for personal freedoms.

    According to the BBC, Cameron told MPs last year that while he backed the ban on smoking in pubs, he felt “more nervous” about prescribing what people should and should not do in private vehicles.

    But Lord’s voted through the bill yesterday, which, unsurprisingly, is backed by many health campaigners and charities.

    Tory peer Lord Ribeiro said there was not strong government support for legislation in the area, with ministers favouring education as a way of persuading parents to change their behaviour.

    He said it was a small minority of parents who smoked while driving their children but the proposed legislation would “raise the ante” over the issue.

    “The evidence for second-hand smoke entering the back of a car where children sit is high.” Lord Ribeiro added that research at the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada had shown “just one cigarette smoked in a car can provide levels of second-hand smoke many times higher than those in a smoke-filled pub or bar”.

    • harleyrider1978 says:

      has comments:

      Lord Ribero is very very selective in his verbage after ASH and the government had to retract their last 23 times claim on car smoke!

      The evidence for second-hand smoke entering the back of a car where children sit is high.” Lord Ribeiro added that research at the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada had shown “just one cigarette smoked in a car can provide levels of second-hand smoke many times higher than those in a smoke-filled pub or bar”.

      Lord I have a hint for you, people are getting pretty pissed off over all the nannyism and if you value your post it maybe time to start promoting freedom and repealing these stupid laws based upon JUNK SCIENCE!

      Youd garner much support and even the peoples love if thats possible!

  7. jaxthefirst says:

    Cameron would do well to stick to his guns over this, although it remains to be seen whether he will or not – we’ve heard so many promises from so many politicians over the years that it’s sometimes more of a worry when they make any declaration, because you just know they’ll end up doing the opposite! But, seriously, increasing numbers of people are becoming concerned about the ever-encroaching nature of the smoking ban and some it seems (hurrah!) are finally starting to ask where it will all stop and to recognise how easily smoking bans translate into bans on other things – in fact, how the “for the cheeldren” argument, or the “for the public’s health” argument can actually be applied to pretty much anything and everything, given a bit of media coverage, a bit of positive spin and a few vested interests. But there is a line in the British public’s psyche as to how far is too far, and legislating on which legal activities people can and can’t undertake in their own private time, their own private space, or regarding their own children is something that they feel immense disquiet about, no matter how much they may personally dislike or disapprove of the activity in question; the outcry at every suggested “smacking ban” – even by people who don’t personally chastise their own children that way – is one such example.

    As the party who didn’t bring in the smoking ban there may still be a few Tory smokers out there who don’t blame them for it, and Cameron would do well to protect their fragile support. There’s no doubt that the Tories stole quite a few votes from UKIP at the last election through their supposedly anti-EU stance, but by almost immediately reneging on their “referendum” promise the moment the election was over, all but the most brainwashed of those voters are unlikely to make the same mistake twice. And there are a lot of people here in the UK who no longer want a referendum – they want us out. Right now. So their support was lost in the first month after the election. If Cameron wants to have any chance of winning another, he’s got to make sure that all those little pockets of “party faithful” voters who are still around stay with him. And that, of course, includes the relatively small group of as-yet-unenlightened Tory smokers. To support any extension to the smoking ban would be to make the Tories, in the eyes of this group, “as bad as the other lot,” and would effectively close the door on yet another much-needed group of voters – which Cameron can, right now, ill afford to lose.

  8. harleyrider1978 says:

    Wanna help our brother smokers in New Zealand

    Yahoo! polls: stopping smokers

    This week, retailers were banned from displaying cigarettes and tobacco products.

    The move reignited the debate around cigarettes, with one MP calling the Prime Minister a ‘wimp’ for his stance on the plain packaging of tobacco products.

    Prime Minister John Key is trying to avoid a costly legal challenge over intellectual property which would cost taxpayers a $2 million.

    A Yahoo! poll showed some interesting results.

    The clear majority of voters believe nothing should be to stop smokers, and people should make their own choice.

    24% believe smoking should be banned outright.

    What do you think will stop people smoking?

    Plain packagingBan smoking in public placesRaise tobacco tax moreBan smoking outrightDo nothing, let people make their own choicesVoteView Results
    Plain packaging (154)
    Ban smoking in public places (2594)
    Raise tobacco tax more (2860)
    Ban smoking outright (4207)
    Do nothing, let people make their own choices (7657)

  9. Smoky says:

    “According to the BBC, Cameron told MPs last year that while he backed the ban on smoking in pubs, …”

    About sums it up then, that’s all you need to read, give him 6 months and he’ll be supporting Lord Voldemort’s junk.

    If there are no private property right in pubs, then why in your own car?

    • harleyrider1978 says:

      Why any over your own body and what it consumes too!

      A point comes to mind,at what point do you take up arms against an overbearing government gone total hitleresque! Oh thats right Tony Blair took away english guns,just as Hitler did prior to enacting his hope and change!

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