Tell Us Where The Jews Live

That was the thought that a comment by Tom in California prompted this evening:

Are you, by chance, aware of a new state law in California, that applies statewide, that states that a landlord renting to a tenant is now required to, a) provide full disclosure to tenants of where the smokers might be residing inside one of their buildings and b) provide full disclosure about the dangers of SHS along the lines of the warnings on cigarette packs?

There was a massive amount of expensive billboard sized subway and transit signs all over downtown SF this last month that were hailing this new state law as a major victory and demanding that all renters in SF and California for that matter go to their landlords and demand full disclosure of a) where “the smokers” live and b) the dangers of SHS.

Just curious if you heard about this new law – ad it’s been highly promoted all over SF this month, encouraging people to run to landlords and complain about SHS – using highly provocative anti-smoker propaganda of the hateful and devisive variety to accomplish its goals – the kinds of billboards one would have expected to see in East Germany or during Nazi occupation.

Tom also provided a link to the relevant legislation.

(b) (1) Every lease or rental agreement entered into on or after January 1, 2012, for a residential dwelling unit on property on any portion of which the landlord has prohibited the smoking of cigarettes or other tobacco products pursuant to this article shall include a provision that specifies the areas on the property where smoking is prohibited, if the lessee has not previously occupied the dwelling unit.

So, the same disclosure will conversely show where smoking is permitted, and thus where the smokers live. A bit like showing where non-kosher food is served, and thus conversely where kosher food is to be found, and thus where the Jews live.

The landlord can still choose to “exercise the authority provided to prohibit smoking.” But how long before he is required to exercise that authority? Like in Pasadena:

On July 11, 2011, the City of Pasadena passed a “no-smoking” ordinance for multi-family homes, defined as two or more units, applicable to both those now existing and to be built, effective January 1, 2012. The ordinance provides that it will be unlawful to smoke in any common area (broadly defined in the statute to include all areas other than a unit), patio, balcony or inside a unit within any multi-family building, and yes, this applies to condominiums…

The actual enforcement of this ordinance will commence on July 1, 2013 and prohibit smokers from not only smoking on association common areas, but also within their condominium, which includes townhomes and, as it applies to non-association properties as well, rental and owned apartments. The ordinance will be enforced by the City, not by the associations.

More in Tom’s later comment here.

It’s a sort of creeping pogrom, that makes life harder and harder for smokers. Once one restriction has been accepted, another one is immediately added.

If I lived in NorCal, I’d be looking to get out, just like a Jew in Nazi Germany. But I guess that, to do that, you’d have to be fairly wealthy, just like in Nazi Germany. And I guess that in NorCal, the smokers are hoping that one day the antismoking pogrom will all blow over, just like Jews in Nazi Germany hoped the antisemitic pogrom would. But maybe it won’t.

I’ve been vaguely wondering this evening whether to include a Warning in my margin, advising NorCal smokers to get out while they still can. Would that be a good idea? Maybe SoCal and out-of-state smokers might consider setting up some organisation to help NorCal refugee smokers escape? And get some arms to the ones that remain, so that they can defend themselves?

But then, the votes on the money-grab Prop 29 continue to trend toward increasing the No lead, which is up some 700 votes today to 29,500. How bad a blow is the loss of $735 million to California’s antismoking Nazis? It seems that federal money has dried up. So where’s all the money coming from to fund the billboards and the antismoking TV ads that Tom is talking about?

I’ve read recently that not only is the State of California broke, but that it also poses a threat to the US economy much like Greece or Spain pose a threat to the EU economy. It doesn’t surprise me, because any economy is bound to suffer when a large section of its most productive members are marginalised and demonised.

I guess that the fact that this is a creeping pogrom suggests that the people who are organising it are aware that there’s a backlash likely if they move too fast to exterminate persuade smokers to quit smoking.

It’s the job of bloggers like me to raise the alarm, and create that backlash. I’ve maybe helped a bit, these last few weeks, to defeat Prop 29, and snatch $735 million out of the thieving hands of Stanton Glantz. As a result I’ve become a marked man (although they’ve hidden the page now).

And if I should die soon, suddenly and unexpectedly (of a heart attack or something), then all I have to say is:

Avenge me.

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48 Responses to Tell Us Where The Jews Live

  1. harleyrider1978 says:

    Another of San Francisco’s greatest:

    Q) How is ObamaCare like Nancy Pelosi’s stool sample?
    A) She had to pass it to see what was in it

  2. harleyrider1978 says:

    Frank I just watched a thing on making BLACK PUDDING,is it really good tasting?

    • Frank Davis says:

      It’s wonderful stuff, Harley. I fried up some today. I used to eat it all the time when I was a boy, but I’ve only rediscovered it again in the last few years.

      I’ve been redicovering a lot of things in the last few years.

      • churchmouse says:

        Animal blood contains a lot of vitamins and other nutrients. It’s how our ancestors managed to survive without multivit pills. Bone marrow is another as is fish skin — and oysters, when they were readily available as food for the poor of London until the late 19th or early 20th century.

  3. jaxthefirst says:

    This really is scary stuff. It’s absolutely staggering that all those supporting the anti-smoking movement, whether actively or just by sitting back and taking no notice because “it doesn’t affect them,” honestly can’t see the similarities between their approach to smokers and the approach of “those who cannot be named” towards those of Jewish heritage in previous years.

    As one semi-anti once said to me when I mentioned it: “Yes, but the difference is that smokers can do something about being smokers; Jewish people couldn’t do anything about being Jewish.” And that just about summed it up – it was OK to behave like the “nameless ones” provided the target group had the power to stop the bad treatment by doing precisely as the “nameless ones” told them.

    The fact that this argument therefore accepts the principle that the “nameless ones” were perfectly entitled to force their will on others in the first place, as long as those “others” had the ability to “comply” with their demands, speaks volumes about what an infantilised and helpless society we now live in.

    • harleyrider1978 says:

      Racism or even hatred of an act amount to the exact same thing with laws that are just as JIM CROWE as hitlers racial purity scheme of gassing jews. We are onto them and they know it. Its the beggining that makes the pathway to the gas chambers. Keep up the fight Frank as all the rest of us will too! Im gonna find me some of that Blood pudding to try yet.

    • XX Jewish people couldn’t do anything about being Jewish.” XX

      Bollox they can. Religion is a hobby, and like railway modelling, or combat origami, can be given up at the drop of a hat, if they so wish.

      There is no “christian/Jewish/muslim/Jedi/empty milk bottle worship/etc gene.” It is all self choice.

      • Frank Davis says:

        I can’t remember the exact rule, but in Nazi Germany you counted as Jewish if two or three of your grandparents had been Jewish, regardless of the religion you happened to profess. Converting to Christianity didn’t help.

        You can choose your religion, but you can’t choose your grandparents.

        Click to access WhowasaJewinNaziGermany.pdf

        The first three Nuremberg Laws were subsequently
        supplemented with 13 further decrees, the last issued as late as 1943, as the Nazis constantly refined
        the suppression of non-Aryans. These laws affected millions of Germans, the exact number depending
        on precisely how a Jew was defined. That definition was published November 14, 1935. The Nazis
        defined a Jew as anyone who either 1) had three or four racially full Jewish grandparents, 2) belonged
        to a Jewish religious community or joined one after September 15 when the Nuremberg Laws came
        into force. Also regarded as Jews was anyone married to a Jew or the children of Jewish parents. This
        included illegitimate children of even the non-Jewish partner. There appears to have been no serious
        public objection to these laws.

        I can well imagine Tobacco Control doing the same with smokers, so that you will be defined as a smoker if 3 or more of your grandparents were smokers, even if you have been a non-smoker all your life.

        • The rules were changed three or four times between the Nürnberg Gesetz, and 1945.

          At first a conversion would do.

        • smokervoter says:

          Couldn’t help noticing how willing the sleaze ball lawyers are to co-operate with the jackboot oppressors and gut the obvious intent of the housing rights bills. I remember the Rumford Act well even though I was just a kid. It was a big game changer.

          The American Civil Liberties Union used to catch a lot of flack over their controversial stands but not from me. From what I can see, it has bought the secondhand and thirdhand smoke harm argument hook line and sinker. It has stood back and allowed this crapola to proceed unchallenged.

          I think that if more voters had been aware of how extreme Glantz and TobaccoFreeCA and cities like Berkeley and Pasadena are, and how the so-called Cancer Research money would have gone to advance their Nazi agenda, it would have lost by a larger margin.

          This posting needs to go viral. The title you chose is perfect. This kind of stuff sends chills down the spines of decent people everywhere.

    • RooBeeDoo says:

      “Yes, but the difference is that smokers can do something about being smokers; Jewish people couldn’t do anything about being Jewish.”

      Do Anti-smokers realise they too have an option as to whether to behave like Nazis or not?

  4. Bill Brown says:

    According to Anti-Smoking –I have a choice.
    So long as I agree with them, I’m free to make that choice on my own.
    If I would just accept the mob mentality as the new rule of law, relinquish my autonomy and accept their “help”.
    If I would just surrender my liberty, I too could be one of them.

    No thanks, I can’t help who I am.

  5. Tom says:

    Thanks for all your postings and updates surrounding the Prop 29 incident – I am certain that helped get the word out what some of the pro-No arguments were to people who might otherwise have only had the MSM and anti-smoking propaganda to go by for their decision making. Apparently, for SF, with it’s 75%+ Yes votes in favor, it wasn’t enough, but for other areas it was and who knows, maybe for SF it would have been even worse had you not posted as you did.

    As for NorCal people escaping for their lives, fleeing while there’s still time left – that’s not such a bad idea really. During the pre-Civil War period in the US, there was a Mason-Dixon line running between Pennsylvania to the north and Virginia and Maryland to the south. It was common practice to sneak slaves from the south to across the Mason Dixon line to the north where slavery had already been abolished. Many of means fled Germany too just before Hitler took full control and sealed the borders militarily.

    So for NorCal non-conformists, individualists and smokers, it may be the time is coming soon when they will need to flee also, for their lives, because “the one party” will finally have established total rule with an iron fist and anti-smokerism definitely plays a leading role in manufacturing a public opinion among the sheep to support suppression of the free-thinking smokers – much to the detriment of the sheep, who will have nobody to defend them, once the smokers have been obliterated.

    One way I’ve often thought of it is “that little puff of (harmless) smoke” is, or was, basically society’s “insurance policy” against the wolves capturing and eating up the sheep. But when the sheep can be convinced to fink and rat out on the smokers/individualists and force total conformity or force them to pay the consequences (no job, no health care, no housing) – then the sheep have unwittingly been led into cutting off their only best protection.

    So once all the smokers and free-thinking individualists flee, as many as can by way of a smoker’s underground railroad maybe, then the society left behind – it will collapse. Which is where it is heading – and anti-smokerism has been the main drive taking it that direction.

  6. harleyrider1978 says:

    During the pre-Civil War period in the US, there was a Mason-Dixon line running between Pennsylvania to the north and Virginia and Maryland to the south. It was common practice to sneak slaves from the south to across the Mason Dixon line to the north where slavery had already been abolished. Many of means fled Germany too just before Hitler took full control and sealed the borders militarily.

    Odd today but you find smokers heading below the MASON DIXON line now as thats where smoker freedom is to be found for the most part and the YANKEE anti-smokers are down here acting like carpet baggers trying to force thru bans anywhere anyone will do it! Like Springhill Tn that just past a parks smoking ban re-defining what a sports arena is in that city as a park! I called the TIOSH folks in charge of the sports arena ban and he called the State Atourney Generals office and said nope its uncontitutional yet the only recourse was to go and sue them as an individual as the states not set up to enforce its own laws against towns or cities………….I cant frigging believe it. The sane thing is happening in Foriduh gulfport beach to be exact only this time they are getting sued by a smoking lawyer who knows the pre-emption law in Fla and boy the city council is sweating bullets!

    • Tom says:

      I know that and I wasn’t bashing the southern states either – Mason-Dixon line was just an arbitrary choice off the top of my head in regard to people from one area fleeing to another at some point in history – I know there’s more freedom down there in lots of areas, not just smoking rights but in gun rights, freedom of speech, freedom of thought, that the entire northeast is trying to imitate California and suppress, especially with the smoking ban pogrom and the Bloomberg bans.

      I hope that FL attorney is able to make a strong case against the council there. It would be nice to see someone win one of these cases and also force someone in government or the anti-smoking industry to have to pay for their damages and violations of civil rights already. If someone does win a case against the anti-smoking industry, it will probably be hushed up as much as possible so that nobody else already into the anti-smoking pogrom in other areas hesitates or gives second thoughts to endorsing more anti-smoking unconstitutional power grabs. If he wins, or when anyone wins for that matter, publicity of their win against anti-smoking would go a long way to encouraging others and changing their thought patterns about anti-smoking’s perceived invincibility.

      Maybe the Prop 29 loss is trying to be not too much talked about in MSM around the US and world in case it would give the “wrong” impression to others who might be tempted to be against the anti-smoking industry, encouraging and hoping others to disobey what anti-smoking likes to dictate, thus setting a “bad” example.

      • harleyrider1978 says:

        Oh he already won and hasnt even been to court yet!

        Naples tried to get bill 211 passed to remove the states preemeption law on smoking.It was D.O.A. in comittee! yet the smokefree advocates are still pushing it!

        2011 HB 211 Florida Clean Indoor Air Act Died in Health & Human Services Quality Subcommittee … ssionId=66

        Current state law:

        This legislation expressly preempts regulation of smoking to the state and supersedes any municipal or county ordinance on the subject”.:

        Sarasota and other communities are in clear violation of state law!

        • harleyrider1978 says:

          Title 39 Criminal Offenses
          Chapter 17 Offenses Against Public Health, Safety and Welfare
          Part 15 Prevention of Youth Access to Tobacco and Electronic Cigarettes Act
          39-17-1551. Purpose of part – Exemptions – Authority to prohibit smoking.
          (a) The general assembly intends by this part and other provisions of Tennessee Code Annotated to occupy and preempt the entire field of legislation concerning the regulation of tobacco products. Any law or regulation of tobacco products enacted or promulgated after March 15, 1994, by any agency or political subdivision of the state or any agency thereof is void; provided, that cities, counties and counties having a metropolitan form of government may regulate the use of tobacco products in buildings owned or leased by the political subdivisions; and provided further, that airport authorities created pursuant to the provisions of title 42; utility districts created pursuant to the provisions of title 7; and special school districts may regulate the use of tobacco products in buildings owned or leased by the entities. Notwithstanding any other provision of the law to the contrary, individual owners or operators of retail establishments located within an enclosed shopping mall shall retain the right to determine the policy on the use of tobacco products within the person’s establishment.

  7. Walt says:

    When I first started hanging out here, you quoted something I’d posted at Siegel’s and since it’s once again apt, I’ll post it again now:

    Quote, Hans Frank, the Nazi governor of occupied Poland:

    “It is unacceptable that representatives of the Reich should be obliged to encounter Jews when they enter or leave the house and are, in this way, liable to infection from epidemics.”

    Quote: Joseph Goebbels:

    “Jews have always been carriers of disease. They should either be concentrated in a ghetto or be liquidated for otherwise they will infect the population.”

    Health columns in Nazi newspapers offered a healthy tip: “Stay clean and avoid Jews.”
    Health columns in U.S. newspapers offered a similar tip: “For your health, stay away from smokers.”

    And this healthy American nostrum was offered again and again: Orlando Sentinal; “Avoid smokers.”Chicago Tribune: “Avoid smokers.” A.P: “Surgeon General’s advice to Americans: ‘Stay away from smokers.’” Southwest Missourian: “Surgeon General: Stay Away from Smokers.” Kansas City Chronicle: “Stay away from smokers.” There’s more, but the point is made.

    And finally, with the invention of thirdhand smoke, another neat parallel:

    “Jews, in the untidiness of their lice-filled clothes carr[y] germs throughout the city and contaminate all around them.”

    “Smokers themselves are contaminated. .[Even when not smoking] they emit toxins.”*…. “The invisible but toxic brew of gases and particles clinging to smokers’ hair and clothing” has “now been proven deadly and capable of causing cancer as well as nerve damage, especially to children.”

    And since all of this was culled from something longer I researched and wrote that had required a lot of footnotes, if anyone wants to wade any further into the mire, here are the sources: Frank, Goebbels quotes: “Statements of Hitler and Senior Nazis Concerning Jews.”
    Advice to “Avoid Jews” + “They’re contaminated”: “The Warsaw Ghetto: Guide to a Perished City,” Engelking, Yale Univ Press. Advice to “Avoid Smokers”: Papers named, June 27-July 4, 2006. Smokers are contaminated: J. Winickoff, Sci. Amer. 1/6/09; also John Banzaf, ASH Press Release,10/5/10

    Maybe the folks in NoCal should be forced to watch The Garden of the Fintzi-Continas (and I’m sure I spelled that wrong),

    • churchmouse says:

      Finzi-Continis — yes, what a great film. Strange that it isn’t shown more often …

      • Tom says:

        I first saw it decades ago, in of all places, downtown Santa Cruz. That was before the big quake knocked everything flat and destroyed not only the fine historical buildings but also a lot of the common sense people once used to have – and yes, they should show that film again in Santa Cruz as it would be relevant and good warning – if the people of Santa Cruz could take their fingers out of their ears and hands from their eyes and are actually capable of seeing and hearing truth, which I do not think they are capable or else it would not be an escalating fine and confiscation by police for “possession” of tobacco in that town – not smoking mind you, which is banned too, but outdoor possession, mere “possession” in a city park is a $50 fine and confiscation of your tobacco if authorities so deem.

  8. Chuck says:

    Many smokers are now boarding up their windows because of increased attacks by gangs of smokerphobics roaming the streets, cars get vandalised with red X painted on them to indicate smokers onboard, and smokers kids get bullied at school.

    Local police reaction is “give up smoking” before somebody gets killed by one of the armed gangs, i have resorted to smoking in rooms with the curtains closed with a “No Smoking” sign at the front of the property.

    I am thinking of settting up an underground armed resistance group but you just cannot trust anyone, smokerphobic spies are everywhere.

    • Frank Davis says:

      In what part of the USA is that happening? NorCal?

      • Chuck says:

        Fremont, NorCal.

      • Heh, Frank, I think Chuck was being satirical. HOWEVER… I do have a news story on record of a Anti stabbing his roommate because the roommate wouldn’t stop smoking on their apartment’s balcony. AND… when the cops came the police sarge told the press: “Well, I guess that’s another good reason to give up smoking.”


        – MJM

        • Tom says:

          I have already witnessed physical threats made against smokers by non-smokers in the streets of SF and editorial comments printed in the SF Chronicle in the past have advocated non-smokers to punch and hit smokers outdoors for smoking. This isn’t entirely fantasy. I have seen it. With my own two eyes.

        • Frank Davis says:

          Well, since he’s named the place, I don’t think he was being satirical.

          I had to retrieve his comment from the spam folder (dunno why, it contains no links), so you wouldn’t have seen it.

        • Tom says:

          Fremont is part of SF Bay Area, the southeastern corner of the Bay south of Oakland and heading toward Santa Clara County/San Jose/Silicon Valley region. Santa Clara County has lately become even worse than SF in regard to mandating outdoor bans everywhere, so maybe the hate campaigns are paying off, if the Fremont story is true. Seeing smokers threatened with a beating by fist in the streets of SF – there is no link – I have seen that – with my very own eyes and encountered something very close to that personally as well. Links to one infamous SF Chronicle editorial a few years back prior to the outdoor bans from an attorney advocating violence against outdoor smokers and saying that she would defend the attackers in court and no judge would dare find the attackers in any way guilty as well as links to another infamous Asian Weekly editorial entitled “Filthy Chinese Smokers” just prior to the outdoor bans I would have to do heavy research to find again, to prove they exist (or existed, at the time) – but I did post them at the time on various blogs and discussion boards where they might still be sitting in archives.

        • My comment about it being satirical was a bit off: I guess “slightly exaggerated” might have been more accurate: I don’t think “many smokers” are boarding up their windows because of attacks by Antismokers or that red Xs are commonly being spray painted on cars, BUT… I wouldn’t be at all surprised to hear of isolated incidents by nuts. I have documented news stories of a 13 year old smoker being beaten to death by a15 year old Anti, a pregnant smoker being shot for smoking while pregnant in a parking lot, a daughter being “branded” with a hot iron by her mother for smoking, a girl being strangled in her bed by a next door neighbor because the girl had shared a cig with the neighbor’s daughter, and a girl being tortured for hours with a homemade flame thrower etc because she’d smoked around a friend who was pregnant. I’ve also witnessed a smoker being severely gut-punched by a passerby at a folk festival for no apparent reason other than the smoking, and another smoker at the same festival the following year having a bedpan of urine and feces thrown at her.

          These sorts of incidents DO exist, and they DO represent mental illness (See: ) but so far they’re not “common.” Are they becoming more frequent? I believe they are and that’s why we have to keep fighting.

          – MJM

        • Tom, if you’re able to dig up links on the stories/editorials you mentioned, could you pass them to me? I’m Cantiloper over on the gmail dot com system. Thanks!

  9. raymond barfoot says:

    dear frank, hello it is i again, raymond b. as ever i see what the nastirs are doing and i would weep if i could. the normal ie nonsmokers are oblivious to what is happening before their very eyes. once more i repeat all that is required for evil to triumph is for good people to stand and do for me i sincrely hope they dont try to harm you as indeed i will avenge you as best i can bt bedeviling these smokerphobics among leg iron has said it has to get worse before it gets better. remember mc carthy ism? no well now it is not the reds under your bed it is the smokers.only when they have gone too far will all of us wake up and reclaim our rights. then and only then, as for watching the world burn,i have nothing to fear as my rights are moot anyhow
    i hope we recover soon is all i hope.and i hope the nasties leave you alone frank but time will tell. godseed to us and good luck all raymond barfoot

  10. A simple view says:

    Surely if others have the right to incite hatred of smokers ,promote bigotry,encourage apartheid,
    sponsor exclusion,then we can assume we all have the right to do likewise against those
    we may dislike ie Blacks,Jews,Homosexuals,Women,Cripples,PURITANS ETC
    All part of David Cameron’s …..BIG SOCIETY
    After all, we all are equal……………are’nt we?

    Farewell to Reason

  11. What is the hidden page Frank? Tobacco Tacics still has an accessible page about you.

    • harleyrider1978 says:

      And one says: “It does not surprise me that the quack physicians and the quack professors involved in the Stirling Uni thing are horrified. Their whole cosy universe is about to be blown apart.”

      Another says simply: “Need a Rope!”

      I said that so I did make it but not by name!

      My daddy taught me years ago how to make a HANGMANS NOOSE! No more than 13 wraps on the knot! Besides that Im off to watch the Nuremberg Trials again and the mass execution of the Nazis as they Hang……..

  12. Apologies. I’ve got the wrong end of the stick. Why would tctactics have you as a marked man?

    • harleyrider1978 says:

      Simply because he is EFFECTIVE!

    • Frank Davis says:

      Well, if nothing else, my intervention in respect of Prop 29 (which the Californians here seem to think had a bit of an impact) may well have helped deprive the Tobacco Control Industry of $735 million. They won’t like that one bit.

      Also came out within 36 hours of my first Vote No on Prop 29 post. At first I didn’t connect the two, but if my post was having an impact, Stan would have noticed, and with the race narrowing would have wanted to counter it immediately. So, I suspect that was part of the reason tobaccotactics was rolled out in what seemed an incomplete state. Or at least, it made sense that this might have happened.

  13. Two notes:

    1) a news story from several years ago about a community effort to have “smoke-free” homes identify themselves with blue porch lights — I guess they couldn’t quite get support for mandated yellow stars on smokers’ homes:

    2) And this piece from the THR folks on marking out where the “factories of death” are located. Kind of reminds me of the complaints against one of our bloggers noting where some antismoking officials lived, but the difference here is that the study mapping cigarette factories was paid for with a grant. See:

    – MJM

    • ” He zooms in on the map to show a complex of ordinary-looking buildings surrounded by a highway and tree-lined roads”

      Reminds me of my trip to Auschwitz. I’m guessing it’s intended to. The Banality of Evil.

  14. smokervoter says:

    Oh, the irony. Every winter in Santa Cruz, when the annual brussels sprouts harvest was in full swing, the near nauseating odor of these stinking little cabbages permeated the air. There was no avoiding it. I lived right on the ocean and you’d think the breeze would have dispersed it, but nooo it was there in your nose and in your face 24/7.

    I was always relieved when the harvest was over but I never once thought of ‘getting involved’ in order to get the farming of brussels sprouts banned.

    I actually think my ex-wife and I used to subconsciously smoke more profusely during this season for just a modicum of blessed olfactory relief from the scourge of these offensive plants.

    If I lived next door to a neighbor in a multiple-unit dwelling in Pasadena who happened to adhere to a strict brussels sprouts diet, I’d buy them a $100 ionic air filtration device. But that’s just me, Mr. Nice Guy.

  15. james higham says:

    It’s got to an absolutely ridiculous stage now. The vehemence is eye opening.

    • Smoking Scot says:

      That’s one downside of throwing money at people with a pillbox view of the world and no accountabilty whatsoever..

      Unfortunately I believe it’s going to get very much worse.

      Doing some research into that business of taking First Nation children (aka Aboriginals) from their genetic parents and transporting them by force to be raised by White settlers.

      That was sanctioned by the Australian State and Federal Governments and that in turn led to the creation of a Aboriginal Protection Board charged with finding, hunting down and removing the children. Officially it lasted from 1869 to 1969, though it still went on in some areas through to 1970.

      That got the all clear from various religious bodies and some in the medical profession, Seems some psychologists fervently believed they could make the kiddies into good parodies of the whites.

      I find it inconcievable that people actually earned an income from doing this, yet it seems there were large organisations in each state in Australia with offices and desks and job descriptions and salary bands and hierachies. And they had department vehicles and – if they were very good at what they did – they got promotions and such. And banks lent them money to buy houses and cars and they went on holiday and they went to church and they worshipped their God.

      That episode sickens me to the core James, however I do see that, or at least something very similar, begining to gain traction in this war against smokers.

      I’ve already gone into very great detail to explain that smokers have been refused fertility treatment on the NHS for several decades. Naturally they are barred from adopting or fostering children and, as the rules stand at the moment, even ex-smokers are barred from adoption or fostering. Unfortunately it’s a massive meandering post and far too intimidating for a casual look, though Frank does have a link to my site if you really give a toss. Male infertility is the header.

      A reasonably impartial summary:

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