Negative Religion

A quote from Bertrand Russell in a book I was reading caught my eye:

“Cruelty lurks in our instincts, and fanaticism is a camouflage for cruelty.”

And antismoking fanaticism is indeed very cruel. Smoking bans are acts of cruelty to millions of  smokers (and to quite a few non-smokers), as they destroy communities and networks of friendships.

Another phrase on the same page – “an assault on decency” – also caught my eye. Smoking bans are an assault on decency.

It occurred to me today that these modern fanatical religions almost always seem to identify some evil that needs to be expunged. Hitler’s Nazis identified Jews as a ‘racial poison’ that had to be expelled or eliminated. Our modern Nazis are the same, but they identify different evils. Antismoking fanatics identify tobacco as a plague on humanity, and the cause of almost all disease. Global warming zealots identify carbon dioxide, and perhaps even the element carbon, as a threat to continuing human existence, and demand the decarbonisation of western economies. In each case, something (and usually someone closely associated with it) is demonised: Jews, smokers, CO2 polluters.

And in each case, the zealots gain their moral strength from fighting evil. They regard themselves as good precisely because they are fighting evil. And the greater the evil they are fighting, and the more valiantly they combat it, the higher their self-regard. They aren’t really ‘do-gooders’ so much as ‘evil-undoers’.

And in every case, they are trying to stop something rather than start something. They are trying to stop Jews taking over the world. They are trying to stop people smoking (and drinking and eating as well). And they are trying to stop carbon dioxide emissions heating the planet.

But their religion only ever has a Devil, and always lacks a God. It has a Supreme Evil, but no Supreme Good. They only aspire to eliminate evil, rather than do any positive good. In fact, they don’t have any particularly clear idea of any sort of good at all to set against their carefully worked out and immensely detailed idea of evil. After all, the antismoking zealots seldom wax eloquent about the delights and pleasures of a smoke-free utopia, and neither do the global warming zealots sing the praises of a carbon-free world.

And one might contrast these negative religions with a positive religion like Christianity which is, in its highest manifestations, a religion of love: love for God, love for humanity, love for life. Indeed the very first of the 10 Commandments is an injunction to love God. And, aside from Christianity, it might be said that even the fans of a pop group or a football team have an admiration and even a love of something, rather than a hatred of something.

And, if these negative religions had their own correspondingly negative churches, they would be filled not with depictions of a God whose praises they would sing, but with representations of a variety of Devils, at whom they would scream abuse – rather like in George Orwell’s 1984 “two minute hate.” Above their altars there would rear monstrous figures of Satan, black wings outstretched, crimson teeth bared.

And, because they are Devil-hating religions rather than God-loving religions, it is solely hatred that motivates them, and solely hatred which determines how they will behave. And it will be the depth of their hatred which will promote zealots in the ranks of the negative clerisy of their negative churches. For their goodness-in-fighting-evil is measured by the strength of their hatred for that evil. And this ensures that they will act with extreme cruelty, and indeed utter barbarity, the deeper that hatred becomes. And they will be completely blind to their own cruelty and barbarity. In fact, in ferociously fighting evil, their own ferocity will appear to them to be wholly virtuous.

Another feature of these negative religions is that there always seems to be some sort of botched ‘science’ that is used to identify their respective Devils, and justify their subsequent demonisation. In the case of antisemitism, it was half-baked Nazi racial ‘science’. And in the case of antismoking ‘science’ it is a crude sort of epidemiology. And in the case of global warming it’s computer simulation models of ill-understood physical processes. It’s through their ill-constructed telescopes that they first spot their respective devils, and proceed to describe them as carefully as canals on Mars. And their ‘scientific’ discoveries then serve to awaken and lend new virulence to older prejudices – against Jews, against smokers, against industry.

The Nazis demonised Jews, yet now it’s the Nazis themselves who are instead regarded as demons. The demonisers in turn become demonised, once the depths of their depravity becomes known. And this will likely be the fate of the antismoking and global warming fanatics. In the case of the antismokers, the depth of social division and dislocation that they have caused will one day become as apparent as the Nazi concentration camps , and the scales will fall from everyone’s eyes.

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32 Responses to Negative Religion

  1. PJH says:

    After all, the antismoking zealots seldom wax eloquent about the delights and pleasures of a smoke-free utopia,…

    But they did Frank. Don’t you remember them espousing the benefits of smoke free pubs and all those delicate non-smokers, that could not go in them before because of the smoke, would flock to them once they were smoke free?

    And that everyone will live forever because lung cancer and emphysema would be eradicated because there’s nothing else that causes those conditions besides smoking?

    Oh, wait…

  2. Frank right on again!

    But the bans,the junk science,globall warming,attacks on the obese,anti-alcohol,the suspension of elections in Italy,Greece and other places,the stacked deck of candidates that are drones for the global eletists Like romney,Obama etc. Its all part of the major plan for the chosen to take over and do away with the undesirables of the world as deemed by the power elite. They tried last century with their victorian style progressivism to outlaw all of us thru their eugenics and thru Wilsons League of nations. They failed miserably and set in motion a world wide depression that led to yet another great war. Today is a carbon copy blueprint of that last failed movement. Were they in sleeper cell motion for the last 80 years or just planning and slowly building their control over governments,industry,corporations etc. Has it been the use of civil rights laws to take over businesses and use those laws to gain that control. Even today Obamas IRS is targeting the TEA PARTY GROUPS. The Irs has been used as a coercive tool to force the governments edicts off on private buisness and individuals. No doubt the same tactics of coerciveness are being used all around the world as the strings of economic aide are tied to treaties like the WHO anti-tobacco treaty etc etc………It seems to be UN treaty has been the pathway for the global eletists to force their venomous anti-freedom eugenics born hate off on all of us the world over….

    Now even in the US the government has passed laws and other tools to further erode freedom and curtail individual liberty. FEMA camps are being set up in strategic locations across the land. New drone legislations was just signed by Obama and passed by a republican congress 2 weeks ago. Congress passed a law where you can be picked up for nothing and locked away without charge,ultimately annulling habeas corpus in the U.S. Where does this lead…….Id say they know shitz fixing to hit the fan and they want their powers guarded against the insurrection that is going to come as they try and concrete their take over of the people. Democracy is it worth defending………… I just cant say anymore…..

  3. junican says:

    A very, very insightful post, Frank – one of your best.

    ASH: “When the world is rid of tobacco, all will be reconciled. No more ill-health – health equality for all. No more war – wealth will be shared equally among every person.”

    SMOKER: “Erm…..I don’t want to be part of your equal world. I want to be myself”

    ASH: “Self? What is ‘Self’? There is no such thing. ALL MUST BE EQUAL!!”

    Despite the fact that the phrase ‘health inequality is not acceptable’ sounds good, is there not something that grates in our minds when we hear phrases of that nature? Is there not something wrong? I think that what we instinctively know is that ‘health equality’ is impossible. Not only is it impossible to achieve ‘health equality’, but the very idea of ‘health equality’ is possible is EVIL. Even if you divorce the word EVIL from Christian or Muslim or Hindu morality, you still have the idea of EVIL as the perception of the imposition of one person’s values upon another person. Thus, the imposition of ASH ET AL’s values upon the people of England is EVIL. If I personally wish to be ‘unhealthy’ (as defined by ASH ET AL – Public Health), I must surely have the right to be so. And, NO!, My unhealthiness does not make my children and other people’s children unhealthy.

    Since it is almost certainly true that SHS does not harm children in any way whatsoever (in fact, exposure to a little SHS probably protects them from asthma), and since young lungs are as strong as it is possible for lungs to be, it is clear that ASH ET AL are deliberately acting in an EVIL way.

    Philosophically, you do not need God to define EVIL. You need only persecution (which includes propaganda, corporate theft, political corruption……….).

  4. junican says:

    Indeed, reinhold.

    What Frank has revealed (and it is not at all easy to formulate) is that the imposition of ‘rules’, which have no legitimacy other than YouGov surveys and ASH ET AL studies and such, are EVIL!. They are WICKED! The whole edifice of the WHO Tobacco Control Framework Convention was devised by DEVILS!

    Does that sound silly? It should. And yet it is true. Put simply, why should the WHO be attacking smokers in the healthy, wealthy West when there are still adverts on TV in England begging for money to clean up water supplies in Africa? Is not the clean water supply precisely what the WHO is supposed to be doing? How did it morph into persecution of smokers in the healthy, wealthy West?

    • Frank Davis says:

      The whole edifice of the WHO Tobacco Control Framework Convention was devised by DEVILS!

      But we must take care not to demonise them quite as much as they demonise us. For if we do, we will be no better than they are. We must fight against them with all our strength, but we must always remember that they are as human as we are. Because one day, most likely, when all her plans come to nought, Deborah Arnott is going to burst into tears.

      • churchmouse says:

        You’re both right. Reinhold is in pointing out that a different spirit — a diabolical one — is moving through these people. And you, Frank, for saying they are human — so let’s demonise their science and continue to call it out for what it is.

        I’m listening to RMC (Radio Monte Carlo) right now, and there’s a discussion going on whereby French temperance groups want a law stipulating that someone stand outside every bar and nightspot with a breathalyser. Every customer would have to breathe into it upon leaving. That is equally diabolical.

  5. smokervoter says:

    I timed the the latest two-minute hate from tobaccofreeca and it was in fact a 30-second hate. That’s about right – our attention spans are about a fourth of what they were when Orwell wrote 1984. That and high cost of buying telescreen time.

    The voice of the narrator is one of deep dark antagonism and negativity. A cigarette butt is seen making its way down a sewer pipe on its way to the beach. The symbolism is obvious – smokers are sewer slime. Get this now, it ends with a cute little dog attempting to eat the butt at the beach.

    I’ve owned dogs in the past and smoked a thousand cigarettes around them – never ever had a dog try to eat one. Go down to the beach tomorrow and randomly look for a cigarette butt -good luck finding one. And can you imagine living in these peoples’ skin? Let’s spend a day at the beach with our obsessive brains glued to the sand in search of an evil spent cigarette and miss a beautiful sunset.

    Emmanuel Goldstein is the CEO of B.A.T Industries and we all are his followers. It would be funny if it wasn’t just so sick.

  6. ptbarnumthe2nd says:

    What came to my mind most strongly while reading this was the Inquisition (Spanish and otherwise), which came with its very own handbook on how to (scientifically) identify a witch or a heretic and how to produce a confession through a progressive scale of torture. Thus was the ‘religion of love’ turned to a religion of hate-in-the-name-of-love, since it would always end in death for the victim. If a mistake had been made, an innocent would go to heaven and the Inquisitor had done God’s work regardless. In its modern incarnations, our Inquisition is the endless questioning we are subjected to by doctors and our endless attempts to avoid being caught smoking in the wrong places. After all, the most powerful work done by the Inquisition was to make everyone fear it and make everyone work for it by being prepared to accuse another in order to save oneself.

  7. I came to believe that tobacco’control and eradication’ is just a part, albeit significant, of continuous prosecution of all natural and herbal cultures and its practitioners. It was misspelled, it should read War on Terra.

    Rex Mundi, Smoker Extraordinaire

    • Rose says:

      I think you got it in one.

      I heard about the upcoming smoking ban at the same time as I heard about impending ban on herbal medicine in Europe. The conclusion was obvious.

      Herbal remedies banned as new EU rules take effect
      1 May 2011
      “New EU rules came into force at the weekend banning hundreds of herbal remedies. The laws are aimed at protecting consumers from potentially damaging “traditional” medicines.”

      Note the date, I’m sure that was no accident.

      • beobrigitte says:

        Rose, this is very interesting! I do have a friend in Germany who knows quite a lot about herbal remedies – and I must admit I find whatever she advises me to take is effective! (Raw garlic cures throat infections wonderfully and a wonderful side-effect is that chewing it guarantees you plenty of space in an overcrowded bus as well as keeping unwanted male attention at bay!!!)

        This made me laugh:
        …while ginkgo and ginseng are known to interfere with the blood-thinning drug warfarin.
        No mention of bananas or cabbage then. Ah, they are not herbal remedies…. Nevertheless, they will interfere with the blood thinning drug Warfarin as they are high in vitamin K.

  8. smokervoter says:

    Off topic and off loading for me.

    I shed a few rare tears yesterday. There was a heart breaking story on the news of an 11-year old girl over in L.A. who lost her sweet little life in an afterschool fight with another girl over the affections of a boy. The smiling pictures of her sent me over the edge.

    When I was a 14 year old schoolkid there was a gathering place that centered around a big downed Eucalyptus tree trunk which sat in an orange grove. It was a block up from the school. We called it The Smoke Hole. All of us bad kids would meet up there before and after school to smoke cigarettes and try out new cuss words. Scores were always settled there between us guys after the last school bell of the day. And yours truly fought his fair share of battles there.

    One day two girls went at it. It sickened my stomach from the very first blow. And I was stunned at the ferocity of their punching. For fear of having to witness some major injury and out of disgust, I stepped in to stop the fight. A buddy named Mike felt the same way and grabbed the other girl. The crowd of guys, no doubt interested in glimpsing a brassiere, were not pleased.

    Mike and I beat the hell out of them. I was an ardent student of Cassius Clay’s pugilistic style. Mike was a low-centered little Smokin’ Joe Frazier. I shielded Jennifer and had her straighten out her sweater and leave with her dignity intact. I’m proud of what I did. I still see Mike now and then round town and we’ll sometimes recall the incident. I’d give anything to have been able to stop this one too.

    It just breaks me up to think of that poor little dear, who probably thought she was just showing up for a quick little scuffle, no longer with us. They said a small crowd of seven were cheering the fight on. Two girls tried unsuccessfully to intervene.

    I can assure you, I’m a plenty rough-tough guy. This got to me. Thanks for letting me spill here. This blog is like a good old fashioned smoky bar – sad tales and all.

    • I had to be tough growing up,but it wasnt because I wanted to fight. It was survival in the streets of government housing projects for about 4 years after Dad and mom split up. Try being one of only 3 white families in a completely black neighborhood. Now these bigots are going to ban smoking in those projects…….LMAO!

    • beobrigitte says:

      We called it The Smoke Hole. All of us bad kids would meet up there before and after school to smoke cigarettes and try out new cuss words. Scores were always settled there between us guys after the last school bell of the day. And yours truly fought his fair share of battles there.

      One day two girls went at it. It sickened my stomach from the very first blow. And I was stunned at the ferocity of their punching.

      This brings back memories….. We, too, had a smoking corner (which was right next to the church) where we all would meet before school to scrounge a ciggie of the wealthier pupils and copy the homework we never used to do at home.
      And, yes, scores were settled amongst ourselves – that applied for us girls as well!! The lads gave up trying to intervene in a girl/girl “disagreement” – but the rest of the girls there would. “Here, have a smoke and settle this…. ” usually worked a treat!

      I quite often think nowaday’s overprotective parents produce nothing but weak, self-absorbed, brats.
      I am totally convinced, ASH et al do not understand life. But it does not matter to them. They really are NAZIS – and I for one DO NOT wish to live through another NAZI-ERA without fighting them and the rift in society they have created.

  9. Sharon Townley, Vero Beach

    Letter: The Lakes at Pointe West deserves condemnation for callous treatment of 97-year-old

    The Lakes at Pointe West deserves to be criticized. The alternatives offered 97-year-old Jane O’Grady — a larger apartment where she can’t smoke or assisted-living where she’d be helped (if help were available) outside (rain and/or cold) to smoke — don’t address the real issue. She signed on long before the smoking ban for her own private space in which to do her own thing.

    As to the “compromised” 196 others: Are they living in hermetically sealed units? Are there holes in the walls? Perhaps the ventilation could be improved, but adding one part smoke to 196 parts minus smoke doesn’t sound very dangerous.

    Thousands of dollars to renovate? Most retirement communities routinely repaint, re-carpet, even replace appliances between occupants.

    I would agree with columnist Russ Lemmon. Ms. O’Grady should have been grandfathered (grandmothered?) in. I believe Indian River Estates was considerate enough to do that when the rules changed. Condominium boards would do well to follow that example.

    Almost one-fifth of the population smokes, and eviction is not the answer. If you must, start with the youngsters, not the oldsters.

    Jane O’Grady should have been applauded for standing up for her rights, but six months of Alton Mendleson’s non-alternatives and three years of eviction threats have obviously took their toll, as she died in Hospice. Shame on you, Lakes at Pointe West

  10. ptbarnumthe2nd says:

    smokervoter, I can understand exactly what you’re saying, although I never experienced it with girls fighting. Instead it was with a couple of boys setting on a lad much weaker physically and mentally than they were (what we called ‘retarded’ back then), holding him down and kicking him, and it sickened me to my stomach. I was never much of a brawler as a kid, but I waded into that one, while the cheering, laughing mob stood around. I earned a good few bruises for my trouble but they hurt a lot less than doing nothing would have done. Mob mentality is one of the things I find most chilling.

    • A mob is what tobacco control propaganda is made to do! Create a mob mentality against any smoker. Its not to make smoking abnormal but to incite bigotry,hatred and fear against smokers anywhere,to criminalize smokers and to their hope that we openly resist the law and they hope it may escalte into a shooting by the police of a disgruntled smokers because of their law! Or it could lead to the death of its enforcers which has already happened.

  11. Fresh off the presses: … |FRONTPAGE

    Petition to repeal Springfield’s smoking ban certified by city clerk
    3:39 PM, Feb. 27, 2012
    Written by Amos Bridges

    Springfield’s indoor smoking ban will be back on the ballot in June — if City Council doesn’t approve a repeal first.
    A petition-based effort to repeal the ban has succeeded in forcing a vote, according to a memo to council from City Clerk Brenda Cirtin.
    Cirtin’s memo said her staff certified 2,171 signatures submitted by the group Live Free Springfield in support of a repeal. At least 2,101 signatures — 10 percent of the number of votes cast in the most recent municipal election — were needed.
    The repeal, which would replace the more recent smoking ordinance with earlier regulations, will go to City Council for a first reading and public hearing March 12, Cirtin said.
    Council could vote to approve the repeal March 26. If they do not, it will go to a public vote in June. With no other issues planned at that date, the city could be responsible for the entire cost of the election, typically $80,000-$100,000.

    Yes Virginia there is a Santa Clause

  12. Ahh Frank,It appears the rabid nazis have a mental disease after all! … r-vendetta

    Vendetta: Police say nurse vandalized tobacco stores for vengeance
    By Susan-Elizabeth Littlefield

    CAMDEN, SC (WIS) – If you want to find a smoke in Camden, South Carolina, Cash Pawn and Jewelry has quite a selection.
    But lately, James Truesdale’s shop looks a lot like the competition, The Tobacco Corner, down the road. “How?” you might ask? Seems they’ve both got similar markings and paint jobs they didn’t ask for.
    Police say Pamela Wood was arrested late Monday afternoon. Surveillance video shows her ripping a cigarette sign down outside Truesdale’s store on Sunday before she started painting.
    Camden’s Police Chief say confessed to doing it in Sumter and they think there were nearly a other dozen cases like the one at The Tobacco Corner.
    “The re-occuring theme is ‘kills’ placed on these buildings, then there seems to be a message and the message seems to be ‘these products kill'” said the chief.
    Police think Wood saw an opportunity, painting the place early on Sunday morning. They think she did not see she’d been caught on tape before and the store owner was already on the lookout.
    Now, Truesdale has caught her on tape twice. Police have her in custody after someone tipped them off. It seems there was emotion involved. Wood is a nurse practitioner who has specialized in addiction.
    “It sounds like she has a message, but she’s going about delivering that message in the wrong way because what she’s doing is a violation of the law,” said the chief.
    Despite the motivation, it seems a crime of passion is still a crime.
    Wood is in the Kershaw County Detention Center charged with seven counts of malicious injury.

    I thought, “OK, here’s just another wacko anti who has the delusion that her brand of graffiti is going to doom big tobacco, right?” I figured she’d get of with community service or something until I found this today: … andalizing

    Nurse accused of vandalizing tobacco shops found dead
    By Jason Old

    CAMDEN, SC (WIS) – The woman police say vandalized several tobacco shops across the Midlands was found dead Sunday morning, according to the coroner.
    Kershaw County Coroner Johnny Fellers said Wood was found in her apartment. Fellers says they do not suspect foul play.
    Wood, a nurse practitioner who specialized in addiction, was arrested last week. Police said she confessed to vandalizing a tobacco store in Sumter, but believe she hit at least a dozen other stores.
    She was caught on surveillance video tearing down advertisements for cigarettes and spray painting “kills” on the stores.
    Camden Police Chief Joe Floyd said it seemed Wood was trying to convey a message by vandalizing the stores. “The re-occurring theme is ‘kills’ placed on these buildings, then there seems to be a message and the message seems to be ‘these products kill’ said the chief.
    Wood was charged with seven counts of malicious injury.
    An autopsy was scheduled for Monday.

    • beobrigitte says:

      Ahh Frank,It appears the rabid nazis have a mental disease after all!

      Yes. EXACTLY the same as the ones the first time round….. And I have to repeat THE question I asked when I was a kid: ” WHY does ANYONE believe this obviously idiotic propaganda these NAZIS regurgitate?

      • garyk30 says:

        Perhaps; because, with all of the glitz and trappings, they don’t see that it is just a sort of magical presentation full of deception and mis-direction.

  13. junican says:

    Another victim of Tobacco Control.

  14. smokervoter says:

    This story is really making the rounds here in Southern California right now. I’m listening to a radio talk show discussing it right now. The host is the epitome of the overprotective parents you speak of here. And he’s totally missing the point. He’s questioning whether ‘weak’ girls are capable of inflicting a fatal blow. He’s a major anti-smoker, too. But that’s got nothing to do with this.

    It turns out the two girls who tried to stop it were physically restrained by some horny young guys who, you guessed it, wanted to see some skin.

    I remember talking about what we’d done with Mike right afterwards. “Didn’t this just turn your stomach right from the start, Mike?” “Yeah, it did. And it looked like someone was going to get killed to me”

    Me: “You were the only other guy who felt that way. Thanks for helping me out, you’re one hell of a guy.”

    Mike: “No problem.”

  15. Mud wrestling comes to mind………oops thats another story!

  16. garyk30 says:

    Magical science and deception.

    Antis find a very small amount of nicotine in the blood/urine/hair of a never-smoker that has been exposed to SHS/ETS and claim that proves deadly amounts of toxic chemicals.

    Antis claim, and there may well be, about 20-40 toxic,cancer causing chemicals in cigarette tobacco.

    However; the important factor is, how much is there of these chemicals?

    Nicotine does not cause cancer;but, nicotine is used as marker for exposure to cigarette smoke because it is tobacco specific and gives an indication of the amount of cigarette smoke/chemicals in the air.

    Arsenic is one of the cancer ‘causing’ chemicals in tobacco.

    The amount of nicotine in the air is a very poor indication of how much arsenic from cigarette smoke is in the air.

    There are about 56,000 times as much nicotine in cigarette smoke as there is arsenic.

    Here is how it works.

    Click to access trends.pdf

    Trends in Smoke Nicotine Yield and
    Relationship to Design Characteristics
    Among Popular U.S. Cigarette Brands
    A Report of the Tobacco Research Program
    Division of Public Health Practice
    Harvard School of Public Health

    Page 12:
    The mean fitted smoke nicotine yield in each model was 1.79 mg per cigarette.
    (NOTE: This indicates that the total nicotine in all the smoke from a cigarette, both mainstream and side stream, is 1.79mg.)

    The average cigarette has 32ng of arsenic in all of it’s smoke,mainstream and side stream.
    (The 1999 Mass. Benchmark Study. Final Report 07/24/00)

    MG = milligram, 1,000th(thousandth) of a gram

    NG = nanogram, 1,000,000,000th(billionth) of a gram.

    1 MG = 1,000,000(one million) NG

    1.79 mg = 1,790,000 ng.

    1,790,000 divided by 32 = about 56,000.

    There are about 56,000 times as much nicotine in cigarette smoke as there is arsenic.

    This would hold true, to some degree or another , with ALL of the chemicals in tobacco smoke.

  17. garyk30 says:

    Welll, just how much of the nicotine or any of the chemicals in cigarette tobacco are inhaled by a smoker and how much does that leave to be spread out in the SHS/ETS?

    Only 7%, one fourteenth, of the nicotine in a cigarette is inhaled by a smoker and that would hold true for the rest of those chemicals!!! The amount of nicotine inhaled with tobacco smoke is a fraction of the amount contained in the tobacco leaves.(an average cigarette yields about 1 mg of absorbed nicotine)

    That 1 mg is 56% of the 1.79 mg total and that leaves very damn little to be spread out for the non-smokers. Table 4

    Year …Total Nicotine (mg/cig)


    1 mg is just 7% of the 13.93 mg of total nicotine in the average cigarette.

  18. garyk30 says:

    More anti smoker religous magic/deception.

    Nicotine in cigarettes is addictive; but, not the same amount of nicitine in NRT stuff?

    From Junican’s blog.

    I have several quotes from Prof Grey’s evidence (as stated by the Judge). Here is one that concerns the addictive qualities of nicotine, which ‘scientists’ have claimed to be the addictive agent in tobacco:

    “Prof Grey: If the quitting were quitting from nicotine use, rather than smoking, then there was no problem whatsoever: the quitting rates from nicotine delivered by any other mode were essentially 100% immediately. Smokers smoked cigarettes, as he had previously explained, for a variety of reasons.”

    Can you see what he is saying? He is saying that people can easily ‘come off’ nicotine if it is delivered by a nicotine patch, for example. 100% easy. But actual smoking is more than nicotine. In the same vein, here is another quote:

  19. waltc says:

    Having had a computer crash last night, I’m not sure if I posted this here or elsewhere or nowhere or just discussed it with some friends but since it seems to be relevant to both today’s and yesterday’s blogs here, I’ll risk redundance.

    I saw a lecture by a guy whose last name is Satter who’s both studied and had experience in Stalinist Russia. Aside from his vivid depictions of its history, he wandered into discussing Totalitarian Morality. Which is essentially a total lack of morality as most of us understand it. The state simply dictates what’s Good and what’s Bad, and since people are accustomed to being vessels of the state and therefore lack any individual morality, no one stops to ask if it’s (morally) Right or Wrong. Or considers that there IS a moral right or wrong aside from the state’s dictates. In a sense, it’s a kind of generalized and state- induced psychopathy.

    This immediately struck me as what’s been going on in the contemporary West and especially at the hands of Tobacco Control. Smoking and therefore smokers are Bad, so nobody even wonders if evicting old ladies, or any other crimes against the humanity of smokers, might be somehow morally tainted. The reflexive empathy and moral instinct that might be immediately evoked for a dog (“you wouldn’t put a dog out on a night like this”) has been entirely erased and replaced by a rote memorandum from the state.

    More directly on topic: sure, the parallels between Nazi junk science and propaganda against the Jews and the same kind of “science” and propaganda against smokers are obvious and stunning. But so are the reasons why both have been bought, As Goebels understood: “Tell a big lie, and tell it often enough and sooner or later everyone will believe it.”

  20. Frank Davis says:

    Not redundant at all. This IS about morality.

    Which sets me asking where we get our morality from. And in my early life the source of authoritative moral teachings was the church – the 10 commandments and all that -. In later life I guess it’s mostly been a consensus among like-minded friends. In respect of the smoking ban that consensus has broken down. Some people I know (or knew) approved of the ban, and others did not. And so division has arisen.

    But, left to themselves, my anti-smoking friends wouldn’t have banned smoking in all pubs. It took the state to do that. The state has become far more radically antismoking than any of my antismoking friends were. Why has the state become so antismoking? I don’t know, but I get the impression that there’s an antismoking consensus view in the political class which doesn’t reflect the view on the ground. (The same applies with global warming, and here in the UK with the EU project).

    In revolutions of the past, popular revolutionaries overthrew the state, but now the state has itself become radical and revolutionary, and is imposing on the people a revolution they don’t particularly want. There was no popular demand for smoking bans. Most people aren’t worried about the climate. And most people want to carry on being English and French and German rather than becoming ‘Europeans’.

    Strange days we live in.

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