Permanent Division

As I see it, the smoking ban has created a divided society. After all, when one bunch of people is “exiled to the outdoors” (as Deborah Arnott put it, months before the UK smoking ban came into force), while everyone else stays put inside, society becomes de facto divided into ‘insiders’ and ‘outsiders’, the welcome and the unwelcome. And because this division has been simultaneously imposed everywhere, the whole of society has become divided, all over the world. And further restrictive antismoking measures will only deepen the divide.

I think this is already a very deep division, and that it’s going to last for a very long time. And when smokers get their own pubs or their own smoking rooms back – as they eventually will – the division will endure.  There’s going to be a permanent division of society between smokers and antismokers, much like there has been a permanent division of society between Catholics and Protestants, or Christians and Muslims.

But I think that most smokers – and most antismokers – don’t see it this way. The smokers hope that, in time, some sort of accommodation will be reached, and people will see reason, and society will cease to be divided, and things will go back to something like the way they used to be, with everyone getting along as happily as they once did. And the antismokers hope that, in time, all smokers will quit smoking, and that if they don’t do so voluntarily they will be forced to. Neither smokers nor antismokers contemplate a permanently divided and embittered society.

I think that both of these aspirations are unrealistic. The antismokers’ aspiration is insane. And smokers are going to have to recognise that there is never going to be any accommodation. The antismokers don’t do accommodation. And they don’t do reason either. And so things will never return to being like they used to be, if only because the damage is already far too great. Smokers everywhere are going to have to make up their minds whether they will surrender to the onslaught upon them, or whether they will fight. There will be no escape for anyone from that choice, between ignoble surrender and fearsome war.

And it is a war because there is no compromise in sight. There is zero tolerance for smokers on the part of antismokers, and they only ever become more intolerant. And in time there will also be corresponding zero tolerance for antismokers by smokers. The antismokers don’t want to know what smokers think: they just want to get rid of them. And soon that’s how smokers will feel about antismokers, if they don’t already feel that way. There is no scope for dialogue, and there never has been any dialogue. The antismokers never wanted a debate in the first place. And so there never will be any debate.

For myself, my world is already divided, and I am past the point of zero tolerance for antismokers. I utterly detest them. I don’t want to know any of them, and I don’t want to meet any of them, and I don’t want to even speak to any of them. I simply want to destroy them, just as they want to destroy me. I’m now no more interested in any compromise than they are. They’ve got to go. All of them. And I think there are going to be more and more people like me, as more and more smokers (and quite a few non-smokers) draw the same conclusions. It is not a war that we wanted: it is a war that has been thrust upon us.

Down what path that war evolves, and what tactics will be employed, remains open to debate. There are countless numbers of ways it could be conducted. But what seems to me crystal clear is that the war will be fought. For everything is coming into place, as one army lines up in front of another, filled with implacable resolve. There is an ineluctable logic being played out.

In my view, the antismokers have launched a crazy and unnecessary and unwinnable war on smokers. There are at least a billion smokers on the planet, and maybe even two billion. That’s one hell of a lot of people to bully and bludgeon into adopting their puritanical doctrines. Particularly when those amiable and easy-going smokers are now starting to get angry, and are set to get angrier and angrier as time goes by. By contrast, there are far fewer dyed-in-the-wool antismokers, because most non-smokers simply don’t give a damn about smoking (although even they will probably eventually be forced to take sides). But because antismokers control governments and media, and are very well funded, their numerical disadvantage isn’t a serious liability at present. So it’s an asymmetric war. The antismokers have the money and the guns. The smokers have got the numbers.

It’s sort of crazy that something like this is developing in the 21st century, but it’s what’s happening, and it’s what’s going to go on happening. It’s an enormously self-destructive thing for a society to do to itself. It’s positively mediaeval. In a few years time the irresponsible politicians who cheerfully (even proudly) introduced smoking bans will rue the day that they did so, as social divisions widen and deepen in the communities they were supposed to represent. They’ll will wish they never let this particular genie out of its box. And too late they will probably try to undo the enormous social and economic damage that has been done. But they will most likely be unable to put out the fire that they helped light. If almost all of them are at present completely oblivious to the growing divisions, it’s because of the antismokers’ almost complete monopoly of the media, which allows them to present a bright picture of tremendous success of smoking bans and universal compliance with them. They will only gradually learn, via the internet and by word of mouth, that everything is very far from well, and that the antismokers have been lying to them.

It’s going to be a long war. It will last for decades. It will very likely blend in with other conflicts. But I’m confident that the war will end with the complete suppression of all antismoking organisations, and the confiscation of their assets, and the imprisonment of many of their officers. It will also most likely end with the destruction and re-organisation of the medical profession, many of whose members have been antismoking’s driving force. And in the end it will leave a society deeply divided, and deeply embittered.

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38 Responses to Permanent Division

  1. Excellent thinking as always Frank, but I’d disagree a bit with your prognosis: The Antismokers will succeed in keeping that schism alive only for as long as they are funded. There simply isn’t enough “real” public support to keep their movement going if the money for the media brainwashing gets cut off. The American Alcohol Prohibitionists grew to power through a massive influx of money from the churches. Once the “goal” had been achieved the churches went back to putting their money to better use and the Prohibition tree withered and died. (Maybe Chris Snowdon will stop in with some thoughts on this… I think HE knows more about American Prohibition from 4,000 miles away than I do right here in Philadelphia! LOL!)

    The Antismokers have guarded themselves to some extent with “perpetual” funding here in the US, but my guess is that the “perpetualness” isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. When things start heading a certain way in a handbasket, that money may suddenly start getting put to better use. Once the money is gone, 95% of the Deborah Arnotts etc will disappear too: they may have some idealism in them, but not enough to stick with the battle without pay the way folks on the Free Choice side do.

    The destructiveness of the schism is very real; but I have hopes it will come to an end.

    – MJM

    • Frank Davis says:

      I agree that if the funding dries up the antismoking juggernaut will grind to a halt. But even though we are now deep in an economic crisis, their money shows no sign of drying up, either here or in the USA. And even if it were to dry up tomorrow, the divisions created aren’t going to heal anytime soon.

    • Wiel Maessen says:

      Frank, Horecaclaim is funded by some 20 millionaires. Horecaclaim Europe will be founded next week.
      And then we’ll go Europe-wide, including the UK.

      • Frank Davis says:

        Ah, 20 millionaires. That’s a bit better.
        A million millionaires would be even better still.
        I think I put the horecaclaim link in my blogroll, so I must check it next week.

  2. Wiel Maessen says:

    Although I agree with you in general, I don’t think that your pessimism is justified, Frank. Maybe from a frustrated UK view. But if you really take the ‘birds eye view’ you must know that many societal developments in history show a wave form, also known as a conjunctural timeline.
    There have been times of repression followed by more liberal eras. And back.
    At the moment I think that we are in an era compared to the 40-50’s, where we had European dictatorships and the authoritan churches. But, after the 50’s, the 60’s and 70’s showed a movement towards liberalism, even fought for by the people who called themselves socialists. The Hippy movement, for instance, fought for liberty and self-expression. But their target was the (moral) religion power.
    A movement compared with the hippies will definately follow this repression era. Government has filled the (moral) gap that was caused by the downfall of religion, but the same force that was once targeting religious institutions will also raise against government morality rules. Other individuals, but the same mechanism will start to fight established doctrines.
    I only hope that I will have the lifetime to see my prediction materialise..

    • Frank Davis says:

      I agree that these things come in waves, Wiel. I’m very much a thinker in ‘wave’ terms. But this has been a truly enormous wave. It’s been a veritable global tsunami of smoking bans. There’s been nothing like it in all of human history. And its effects have been devastating for millions of people. And they will be felt for decades to come. And it’s not over yet! Here in the UK there are more bans on the way. Display bans, plain packaging, it never stops. This tidal wave wave seems to just get higher and higher. (And I get angrier and angrier).

      • Wiel Maessen says:

        The scale is generated by the increased communication possibilities and the higher level of worldwide organisation. But on the other side, internet has made the normal citizens like you and me more powerful and enabled them to make worldwide coalitions as well.
        So one side of developments (thesis) is countered by the other side (antithesis).
        And millionaires are siding us here already. So even the financial side is developing.

      • Frank Davis says:

        Well, yes, you’re right. We’re a much more wired world than we ever were. And also a much more synchronised world. And I’m as wired as anybody, and so a global coalition of similarly wired smokers is taking loose shape, and will undoubtedly continue to grow.

        But you are the only millionaire on our side that I know of. At the moment, anyway…

      • Tony says:

        If it doesn’t stop soon then before long they will ban people from smoking in their own homes, and the only way I will not smoke in my own home is if they take it from my cold, dead hand.

        I still think that it is a way away plus it will be impossible to police, without some kind of “smoking police force” that come around to check, and then people simply won’t answer the door. It will be the same with the banning of smoking in vehicles, that will be unpoliceable too. Makes we wonder if they really think this shit through properly.
        The pubs were a dead easy target because any old tosser can walk in and check on the naughty smokers, other areas it’s not so easy.

      • Tom2 says:

        As a footnote in this line of discussion then, in California, USA, they have ramped up the anti-smoking agenda propaganda lines in ways I’ve never seen up to now. They even insert anti-smoking propaganda based on the SHS Fraud during quick snippets inserted into the morning traffic reports. That isn’t counting what’s on TV, radio and billboards, a plethora of it. However, I have noticed them inserting more and more of it into property management and condo association newsletters – and suddenly, this month, a huge jump in one association which has an entire page devoted to the usual pabulum about SHS, including the 7,000 toxic chemicals, Surgeon General saying it can’t be blown away by a hurricane wind and the California EPA considering it the most lethal toxic substance ever in all the world. With that said – if they’ve ramped it up that high – they already have $500 fines in place for outdoor smoking – and they are coordinating anti-smoking messaging into property management newsletters, in San Francisco and I imagine other cities too (in San Francisco, there already ARE properties in which all smoking is banned entirely as well as outdoors in front of these buildings) – then for certain, one day very soon, they are going to ban it outright in private homes, in California – then call it a “big success”, then ban it elsewhere in the world, like dominoes. It’s still very heavily funded in California and they are still working overtime to take it into private homes. And to vapers, they are getting ready to ban ecigs in California too – the former communist District Attorney from San Francisco, who is now Attorney General under the communist governor in Sacramento, has already come out against ecigs just last week, in an attempt to take all the anti-smoking laws and then shift them over to include ecigs, when it’s all done and over with. So vapers don’t need to think somehow this doesn’t affect them either – and should be on the bandwagon to expose the SHS Fraud, not feed into it hoping to earn a few quid selling some ecigs online.

    • nisakiman says:

      Wiel, I sincerely wish you every success in your fight against this truly illiberal legislation. It’s great to see that at last there is a bit of financial clout being deployed.

      The anti-smokers have had it too easy for too long, secure in their massive government / pharma industry funding; and knowing that at any hint of funding to their chosen victims by the tobacco industry they can jump up and down shouting “Foul! Against the (our) rules! Tainted money! Think of the cheeeldren!”.

      I have often wondered how in the UK a class action for compensation by the hospitality industry could be funded. I would like to see it happen not so much because of the financial losses suffered, (although for the ones affected it must be crippling), but more because if would be an opportunity to expose publicly all the lies and misinformation that have been used to justify these bans.

      It would be high profile, and even the anti-smoking BBC would not be able to ignore it.

      If people were made aware of the level of funding for bans from the pharmaceutical industry; their profits from NRT; the influence they have with WHOs tobacco control template etc etc, we could see a marked shift in public opinion.

      To have the likes of Arnott et al (all the “experts”) called to testify, and be comprehensively demolished by a good adversarial lawyer (preferably a smoker who has a personal interest) with all the facts and figures at his fingertips would be sheer joy. And if publicly aired, as a legal challenge in the high court would be, could lead to the whole rotten edifice of tobacco control crumbling.

      So once again Wiel, good luck! What you are doing could start to turn the tide. We can but hope!

  3. History is going to repeat itself as usual…

    We escaped the 17th century where smoking was almost prohibited everywhere,we will escape now

    After all,prohibition and bans are destructive for the society…

    What followed after the alcohol prohibition? Recession….

    What followed after the smoking bans? pubs were closing down

    We just need money now to fight back those bastards.And the time will come,that sooner or later billionaires will donate in our favour.Like the antis have now bloomberg and gates…

    And then the expose of those antis will begin…After all,how on earth can you make an objective study when everyone,but everyone who performs tobacco related study doesn’t smoke! (I dont have evidence for this,but I am willing to bet on that!)

    The difference that money can make? Simply it’s the tool that can win a war

    Look what happened negatively in the State of New York (Bloomberg) , look what happened positively in the Netherlands (Wiel) . And if you go even more back in the alcohol prohibition,you’ll find that Rockefeller was behind the temperance movement as well

    But I won’t agree with you Frank on one thing.Smokers become more and more tolerant and guilty,not angry.

    Non smokers on the other hand become more and more antismokers and intolerant

    • Wiel Maessen says:

      Don’t compare me with Bloomberg! LOL!

    • Tom2 says:

      An economic committee within the Hawaii state government voted overwhelmingly a few weeks past to amend their draconian smoking ban, which includes outdoors, and has devastated their tourist trade, especially those coming from Japan and other Asian countries – and in one quick pound of the gavel, the head of their House decided to shelve the bill entirely, not allow it to come to floor for a vote – and that was the end of that.

      That happened in Nevada last year also. Their Senate tried to introduce a bill to relax and amend the ban there, especially in light of the fact Las Vegas lost tens of millions of dollars to New Orleans, which still permitted smoking on convention floors for purposes of a large annual tobacco dealers convention – and it was refused to be voted on. Then, one to two weeks later, in retaliation, the Nevada Health (Hate) Department decided to enforce a new smoking ban on all state prisons, indoors and out, for all inmates and staff alike – to make sure their power was known, that they would not tolerate amendment to the smoking ban.

      About six to twelve months went by. Then a smoking ban amendment bill was re-introduced, it went into vote and was voted yes, to amend their draconian ban to allow smoking rooms in restaurants, in taverns that served food, other businesses that catered to age 18 and up.

      It will be curious to see if soon, in Hawaii, their department of health (hate) decides to make their ban 10x worse, in order to show off their power and glory and might. But then, if so, if there will be a renewed attempt again to try amending their ban to at least allow smoking in bars and maybe outdoors, somewhere other than behind fancy expensive tourist hotels where the only smoking going on is apparently out back behind the garbage dumpsters – a big reason why tourists don’t like the idea of spending high prices to fly and stay in Hawaii, then be treated like sh*te. And for one, who can blame them for feeling that way and no longer going there to waste their money on the inhospitality/hostility industry.

      • Rose says:

        “It will be curious to see if soon, in Hawaii, their department of health (hate) decides to make their ban 10x worse, in order to show off their power and glory and might”


        Hawaii Lawmakers Move to Hike Tobacco Tax by 70 Percent
        “HONOLULU — Tobacco products could be a lot more expensive in Hawaii if some state legislators get their way.

        The state Senate Health Committee endorsed legislation that would increase the excise tax on tobacco to 70 percent, or $3.20 per product. The lawmakers hope the levy increase will reduce smoking and tobacco use in the state, according to the Associated Press.”

        “There is also a movement within the Hawaii state legislature to tax and regulate electronic cigarettes the same as all other tobacco products. Specifically, HB2557 and its companion bill SB2819 place e-cigarettes with other tobacco products as items prohibited to be sold to a minor and amend the definition of “tobacco products” for the purposes of taxation, as CSNews Online previously reported.”

  4. NewsBoycap says:


    I agree with and understand everything you have posted about the BAN for the two years that I have been reading your excellent blog. But this post is different, this post has spoken of what I believe. This division, this war is what TPTB are aiming for, it’s their focus, their means to an end. They need us fighting each other, arguing amongst ourselves it leaves them free to play their games of power and authority, free to straddle the world killing and maiming the innocents. Free to engage in their largess of more and more debt heaped upon the little people. Free to cast millions of third worlders into poverty and starvation.
    I may be wrong but is it only us in the ‘Free’ western ‘Democracies’ that ban people from living a ‘Free’ life and lifestyle.
    I don’t know what the answer is to this but eventually we’ve got to say NO, enough is enough. We’ve got to stop voting for these parasites, remove their authority to control us.

    • Frank Davis says:

      Good to see you here. And, well, yes, these diversions do tend to draw attention away from everything else TPTB get up to.

      I’m not sure that it’s only our western societies that have to endure these bans. A while back I was wondering whether smoking bans in the Arab world were contributing to their various insurrections.

      I agree about not voting for the bastards. I’ll never vote for any of them again.

  5. Reinhold says:

    They will wish they never let this particular genie out of its box. And too late they will probably try to undo the enormous social and economic damage that has been done.

    Certainly not.

    They will hide and say: “Wasn’t me! I always did my best! I’m not to blame when things went wrong! Besides, I always was against all this division stuff. I always wanted citizens to live together in peace and health and harmony. What more can a human being do? I’m a philanthropist from top to toe. I tried to make the world a better place! So why are you accusing me of all people?”

    That’s what they’ll say. And what they’ll think, too.

    And what they’ll do is exactly nothing. Except to escape if necessary and save the rest of their funds.

    – Hey, we’ve got some experience with folks like them over here.

    • Frank Davis says:

      They will hide and say: “Wasn’t me! I always did my best! I’m not to blame when things went wrong!

      I suspect that they’ll say something like, “Well, all the doctors and all the scientists said that secondhand smoking killed thousands of people, and we were only following their advice. What else could we do? Personally, I thought it was a lot of nonsense, myself. But I couldn’t really say so, could I? It was the same with global warming. I’ve never noticed any global warming, but all these scientists – real scientists in real universities – were saying that the planet was going to boil, and who was I to say it wasn’t? “

  6. Frank Davis says:

    It’s astonishing, really. You go and write a really pretty dark piece, and all these people show up with amazingly cheerful responses!

    It’s enough to make you want to, well, … burst out laughing.

  7. harleyrider1978 says:

    The precautionary principle itself is a catch 22 argument. It entails giving no proof the same standing as actually having positive proof. In essence it makes a negative a positive which we all know you can never prove a negative. By using this principle we might as well all just kill ourselves as chance living with possible threats that might harm us. Its actually created to let the nazis claim whatever they want and get away with it! Its use must be destroyed as its led to total destruction of the scientific process trying to create proof where none exists to begin with,hense the mountain of evidence we hear the nazis preach all over the place without actually being held to any proof at all!

    The principle itself cannot stand, it means an end to all we hold dear TRUTH.

    Without truth we have no meaning,we have no future,we have no life,no culture. We have only created hazzards that never existed,a culture defeated by fanaticism and led by radical nut cases passing laws based upon NOTHING! It gives basis to outlawing anything based upon nothing,it lowers the standard of proof in court to that of hearsay evidence to now convict!

    How did it happen,quite simply ENVIROMENTALISM!

    Precaution as Customary Law
    The question whether the precautionary principle is a principle of customary international
    law has received a great deal of attention, particularly since the principle’s inclusion
    in the Rio Declaration.

    Click to access 82.pdf

    Rio Declaration on Environment and Development

    The United Nations Conference on Environment and Development,

    Having met at Rio de Janeiro from 3 to 14 June 1992,

    Yes indeed the precautionary principle is an intregal part of GLOBAL GOVERNANCE and well, taking over the world! The UN must be destroyed……….If it lives we all die.

  8. Walt says:

    And the Forces of Darkness take another huge step:

    True that there may be billions of smokers but we’re mostly a minority w/i our own towns and the townsfolk are gushing about the emperor’s new study and the legislators listen to and legislate the gush. I very much agree that the answer is money: It buys politicians and the space in the media to rinse out the brainwash. Unfortunately we’ve lost in the war for public opinion and it needs to be turned around before the bans and the rest of the crap can be turned around.

  9. magnetic01 says:

    The same story with a little more [disturbing] detail:

    “Kids like to play in the back yard,” Rocklin resident Kelly Baker said. “It’s scary when you can’t breathe.”

    Kelly and her two sons, ages 11 and 16, have asthma. After l0 years of being surrounded by smoking neighbors, Kelly said her children have become sicker.

    The U.S. Surgeon General reported in 2006 that secondhand smoke has been associated with long-term health problems, including lung cancer and heart disease. The serious short term, acute effects of exposure to secondhand smoke include: asthma attacks, respiratory infections, nasal and eye irritation, and lung irritation.

    Kelly explained she can smell the smoke from her neighbors’ patio cigarette breaks everywhere in her house, including the bathroom and laundry room.

    “I’ll stand by my pantry and smell smoke,” she said. “Even during the winter with every window shut and every door shut (the smoke) comes in. It comes in through the vents, I think.”

    Secondhand smoke is classified as a Class A Carcinogen by the U.S. Environmental Protection agency and, by definition, there is no safe level of exposure.

    “This is against my will,” James Baker said. “I am being poisoned against my will. As a homeowner our options are either to tolerate it or move out.”

    The Bakers are also worried about third hand smoke, which is the particulate matter that collects on the surfaces and personal property.

    “That sticks on our walls and everything,” James Baker said. “We don’t use our backyard at all.”

    …. Last month Baker requested the city develop nuisance ordinance similar to the one in place in Dublin. In the Bay Area city’s ordinance, the offender could be charged with misdemeanor and be required to pay a $250 fine and perform community service for one year.

    “The landlord could get fined and sometimes that’s enough to do something,” James Baker said.
    Rocklin City Manager Rick Horst said he is studying the issue for the council, but it is problematic.

    “How do you regulate and enforce smoking on private property that may drift with the wind into a neighbor’s yard,” Horst said.

    Council member Diana Ruslin said the potential ordinance is not off the table.

    “I understand his concern. When it’s your family, they are the most important thing — as they should be,” Ruslin said. “When someone comes to council, it does not fall on deaf ears.”

    Baker also plans to speak to the Placer County Air Resources Board and form a political action committee to garner support for the ordinance.

    “It’s not a property issue. It’s an issue of poison,” James Baker said. “Ten percent of all Californians smoke. In a town of our size, are we protecting the rights of the minority?”

  10. Frank Davis says:

    The troll has been back. I’ve been deleting comments.

    People will have to log in to comment for the time being.

  11. Frank Im glad we are so effective. They would attack your blog and single us out by name!

  12. Frank Davis says:

    I think I inadvertently approved one of Troll’s comments, and he used that approval to post a whole bunch more, using different names, IP addresses, avatars.

  13. garyk30 says:

    CLEAN smoke-free air.
    Arsenic is a deadly poison and airborne arsenic can cause lung cancer.
    Each cubic meter of ‘clean-smoke free’ urban air can contain as much arsenic as is produced by your average cigarette!!!

    How much arsenic might there be in urban air?
    urban areas generally have mean arsenic levels in air ranging from 20 to 30 ng/m3.

    There is,indeed, Arsenic in cigarette smoke. Here: (The 1999 Mass. Benchmark Study. Final Report 07/24/00) we find the average cigarette has 32ng of arsenic in all of it’s smoke,mainstream and side stream.

    My house has about 450 cubic meters of space, At 30 ng/cubic meter, my house contains 13,500 ng of airborne arsenic provided by society.

    I smoke a pack a day and that pack will produce 640 ng of arsenic in it’s smoke.
    There is a total of about 14,140 ng of airborne arsenic in my house and 95.5% of that arsenic(13,500 ng) does NOT come from cigarette smoke.

    Here is a list of 33 of the 188 toxic pollutants the American EPA has found will be in CLEAN smoke free urban air.

    Some you may recognize as being in cigarette smoke and there are some that are not found in cigarette smoke.

    Acetaldehyde-Acrolein-Acrylonitrile-Arsenic Compounds-Benzene-Beryllium Compounds-1,3-Butadiene-Cadmium Compounds-Carbon tetrachloride-Chloroform-Chromium Compounds-Coke Oven Emissions- 1,3-Dichloropropene-Diesel Particulate Matter-Ethylene dibromide-Ethylene dichloride-Ethylene oxide-Formaldehyde-Hexachlorobenzene- Hydrazine-Lead Compounds-Manganese Compounds-Mercury Compounds-Methylene chloride-Nickel Compounds-Perchloroethylene-Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB)-Polycyclic Organic Matter (POM)-Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (7-PAH)-Propylene dichloride-Quinoline-1,1,2,2-Tetrachloroethane- Trichloroethylene-Vinyl chloride

  14. “And when smokers get their own pubs or their own smoking rooms back – as they eventually will…”
    Don’t hold your breath Frank.

  15. David Davis says:

    Who’s this Troll-fellow? I’m just interested. Is he/it a paid ASH-troid?

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