No More Petitions

I’ve just removed the Review The Smoking Ban E-petition from the right margin.

Why? Because I don’t want to petition anybody for anything any more. I don’t want to go cap-in-hand to the government, tugging my forelock, and saying, “Please sir, can we have our pubs back?” only for them to say “No.”

This bloody government is supposed to be representing the British people. It’s not their job to tell us what to do. It’s our job to tell them what to do. Their job is to listen when we tell them what we want, what we expect, and what we demand.

In this spirit, I’m not going to sign any more petitions. Instead I’m going to tell these cunts what they must do.


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15 Responses to No More Petitions

  1. Tom says:

    Amen! Yes! Exactly the whole point! Our culture comes from us, not handed down from above.

  2. We’ve been that way a for quite some time now Frank. We smoke in our club, we smoke in the work van, we smoke in various ‘restricted’ places. lf they want our smokes they can try to come and get them. No-ones tried though … they prefer easier targets.

  3. harleyrider1978 says:

    Frank,might I suggest a OCCUPY style smok-in at the government offices in london.
    Make it all over england at diferent places at the same time so they will be overwhelmed!

  4. nisakiman says:

    I have to agree with you there Frank. I’ve never been a great fan of petitions, because at the end of the day TPTB will do just what they want anyway. Petitions are easy to ignore. Better to go down harley and SH’s route of civil disobedience, and try to get people to follow suit. If some momentum can be inculcated in a largely supine populace, it would be more difficult for politicians to pretend there’s not a problem.

  5. Rose says:

    I have privately thought that petitions are a wonderful way for the government to park a lot of aggrieved people in a quiet, out of the way cul-de-sac while they wait patiently to be dealt with, this year, next year, sometime, never, until they lose momentum and reconcile themselves to whatever they were first upset about.

    When it’s really important, we have a tendency to stand silently and resolutely in queues.

  6. Walt says:

    The New Frontier:

    A 97 year old, hard-of-hearing, one-eyed widow is about to be evicted because she smokes a half-pack a day inside her apartment, in violation of a “rule” that was just now imposed, 7 years after she moved in.. Further, she’s the only smoker in the 198-unit building, yet she’s said to be ‘endangering” the entire population. To avoid eviction, she even tried to comply by using Chantix but it gave her nightmares. She even tried to comply by going outside until it got too cold for her 97 year old bones. So now they’ve served her eviction papers.

    But that’s only part of the story. The reader comments include:

    “I say kick her the hell out. NO sympathy here whatsoever. I hope these attorneys stick to their guns and evict her. Let’s go to court!! Let’s find out how many other elderly people she is exposing to her smoke and making their living conditions dangerous. She is not the only grandmother living there. KICK HER OUT.”

    A poster with the ironic monicker “liberal watchdog” posts:

    “If this selfish old bag can’t take that disgusting, stinking habit outside, she should move.”

    Other (liberal?) comments:

    “Smoking is a filthy, nasty, and trashy habit and anyone who chooses to smoke should also accept the fact that their CHOICE affects everyone else around them…This is not a victimless choice.” …. Disgusting, filthy, classless,shall I go on? ”

    How easy it is to turn ordinary people into ordinary Nazis.

    • harleyrider1978 says:

      Walt I just went thru the comments on the PALM. I gather that was magnetic as john-2 he tore those poor nazis a new one!!!! lmao He did the same to the nazis in the macon georgia ban push. I so admire a good freedom fighter. wtg

      • The Man With Many Chins says:

        Yep, fair play, John-2 tore all the idiots a new arsehole on there. He came across as balanced and reasonable, whilst all the “liberal” antismokers were shown as the spittle flecked morons they are!

    • chris says:

      These people are not liberals. Liberals are supposed to stand for tolerance, choice, acceptance of diversity and compassion.

  7. Budvar says:

    I really like all these spineless anti-smoking tosser types who can spout their shite at little old ladies etc. I smoke as and when and where I like. With the odd exception of some “Hippy Chick” doing the fake cough and getting the reply “Nasty cough you’ve got there luv”. I never get any and I mean any shit from them. OK, I look like an 18st tattoed skinhead with a combat jacket and a pitbull, but funny that eh?

    • harleyrider1978 says:

      Bud I can relate! We had a hippy calif Valley girl type hit our wafflehouse in 2000. She walks in and the nose starts going snif snif,then the mouth starts running and she never came thru the door short of just popping it open…..She goes you can smoke in here,we yelled back dont like it hit the road jack! She just says disgucting and runs off…….

      • Rose says:

        Sad turn in story of 97-year-old Vero Beach woman who faced eviction for smoking

        “Jane O’Grady, the 97-year-old woman who faced eviction from The Lakes at Pointe West for smoking in her apartment, spent last weekend in the hospital.
        She’s now in a local hospice facility.

        According to her friends, Jane was experiencing breathing problems Friday and was rushed to Indian River Medical Center.
        On Tuesday afternoon, she was transferred to the VNA Hospice House.

        “Hospice doesn’t scare her,” said Margie Decker, who visited Jane at IRMC earlier Tuesday. “She’s ready to die. She’s more than ready to meet her maker.”

        “The threat of eviction is a moot point now, it would seem.

        Karen McHenry, the new executive director of the Lakes at Pointe West, could not be reached for comment Wednesday.”

        “The feedback to last week’s column came in waves — Internet-generated waves. Days after the local reaction, emails and calls came from people mainly in South Florida and Tampa.
        Probably 90 percent of the feedback was supportive of Jane.

        An assisted-living facility in West Palm Beach offered to take her in. One woman offered to take her into her home. A woman in Plant City offered to buy her e-cigarettes.

        I could go on and on with the displays of generosity of the out-of-town readers. They wanted to help.

        (In contrast, the “tone” of some readers leaving comments anonymously on wasn’t nearly as compassionate.)

      • smokervoter says:

        California Hippie chicks, etc. The following is a comment I left at Leg-irons in July of 2011. His posting was titled “Frankenstein Fury”, the gist of which was how antismokers’ rotten attitudes had transformed a normally tolerant LI into to a fellow who would “stub my cigarette out in your child’s eye”. When Leggy lets the fiery Italian side take over, I bask in the literary heat.

        My girlfriend in1976 was to all outward appearances a hippie chick. We lived together in a love cabin under a tall redwood tree in the mountains above peacey and lovey Santa Cruz, CA. She was however of the pre-Prudish-Strictly Vegetarian-Chronically Grouchy variety of hippie girl. And she was especially non-prudish in the boudoir if you know what I mean. And she happily smoked at least a pack a day of Benson & Hedges menthols, as did many hippie chicks at that time.

        Without further ado, here is my comment:

        “Quick story LI. The year was 1976 and my girlfriend and I were in a movie theatre watching the Beatles movie Let It Be. It was customary and completely normal to smoke during the show back then. A chronically offended flower child seated behind me screamed out for me to put it out. I told her to go to hell and went right on smoking. My girlfriend fumed about it for about a minute and attacked the little Green Goddess in her seat. I jumped up and punched her boyfriend in the mouth. Management came and threw the four of us out. Outside the theatre now, I went for Round Two on the guy and smacked him again. The two of them ran away into the night screaming something about us being crazy redneck brutes.

        I aged and mellowed and looked back on it with some trepidation. They were right and I was wrong.

        That is up until about three years ago when this whole War on Smoking drastically started ratcheting up. Rough tough anti’s should proceed with the utmost caution with me, history can repeat. They made me.”

        PS: I was going to link to the article but chose to relieve you all of the tortuous 10-click Disqus process.

  8. cherie79 says:

    Thought we were supposed to die young? how come this ‘martyr’ made it to 97? Good on the people who rallied to her support, there are more tolerant people out there than they are fanatics if we could just get organised somehow. My son and other never smoking friends all disagree with the ban, especially in pubs

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