Britons Flee Olympics

Surprising article in the Mail:

One in ten Britons going OVERSEAS just to avoid the ‘Greatest Show on Earth’

hordes of British people will be going to exceptional lengths to stay away from the high profile event.

The older generation is the least keen to stay in the UK, with 22 per cent of over 65s intending to head overseas to make sure they miss the event.

Eighteen per cent of people aged 55 to 64 will join them in leaving the country when the Olympics are on.

I wonder why? Surely, in our health and fitness-obsessed modern society, people would be flocking to watch other people run round in circles and jump over things and throw stuff? In fact, wouldn’t they come running?

Or perhaps they’re letting their homes out to the millions of athletes who will arrive in Britain, and have to go somewhere else?

Hollywood director Danny Boyle chooses Shakespeare theme for £81m opening spectacular

81 million quid for an opening spectacular! Jesus wept. I reckon I could do the opening ceremony on a fiver or less: Just break open a can of lager, light up a sparkler, and say, “Right, it’s started.”

27-ton bell inspired by Shakespeare will form the centrepiece of £27m opening ceremony

What the hell has Shakespeare got to do with the Olympics? He was a poet and playwright, wasn’t he? Or did he used to jog every morning from Stratford-on-Avon to London’s Globe theatre? Or practise pole-vaulting on Sunday afternoons on Highgate hill?

Why not have in a few other famous English people? Like Rudyard Kipling, or Horatio Nelson, or Isaac Newton. They’ve got about as much to do with the Olympics as Shakespeare ever did (i.e. nothing at all). In fact, why not have an opening 100 metre sprint featuring Shakespeare and Kipling and Nelson and Newton, and Henry VIII, and all dressed as beefeaters or archbishops? Well, it’d be memorable, wouldn’t it? You wouldn’t forget it in a hurry. Particularly when Shakespeare won, and appeared in front of the cameras afterwards to pant, “Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow creeps in this petty pace from day to day,” or something equally hackneyed and unoriginal.

And how did Shakespeare manage to inspire someone to make a 27-ton bell? Did he make bells in his spare time? Along with all the jogging and pole-vaulting?

Hundreds of NHS nurses and schoolchildren will be involved in event

What in blazes have nurses got to do with it? I suppose it must be the health and fitness thing. Or maybe they’re going to be there to tend the hundreds of exhausted athletes with sprained ankles and torn Achilles tendons?

Perhaps the Queen will appear too, and jump over a few hurdles? On a horse. Wearing armour. I mean, why not?

The whole thing is utterly barmy. No wonder millions of people are going to flee Britain.

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40 Responses to Britons Flee Olympics

  1. Jock says:

    Yeah, but Shakespeare came from Stratford innit.

  2. alanxxx says:

    Very very good post showing literary talent – PLEASE, please keep on doing this.

    I’ll post tomorrow or the day after. At the moment have just gone up a gear from Jack D to absinthe and am very very pissed, but that, unfortunately, seems to be the way things are these days.

    Your writing strikes a degree of alientation about English culture that I find admirable in this day and age. Please please please persist. If you do so, I will join in.

    • alanxxx says:

      Practically speaking – I’d love to be absent myself, but at the moment I’m too pissed to know what date the olympics are anyway. Once I’ve found out I’ll be planning to be away.

      Btw, I’ve never heard of the story of shakespeare and the bell. I’ve got M.A. qualifactions in Lit. . If someone has heard of stories of shakespeare and the bell, please would you contribute.

      If you tell me stories about shakespeare and politic corruption I’ll be happy and zing along with you forever. Haven’t heard of the bell so far.

      • Jock says:

        The bell might just be about the east end. The “great bell of Bow” in whose sound cockneys must be born.

        Better a 27 ton bell perhaps than the pearly king and queen strutting along saying “do what luv-a-duck gov’nor”

  3. waltc says:

    Thanks for the laugh at the end of a very annoying day.

  4. Marie says:

    Lovely post Frank, most entertaining. Have you considered the possibility that the organisers are in fact subversives undermining English cultural heritage by trying to subtly suggest that the Bard is a 27 million pound bell end?

    • alanxxx says:

      Waitng for Godot relay race?.

      “The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers” – (Hen 6 part 2 act 4 scene 2 71 – 78)

      “I met Murder on the way –
      He had a mask like Castlereagh -” – Shelley (Masque of Anarchy).

      Much as I’m warming to a literary heritage olympics, I think I’d rather be in the Czech Republic.

    • Frank Davis says:

      subversives undermining English cultural heritage

      That’s pretty much exactly what I think they are.

  5. Jay says:

    “What the blazes have nurses got to do with it?”

    I goggled too when I heard about the nurses but apparently our NHS is the envy of the world, doncha know. Sad, isn’t it?

    Here in the North nobody seems to give a damn about the Olympics, despite politicos trying desperately to foster a perception of inclusiveness. I imagine that most people here would rather the squillions were spent on inward investment. Never mind, when you’re unemployed you’ve got all the time in the world to watch the big spectacle. Every cloud…..

    (Hearing that so many others can’t be arsed with the whole thing makes me feel – for the first time in five years – like, part of society :))

  6. magnetic01 says:

    From a presentation at the 6th World [Eugenics] Conference on Smoking & Health (1987), Tokyo, Japan (from Godber Blueprint):

    * J. R(?)ead
    Department of Community Health Sciences, Faculty of Medicine, The University of Calgary, Alberta, Canada

    The First-ever Smoke-Free-Olympic Program developed for the Calgary Winter Olympics and supported by the Canadian Council on Smoking and Health and Physicians for a Smoke-Free Canada will be presented . Critical incidents in gaining approval for the program include 60 letters of support from athletes, health organizations, non-smokers rights groups and government officials .

    The objectives of the program are – (1) primacy for the athlete by providing smoke-free Olympic spaces, (2) protection of the non-smoker from second-hand smoke ; (3) enhancement of the healthful image and the dignity of the Olympic games . The Smoke-Free spaces will include the athletes’ villages, Olympic vehicles and public transportation, all competition sites, medal presentations and banquets . Each of 7 venues will have designated smoking areas. Sale of tobacco products will be limited and no sponsorship of tobacco products will be allowed.

    The program will consist of (1) signage; (2) providing information packages for all winter Olympic countries and all Sports Federations; (3) assigning venue managers to oversee the provision of smoke-free spaces. A method of evaluating the effectiveness of the program will be described. Delegates to the 6th World Conference will be asked to spread the word! (p.43)


    There you have it. Smokefree Olympics, a feature of the last few decades and a pinnacle of physicalism, is to “enhance the healthful image and dignity of the Olympic games” by banning the vulgarity, the blight, the indignity, the “contamination”, the disgrace of tobacco smoke/smoking. According to their minders, the “perceived [ideological] needs” of vain, conceited, pretentious, Narcissistic athletes engaged in vainglorious pursuits – including a two-week sexual engagement like hyperactive rabbits, placing a strain on the sewer system as the large amounts of condoms are flushed – are primary/paramount in “Olympic spaces”. As they would say in some Southern places (USA), “these people think athletes is incredibly impotent”. These modern “exemplars” of superficiality need to be protected from such shallow practices as tobacco smoke/smoking.

    • magnetic01 says:

      Calgary, Canada, hosted the winter Olympics in 1988. Yet, a “smokefree” program had already been established prior to 1983 that was presented at the 1983 World [Eugenics] Conference on Smoking & Health. Part of this presentation included “protection of the non-smoker from second-hand smoke”. However, by 1983, there was only one, flawed (Hirayama, 1981) study on SHS. There was no evidence of SHS “danger”, and certainly not from brief exposure during the 2-week long Olympics. This smokefree move was purely – ONLY – ideologically (eugenics) motivated, and promoting the idea of SHS “danger”, requiring “protection”, without basis. The antismoking groups were already committed to the idea of SHS “danger”.

    • chris says:

      I wonder if the “healthful image” of the Games was further promoted by a ban on alcohol and strict limits on what foods could be consumes thereat. Why shouldn’t the spectators have the “full Olympic experience” by dining on the same regimen the athletes are subject to?

      While we’re doing history, weren’t the original Greek Olympics, like everything else in ancient Greece, occasion for partying and sex?

      • nisakiman says:

        I once watched a porno movie which was called “Sex Olympics” or something similar. It was French, I seem to remember.

        I’m not a fan of porn movies normally, but this one was hilarious. There were a number of couples performing (in competition mode) in several “events”. It was a hoot! I’d love to track it down again.

        Oh, the competitors were very athletic, too.

  7. It’s true about the exodus, I tried booking a week away during the time the Olympics is on and everything was fully booked for all the resorts on my short list back in July last year. All had plenty availability for the weeks before and after though.

  8. magnetic01 says:

    More that the World Conferences on Smoking & Health are a physicalist (health is viewed as an entirely physical phenomenon – biological reductionism) enterprise. The social-engineering intent – global tobacco-eradication strategy/program – highlights that the physicalism has advanced to eugenics.

    From the 5th World [Eugenics] Conference on Smoking and Health, 1983, Winnipeg, Canada (from Godber Blueprint):

    “Free apples, bananas, oranges and bran muffins were available at breaks during the Conference. Young athletes, clad in gymnasium attire, conducted brief exercise rituals for delegates at many sessions. Health for all.” (p.23)

  9. Woodsy42 says:

    You can’t even go to Glastonbury or many of the other smaller music festivals, quite a few festivals have been cancelled this year, apparently because of a shortage of portable toilets and police cover.
    Isn’t life is so much better when our masters dictate healthy activites and provide wholesome circuses rather than allowing us to do what we want?

    • Jock says:

      And you cannot even use your festival tents for cheap accommodation at your outrageously expensive Olympic events. Apparently Theresa May reckons anyone with a tent will be there to “Occupy” the Olympics. So much for taking a tent to Dorset for a weekend to watch the sailing.

  10. That bell . . . well, now we know where all those stolen bronze memorial plaques have gone.
    I’m considering anaesthesia for the duration.

  11. magnetic01 says:

    World Health Organization [administrator of the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control that most countries are now signed up to] welcomes Sochi 2014’s decision to make next Winter Olympic Games smoke-free

    The World Health Organization and the International Olympic Committee (IOC) are teaming up to promote what they see as healthy lifestyle choices.

    According to an Afriquenligne story quoting a WHO statement, the organizations want to encourage everybody to take part in sports, prevent childhood obesity and promote tobacco-free Olympic Games.

    • chris says:

      That should go over big in Russia, a place where they can’t even perusade smokers to pretend to want to quit. But of course, the people who live there aren’t important, are they?
      Will any provision be made for high-rolling attendees who want to indulge in expensive cigars?

  12. Rose says:

    “The biggest ringing bell in Europe has been commissioned and will hang at one end of the stadium.
    It will ‘ring in’ the start of the Games and will be inscribed with Caliban’s line from The Tempest ‘Be not afeard; the isle is full of noises’.”

    I’d don’t doubt that it will be.

    • Rose says:

      Gardeners object to advice on what to plant for Olympics
      26 Oct 2011

      “People living along the route of the Olympic cycle road race have objected to being “advised” how to plant their gardens to fit in with the 2012 Games colours and logos.

      Mole Valley district council in Surrey sent emails telling people they should plant displays and hanging baskets with a “vibrant colour palette” after receiving guidelines from the London Organising Committee for the Olympic Games [LOCOG] which even specify which flowers to use.

      Richard Roberts-Miller, the chairman of Mickleham parish council, said he was not impressed with the “order from on high” on how he should be doing his garden next year. “Some people might wonder whether this should be high up the council’s agenda,” he said.

      Judy Kinloch, the chairman of Mickleham and Westhumble Horticultural Society, added: “I was not totally happy about telling people what colours they had to use.”

      The emails sent to residents’ associations told them that LOCOG has “tight control over how the Games will look”.

      Home owners and businesses along the Olympic cycle road race route, which passes through Surrey, are being advised how to ensure the petunias, roses and other flowers in their front gardens match the colours of the games.”

      I think I’ll be spending a lot of time hiding in the garden under a tree.

      • Jay says:

        Wouldn’t you just love the en-route home owners to spell out a choice message with their flowers – in the proper colours, of course…

      • Rose says:

        I can’t imagine how anyone could resist.

      • legiron says:

        Fill those gardens with tobacco plants.

      • Rose says:

        “Colour combinations that people should adopt are green, blue, purple and orange, together with the pink and yellow of the London 2012 logo, and each should be used equally.”

        Well, tobacco flowers do come in some lovely shades of pink and the leaves are a beautiful shade of green….


        “Ms Abbott has pressed the London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games to commit to a unique tobacco-ban across the entire Olympic park during the 2012 games, tabling a question in the House of Commons and writing to Lord Coe and Boris Johnson.”

        “We introduced the smoking ban in pubs and enclosed spaces, ended sports sponsorship and billboard advertising, raised the legal age of purchasing cigarettes and put graphic warnings on cigarette packs.

        “We often had to push on with these policies against industry and public opinion. I think the Olympic Games is, again, a chance to take a lead on this”

        But would she recognise a tobacco plant if she saw one”

  13. magnetic01 says:

    Re: Adventism in antismoking crusades of the past and currently. A few threads ago it was considered, for example, that Adventists were an early co-sponsor of the World [Eugenics] Conferences on Smoking & Health. Munzer, an “expert” witness in the Schuman case, does some work through an Adventist smoking cessation clinic.

    An Adventist community in Loma Linda, California – along the lines of Dowie’s early-1900s “protected” community in Zion, Illinois – is most upset at the prospect of a McDonald’s store in town. Interesting is the language used by this [questionable “Christian”] sect. It sounds very much like the language of physicalists/eugenicists.

    McDonald’s proposal divides healthy Loma Linda
    The chain wants to open a fast-food restaurant in the Adventist community, a spiritual enclave where liquor is not sold and cigarettes are not smoked.

    Without a single liquor store, and legally smoke-free for nearly three decades, the tiny hillside town of Loma Linda brims with pride about its devotion to health and spiritual well-being.

    “McDonald’s does not fit the Loma Linda brand of health and wellness,” said Dr. Wayne Dysinger, head of preventive medicine at the medical school. “Compare it to smoking laws:
    There’s no question that smoking is harmful to people’s health. Exposing people to fast food also is harmful to their health.”

    That healthful lifestyle is a core tenet of the Seventh-day Adventist faith, which is woven through the San Bernardino County town of 21,000, from the Adventist-run Loma Linda
    University Medical Center to a City Council governed exclusively by church members. There’s even a Loma Linda line of vegetarian food, produced by the same company that makes Morningstar Farms vegan burgers.

    Along with being vegetarian, most Adventists shun tobacco, alcohol and fancy dress. They are quick to brag about being home to the healthiest, and longest-living, folks in the nation.
    National Geographic in 2005 identified Loma Linda as one of the world’s four “blue zones” — towns with greatest number of people living healthy lives into their 90s and past 100. The others were Okinawa, Japan; Sardinia, Italy; and Nicoya, Costa Rica. “It’s a great point of pride that their commitment to health is paying off,” said Dysinger.

    Dysinger is a member of the Healthy Loma Linda Coalition, composed mainly of preventive health professionals, which opposes the McDonald’s.

    ……. Dysinger and other parishioners call fast food an affront to the faith’s teachings of holistic wellness. Others call that an extreme view of the Adventist faith.

    “It goes back to the 1800s. Health always has been an important part to our wholeness,” said Retzer. “It really ties into how a person is spiritually.”

    “We can’t tell people what to eat, but we should do what we can to promote healthy food and being healthy,” said Santos. “Who doesn’t want to be healthy and to live a long life?”

    “Trying to say there’s a healthy menu at McDonald’s is like putting 5 milligrams of Vitamin C in a cigarette,” Wellhausen said.,0,1710965,full.story

    • magnetic01 says:

      For those not familiar with Dowie’s “insulated” community:
      “The use of tobacco, in any form, is a dirty, filthy, disgusting, degrading habit….
      You have no more right to pollute with tobacco smoke the atmosphere which clean people have to breathe than you have to spit in the water which they have
      to drink.
      …. use of the filthy, nasty, stinking stuff [tobacco]”

      These are the sorts of sentiments that are common amongst contemporary antismokers. Interesting is that the quote above is from an anti-tobacco billboard (photo circa 1915) on the road leading into Zion, Illinois, USA. When considering the sentiments appearing on the billboard, it must be remembered that this was many, many decades before the concoction of secondhand smoke “danger”.

      Zion City was a “utopian” community established in the early-1900s by John Alexander Dowie representing a so-called “Christian” sect (Christian Catholic Church). Tobacco, alcohol, and gambling were banned within Zion.

      Serious, dangerous fanaticism/extremism was rife in America right up to WWII. The Temperance (religious leanings) and Eugenics (physicians, physicalists) Movements, both having dictatorial tendencies and a delusional emphasis on and obsession with physical health, wreaked considerable damage in America. The EM was by far the most influential in America and eventually produced catastrophe in Nazi Germany with global consequences. The Temperance and Eugenics Movements shared the anti-tobacco sentiments in the quote above. While they attempted to change society with destructive consequences, Dowie chose to create his own “protected” community.

    • nisakiman says:

      “The others were Okinawa, Japan; Sardinia, Italy; and Nicoya, Costa Rica”

      Do we have any figures for tobacco / alcohol / fast food consumption from those places? Might be interesting to compare them for “clean living”.

    • smokervoter says:

      I happen to be very familiar with Loma Linda. It is a town full of religious cult fanatics. There are no bars there. There used to be only one supermarket there. They have a very good dental school there that I once availed of for a wisdom tooth procedure at about half price. My student dentist was gorgeous, I fell in love with her. Not quite sure where all of the octogenarians hang out though. All I see are 20, 30 and 40-somethings when I’m there.

      When I was younger as a joke I sent a dim-witted friend of mine into the Loma Linda Market to buy some lunch meat for us to snack on. The look on his face when he came back empty-handed to the car was precious. I should have had him buy us some cigarettes as well.

  14. Patrick Harris says:

    I’d love to fuck off but fear that on my return I will find 6 Eastern fucking European families kipping down in me front room (for those from oop north – thats the parlour).

  15. Gary K. says:

    The Games will create winners and losers and give out prizes based on said winning or not.

    These practices are not promoting the idea of all people deserving equality of rewards.

    These games are glorifying the 1% and are elitist.

    In the interests of creating a level playing field, should not the better athletes be required to have some sort of a handicap restriction?

    One would think that the nanny PC groups would be screaming bloody Hell about this stuff!!!

    The govt should be considering some sort of ‘time tax’ on those that cross the finish lines first. Imagine races where no one tried to finish first.

    • alanxxx says:

      Good morning to all, and a horrifically sober one too.

      It is not often understood that poetry reading was an event in the original olympics (or so I am reliably informed).

      Apparently, Ancient Greeks would have found many of us moderns disgustingly unbalanced. Our cloistered ivory tower dwelling arty and philosophical types who do no sport would have been seen as sadly lacking in a good half of proper human experience, whilst sportsmen who didn’t have some knowledge of So crates and a smattering of Lesbos would been seen as sadly lacking also. (Sappho rocks btw, – Eton educated people and the like do not OWN this kind of stuff, despite raw eugenicist propaganda to the contrary).

      In fact, a very high brow person indeed told me that the Ancient Greeks did not see a division between sport and the arts at all, where as we moderns tend to see them as opposites.

      So, to my mind, the modern Olympic Games started at just the right time to contain a fetishised form of eugenics, – strength through joy, triumph of the will and never mind what the reichsfurher looks like sort of ballocks. The birth of the modern Olympics also interestingly appears to roughly coincide with the time where clump press minders and factory ne’erdowells such as myself began to be discouraged from taking an interest in culture, innit.

      To the poetry reading – the idea of reinstituting this as an Olympic event was whizzing round the razzled neurons of alanxxx on my previous post. Shelley’s Mask of Anarchy would be particularly suited for Manchester (Ye are many – they are few).

      As or lovely lovely lovely and unutterably English to the core Qveene is called Elizabeth, and good old astute Qveene Bess was top dog in shaggy’s time, I thought that staging Hen 6 Part 2 might be appropriate. It isn’t exactly Shaggy’s most poetic play, but was thinking about it more as street theatre.

      There’s always Richard 2 – we could always translate it into Jamie Olivier mockney and make Bushy, Bagot and Greene bankers. Or just take John of Gaunt’s speech from Act 2 scene 1. In fact let’s take a leaf out of James the First’s coronation celebrations and have a thespian strapped to a lamp post every thirty foot or so presented as a vivified statue, and have them recite John of Gaunt’s speech in all the languages of the planet. That’d show British spunk. It’d be better than bombarding people with no smoking signs. – John of Gaunt’s speech, kicking off at 1.30. I think the guy impersonating a viking in a cream dress also played the narrator in The Rocky Horror Show, which is groovy. – bit of a trendy adaption of Hen 6 part 2. Lovely lovely lashings of proper English refained cultcha.

      The appropriation of Shaggy by this establishment for nationalistic purposes I find annoying. Anyone who has read the Falstaff character knows that aching at the centre of the invention of characterisation itself is this fascinating picture of a man who is a freewheeling, anarchistic, mercenary, pragmatic, cholesterol swilling, butter and egg glugging lard arse of a panorama of humanity as it is found, and consequently a Healthist’s nightmare. This to me is closer to the pulse of England, rather than the antiseptically denatured culture free crud we are likely to get these days whenever England commits the embarrassing faux pas of trying to celebrate itself.

      So “here’s to Old England” (hic) Corallyanus. It’s undeniable in the subtext.

  16. Back in 1992 when the olympics were in Atlanta the torch passed thru Mt juliet tennessee and well a few of the local rednecks were able to get the torch handed to err us and well paraded down the road with the confederate flag in tow. Got about 300 yds before another group well duh got it give to them and it kinda went like that for about 6 miles before they got upset over it and the game was over. So much for my history with anything of olympic adventures…….Really wasnt even worth to see except it was right in front of the house at the time on Lebanon rd/hwy 70. But we had some fun and the runners were really cool about it all.

  17. The futility of running a war against vices
    Attempts to check our bad habits are doomed, says Christopher Jackson

    By Christopher Jackson

    Sunday January 29 2012

    Reforms to curb the use of substances such as alcohol and tobacco in Ireland have all tended to follow a similar trend. The government of the day initially talks of a malaise afflicting the population, then passes a reform aimed at fixing it, only for statistics to later affirm the pathetic deficiency of its actions.

    Last week, the Government announced that it would seek to further check the consumption of alcohol by the Irish public. The move, which includes banning the sale of alcohol from supermarkets, is just the latest in a long-running series of strenuous attempts by successive governments to remedy the Irish obsession with all things bad. Attempts that seem to be based on a fundamental misunderstanding of public tendency. … 03032.html

  18. 1Are Olympic gold medals made of gold? Yes, but they haven’t been solid gold for almost a century. The medals are designed by the Olympics Committee in each host city, but the designers have to follow a few minimum guidelines:

    •all medals must be at least 60mm in diameter and 3mm thick
    •gold and silver medals must be made from 92.5 percent silver
    •gold medals must be plated with at least six grams of gold.
    Some medals for recent games have been larger. Like the 2002 Olympics in Salt Lake City. The gold and silver medals awarded there were the heaviest ever created, measuring 85mm in diameter and 10mm thick and weighing in at 20 ounces.

  19. Anyone noticed lighters are among the objects banned from the Olympics? They’ve found a way of stopping people lighting up in the Olympic Park. Good business opportunity selling lighters for £3 at the exits.

  20. Anonymous for tax purposes says:

    At a recent ‘smokey-drinky’ (see Leg Iron’s blog for definition) my wife and I discovered that, for the duration of the Olympics, two couples, both close neighbours, were going to Spain where both couples had houses close to each other. My wife and I were invited along, as was another couple who were present.
    We live about one hour by rail from London so we all advertised our houses for rent for the period of the Olympics. We advertised in Europe and the USA. We’ve all let our houses for the duration (with a local agent to keep an eye on things) for ££££££££s!!
    Our holiday is going to make us all quite a handsome cash profit!

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