Rio Buildings Collapse

Occasionally I take a lot of interest in a news story. The buildings that collapsed in Rio de Janeiro’s historic centre last night prompted such interest, because I used to live in Rio many years ago, and my father worked about a quarter of a mile from the spot. I knew the area quite well.

I found an AP YouTube video that shows the moment of the collapse. The last girl running away must feel pretty lucky.

The buildings turned out to be on Avenida 13 de Maio, just north of Rio’s municipal theatre, a 19th century architectural extravagance. I’ve circled the 3 buildings that collapsed (right).

Using Google Maps, I tried to find a photo of the buildings before they fell down. This proved a bit difficult, because Avenida 13 de Maio is a pedestrian-only road, and Google’s camera trucks can’t drive up it. Also, while there were quite a few photos taken in the vicinity, they were all of the Theatro Municipal. The three fallen buildings looked for a while like they were going to be invisible.

But eventually, using Google maps, I managed to get a shot of them looking south-east from Avenida Barroso along Avenida 13 de Maio (just off the top left of the satellite view).

There were three of them that collapsed. I think it was the 20 storey building that brought down the other two – a 10 story building and a 5 storey building.

None of the news coverage that I’ve seen has this photo.

I also found an AFP helicopter shot (at bottom right) that shows smoke and dust rising from the site.

Since it only happened last night, there may well still be people trapped inside it. Although fortunately, it was an office building which collapsed at 8:30 pm at night, and had relatively few people working late there at the time.

Amazing how much you can find out in an hour or two.

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6 Responses to Rio Buildings Collapse

  1. beobrigitte says:

    Isn’t it despicable that in this video there was this accompanying advertisement?

    Quit smoking Isle of Man
    Smoke Free South West

    another ad asks:
    Is your blog secure?

    (I have taken screenshots which I happily forward!)

    Lets get this straight: no-one knows as yet how many people have died and how many people are trapped but youtube allows this footage to be accompanied by the above ads? Does this mean that no-one cares about the people affected by the collapse of the building as long as the world gets the message about stopping smoking?
    This needs an explanation. And a pretty good one.

    • Frank Davis says:

      I hadn’t noticed the ads (I usually don’t anyway). If they were targeted, I suppose it may have been because it was originally believed to have been a gas explosion that caused the building collapse, with the suggestion (as ever) that it had been set off by a smoker. I’m surprised that South West England still has money to spend on antismoking ads anyway.

  2. prog says:

    Google ads are bloody irritating, I usually get invitations to visit various smokefree sites on video links. Clearing out cookies doesn’t seem to have much affect. I’m no techie so they might be other ways. Any suggestions anyone?

  3. Ripper says:

    prog – Since Youtube works on Flash the player automatically stores Flash cookies on your machine. Flash cookies are a different animal to normal cookies and you won’t clear them in the usual way. Flash cookies are used to track your browsing habits so as to target adverts at you. This article explains what Flash cookies are all about and how to rid yourself of them.

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