Nothing To Report

Nothing to report today, except something I read somewhere today, I have no idea where.

A gentleman is someone who knows how to play the accordion, but doesn’t.

This connected with something I read somewhere else 20 minutes earlier, again I have no idea where.

I always close my eyes when I play the violin. I don’t like to see people suffering.

Funny, the things that stick in your head, and connect up with other things that got stuck in there earlier. Perhaps that’s how people have new ideas. By just connecting up disconnected ideas. Very occasionally, an amazing insight emerges from it, and they become very, very rich.

Not today though, obviously.

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18 Responses to Nothing To Report

  1. Tom says:

    Frank –

    I love your sense of humor! Actually I thrive on connecting dots that don’t normally connect. Sometimes it leads to great insights, other times it exposes the overwhelming absurdity of modern life. As always, enjoy reading your words.

  2. Heres a touch of INSANITY for ya frank:
    First they came for the smokers . . . . Perfume the New second hand smoke

    Reductio Creep

    Friday, January 20th, 2012

    Back when the smoking bans were spreading across the country, those of us opposed to them made the point that you could make many of the same arguments about perfume and cologne that ban proponents were making about second hand smoke. (And there’s about as much evidence that fragrances are a health risk, which is to say very little.)

    But you can’t really make a reductio argument for too long before someone embraces it.

    Many women love wearing perfume, but have you ever gotten a headache from someone who has sprayed on way too much of a scent you don’t like? Back in 2008, Susan McBride, sued Detroit under the Americans with Disabilities Act, claiming a co-worker’s fragrance made it hard for her to breathe and do her job. She was eventually awarded $100,000, and the city warned workers to avoid using scented products like perfume, cologne, deodorant, lotion, and aftershave. Now New Hampshire is looking to do the same.

    State representative Michele Peckham is sponsoring House Bill 1444 which hopes to ban state employees who work with the public from wearing perfume. Apparently a constituent with extreme allergies approached Peckham with the proposal. “It may seem silly, but it’s a health issue,” Peckham told the Union Leader. “Many people have violent reactions to strong scents.”

    The author then poses an honest question that puts this nonsense into the proper perspective:

    Allergies and annoyances aside, should the government be able to regulate what we smell like?

    The bans at the moment are just for state employees. But that’s merely where these ideas start. Just to hammer the point home, this, from a tweet from Stacy Malkan, head of an organization called the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics.

    Fragrance is the new secondhand smoke.

    Of course, body odor is fairly offensive to the senses as well. Don’t we deserve protection from that? Clearly the proper balance here is for the federal government to require regular showers and the application of deodorant, but ban all but the unscented varieties. All of this would be proper under the authority of the Commerce Clause, of course. (active links in article on site.)

    Hat tip

    • I had fun working out an equally cogent case for banning passive aviation. Naturally I would quote figures of people killed by aeroplanes since their invention, sneakily including those who died in air raids.

  3. gMobile Smoking ban still in the works after delays

    City Clerk Lisa Lambert said that her staff has received hundreds of calls from residents who have been cold called by antismoking advocates and transferred to the City Council office.

    Sometimes the residents said the calls were automated, sometimes that they had spoken with an actual person, but usually the resident would be asked if they would like to take a survey, according to the staff.

    Eventually, though, people who picked up the phone would be forwarded to the City Council’s office, sometimes after receiving a scripted anti-smoking blurb to repeat.

    The source of the calls was unclear.

    The ordinance had been expected to come before the council as early as Jan. 10 but has yet to make it onto an agenda.

    Asked about the status of the ordinance, Councilman William Carroll, its sponsor, answered cryptically that “timing is everything.”

    Asked what role timing played in the matter, he declined to elaborate

    Its because their federal stimulus grant runs out Feb 5th 2012 and thos mysterious ban fanatic phone calls will disapear along with the paid professional witnesses at city council meetings!

  4. Cuomo budget cuts anti-smoking effort
    by Michael H. Samuels
    Published: January 25, 2012
    Tags: Andrew Cuomo, anti-smoking campaign, cigars, rolled cigarettes, state funding, taxes

    Anti-smoking advocates said Tuesday that Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s proposed budget would continue to cut help for smokers to quit, even as it takes advantage of their habit by raising the tax on cigars and loose tobacco used in rolled cigarettes.

    On Tuesday the American Cancer Society and other groups said the latest proposed cuts by Gov. Andrew Cuomo just don’t make fiscal sense because anti-smoking TV ads, smoking cessation kits and other measures curb smoking and save the state far more in health care costs.

    The groups say that although there is an overall decline in smoking statewide, a state survey shows less educated smokers in parts of New York City and rural upstate haven’t gotten the message. Advocates said these smokers need help through the compelling TV ads, free smoking cessation kits, the state smokers’ telephone help line and neighborhood sites to provide counseling and other support.

    • Tom says:

      “Advocates said these smokers need help through the compelling TV ads, ”

      Yea, like the “compelling” ads here in California. They are SO hateful, they are outright dishonest, full of lies, contemptuous of smokers and basically advocate no smoking – at all – ever – not even outside. They portray everything imaginable to make it appear that smokers = murderers, smokers = baby killers, smokers = mother killers, smokers = terrorists, the list goes on. That’s not “compelling”. It is a hate campaign, pure and simple, and a money grab, by haters, who sit in office and control politicians, pull their purse strings.

    • junican says:

      So Cunningham (ASHite) writes to Milton (ASHite) and they connect a bit of spurious news. Pure propaganda.

      • beobrigitte says:

        It is – and it is lame. On reading the comments it is obvious they have run out of arguments for such a ban already.

        “While my bill failed to get a second reading in the House of Commons, it is being resurrected by Tory peer Lord Ribeiro in the House of Lords, and I hope the Government will take the opportunity to pick up the bill and put the health of
        thousands of children ahead of the rights of smokers.”

        Yeah, right. I agree with a commenter:
        Surely it would be safer to ban kids/children from cars….. So lets talk some sense and ban kids from cars.

  5. 114000 Abandoned Wind Turbines In The USA
    There are many hidden truths about the world of wind turbines from the pollution and environmental damage caused in China by manufacturing bird choppers, the blight on people’s lives of noise and the flicker factor and the countless numbers of birds that are killed each year by these blots on the landscape.

    The symbol of Green renewable energy, our saviour from the non existent problem of Global Warming, abandoned wind farms are starting to litter the planet as globally governments cut the subsidies taxes that consumers pay for the privilege of having a very expensive power source that does not work every day for various reasons like it’s too cold or the wind speed is too high.

    The US experience with wind farms has left over 14,000 wind turbines abandoned and slowly decaying, in most instances the turbines are just left as symbols of a dying Climate Religion, nowhere have the Green Environmentalists appeared to clear up their mess or even complain about the abandoned wind farms.

    The US has had wind farms since 1981:

    Rest on link:

    • beobrigitte says:

      the blight on people’s lives of noise

      Harleyrider, glad you mention this. One of these huge wind turbines was recently put up near a friend’s house in Germany (haven’t seen it yet; will do shortly). My friend has already filed numerous complaints with the local authority.

      and the countless numbers of birds that are killed each year by these blots on the landscape.

      My friend mentioned these, too. But there are also quite a lot of injured birds and this in turn attracts e.g. foxes in increasing numbers into the little village.

  6. All I got for today Frank.

  7. Rick S says:

    “If you don’t stop playing that saxophone, I’ll go mad!”

    “Too late – I stopped half an hour ago.”

  8. Mr A says:

    Just seen the BBC News at 6. 30% drop in heart attacks. Mainly due to falling smoking rates (no reference to support this assertion, obviously) and the Smoking Ban, apparently. “Smoking Ban had obvious effects in Scotland within weeks” (declared the Public Health mouthpiece, obviously referring the the unanimously discredited Pell Study). Useful idiot Beeb reporter Gavin Essler then stated, “This shows how people need to be told how to behave, clearly,” to which the Doctor replied with the usual, “We need to nudge, but if that doesn’t work, we need the law” assertion / threat.

    Unbelievable propaganda from Pravda from beginning to end. If Essler had a brain and knew anything about the subject he would have been able to point out that the Pell Study was discredited by, amongst scores of others, the BBC! Still, why stand in the way of the onward glorious march of Public Health, eh Gavin!?

  9. Mr A says:

    Dr Fox (not Liam) acknowledged that the smoking ban was “controversial” but was quite direct in stating that it was an obvious success in terms of health and that it should serve as a lesson that the little people need to be told how to live.

  10. Gary K. says:

    “sneakily including those who died in air raids.”

    All of those aircraft ‘dog fights’ with the planes shooting thousands of bullets at each other.

    Wonder how many people on the ground were killed/injured when those thousands of bullets came down?

    No one ever has said anything about those folks.

    • Gary I was on the naval bombing range running a siting tower next to the straffing banner. Ya a single pilot came in and blasted the banner plus my tower with 20 mm rounds about 700 total………I ran like a jack rabbit down the tower to the bomb shelter when I saw his zig zag flight path comming at me and I was 300 yards off the banner flight path……..The skipper did give me a few new pairs of undies in the deal! those rounds were tripping a zig zag pattern as they tore up the sand and I ran like hell! Wouldnt be here if I hadnt and I smoked too!

  11. Ola! Frank,
    This might be off topic, however, (As you start this report, make sure you note. Serious Tiredness Syndrome (CFS) is not a overall health issue located solely in the boundaries of the United States. Different sorts of the illness abound all more than the entire world. More often than not it is labeled by other names, such as ME or Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, a phrase coined in Europe. Currently in the US, there is a grass roots effort to transform the identify of CFS to perhaps ME-CFS, quick for Myalgic Encephalopathy-Persistent Tiredness Syndrome.)
    Nice One!

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