The Party’s Almost Over

Leg-iron has the story, and Taking Liberties too. Here’s DP’s take:

While the global economy buckles, this guy’s prime concern is that you should be criminalised for smoking in your own car.

Why are these health freaks all such ugly, fat bastards?

Actually, I think the buckling global economy is exactly the reason why Jim Wells, and the BMA  in the form of the bloated Dr Vivienne Nathanson (See right. Well no, don’t. I said: don’t!), are calling for smoking to be banned in all cars.

It’s the last chance they’re going to get for a long, long time. You’re on board the Titanic, and it’s sinking fast, and the bar has been opened with all drinks on the White Star Line (the least they could do, in the circumstances). Well, you’re not going to just have a ginger beer, are you? Nope. You’ll ask for a triple Glenmorangie with a Glenfiddich chaser, and pass the bottle over while you’re about it, my good man. And the other bottle too, because I haven’t got all day.

It’s the same with the antismoking zealots and their smoking bans. Pretty soon now, the money’s going to stop. And it’s going to be All Over. So they’re shouting out their last orders while they still can, and while there’s anyone still listening. It’s their version of the last big slug of Jack Daniels before the icy Atlantic waters close over them. It’s their peculiar addiction, which gives them some sort of brief ‘high’ before they start looking for another ban, don’t ask me why.

Because when sovereign states start defaulting, and the banks start going under, nobody’s going to have any money. Nobody’s going to be spending. Nobody’s going to be starting up new businesses (not with money they can’t borrow). And government tax revenues are going to dry up. And the last thing a cash-strapped government is going to do is waste precious money on useless health initiatives like car smoking bans. I read that Alcohol Concern’s government funding got axed a month or two back. Well, that’s going to happen to every single one of these government-funded ‘charities’ pretty soon now. Yes, ASH too.

There’s a video up on the BBC’s Hard Talk, with hedge fund manager Kyle Bass explaining why Germany isn’t going to join any fiscal union and bail out the PIIIGS (full interview here).

Sarah Montague:  If you pool sovereignty… If the eurozone effectively becomes one country, and Germany stands behind its southern neighbours, doesn’t that resolve the problem, because you have the earning power of Germany?

Kyle Bass: Oh gosh, no. …<snip>… Think about what you just asked me. Basically you’re saying that if Germany goes joint and severally liable with the profligate idiots of southern Europe, will that “solve the scenario”? Think about this: let’s assume that Germany goes to doing a eurobond – first of all the German constitutional court has already ruled that that’s illegal in Germany, but let’s assume they get over that, and they go ahead and issue this bond – what would that do for the profligate members, including Greece, when Greece says, “OK, we’re all in, we’re good. You’re lending us more money. We have a big debt problem, and you’re lending us some more, now we can borrow a little cheaper,” and then Greece keeps spending, and they go back to Germany and say, “OK, Germany, I need some more money,” and Germany says, “No, we’re going to impose this real austerity on you now,” and Greece says, “Well, that’s fine. We’ll default”? Every single time from now on Germany is in the exact same situation it’s in today – we call  it in Texas a Mexican standoff, meaning there’s no winner – the profligate members will always have Germany by the short hairs every single time this scenario comes up.”

Angela Merkel’s idea of a fiscal union is one in which EU member states pay their debts, not one in which debts are shared. Germany isn’t going to bail out Greece or anyone else. And so Greece will default. And then most likely Italy and Spain. And that will bring down the French banking system, which is in deep in Greece. And the rest of the world will follow shortly thereafter.

If this doesn’t shatter the EU into several smaller blocs, it will at least reduce its power and prestige. The countries of Europe will be struggling to shake off the burden of hobbling regulation that the EU has gradually been imposing on them in recent decades, as they try to restart their stalled economies. Smoking bans have been just one of these crippling pieces of legislation that European governments have been busily enacting in recent years in order to stay sweet with the EU, and which have decimated the hospitality industry wherever they’ve been enacted. How much income did Spain and Greece and Italy lose with their smoking bans? But with the EU in eclipse, and governments looking for every penny they can, there’s no longer going to be any need to stay sweet with the EU powers, and no sense in keeping their struggling hospitality industries crippled with such unnecessarily restrictive bans.

In the coming new era, smoking bans won’t make sense. Neither will CO2 bans or restrictions. Such bans only made sense (if they ever made sense at all) in boom times when people worried that they were drinking too much, smoking too much, and eating too much – i.e. worried that they were too well off. When the good times have gone, and everyone’s penniless, nobody will be worrying about stuff like that.

The party’s almost over. It’s going to be a return to sober reality – one in which most of the scenery and characters from the previous episode will have been swept away, and be replaced by pressing new concerns.

And maybe this (H/T Captain Ranty and Harleyrider) is a sign of a beginning of a return to realism:

The Greenbelt secondhand smoke trial came to a quick conclusion today after a lengthy trial. Judge Albert Northrop ruled David Schuman deserved no compensation for his claim that his neighbor’s secondhand smoke created a nuisance that Greenbelt Homes Inc. (GHI) failed to solve.

P.S. The claim that tobacco smoke in cars is 23 times more toxic than in a smoky bar is a myth that was first reported in the Rocky Mountain News, as Chris Snowdon reported a while back.


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30 Responses to The Party’s Almost Over

  1. Mr A says:

    We can but hope you’re right.

    Regardless of what happens to the global economy, the day ASH gets its funding cut I’ll thank God. Whether I’m living in a hole in the ground or not.

  2. Brigitte says:

    Angela Merkel’s idea of a fiscal union is one in which EU member states pay their debts, not one in which debts are shared. Germany isn’t going to bail out Greece or anyone else. And so Greece will default. And then most likely Italy and Spain. And that will bring down the French banking system, which is in deep in Greece. And the rest of the world will follow shortly thereafter.

    Can’t wait. It’s overdue. Apart from that, if the EU has money to waste on Tobacco Control and other idiotic health campaigns, it NEEDS to disintegrate.
    In Germany the so-called “middle class” is rapidly disappearing. People resent hearing that monies are being made available for new bans, yet the so-called “middle class” is rapidly disappearing. Tobacco Control pushing for more cash + bans did equal to fuse being lit. It is lit.

    Why are these health freaks all such ugly, fat bastards?

    If they weren’t they would have a life.

    • smokervoter says:

      Why are these health freaks all such ugly, fat bastards?

      Personally I’d drop the fat adjective, but everything else stays. She can eat all she wants as far as I’m concerned and I can smoke all I want as well.

      What I do notice are those beady, just-about-to-go-bananas peepers behind her glasses. And the set of that jaw, ever so poised in perpetually constipated, righteous indignation.

  3. Tony says:

    This is a must listen:
    At about 31 mins Deborah Arnott admits her goal is prohibition and then tries to deny saying so.
    But at 41:50 an Oncologist called Ann phones in. I don’t have time to transcibe it all but suffice to say she makes some remarkable comments. Including stating that HPV is a necessary condition for lung cancer.

    • Frank Davis says:

      Thanks for this. I’ve been transcribing it. I’ll put up something about it tomorrow.

    • Fredrik Eich says:

      “HPV is a necessary condition for lung cancer.”
      I would be interested to know what that is based on, last time I checked it was only ~25% of lung cancers HPV could be involved with. But even
      assuming it was closer to 100%, I would guess that antis would claim a causal role for smoking, after all they still claim smoking causes pulmonary tuberculosis.

  4. Neil E Dunne says:

    The BMA are more interested in your car than the 1 in 10 hospitalised patients who suffer clinical negligence —- You know it makes sense – When in the shit divert attention from your own incompetence.

  5. nisakiman says:

    I would echo Mr A in that I dearly hope you’re right.

    But I’m not holding my breath…

  6. Mr A says:

    Just listened to the oncologist on Nicky Campbell’s show – Thanks Tony! A transcript of her contribution needs to be spread far and wide. And the lying nature of these fake charities was (yet again!) highlighted by the BLF drone who refused to answer any of her points but instead fell back on the cheeeldren line. Disgusting.

    • Gary K. says:

      ” instead fell back on the cheeeldren line.”

      There is not one child that dies from a disease ’caused’ by their smoking.

      The average age of smoking ‘related’ deaths is about 73.

      A 15 year old could start smoking and be secure in the knowledge that there is a 50% probability that they will not die from a smoking ’caused’ death for about 58 years!!!

  7. Gary K. says:

    They claim that smoking in cars is more hazardous than the smoke in a pub and then their data shows otherwise.
    Just for the Hell of it, let’s look at what they say about pubs.

    Wow, a smoky pub has 340 ug/m3 of smoke!!!!

    ug = microgram = 1 millionth of a gram = not very much.

    Sooo, we have 340 of these things that weigh 1 millionth of a gram per cubic meter.

    Under STP (standard temperature and pressure) a liter of air weighs about 1.286 grams.

    A cubic meter(M3) of air is 1,000 liters and weighs about 1,286 grams.

    1,286 grams X 1,000,000 ug/gram = 1.286 billion ug of air per m3.

    That gives us 1 ug of stuff per every 3.782 million ug of air!!!!

    If we were talking about inches, that is 1 inch to every 59.69 miles.

    Open some windows in your car(60ug/m3) and you have 1 inch to 338 miles or 1 ug of stuff to 21.4 million ug of air.

    I am soooo impressed with their fears!!!!
    Gary K.

  8. Gary K. says:

    As for the Eurozone, I hope you folks are brushing up on your bartering skills.

    There soon may not be a money system worth trying to use. :/

  9. Carol says:

    Totally agree with that oncologist. I smoked for 49 years with absolutely no ill effects then my husband died very suddenly in front of me. My immune system collapsed for months and two years later I was incidentally found to have LC, I had no symptoms at all. My surgeon said the stress was the most likely cause as it allowed rogue cells to grow when my immune system was compromised by shock. I have seen this so often, another friend, an even longer term smoker developed gullet cancer within a year of his daughter’s suicide. I am fine now, still smoke and both my surgeon and GP are fine with that. You only have to look at any cancer site to see how many never smokers and those who gave up decades ago still get it. Unfortunaely they are usually diagnosed late as LC is not immediately suspected. I am not making excuses, it is my choice and I accept the risk but I assume any damage is well and truly done by now. I hope you are right about changing back, be nice to go and have a drink and smoke in a pub again before I die!

    • Gary K. says:

      Dear Carol,
      My sympathies about your husband.
      Strangely enough, smokers and non-smokers wind up being diagnosed with lung cancer at the same age.
      Although never smokers were slightly older at lung cancer diagnosis than current smokers in two population-based cohorts (MEC and NHEFS), this difference was not observed in the majority of cohorts evaluated (NHS, HPFS, CTS, and U/OLCR; Table 2).

  10. Jax says:

    After my initial depression and that awful oh-here-we-go-again feeling at the news that the anti-smoking movement has found a new “project” to work on, I was moderately cheered up by my (non-smoking) OH, who pointed out – much as you have here, Frank – that this whole story was highly likely to be a last-ditch cry for help from what is clearly a now-very-much-out-of-favour anti-smoking movement – a swansong, if you like – and that the only reason that it’s actually got some airtime coverage now (as opposed to other demands/stories/health scares of late) is because the powers-that-be are clearly desperate to detract the public’s attention away from the dire state of the whole EU shambles. As he said – smoking is one of the few stories they can always count on to attract attention and some pretty fierce feelings on both sides, so it’s a handy one for the BMA to have dropped into their lap right now. They’d have been crazy not to make use of such a timely gift. He also mentioned (and he was right) that had the BMA not started wittering on about this right now, the Question of the Return of the Death Penalty – which is the other ongoing discussion/saga which can be guaranteed lots of attention and similarly partisan attitudes (and thus lots of distraction) – would very likely have been used instead.

    But EU and Euro-wise, it’s got to have come to a pretty poor state of things when I, along with countless other people that I speak to – and not just smokers, either – are actively wishing that Greece (and Italy and Spain and all the others, too, for that matter) do default and all those smug banks in the “sensible” countries suddenly have to face reality, with all the knock-on outward ripples that that has on the economy of the UK, Europe and the rest of the world.

    For sure, I realise that that probably means that we’ll have public services cut to a level that will make the days of dear ol’ Mrs Thatcher look like a bean-feast, with monthly bin collections, potholed roads, public building projects grinding to a screeching halt, and school class sizes ballooning to 50 or 60 kids per class. But, d’you know something? I just don’t care any more. I just want the EU to collapse inwards on itself, for us to get back a Government which can actually make its own mind up about things (even if I don’t agree with them) rather than just being goody-two-shoes caretaker-managers doing whatever the EU tells them, and for the laws of this country to get back to being what they were originally intended to be – i.e. rules and regulations which (hopefully) will help our country and our people to live and run their lives they way it suits us best, tailored for our needs, rather than for the needs of millions of Europeans living in totally different circumstances.

    And if, in order for the Government to utilise its ever-diminishing resources to fund those public services which they are bound by law to provide, all those hangers-on like ASH, Alcohol Concern and all the other squealing single-issue pressure groups who harangue the Government for ever-increasing funding, have to fall by the wayside, if the oft-promised “bonfire of the Quangos” turns into an inferno, and if all those EU migrants have to take their sorry, cheapskate, wage-gap-widening a*ses back to where they came from, then as far as I’m concerned it can’t happen soon enough.


  11. Freman_Reverend says:

    I love your FAT ugly bastards comment, it immediately made me think ‘It is not about smoking or drinking it is about all the excuses these people get when sex is mentioned, ‘Yea OK just going for a fag’, Zooom disappeared LOL’
    If they BAN smoking and drinking they have a better chance at getting laid. NOT!
    However, it does go to prove that they have nothing better to do, after all all the important stuff (snigger) is done by unelected pricks in Brussels.

    Namaste, rev;

  12. ChrisB says:

    From the BMA website —
    “Dr Vivienne Nathanson is the Director of Professional Activities at the BMA, responsible for overseeing the Association’s work on public health, medical ethics and international affairs. She is a teacher at Durham and Cambridge University and continues to educate in fora around the world. Her past roles include: General Medicine Trainee, Professor of Medical Management and Professor of Public Health Ethics. Dr Nathanson has a particular interest in public health, ethics, weapons control and human rights. ”

    Don’t go to her if you’re ill she does’t know one end of a stethoscope from the other!

  13. Woodsy42 says:

    “And the last thing a cash-strapped government is going to do is waste precious money on useless health initiatives like car smoking bans”
    Course not, it will be pointless as we won’t have any money to buy petrol. I suppose we might be living in them though?

  14. harleyrider1978 says:

    World bankruptcy ends prohibition,lets not forget these countries were forced to sign the WHO anti-tobacco treaty or lose world bank loans! Its like they always knew what was comming and the WHO is tied at the hip with the WORLD BANK!

  15. harleyrider1978 says:

    Nobody really is talking about the costs involved in combating the blackmarket in tobacco,the same was true in alcohol prohibition of the elliot nesses of the 1920s it was an excess expenditure that the feds couldnt afford and it amounted to billions to enforce the volstead act of 1919. The depression made it easy to repeal and with tobacco its no diferent!

    November 4, 2011 5:37 PM – General
    – Tobacco Products
    Save Contraband Tobacco’s Influence SpreadingRecent seizures emphasize the national scope of the problem

    OTTAWA, Nov. 4, 2011 /CNW/ – Recent seizures of truckloads of illegal cigarettes in British Columbia and Nova Scotia emphasize that the problem of illegal tobacco is spreading throughout the country, says the National Coalition Against Contraband Tobacco (NCACT). Tuesday, the RCMP announced that they had broken up a smuggling ring in the greater Vancouver area, seizing nearly 600,000 cartons of illegal cigarettes. Wednesday in Cape Breton, on Canada’s other coast, the RCMP announced that they had seized almost a million illegal cigarettes.


    Illegal cigarettes cause a number of associated problems. At the RCMP’s last count, the contraband tobacco trade was used by more than 175 criminal gangs to finance their other illegal activities, including guns, drugs, and human smuggling. They also make a mockery of Canada’s tobacco control regulations. They are often sold in clear plastic “baggies” that carry none of the government’s health warnings. Their low price – a baggie of 200 illegal smokes can cost less than the price of a movie ticket, up to $70 less than legal product – makes them particularly attractive to youth.
    Here we see the canucks making a new police force to combat bootleggers an expenditure that cant be justified knowing the shs/ets trash science to begin with!
    During the federal election, the government committed to creating a new RCMP taskforce dedicated to contraband tobacco, as well as creating a new offence for contraband smuggling. The NCACT hopes that the government will move forward on these in the very near future

    ITS MERELY A matter of time folks!

  16. harleyrider1978 says:

    Oh and a baggie of 200 ciggies in canada delivered to your mailbox was stated to be 10 bucks canadian 2 years ago in another article I read!

    • harleyrider1978 says:

      I also read in another article that behind the canadian supreme court building bootleg cigs accounted for up to half those smoked by employees as was found on the ground by TC folks!lmao

  17. harleyrider1978 says:

    Frank could be this is the nazis 1944 battle of the bulge! One last blitzkrieg using outdated weapons! The reason I say that is in America the nazis released not one but 3 heart attack studies in a week alone and all were defeated as Chris Snowden and Mike and a few others quickly spread the word and now the 23 times trash science in england! The day the NORTH CAROLINA heart attack study came out I called the NC PUBLIC HEALTH DEPT and asked them if they were going to print a retraction! The man said we stand behind the study then I got hung up on………didnt matter,after a week of having their panties pulled down and spanked they have no credibility left just like REPACE after Mikle used a bull whip on him in the PATCH!

  18. Walt says:

    What to keep in mind about the Aunts is: They never gain perspective and they… never… ever…quit. In the wake of the World Trade Center bombing, Bloomberg complained to Vanity Fair that our eyes were on the wrong ball. “Think of all the press attention to 9/11, ” he’s quoted as having said, “Why that number of people die every year in this city from secondhand smoke.” And in the wake of a later foiled terror plot, he admonished New Yorkers to focus instead on the real dangers, like? You guessed it, “such as smoking.”

    So you think a little thing the collapse of the EU can keep these locusts from their appointed rounds?

    As for the Maryland case (Greenbelt Housing), a busy legislator, having heard from many other suffering constituents, is already on top of it, proposing a law to ban smoking in all “multi-unit housing.” There’ve been lawsuits against landlords and smoking neighbors before and, as one of the articles on Greenbelt concludes, there are many more in the pipeline. Or to put that another way, they… never…quit.

    And even in a ruined economy, there’s always money to pick up in fines from smoking drivers. And though putting them in jail is a monetary loss, New York State has newly added to its books a $50 fine or 30 days in jail for smoking on an outdoor railway platform. We’re well into the phase of “no more Mr. Niceguy,” and we, in the US, did it to ourselves, without Brussels masters.

    • harleyrider1978 says:

      Walt the multi-dwelling no smoking law in california had to explicitly contain the phrase an irritant as they knew they had no standing to claim health risks as was proven in the schuman case!

      The point is the anti groups depend on tax dollars to stay in business and in the states every state has cut anti-smoking funding to bare balls amounts.If not for Obama the state anti groups would clearly have shut down.However with stimulus grants in the form of NIH,HHA and CDC grants with the same printed dollars out of thin air the groups were refunded just as wall street got bailed out! But that moneys almost gone. The media cash cow of anti-tobacco dollars is fast gone and each day we will see less and less anti commercials. They know if they cant keep the propaganda mill running and in our faces the bans are D.O.A!

  19. Jay says:

    Thank. You. Ann.

  20. ChrisB says:

    Have just listened to and was well impressed by the oncologist’s contribution.
    The biggest shame is that Arnott kept getting away with the ‘reduction in heart attacks’ and ‘98% compliance when smoking ban came in’.
    The first is a blatant lie as there is a compelling official data showing reduction of the steady decrease in heart attack admissions and the second is the response to a draconian law that severely penalises those who fail to control the ‘illegal’ actions of others.

  21. Jon says:

    Thanks for that link Gary K. It’s something I’ve wondered about for a long time. I’ll read it with great interest. Smoking damage is claimed to be cumulative; hence the introduction of the term pack-years.

  22. You’re right. These idiots will be out of a job.

  23. harleyrider1978 says:

    Ya anti-tobacco has been told after you read this,it is over!

    The next financial crisis will be hellish, and it’s on its way

    Through quantitative easing efforts alone,” says Euro Pacific Capital’s Michael Pento, “Ben Bernanke has added $1.8 trillion of longer-term GSE debt and mortgage-backed securities (MBS).”

    Think about that for a moment. The Fed’s entire balance sheet totaled around $800 billion before the 2008 crash, nearly all of it Treasuries. Now the Fed holds more than double that amount in mortgage derivatives alone, junk that the banks needed to clear off their own balance sheets.

    “As the size of the Fed’s balance sheet ballooned,” continues Mr. Pento, “the dollar amount of capital held at the Fed has remained fairly constant. Today, the Fed has $52.5 billion of capital backing a $2.7 trillion balance sheet.

    “Prior to the bursting of the credit bubble, the public was shocked to learn that our biggest investment banks were levered 30-to-1. When asset values fell, those banks were quickly wiped out. But now the Fed is holding many of the same types of assets and is levered 51-to-1! If the value of their portfolio were to fall by just 2%, the Fed itself would be wiped out.”

    Mr. Pento’s and Mr. Mobius’ views line up with our own, which we laid out during interviews on our trip to China this month.

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