Herman Cain Campaign Ad

H/T Tony in the comments for this Herman Cain campaign ad featuring his chief of staff Mark Block pulling on a cigarette after calling on Americans to put the “united” back into the United States, and “take this country back.”

Herman Cain has just become my favourite Republican candidate, I think. I can really connect to this.

The Left seem to be scratching their heads, saying it’s weird, and asking if it’s for real. Obviously they simply don’t get it.

The Telegraph analyses it:

The moustache and the cigarette give form to an expression that the parents of any 14-year-old will recognize: look at me break the rules…

American politics as a whole is probably no more or less serious than at many other times, or in many other countries. But the Cain video serves as an announcement that a new era has fully arrived, and that there’s whole ‘nother conversation going on. Pay attention.

Cain seems to have been a long-time campaigner against smoking bans:

From 1996, when he left the pizza company, until 1999, Mr. Cain ran the National Restaurant Association, a once-sleepy trade group that he transformed into a lobbying powerhouse. He allied himself closely with cigarette makers fighting restaurant smoking bans, spoke out against lowering blood-alcohol limits as a way to prevent drunken driving, fought an increase in the minimum wage and opposed a patients’ bill of rights — all in keeping with the interests of the industry he represented….

Under Mr. Cain’s leadership, the restaurant association opposed higher taxes on cigarettes and the use of federal money to prosecute cigarette makers for fraud — positions that Matt Myers, president of the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids said had little to do with the restaurant business.

And Mr. Cain argued vociferously that the decision about whether to go smoke-free was the province of individual restaurant owners, not the government. “The restaurant industry literally became the alter ego of the tobacco industry during that period of time,” Mr. Myers said in an interview.

I guess that what’s interesting to me is that at last here’s a politician who has come out in favour of tobacco, and is completely up front about it, and is using it in his campaign pitch. Looks like he’s realised that the 20% or so of Americans who smoke can cast one helluva lot of votes.

I can’t think of any other major politician who’s doing this. Not on this side of the pond, leastways. David Cameron and Nick Clegg won’t even contemplate any discussion of the matter, and have both (pretended to) stopped smoking. Same with Obama.

But an ad like this may serve to help break the antismoking spell. And since here in the UK we tend to slavishly copy whatever comes over from America, perhaps soon we’ll be seeing Ed Miliband puffing on a Marlboro (and coughing and spluttering)? Well, probably not.

Herman Cain tops Mitt Romney in latest CBS/NYT poll

Sarah Palin on Cain (youtube).

Herman Cain singing Imagine There’s No Pizza (youtube).

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47 Responses to Herman Cain Campaign Ad

  1. harleyrider1978 says:

    Frank I brought it up on the smokersclub nearly 2 weeks ago!

    Herman Cain To Promote Indoor Smoking
    by harleyrider1978 on Sat Oct 15, 2011 2:59 pm

    As Top Restaurant Industry Lobbyist, Herman Cain Partnered With Big Tobacco To Promote Indoor Smoking

    http://thinkprogress.org/health/2011/10 … -lobbyist/

    And then the media finally picked it up! YEEHAWW!!!

    This was yesterday at the club…..funny how opinions change when somebody starts fighting for us!

    Edit postDelete postReport this postInformationReply with quoteHERMAN CAIN SMOKING POLITICAL AD
    by harleyrider1978 on Tue Oct 25, 2011 3:30 am

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qhm-22Q0 … r_embedded



    • smokervoter says:

      Harley I’m with you, you’ve got the right idea, beat the nannies by whatever means. No room for the defeatist attitude some smokers have developed from the relentless media lashing. Either Cain/Paul or Paul/Cain would be fine with me. I don’t care about the Federal Reserve as much as I care about personal liberty, it’s as simple as that.

  2. harleyrider1978 says:

    TOBACCO CONTROLS worse nitemare a BLACK conservative president who was a tobacco advocate!

    Who says god doesnt have a sence of revenge!

  3. Smoking Hot says:

    Smoking will become a sign of the rebellion and freedom.

    • smokervoter says:

      This is earth shattering to me. Remember Marshall McLuhan? This is a case of seeing is believing. It might finally turn that light switch on in the smokers’ head. We can fight back at the ballot box. As Frank says we’re one helluva lot of votes. The air-brushing and the one-sided media massage blackout as per MSA has won the day – up until this bold and daring ad. Cain’s ad will be brought up in the the debates and the weekend pundit talk shows. I hope he doesn’t cave in and disown his chief of staff.

      Except for a tiny squabble during the first debate between Pawlenty and Bachmann over tobacco taxes in Minnesota, the issue is moot and off limits. That’s the way the tobacco control machine likes it. Out of sight and out of mind for any contradictory opinion on the matter is their strategy. Don’t let the smokers get any bright ideas about bloc voting.

      I hope this lights the match under the piled-up tinder and finally ignites a burning electoral revolt among smokers. The psychic human trait of resistance to being told NO must be revived to prove that we are women and men, and not a bunch of cowardly drones.

  4. Tony says:

    Great stuff Frank. Only thing is I’m puzzled that you embedded a Youtube version that has only 900 hits whereas the one linked to in the Telegraph has around 120,000 hits – up from 80,000 odd when I viewed it earlier tonight:

  5. harleyrider1978 says:

    Greenspan: European Union Doomed to Fail…

  6. Reinhold says:

    And since here in the UK we tend to slavishly copy whatever comes over from America

    Not only you in the UK.

  7. harleyrider1978 says:

    Has anybody put away a bottle of wine,whiskey,champaign for the day the bans get repealed!

    Its time to think about this purchase, it should be a worthy investment!

  8. smokervoter says:

    I can’t think of any other major politician who’s doing this. Not on this side of the pond, leastways.

    Everything is relative to norm, the wildly variable norm. I spent a couple of hours smart searching through the UKIP website the other day and came away dazzled at some of the quotes from Godfrey Bloom and Nigel Farage on the general issues of puritanism and paternalist government. On top of that, their stance on the smoking ban is clear as a bell and spot on as far as I’m concerned.

    You guys are kilometers ahead of us. None of our parties are capable of such a platform – it would be pure political suicide. Not even the our 1% Libertarians.

    Here’s the 666 maths UK-style. 66.6% turnout (which is more likely there, as your natural turnout is higher than ours) comes to 8 million smoking voters. If 66.6% go UKIP (and for gods sake, why not!) that is 5.3 million to the good. Let’s say they retain the nearly one million they got last time – we’re up and over the 6 million mark. That’s 6 times what they got last time around and the smoking ban issue can’t be ignored after that. It’ll be the talk of the town.

  9. junican says:

    Calm down, dears! Calm down!
    That video is just a tiny crack in the walls of the fortress of Tobacco Control. The fortress is very, very strong because it has RIGHT on its side.The RIGHT is that smoking is ‘harmful’, in just the same way that the prohibitionists declared that alcohol is ‘harmful’. How can a politician be in favour of something ‘harmful’? But he does not have to be ‘in favour’ – he can be ‘neutral’. He can say, “I personally do not like cigarette smoke, but if smoking is what people want to do, why should I interfere with their choices? THE FORTUNES OF THE NHS ARE IRRELEVANT IN THIS MATTER”
    That is what has gone wrong. Politicians did not say that. They got themselves hung up on STATISTICS.
    And is not that what is wrong with the EU, essentially? They are hung up on STATISTICS. That’s what comes from being too big and too remote.

  10. Walt says:

    Tho I (niavely?) doubt it was intended for this purpose (I originally saw it “by invitation only” with no YouTube link) by now this quick $5 video has gotten endless airtime on cable news all day, and I heard it was discussed on the ABC network’s “The View.” (I’ll check for any clips and links.) The nature of the discussion on the shows I’ve seen is to ask seriously if this will kill Cain’s chances; either that, or to dismiss it as a puzzling “joke.” Block (the smoker) has denied there’s any “message” (well, he’d have to, whether there was or wasn’t) and even issued the compulsory post script in a television interview that people shouldn’t smoke.

    Here’s one interview with Block in which he claims “no message” but adds that it’s been “like a dog whistle” for smokers:


    And some political analysis:

    As smokervoter noted, I’m thinking this will come up as a question posed by the moderator at the next Republican primary debate, which I believe is Nov. 9. Worth watching to see how Cain handles it.

    • smokervoter says:

      This from one of the HuffPost articles on the video:

      “Block also rejected claims that the ad was intended to garner support from the smoking community, but he did seem to contend that his puff wouldn’t hurt the campaign.”

      So it’s against the New Age laws of modern political science to seek to represent the wants and needs of fully 20% of the population? Hell no it isn’t. It’s time we all get this through our thick skulls. It’s also high time that some of these politico media writers read back some of their statements to themselves.

  11. Walt says:

    Sorry, that first link above should have been this (and click on the “more”)


  12. db says:

    More from Richard Adams at the Guardian


    His feeble attempt to pour scorn is borne out of contempt of both the Right and smokers. He doesn’t realise (nor some of those who’ve commented) that the rough and ready video production is deliberate, designed to appeal to ordinary people, including smokers.

    • Frank Davis says:

      Well, the Guardianistas (and I used to be one once!) are certainly out in force in the comments. So the ad seems to have galvanised them as much as it did me, albeit in the opposite sense. That’s very interesting.

      • Rose says:

        Isn’t it?

        Do I detect a trace of panic,that perhaps the lid isn’t on quite as tightly as they thought.

      • Junican says:

        Like Rose, I thought that many comments were panicky – as if the commenters were unable to make sense of what they were seeing. After all, NOBODY wants to be seen with a fag anywhere near them. What was he DOING! They cannot understand how such blatant disobedience can occur. It terrifies them.

  13. Patrick Harris says:

    Jesus fucking H Christ, please don’t tell me that the highest qualification to becoming the most powerful man in the world is to effin@ smoke.
    Fuckit – I’m outta here.

    • harleyrider1978 says:

      Could be,its a TORCH of Freedom to the masses it now appears!

    • Frank Davis says:

      Well, for myself, I’d like to vote for someone with his heart in the same place as mine. And these days, whether you’re pro- or anti-smoking tells where your heart is.

      • smokervoter says:

        As regards the Guardianistas.

        Typical leftist political commentary. A whole slew of catty references to an avant-garde 1969 movie they found smugly humorous (the only comedy genre they ‘get’) and the rest of the world snored through. A movie with the shopworn themes of tobacco and soft drink industry villains mixed in with nervous white ethnic guilt. It just shows how stuck in the same old tired loop some of them are. Just ban cigarettes and soft drinks and the worlds problems all blissfully disappear overnight. All Black conservatives are Uncle Toms. Yada, yada, yada.

  14. harleyrider1978 says:

    Its left NANNY shaking in her jackboots!

  15. Rose says:

    Slippery slope.
    Having ordered us out of our pubs, now it seems they feel that they can tell us what to grow in our gardens.

    Gardeners object to advice on what to plant for Olympics

    “People living along the route of the Olympic cycle road race have objected to being “advised” how to plant their gardens to fit in with the 2012 Games colours and logos.”

    “Mole Valley district council in Surrey sent emails telling people they should plant displays and hanging baskets with a “vibrant colour palette” after receiving guidelines from the London Organising Committee for the Olympic Games [LOCOG] which even specify which flowers to use.

    Richard Roberts-Miller, the chairman of Mickleham parish council, said he was not impressed with the “order from on high” on how he should be doing his garden next year. “Some people might wonder whether this should be high up the council’s agenda,” he said.

    Judy Kinloch, the chairman of Mickleham and Westhumble Horticultural Society, added: “I was not totally happy about telling people what colours they had to use.”

    The emails sent to residents’ associations told them that LOCOG has “tight control over how the Games will look”.

    Home owners and businesses along the Olympic cycle road race route, which passes through Surrey, are being advised how to ensure the petunias, roses and other flowers in their front gardens match the colours of the games.”

    “Colour combinations that people should adopt are green, blue, purple and orange, together with the pink and yellow of the London 2012 logo, and each should be used equally. Even the species and shape of recommended plants are listed by LOCOG, says the council, which insists the advice to homes and businesses along the route is not “prescriptive”.”

    Interesting suggestions in the comments.

  16. Jonathan Bagley says:

    The last time Clegg was asked if he had given up smoking, he snapped back with “No.” He didn’t make any excuse or give any futher explanation. Maybe he voted for the smoking ban; but if he did, that seems odd.

  17. Gary K. says:

    The last 3 seconds of the video show Cain with a big smirk/grin on his face.

    He is getting millions of dollars of free publicity and he should be happy!

    • Brigitte says:

      The video was uploaded on 19.10.11 and already had 637209 (at this point in time) ‘hits’ .
      Instant fame!!!
      Even if this video was intended as a hoax, it points to one thing: smoking just isn’t outdated and less even forgotten.
      Not even in America.

      Perhaps this long whine from ASH et al can be heard in my life time. Something to look forward to.

      • harleyrider1978 says:

        It got watched, so it worked,” said Mark McKinnon, a former communications strategist for George W. Bush, said of the Cain video. “The message: We are different and don’t play by the rules,” he said.


  18. Frank Davis says:

    Hmmm… Via email, this clip shows Block saying:

    “The message behind the ad was to our supporters, that we are on a roll, we’re excited about what is happening. There was no subliminal message. In fact I personally would encourage people not to smoke. It’s just that I am a smoker and as a lot of people on the staff said, just let Block be Block.”


    • Brigitte says:

      It’s just that I am a smoker ..
      So am I.

      However, if i say this, at best I am being ignored. Block says it (and most certainly demonstrates it) and within 8 days the names “Hermann Cain” and “Mark Block” circle around the planet. Got to give it to Block! He must be a bizarre genius!!
      (current hit number “Now is the time for action” = 833,894 – and, yes, the anti-smokers are out in full force; funny is, that someone is marking their comments as spam)

  19. harleyrider1978 says:

    to me block smoking and then cain with that chesher cat smile of his said to me ” A protective father of liberty and nanny Im comming for you!

  20. Frank Davis says:

    Rush Limbaugh

    “They’re trying to ban it everywhere, including in the privacy of your own home — and yet you know how many health care programs are funded with the sales tax revenue from cigarettes, cigars, and other tobacco products? I have long maintained that smokers deserve our gratitude. In fact, I think there should be somebody chosen and a smoker should be given the highest medal that this country gives out, whatever it is. The Medal of Honor. If not that, the Congressional Medal of Honor, smokers are being told horrible things about themselves. They’re being told they’re rotten-to-the-core people; they are despicable, and yet they alone practically are funding children’s health care programs…

    It’s just this simple: Ladies and gentlemen, whenever a person quits smoking, a young child suffers. “

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