Robert Molimard, Philippe Even

One problem (for us anglo-saxons, at least) is that we don’t get to hear much of people who don’t speak or write in English. One of these is Professor Robert Molimard, whose video interview (in French) with Dr Glub I watched 2 or 3 years ago, uncomprehendingly until a translation appeared.

And this (I believe) is the English translation. Lots of wry humour, and insight:

Pr Molimard:  I never succeeded to get rats to push on a lever to get them to maintain their nicotine levels.  We install a lever, when the lever is pushed, it activates a syringe.  With cocaine, the rats would go at it, toc, toc, toc , 300 times a day.  With nicotine?  Never.

There’s also a translation of Molimard’s Critical Analysis available. And, more recently (December 2010) Beliefs, manipulation and lies in the tobacco issue:

These activists have abandoned logical reasoning and replaced it with faith and passion. Anything goes when it comes to pursuing the triumph of their such “good cause’’, and “white lies’ are a perfectly acceptable tool.  Any open debate and any valid scientific research is therefore precluded. We do find of course some pure idealists, survivors of former “virtuous movements’’among them. Be that as it may, there are unfortunately a great number of self-interested do-gooder apostles fueling and exploiting to their advantage this blind militant force in an effort to assert their own power and fame, not to mention more tangible benefits.

For these knights of purity, tobacco is the absolute evil, thedevil. It must be eliminated, eradicated. At the very least, it must be hidden or sold “under the counter’’, much like porn magazines (sic). The tobacco industry is diabolical. It must be destroyed, made to disappear, bankrupted through litigation.

The problem is that if the tobacco industry exists it is because it responds to a demand. If tobacco has spread around the world since Christopher Columbus, it is because there is something attractive about the product that causes people to crave for it. During an era when there was no other means of advertising than word of mouth and when tobacco was cultivated by primitive means. The industry responded to the demand, it did not create it. If the industry were to disappear, the demand would remain and would require to be fulfilled.

I’m sure there’s more out there by Professor Molimard. He’s clearly someone who has been trying to vault over the language barrier, because the first English translation I read was his own. All the translations linked to above have been carried out with the assistance of Iro Cyr in Canada (with whom I had the pleasure of working a month or so back).

There are others, like Dr Philippe Even, whose interview in Le Parisien also exists in translation (by Iro Cyr, once again): ‘’They have created a fear that is based on nothing’’  

What do the studies on passive smoking tell us?

PHILIPPE EVEN. There are about a hundred studies on the issue. First surprise: 40% of them claim a total absence of harmful effects of passive smoking on health. The remaining 60% estimate that the cancer risk is multiplied by 0.02 for the most optimistic and by 0.15 for the more pessimistic … compared to a risk multiplied by 10 or 20 for active smoking! It is therefore negligible. Clearly, the harm is either nonexistent, or it is extremely low.

There are probably quite a few more such figures, unheard because they don’t speak or write English, and because nobody has yet translated them.

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6 Responses to Robert Molimard, Philippe Even

  1. Magnetic says:

    For these knights of purity

    It needs to be understood that this “purity” is physical puritanism. It reflects the behavioral dimension of the eugenics framework. Along this behavioral dimension, tobacco and alcohol-use are behaviors to be eradicated (negative eugenics), and particular diet and physical exercise are to be fostered (positive eugenics).

    While it is utterly obsessed with physical purity, the eugenics mentality is incompetent at psychological, social, moral, and metaphysical dimensions. Eugenics domination cannot be other than an attack on these multi-dimensions. Motivated only by deranged ideological goals, eugenics will barge through issues of scientific enquiry, coherent argument, civility, individual autonomy. Within its moral relativist framework, the goal justifies the means. If eugenics has to promote irrational fear, bigotry, social division to achieve its goals, it views this as unproblematic. Only the goal is important.

    What should be apparent is that, in multi-dimensional terms, the eugenics mentality is not “pure”. It is actually a very sick mentality, as has been evidenced by its past domination in early-1900s USA and Nazi Germany. We should be sufficiently knowledgeable that when we see health being reduced to only a biological phenomenon, we are in very sick territory. Those that have poor psychological, social, and moral insight will attempt to redefine “health” and “morality” into entirely biological terms.

    Rather than recognize this sick push, societies around the world have already capitulated to this insanity. Even after half a century, most cannot recognize that this is a eugenics assault. One of the great errors is to refer to this mentality as “do-gooder” or “nannying”. There is nothing good about the mentality. It is fascist in disposition pushing a deranged world view. It is a very sick mentality. And when it is allowed to gain momentum, it can only become more cruel and destructive.

  2. Magnetic says:

    Some examples:

    January 2-6, 1928, Battle Creek, Michigan. Available through Vassar University)

    The purpose of the Race Betterment Foundation, founded by Dr. John Harvey Kellogg, who also ran the Battle Creek Sanitarium, as stated in the Proceedings of the Third Race Betterment Conference, are as follows: “To bring together a group of leading scientists, educators and others for the purpose of discussing ways and means of applying science to human living in the same thoroughgoing way in which it is applied to industry—in the promotion of longer life, greater efficacy and well-being and of race improvement” (Kellogg, p. ii). The President of this particular conference was C.C. Little, D.Sc., the President of the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. In a speech given at this conference, Dr. John Harvey Kellogg praised the advantages of “being a member of a good family” (Kellogg, p. 118). Kellogg says to maintain that “prize-winner” status, individuals should be examined by a family physician every 6 months, and should stay away from tobacco, alcohol, coffee and tea (Kellogg, p. 119).

    Father of Eugenics, Dr. D.A. Gorton, dies
    Parent of twins born in 81st year expires at 83 in his Brooklyn home.

    Dr. Gorton believed in the theory of the German scientist, Dr. Eufurt, that the determination of the sex of children was possible as well as practical, and before the twins were born he stated that he was to become the father of a son. His rules for bearing and rearing eugenic children have received wide circulation and have been adopted all over the country. The chief of these is that neither the father nor mother should use tobacco, liquor, or drugs.

  3. Jason says:

    “If tobacco has spread around the world since Christopher Columbus, it is because there is something attractive about the product that causes people to crave for it. ”

    Maybe taste, aroma, pleasure, happiness, uplifting of spirit, pause for thinking, expansion of the mind, liquidity of words for socialbility, something to do with one’s hands besides fidget, pleasure (oops, said that).

  4. Rose says:

    Inspired by a comment mentioning smog by Pat Nurse on Dicks blog, and having been watching London all day,I had another look.

    Has anyone examined this?

    Mortality in the London Boroughs, 1950—52, with Special Reference to Respiratory Disease

    “The greatest proportionate departure from expectation occurred in the respiratory section of the I.C.D.”

    “Thus bronchitis and pneumonia produced well over 4,000 excess deaths in London during 1950-52.
    But this was by no means the whole of the excess attributed to diseases of the respiratory system, for more than half of the excess deaths in the malignant section of the I.C.D. were caused by cancer of the trachea, bronchus, and lung.
    In addition there was an excess of more than 500 deaths from respiratory tuberculosis.

    Taken together these four diseases of the respiratory system yielded 6,513 more deaths than would have occurred at the rates ruling in England and Wales generally, an excess of 37.3 percent.”

    “It is interesting to note the parallel between these figures and those of a recent study of cancer among British immigrants in New Zealand ( Eastcott, 1956)

    Compared with the native born population, British immigrants had an excessive risk of death from cancer of the lung (but no other site),and this excess was sufficiently greater for persons who had lived in Britain until they were 30 years old than for those who migrated at an earlier age.

    Thus emerges from both studies a consistent relationship between duration of exposure to the putatively noxious environment and risk of later death from respiratory disease.”
    Just as Kitty Little said.

    Published in 1956
    One year later the Medical Research Council published it’s report blaming cigarette smoking exclusively, at the request of the government, and presumably to the relief of industry and the oil companies.

    “The worst affected area of London was the East End, which had the highest density of factory smokestacks and domestic chimney pots. The low-lying geography of the area encouraged the smog to settle. To a large extent, Londoners tolerated the unpleasant effects of the smog as the cost of the city’s economic growth, but conditions became intolerable in the 1950s.”

    Fear of political embarrassment led to government cover up of link between air pollution and lung cancer

    Toxicologic and Epidemiologic Clues from the Characterization of the 1952 London Smog Fine Particulate Matter in Archival Autopsy Lung Tissues

    Click to access 6114.pdf

    By strange coincidence

    Medical Research Council
    Rockefeller Medical Fellowships

    Click to access brmedj07385-0032a.pdf

    “Rockefeller Foundation offers fellowships for training “hand-picked” students in Public Health Department.
    Introduction of lectures on sociology and social medicine.”

    “I shall have a Rockefeller Scholar in my department who might be used on it at little cost. A much better alternative would be Richard Doll who has been employed by the Council in the survey of peptic ulcer (sic) in industry and which is coming to an end I believe.”

    “Less guardedly the same month he wrote to Dr Green at the MRC: ‘Incidentally the investigation has gone much better than I expected and it looks as if smoking will be incriminated to a major extent!”

    The benevolent Standard Oil.

  5. Iro Cyr says:

    Hello Frank,

    Dr. Molimard has many articles published. I try to translate as many as I can, but I don’t manage to translate them all. He publishes either the links of the ones published in medical journals or articles here . The FORMINDEP organization which is comprised of mostly doctors and scientists, fights against Big Pharma encroachment and corruption in our lives. You can always throw his ”alter tabacologie” articles in a translator and get an approximate English translation.

    You can also see me delivering a speech on his behalf at the 1st TICAP conference here: which gives you a pretty good idea of where he stands on this issue.


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