Weird-looking newly elected Labour party leader Ed Miliband apologised today for a couple of New Labour’s disastrous mistakes: Tony Blair’s Iraq war and Gordon Brown’s oft-repeated claim to have put and end to boom and bust.

Both were based upon lies. Lies about Iraq’s WMDs. Lies about the British banking system.

But he neglected to mention another one of Labour’s disastrous mistakes, and one which had a large (if as-yet-unrecognised) part in Labour losing the last election, and which was also based on lies.

ed miliband

The Milibands’ father, Ralph Miliband, entered Britain as an illegal immigrant in 1940. Of his Polish parents, Ed said today:

“In this country they found the light of liberty. They arrived with nothing but this country gave them everything.”

And in gratitude for this, as soon as they got the chance both the Miliband brothers voted to remove the ancient right of Englishmen to sit in a pub and drink a pint of beer and smoke a cigarette.

For that, and for their acquiescence in the lie that secondhand smoke poses a health risk, they should have their British citizenship revoked, and be put on a boat to Poland.

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18 Responses to Miliband

  1. Anonymous says:

    Gosh – new post from Frank at this time of day! What a treat!
    And, oh yes, you’re right of course.
    But of course admitting the wrong doesn’t put it right.
    I think one of the problems is that they’re not allowed to call eachother liars in Parliament. Presumably because you’d never hear anything else from them.
    George Speller

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hear fucking hear!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Oh ,come on Frank, you know very well Eddy boy dare’nt
    even think about mentioning the smoking ban.
    One word about the ban and he’de be suffocated by a torrent
    of abuse from the control desk,not to mention vilification from the BBC,Guardian and ASH Central Committee.
    The Cornered Rat

  4. Frank Davis says:

    Yes, it is unusual.
    But I was listening to the news and I heard him say, “In this country they found the light of liberty. They arrived with nothing but this country gave them everything,” and it all boiled over.

  5. Frank Davis says:

    Re: Millithing
    But did he even want to mention it?
    It’s odd that none of the little bastards who voted for the ban seem to want to stand up and say how proud they are about what they did.

  6. Anonymous says:

    It’s that little Thuderbirds puppett Burnam I despise ,the little shit wanted to ban smoking outdoors ,the false eyelashes as well ,definately weird.
    The Millibands KGB written all over them.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Smoking bans are at the very root, heart and core of everything destructive to human liberty and free choice and the main initial pledge to which all dictators in the modern age must make in order to keep everyone assembled and on the same page to believing that it’s all normal for government to behaving the way government has behaved the last decade and a half – namely dictatorial to a tee.
    God save the smoking ban,
    Make it throughout the land,
    God save the ban.
    I pledge allegiance to the ban,
    On the smokers of America.
    And for the illiberty it does bring,
    Of thee I sing.
    Catholic Church:
    I believe in God Almighty, creator of smoking bans and social tyranny, for now and evermore, Amen.
    It’s almost literally that way, the root, the core, the main belief that can never be overturned in the public’s faith, otherwise the whole tyranny would fall with it.
    I swear that’s how it seems.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Anon — Catholic canon law says it’s okay to smoke
    Hello, Anon (as well as Frank and readers!)
    Smoking is a secular sin. Here is my post about the Church on tobacco and receiving Communion (for those who have read it already, my apologies):
    The worst thing is today’s article in the Daily Mail about Breckland Council — TORY! — seriously considering making SMOKERS clock off and on when they go for a break. No one ever asked to have to go OUTSIDE for a smoke. Sorry, but not only is the article depressing, the comments are, too. What sort of a society have we turned into?? Simon Clark makes a cameo appearance in one or both of these:
    Anyway, enjoy your evening!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Spot on, it was the ban that was the litmus test of behavioural control.
    Sick minded, spitefull and authoritarian, hiding behind fake benevolence.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Wonderful blogsite, I didn’t know it existed, have added it to my list of saved bookmarks/favorites.
    Sister Teresa, one of the greatest saints and mystics of the Christian faith, used snuff – that is marvelous! I would not have thought her doing that because the literature never talks about it, is very silent on the issue unless maybe one digs deeper into her life and goes to older sources than what is written nowadays, where any mention of tobacco as a happiness is forbidden by the anti-smoking forces in control of our society.
    The happiness, joy and contentment that must have brought her may have helped her succeed in getting closer to God and bringing to us the mystical information she was able to give us, the tobacco yet another source for enabling the Grace of God to come through, to all of us.
    The anti-smoking crusade these days is an obession with the material body as your blog points out and a distraction from more deadly actual sins than indulging in a past-time that brings pleasure could ever be. It is as if anti-smoking is planned, on purpose, as a distraction from God and thus a magick trick, to trip us up from reaching our inner sanctuary, our communion with our Creator and return of our souls to heaven. It is as if anti-smoking is against God and is for the devil.
    And the distraction is like an artificial naming of what is “good” and what is “bad”, in order to keep our minds focused off of God and what the Lord would have us know, that which would save our eternal souls, not our mere mortal bodies destined for dust and oblivion. The anti-smokers’ crusade is on about saving us from dust, that being a sin in itself, to elevate earthly dust higher than the kingdom of God. What vile and evil sinners those anti-smokers must be, ignorant to the core of their own damnation and damnation of their children.
    I appreciate you pointing out that in Timothy and Corinthians are exact quotes from the Lord’s own words stating there is no sin in inbibing in food, eat, drink and smoke from time to time and there is nothing evil ever created on this earth by God, which includes tobacco, except for maybe false-evil created by the devil and satan’s helpers, those malevolent evil spirits who infest and infect the minds of anti-smokers who would do the world harm and stop the spirit of man from reaching his rightful eternal peace with the Creator, settling for a bowl of porridge instead of opting for the eternal kingdom promised everyone, if they would only listen to God and not to the distractors from God among the anti-smokers, who are possessed by the demons of dark ways and sin and contribute nothing of value in the long run, just destruction of souls, for their lord, satan.
    Excellent link, excellent blog – thanks for bringing it to our attention. I will have to read more.

  11. timbone59 says:

    Young Ed said that Iraq was wrong. It has also been said that the New Generation Labour have put their mistakes behind them … wait a minute, we still have troops in the mess they created … speaking of which …
    Smoking Ban. They dare not speak it’s name. They know. Big mistake. Contributed to them losing much of the working class vote.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Gosh, thank you, Anonymous!
    Wow — what a great essay — I may borrow from that for another post, crediting you!
    I actually hadn’t thought about all these designs as being ‘magick’, but, you’re right. It is very much false teaching. We are justified by faith, not works (St Paul, Romans — several places). So, it doesn’t matter how many bowls of porridge we eat or how many miles we run. All that is secular legalism (obey law, tick box). There is nothing in the Bible about taking care of your health, not in the context we know of today, anyway.
    On the same theme, here are two more which go together (the first was inspired by one of Frank’s posts, as you’ll see):
    Thank you so much for the very kind words about my blog. They are greatly appreciated! Please don’t hesitate to leave a comment there on any of the posts!
    All best wishes

  13. Anonymous says:

    ‘Iraq was wrong’ — a dig at David?
    Do you think he was criticising his brother, who seemed to be quite involved with it?
    Isn’t Ed a Brownite and David a Blairite? I read that at the weekend somewhere.
    Hmm, smoking ban and Labour. Then, we get Tory-run Breckland Council (see above) …

  14. Anonymous says:

    Re: Gosh, thank you, Anonymous!
    You can repeat anything I may have said, I wasn’t trying to be elaborate and don’t request any credit. I merely wanted to give feedback on what I got from your blogsite and how I interpret them in correlation with my general observations, of which stealing of the soul from God and offering it to the devil, a modern type of pagan human blood sacrifice, is something of which I am very much aware having suffered great tragedy, the loss of life of an irreplaceable and only best friend God ever granted me, thanks to perpetual interference by those who are hell bent on thrusting materialism and obsessive concern over the temporal body over that of the soul, by way of smoking ban in particular.
    I have already learned a lesson, from God, that others haven’t experienced – but might. It has made me aware of the conflict in the spirit world, both inner/outer, above/below, as they interact with one another – and it’s an amazing realization, because one begins to see the actual look on the faces, words in the mouths and actions taken which resemble only that which could be driven by spirits of satan, as if visibly seeing satan, in the flesh.
    I see it daily and as I become more aware, it is like God drawing a line quite visibly and reminding me, there is a choice – do I want to be on one side or the other – that of the material worldly, which will lead to dust – or that of the spiritual, which will lead to God’s eternity.
    All the souls condemned to hell, to the silence, never to arise or be in the company of God, except maybe if hell has companionship in mind between like-spirits who are locked in eternity away from loved ones and God, in a dark place where no Light shines though it tries to get through, to give one a second chance, maybe, up to a point or would it be toward the Light, moving closer to God and away from the material world, that of ash, of which ASH is an excellent name for those who would ignore Truth and seek to establish falsehood as reality, in order to incorporate others into their helldom.
    It’s difficult to explain actually, as the thought is less in words but more in spirit, in a knowing. It is a presence, to be felt. So I wouldn’t argue the point with anyone nor try to convert, but am merely trying to explain a little of what I have come against – and it’s been because of the death, that could have been avoided, had the evils of anti-smoking, in my case, not interfered with what had always been, by tradition for us both, a normal and spiritually healthy life.
    The anti-smoking erodes spirit – and I have seen it now, felt it, with my own eyes and life – but unfortunately too late to save my friend and too late to save myself, unless through repentance. And it’s not given without conditions, of acceptance, of Truth.
    So those are the thoughts your essay stirred up and it relates to personal experience I’ve encountered. But in the material world, where false-happiness might be a promise, in the real world, in which God inhabits, there are lessons of the soul that take precedence and where I am currently finding my struggle, every day a challenge.
    May my only best friend of 3+ decades be waiting for me, may his soul and spirit have gotten through, to Heaven and may I be so gracious as to make the right choice from this moment on so as to meet up with him, in the world that matters, where the eternal soul abides and not this material world which is resisting Truth more now than in the past.
    Steiner warned of rising materialism before dying in the 1920’s and would have been alarmed at its escalation, about which C.S. Lewis warned in the 1940’s. It is nowadays that the fruition of that materialism and obsession with body over soul has reached an extreme, yet not many today seem to be aware of it, propaganda weeding God out of the picture and replacing it with manufactured truths, which are not real.
    But excellent blogsite and thank you for the articles, all of which are excellent too. Anything I say you may repeat but do not need to cite any name to the source. Anonymous is perfectly fine as I speak only from spirit, I’m not concerned with ego when I say such things.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Re: Gosh, thank you, Anonymous!
    A fascinating take on things, Anon. I don’t suppose you have a blog of your own where you have more of your thoughts penned down, do you? I’d love to read more of your views from this intriguing perspective. It’s a real joy to know that there some spiritually-attuned, religious people out there (I assume that you are religious from some of your words, but correct me if I’m mistaken) who can see through the whole façade of this ban to the dark bowels which spawned it in the first place. I’ve long suspected that there was a lot more to the anti-smoking movement than an obsession with health and an outlet for feelings of self-righteousness which many of the “footsoldiers” of the movement no doubt have as their main motivation for being a part of it, and your comments struck a chord with me, albeit you put it into words much more eloquently than I have ever managed to do. So if you have any more “stuff” up on t’internet, do tell!

  16. Frank Davis says:

    Re: ‘Iraq was wrong’ — a dig at David?
    Yes, I think that’s about right. I read somewhere that Gordon Brown wanted to introduce Ed as the new leader, but they wouldn’t let him, and he stomped out.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Re: Gosh, thank you, Anonymous!
    No, I realise that, but these thoughts are so magnificent and so rare on smoking blogs that I would like to credit them where possible. However, I take your sensibilities and preferences into account.
    Thank you for commenting on my blog. I guess that all I can recommend at this point is to read Scripture – which, as you can imagine, finds favour with God’s creation, including tobacco. Here is a helpful method which I am following (you will also need a decent commentary to interpret — I recommend the less-literal Matthew Henry (17th c.), as cited in my Forbidden Bible Verses:
    All best wishes — and you are always welcome to visit my blog

  18. Anonymous says:

    Re: Gosh, thank you, Anonymous!
    No, I realise that, but these thoughts are so magnificent and so rare on smoking blogs that I would like to credit them where possible. However, I take your sensibilities and preferences into account.
    Thank you for commenting on my blog. I guess that all I can recommend at this point is to read Scripture – which, as you can imagine, finds favour with God’s creation, including tobacco. Here is a helpful method which I am following (you will also need a decent commentary to interpret — I recommend the less-literal Matthew Henry (17th c.), as cited in my Forbidden Bible Verses:
    All best wishes — and you are always welcome to visit my blog

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