New Libertarian BNP?

Dick Puddlecote in comments has drawn my attention to the BNP manifesto:

"The BNP will take legislative steps to protect Britain’s pubs, which will include tax concessions, smoking rooms under strict supervision and a lowering of tax on alcohol served in public houses."

At least, I take it that it’s from the BNP manifesto. I haven’t checked. But I’m not surprised. People have been telling me for a year or more that the BNP proposed to relax the smoking ban. Quite what "strict supervision" might be is something of a puzzle. Are the smoking rooms to have bouncers on the doors, to keep non-smokers out, and smokers in?

Quite stunning, however, is this snippet I picked up late last night from The Talking Clock:

Freedom for All: The Restoration of Our Civil Liberties

• The BNP will repeal all legislation enacted by successive Labour and Tory regimes which have usurped the British people’s basic civil liberties.

• The BNP will circumvent the erosion of our liberties by the old gang parties under the guise of “fighting terrorism” by dealing with the root causes of Islamist extremism in Britain, namely mass immigration and Britain’s biased foreign policy.

• The BNP will repeal all laws aimed at restricting freedom of speech, including those relating to race relations and religion.

• The BNP rejects ID cards as an undesirable manifestation of the surveillance society.

• The BNP will repeal the 1998 Human Rights Act and withdraw from the European Convention on Human Rights, both of which are exploited to abuse Britain’s hospitality by the world’s scroungers.

• By withdrawing from the EU, the BNP will not permit British courts to be subservient to international bodies or courts which override the law of the British parliament.

Isn’t that, as The Talking Clock suggests, just "the most libertarian manifesto statement of ANY party?"

What’s going on? Why has the BNP come out with such a manifesto? Have they had a sudden conversion experience? Or have they just cannily recognised that there’s a strong demand for this sort of thing that the main parties aren’t answering? Or is it what the BNP has always been about, only I didn’t know it.

I don’t know that much about the BNP. I tend to think of them as the Wogs Out party. But that could just be my conditioning. Maybe there’s a bit more to them than that.

Speaking of wogs, it’s been my experience of Britain these last three years that I’ve become a wog myself. Smokers are the wogs these days. The original wogs are now a protected species. And all the golliwogs have vanished from toyshops. The Wogs Out parties are now the Labour party and the Conservative party and the Lib Dem party. They want smokers excluded from polite society just like black people used to be. But instead of feeling ashamed about it, they’re proud of it! Righteously proud. And they want to exclude them and marginalise them even more. So while Labour and Tories and Lib Dems are in hot pursuit of filthy, dirty, smelly smokers with their black lungs and cancerous fingers, the BNP are instead demonstrating toleration and inclusivity. Under "strict supervision" at least. They probably don’t want filthy smokers interbreeding with clean, pure, disease-free, proper people.

If so, the BNP has neatly wrong-footed the mainstream parties. It has swapped places with them, and donned the mantle of reasonableness and openness and tolerance and civility. Tee hee! Serves them right.

I still intend to vote UKIP, though. But if there isn’t a UKIP candidate, and only a BNP one, I’m now quite likely to tick the BNP box. Unless somebody can persuade me again that the BNP are really just a bunch of thugs like I always thought.*

Whatever next?

* And a couple of commenters have indeed easily persuaded me again.

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9 Responses to New Libertarian BNP?

  1. Anonymous says:

    That all sounds good, but unfortunately the BNP are not at all libertarian at heart. You ask: “have they just cannily recognised that there’s a strong demand for this sort of thing that the main parties aren’t answering?” And you are spot on. That’s exactly it. That’s why their manifesto is full of popular things.
    A couple of years ago, I was persuaded to look into the BNP by one of their supporters. He convinced me that the media’s portrayal of the BNP is biased against them – which is probably true. However, as I researched them, I became more and more convinced that the “BNP = Nazis” claims are also absolutely true. They are a National Socialist party, and underneath the spin, they are proud of this.
    I’d like to refer you to two things. Firstly, there is Nick Griffin’s speech alongside David Duke, the KKK leader. In this speech, he explains that he isn’t selling out the ethnic nationalist ideas – he’s just figuring out a new way to sell them.
    Secondly… I suspect you do not like Peter Hitchens. He is an anti-smoker, quite rabid in his dislike of smokers, drinkers and drug users. It’s not pleasant and I wish he would give it a rest. However, on the BNP, he speaks some good sense, not least because they have copied the socially conservative politics he’s been advocating for years, and people keep asking him to distinguish himself from the BNP. Which he does. For example:
    Hope this helps.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Worse than a wolf in sheep’s clothing
    As vladimira implies, the BNP leadership is possibly the sharpest PR machine in current politics. If they had the same level of competence where they actually have power (in local councils) they would be genuinely frightening. As it is, they have one single figure who is capable of appearing reasonable, vaguely intelligent and electorate friendly (ever seen anyone other than Griffen front up for an interview?) while behind him stand the massed ranks of knuckleheaded neanderthals with their criminal convictions, swastika tattoos and shrines to Hitler in their bathrooms. The BNP candidate in my area is a man so extreme in his racial hatred that he was thrown out of the NF as being bad news.
    Griffen has pulled off a coup in making the BNP appear wholesome and attractive. Seeking to co-opt the smokers’ vote is entirely in keeping with their modus operandi of late. The key phrase in that manifesto pledge is ‘strict superversion’ – that chills me to the bone. Every instinct in their political bodies is for complete control of everyone and everything. They even manage to make Brown and Harman look like liberals.
    Don’t put your X there, Frank. Please.
    PT Barnum

  3. Frank Davis says:

    Thanks for that. As I say, I’ve never looked into the BNP. It’s helpful if somebody has.
    As for Peter Hitchens, he comes across as a bit of a pompous git. I’ve seen him on TV a few times, and read a few of his opinion pieces. I can only recall his attacks on the Conservative party, which he would like to lose the election and be completely reconstructed. I can sort of see his point.
    I wasn’t aware that he was a virulent antismoker, however. That ought not to undermine whatever good sense he might be articulating, but in my case such knowledge always does. e.g. same as with Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama.

  4. Frank Davis says:

    Re: Worse than a wolf in sheep’s clothing
    Well, that “strict supervision” bit had me wondering, as you know. It’s rather grudgingly libertarian. Which it would be if they’re striving for complete control of everyone and everything.
    Anyway, you can rest assured that I won’t be putting my X next to the BNP. I wasn’t really likely to anyway. But the two responses I’ve received today confirm me all the more as a UKIP voter.

  5. Anonymous says:

    New Libertarian BNP
    I have to agree with the other two posters – the BNP may come out with some appealing populist policies, but at heart they are deeply unpleasant hard-core totalitarians, and quite frankly the antithesis of much of my political belief system. It’s regrettable that many commentators too easily lump them in with UKIP when the two are totally different.

  6. Anonymous says:

    The BNP are prominent in my area within the local council.
    The council is now being run much more efficiently and other benefits have been a quicker turnover of social housing plus much cleaner streets/roads and local parks. Graffiti is speedily removed and rubbish collected more often
    Housing that had been earmarked for ethnic minority families being shipped in from East London Boroughs in order to boost the Labour vote is now being more fairly offered to local people (black and white).
    Well done the BNP. I do not believe that they have a secret agenda and are genuine in their beliefs in attempting to put the needs of British people (black, brown or white) above the needs of economic migrants and scrounging immigrants.
    I hope that they do well in the election.

  7. timbone59 says:

    Is it possible that ‘strict supervision’ is just an authoritative reassurance to the non smoker? ie a smoking room for smokers (they don’t smoke in the rest of the pub) and it conforms to air quality standards. Or is that too technical for the BNP?

  8. Anonymous says:

    It’s crazy, isn’t it, that the BNP have made the gains they have by simply doing what all the big parties won’t – by listening to the unhappy people in society and by responding accordingly. Goodness me, it isn’t rocket science, surely? How many businesses would be able to improve their services in a highly competitive business environment if they only ever spoke to their happy customers and ignored all the dissatisfied ones?? The rise in popularity of the BNP must surely be one of the saddest outcomes of the blind-faith idealism of the major parties and of their clearly-genuinely-held belief in all the lies that they spout amongst themselves and then try and foist onto an increasingly incredulous public.

  9. Anonymous says:

    That precisely sums up my feelings about the BNP. They have listened, they have positioned their public face in alignment with the perfectly rational unhappinesses of sections of society, and unsurprisingly those sections go, Hey, someone’s actually talking about what we care about! But encounter them in private meetings, hear how they talk among themselves when the media aren’t present and a very different, very ugly reality emerges.
    PT Barnum

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