Comedy in Copenhagen

The Copenhagen Climate Conference seems to have descended into farce. It’s not just that the attending countries can’t seem to be able to agree about anything inside the building. What’s been going on outside is almost as interesting.

It seems that the UN organisers booked a 15,000 seat venue. Environmental NGOs from around the world then sent in a list of over 30,000 delegates who wished to attend.

Spot a problem there? No? Neither did the IPCC. This is, after all, climate science. Who cares about numbers? Numbers are just things to be tweaked and massaged and bent this way and that, aren’t they?

So, 15,000 people were left standing outside. But that was only the beginning. Once they’d booked this 15,000 seat venue, the IPCC then decided in its infinite wisdom that only 7,000 people could be allowed in at a time. Nobody seems to know what the reason for this was. Maybe they were worried that CO2 levels in the chamber would exceed 500 parts per million and cause runaway man-made conference warming. Better safe than sorry. The numbers outside increased from 15,000 to 23,000.

And then the number allowed into the venue was reduced to 300 on Thursday and Friday. This was presumably to allow space to park the private jets of the big shots who’d come for the final two days. So that’s 29,700 people standing around outside in the icy cold of Copenhagen. And it started snowing on Wednesday night.

The news reports say that four thousand protesters tried to push their way past police barricades and into the conference center. Two hundred sixty of them were arrested.

Well, you can’t blame them really, can you? You spend the whole year rattling a can on the streets of Camden Town for global warming, and you use your meagre savings (what you managed to collect in the can) to fly to Copenhagen hoping to see Barry O’Bama and Brad Pitt and the Hockey Team, and you end up standing knee deep in snow all day. Before being arrested, that is. It’s enough to turn anyone into a climate sceptic.

there is now a tremendous amount of animosity and distrust between the U.N. establishment and the environmental establishment.

Not that climate sceptics got much of a better deal. After being barred from the conference himself, Viscount Christopher Monckton was left lying battered and bruised on the street by police. And he’d been speaking there.

Can’t make it up, can you? Or maybe you can. From elsewhere on the streets of Copenhagen, Sub Rosa carries an on-the-spot report from Mrs Dansk Pastry.

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6 Responses to Comedy in Copenhagen

  1. Anonymous says:

    Monckton vs. Greenpeace
    For anyone interested, here is Lord Monckton asking questions of a member of Greenpeace.

  2. Anonymous says:

    well how about this one then monckton vs greenpeace, (priceless) ;

    -sorry to hear about monckton, though.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Dansk Pastry (Mrs)
    Mange Tak for the whistle up you comedick big boy!
    I have one other scribbling on cousin SubRosa’s blogspot.
    If you are really interested follow the yellow brick road and no it doesn’t go where Dorothy popped her red shoes, that is The Hotel D’Angleterre at the bottom of Stroget, next to The Magasin du Nord and just over the ice rink from Nyhavn where my “dress shop” you will find.
    Why don’t we meet up in the Hviids Vinstue, between the D’Angleterre and The Magasin for a beer bigdickie?
    Ask for Benny the boxer and he will call me on the batfone!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Oh I forgot, Bugger (the Panda from Glasgow) also has a guest blog on Subrosa.
    He will give a very special Chinese slant

  5. Frank Davis says:

    Unfortunately I can’t watch youtube on my land line. I haven’t got a TV these days. It’s a great relief in many ways.

  6. Frank Davis says:

    When I get the opportunity to visit sunny Denmark I will look you up.
    Or, as is more likely, look you up and down.

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