Barcelona Diary 4

My trip is coming to an end. But I’ve taken the opportunity to survey the non-tourist area of Barcelona (Esplugues) where I’ve been staying for the number of bars and cafes in it. I counted 29 of them. When I return in a year or so, I’ll be concerned to see how many are left after a year of a total smoking ban. Of the 29, only 4 were non-smoking. Some of the bars were tiny, with only two or three little tables in them.

Below is a map of Esplugues de Llobregat in November 2009 showing 29 different bars and restaurants and cafes, with the approximate number of tables in each in brackets, with ‘X’ indicating outside seating. There were 4 non-smoking bars, indicated with red asterisks.

esplugues bar survey 2009

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